History of Journalism
What do we already know?

1. The internet was based on a scripting language invented by Tim Berners-Lee, called
a. Java.
b. HTML.
c. Flash.
d. CSS.

2. We associate modern propaganda techniques most closely with
a. the Vietnam War.
b. World War II.
c. the Spanish-American War.
d. The U.S. Civil War.

3. Which president is associated with World War I (1914-1918)?
a. Franklin Roosevelt.
b. Calvin Coolidge.
c. Woodrow Wilson.
d. William McKinley.

4. The term "Yellow Journalism" comes from which era of press history?
a. Spanish-American war.
b. U.S. Civil War.
c. War of 1812.
d. Revolutionary War.

5. Media has always been technology-driven, as it is today. Identify two inventions from the nineteenth century that made mass media possible.
a. Television and radio.
b. Linotype and typewriter.
c. Movable type and engravings.
d. Aviation and color film.

6. The U.S. Civil War became a dramatic opportunity for the press to explore new ideas and designs. When was that war fought?
a. 1848-52.
b. 1861-65.
c. 1875-83.
d. 1898-1901.

7. In addition to his work as a beer brewer, Sam Adams is known as
a. a U.S. Civil War reporter.
b. a cameraman during World War II.
c. a revolutionary journalist.
d. an early colonial publisher.

8. Prohibition and the jazz age gave journalism tabloids, celebrities, and gangsters. This was part of what era?
a. Post Spanish-American War, 1890s.
b. Post World War I, 1920s.
c. Post World War II, 1950s.
d. Post Vietnam War, 1970s.

9. Generally, what do you feel you already know about mass media history?
a. I'm a completely blank slate--why do you think I signed up for this class?
b. A little bit based on other history classes I've taken in high school and university.
c. A little bit, based on my own reading.
d. Quite a lot, but this class can help me learn more.
e. Nothing, but it looks like another Collins class "easy A."