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Please check this page often for announcements of upcoming tests, assignments, cancellations, or other material you'd probably like to know.

Sept. 10: Assignment for next Thursday: formulate tentative Research Question based on an area of your interest. Abstract three articles on that topic from comm or comm related academic journals; about 100 words per abstract.

Oct. 1: Sorry for forgetting to add to this page weekly, as I promised. Assignment for Oct. 7: Analyze two communication theses. You can find a collection in the department's conference room, or in the library.

Oct. 14: Don't forget, no class next week, as I'll be at a American Journalism Historians Association conference in Cleveland. Assignment for Oct. 28: choose a journal article using as a research method rhetorical analysis, content analysis, conversational analysis, or ethnography. Write a 150-word abstract and, in a separate paragraph, explain how you might use this method to answer your own research question.

You can also get started with your literature review. We'll be concentrating on that next.

Friday, Nov. 5: Sorry I haven't been keeping up this announcement board, but hey, didn't have anything to say! Next week we won't meet on Veteran's Day. And we don't meet for Thanksgiving break. That means we have only one class left before prospectus presentations. I'll need a rough draft of your prospectus on that week, Nov. 18. The final prospectus is due the last class day, Dec. 9. Don't forget to include all aspects we look for in a prospectus: intro, lit review, definitions, research question, rationale, method, limitations, conclusion, bibliography or references (at least 20). Size should be 12-15 pages, but no longer than 20.

Friday, Nov. 19: Below is the prospectus presentation order, based on our drawing last night. First six (or possibly seven) will present Thursday, Dec. 2; second group will present Thursday, Dec. 9. Those not presenting are encouraged (though not required) to bring a snack or refreshment, to give our presentations a more festive atmosphere. Invite your grad school friends if you'd like. Note: presentation points are lost if you don't show up for both meetings.

Final prospectus is due last day of class, Dec. 9.

1. Justin; 2. Mona; 3. Andy; 4. Zack; 5. Jon; 6. Lisa; 7. Autumn; 8. Jessica; 9. Donna; 10. Branden; 11. Misook; 12. Andrea.

(Photo: Bellagio, Italy, 2002.)

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