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Ross on bicycle.Ross Collins:

Group exercise instruction and fitness training

Ross's fitness philosophy

Exercise is a privilege, a source of wealth, and a key to a longer and better life. But it's more than that--it's fun! Our bodies are made to move, we need to move. We want to move! Who hasn't felt better after going for a bike ride, playing a game of tennis, taking in a swim, sweating through aerobics, or just doing a walk?

As kids we loved to move. But then we were taught to sit still. We learned that lesson too well. I love an opportunity to help bring the fun of exercise back into the lives of adults. Some of us haven't moved much in recent years. Others get a lot of exercise, but are looking for a change, or have set a new goal. Try a group fitness class! I currently teach cardio mix and cardio kickboxing at the North Dakota State University Wellness Center. Or try training. Training can help get you started, or pull you out of a rut, or find that higher gear you're looking for. Why not give it a try? At least it will challenge you. At most it might change your life. And just as important--you'll have fun!

Ross's exercise biography

Ross has been a fitness fan since high school, but has never been seriously involved in competitive sport. His challenge has always been to improve on a personal level. He likes swimming, cycling, aerobics, yoga, and weight training. He has practiced tae kwon do for nearly 20 years, and currently trains at the third degree black belt level. He is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified fitness trainer. He draws inspiration from his aunt and uncle, who have exercised daily for decades and today are rewarded with the mobility to do whatever they want, despite being in their upper 80s. Ross's grandmother also was an inspiration, an avid walker until she was nearly 90.

Check out Ross's FargoFit! A resource for exercisers in the north country, featuring the (probably never to be) patented icep curl!

E-mail Ross Collins at ross.collins@ndsu.edu

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