COMM 362, Design for Print
Instructor: Ross Collins

Final exam review 2012

The test comprises 50 multiple-choice questions. It will be based on the concepts as indicated below. Several questions will be taken from the midterm exam and from textbook quizzes since the midterm.

1. Explain a focal point as related to page design.
2. What is the Munsell Color Wheel?
3. How does color temperature (degrees Kelvin) relate to white light?
4. How can you add contrast to a page?
5. How does letterpress printing differ from offset printing?
6. What is the difference between the additive and subtractive system for color generation?
7. What is CMYK and RGB?
8. What are common resolutions for the Web, for newspapers, or for magazines?
9. If you begin combine Cyan and Yellow subtractively, what color will you end up with?
10. How many points in a pica? How many picas in an inch?
11. What is the halftone process?
12. What is a bleed?
13. What is a spread?
14. Explain the ATSI formula (Art, Title, Subhead, Initial cap) to attract magazine readers.
15. What is a column inch?
16. What is tombstoning?
17. Explain the concept of flow in graphic design.
18. How does a magazine self cover differ from a separate cover?
19. "Rag stock" paper means what?
20. What is a watermark?
21. What is coated stock?
22. What is embossing? Foil stamping? Perfs and scores?
23. A die cut might be used for what?
24. What is "perfect" binding? Sewn-case binding? Saddle-stitch? Side stitch? Mechanical?
25. Explain how a signature works in printing.