COMM 700, Research Methods in Communication

Hand-in assignments through mid-semester:

1. Identify three articles in your area of interest from communication-related academic journals. Write a summary of each article, describing research question/hypothesis, method, conclusions.

2. Describe in your own words the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods. Explain how you might use each to examine this research question: do students who sit in the front row of a classroom receive better class grades than students who sit in the back rows?

3. Write a research question in your area of interest, and identify independent/dependent variables.

4. Compile a list of 20 sources you might use to write a literature review based on your research question. Use standard APA style. Most sources should be research-based journals.

5. From the 20 sources you found above, read and summarize 10 articles.

6. Choose two communication-related master's theses. Analyze based on sections we discussed in class.

7. Refine your research question. Explain in your own words the difference between reliability and validity, and explain how you might be able to maintain reliability and validity in relation to your own research question.