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Aug. 26: I have asked Mark Meister for a list of last semester's capstone project to help us brainstorm ideas. I'll put it on this page when he responds. Meanwhile, below is the list of web studies topic presentations, and weeks they are due. Be sure to read the chapters indicate to prepare for discussion. Note four of the chapters weren't taken for presentations, but let's read and discuss them anyway.

Sept. 8: Chapter 6, Jen Huseth and Catherine Daugherty.

Sept. 15: No class; instructor at conference.

Sept. 22: Chapter 8, Steve Retka and Jonathan Biersbach.

Sept. 29: Chapter 17, Todd Deutsch and Kelsie Moch; Also read Chapter 5.

Oct. 6: Chapter 20, Caitlin Dancer and Sarah Christianson; Also read Chapter 18.

Oct. 13: Chapter 4, Heidi Schuer and Stephanie Shea; Also read Chapter 21.

Oct. 20: Chapter 12, Sarah Schmidt and Lindsey Johannes; Also read Chapter 22.

Oct. 27: Chapter 10, Alexis Brinkman and Larissa Kunde; Chapter 9, Kelsey Baker and Alicia Johns.

Nov. 3: Chapter 7, Carmen Schatz and Todd Holdman; Chapter 23, Matt Thompson and Casinda Heidt.

Nov. 10: Chapter 19, Cassie Kiecker and Jessica Fitzsimmons; Chapter 16, Allison Gibbs and Chantel Joyce.

Nov. 17: Chapter 13, Tommy Mulholland and Rebecca Owen; Chapter 14, Amy Pedersen and Austin Morris.

Nov. 24: Chapter 11, Amber Rasche and Jessie Wilkinson; Chapter 15, Sara Litton and Josh Meyer.

Dec. 1 and Dec. 8: Present capstone projects in class.

Ideas from last semester's capstone projects: See class resources page.

Sept. 8--Tonight we'll hear from y'all about your capstone project ideas, based on your project draft. As this is only a draft, perhaps a brainstorming session with the rest of the class will help you to refine your project, or come up with an even better idea. We'll also discuss Chapter 6 of the web studies text, about online fan communities, let by Jen and Catherine. Be sure to read this chapter so you don't appear to be a moron! (If that helps.)

Sept. 15--I'm sorry I'll be at a conference and unable to hold class this week, but I hope you have fun getting started with your capstone project proposal, as we discussed last Monday. We'll talk a little about your proposals in class next Monday. Also, of course, we're hear from Steve and Jonathan about movie-making in the digital age, chapter 8.

Sept. 23--As you know, we can't get to all of your capstone projects in class every week, but I'll try to get around to everyone at least every other week, so you can tell the class about your progress and challenges, and we can find (perhaps useful) advice together. Next week you have nothing written due related to your capstone but, of course, don't forget to read Chapter 17, to be presented by Todd and Kelsie. Also read Chapter 5; while we don't have enough students to present every chapter topic, I'd still like to at least talk a little about every chapter.

Maybe technology will work for us next Monday!

Oct. 7--Several items.

Next week we'll be talking about your timelines for capstone project completion. I need a written timeline from you for grading.

To encourage the class to be prepared for discussions of web studies chapters, I'd like you to submit a written response (not a chapter outline; I need your critical analysis) to the two chapters assigned for next week, 4 and 21. A half page to full page for each chapter. Yes, I'll be grading these!

While I'm not exactly counting the number of comments you make in class, I do notice if you consistently add nothing to the discussion, or in fact don't pay attention to the discussion, and will deduct points for your "absence in spirit!" After all, this is a seminar, so dependent upon class participation. Focus, people!

To those of you who have chosen to use your free skip day already: fine by me, but keep in mind if something comes up later in the semester, I'll have to deduct points for skipping a class no matter what the reason may be. Will it make much of a difference in your final grade? Depends on how you're doing otherwise, but it could.

Oct. 21--Next week we'll have a guest expert on the web, Cloy Tobola. I'm not sure what he will talk about, but I'll let you know here when I find out. Note that from now on we'll also have two teams presenting chapters: Alexis and Larissa will present Chapter ten, and Kelsey and Alicia will present Chapter nine. It's the class "Halloween Holiday" night, so I'll bring some snacky things and feel free to dress up, as long as it's not something, ahem, embarrassing....

Oct. 28--Next week we'll hear updates on progress for your capstone projects, as well as assigned chapter presentations from Carmen, Todd, Matt and Casinda. No written assignments, but I'll be asking you to give me a written progress report on your capstone due Nov. 10

Nov. 4--Please bring a written update ("status report") regarding your capstone project progress next week (one to two pages). I need to know that you are well on your way! Be specific: whom did you interview, what material did you evaluate, how much writing have you done so far?

Sorry for the hot classroom last night, although I still think we should have tried a session of "Bikram yoga!"

Deadlines for the rest of the semester

Note that after next week, we have only two more classes before final presentation sessions in December. Here is what I need from you between now and the end of the semester:

Nov. 10: Written update, as noted above.

Nov. 17: Final draft of project statement and project proposal, as described in the text. The project proposal is the main body of your capstone preparatory text. For our class, we will collapse into the proposal the risk analysis and, if applicable, prototype of your capstone, as described in the text. Those who are doing research-based capstones will include their background research/literature review in this section. Also included, in bulleted form with descriptions following, are your capstone objectives. I'd expect it to be about 10 pages. Note that you can base some of this on material you handed in earlier this semester.

Nov. 24: Final draft of tracking section described in text. For our class, I would like to see this section done as a timeline, indicating dates and what you did toward completing your final project on those dates. That would include research, interviews, and writing. Be honest; if you did nothing for a month, don't lie on the tracking form. While I've encouraged you to work on the project throughout the semester, I do not grade progress, only final capstone material.

Dec. 1 and Dec. 8: On the night you present your work, I need your written final project report. This is the capstone itself. It may contain parts of the material you handed in above, if necessary. While I do need this on the night you present, I will accept it as a draft from those students who present their project on the night of Dec. 1. All written capstone projects must be turned in by Monday, Dec. 8, however.

Dec. 12 (last day of classes): Your final reflection paper, based on the Meister form, is due by this date. This gives you the opportunity to tell me in a more informal way what you learned (or did not learn) by doing your final capstone.

Nov. 18--Now that I finally have access again to my web site, here are the numbers you drew for final capstone presentations last night. Numbers 1-16 present the first night, that is, Dec. 1. The rest present the second night. I drew for those who were absent.

  1. Sara Christianson
  2. Alexis Brinkman
  3. Matt Thompson
  4. Austin Morris
  5. Carmen Schatz
  6. Chantel Joyce
  7. Sara Litton
  8. Stephanie Shea
  9. Heidi Schuer
  10. Josh Meyer
  11. Lindsey Johannes
  12. Allison Gibbs
  13. Rebecca Owen
  14. Tommy Mulholland
  15. Catherine Daugherty
  16. Cassie Kiecker
  17. Jonathan Biersbach
  18. Todd Holdman
  19. Amy Pedersen
  20. Sara Schmidt
  21. Amber Rasche
  22. Casinda Heidt
  23. Todd Deutsch
  24. Caitlin Dancer
  25. Alicia Johns
  26. Jen Huseth
  27. Jessica FitzSimmons
  28. Jessie Wilkinson
  29. Larissa Kunde
  30. Steve Retka
  31. Kelsie Moch
  32. Kelsey Baker


(Photo: Lake Louise, British Columbia, 2002.)

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