Informed consent document to be used for oral history (interviews)

You are invited to participate in a historical research study of local or regional mass media. You have been chosen as a subject of an oral history interview because your background and insight can offer vital knowledge and significant perspective to this study.

Participation is voluntary. You may decline to participate, or withdraw further participation at any time.

Benefits of participation include offering insight toward a greater understanding of regional journalism and mass media history; contribution to student learning through a class project.

Risks of participation include realization that information you give may be disseminated to a larger audience, either on a history class web site, at a regional conference presentation, or as part of other student publication.

Participants will be offered compensation in the form of a copy of the final student research paper.

If you would like more information on this project, please contact Ross Collins, Ph.D., class instructor, associate professor of communication, North Dakota State University, 231-7295, or