Fargo fit.

We've made fitness too hard.

A cold winter climate sometimes...

discourages people from taking time to exercise. It's too dark to get out in the mornings, too cold to get out in the evenings, too slippery to run and cycle outside and too darned depressing to see nature win. So we stoop to inside workouts. Like melting snow we take the easiest path. For the snow, that's to the river. For the north country exerciser, that's to the television.

Ross and his iceebell.Ross has spent a few decades fighting to save his winter exercise routine in a climate that tries to sabotage it. He brings some ideas here. But why not first get inspiration from Ross's snow-country workout? Let his video be your guide. No need for a gym! We Fargo folk are resourceful. From Ross's video you'll learn:

1. Icep curls.
2. Snow Shoveler.
3. Snowball Squat.
4. Snow Angel Twist.
5. Snowman Builder.

And best of all, Ross's Fargo Fit film is free for fitness freaks. All you have to do is put up with his lame attempts at alliteration.

If you think you just might work beyond icep curls, check out some moves from Ross's cardio kickboxing class video.

Start now! Because soon it will be dark.

Ross Collins may look old, irascible and sedentary. Don't let that look fool you! While he actually is old and irascible, he also was a gym rat when the Baby Boomers still had knees that worked. For some reason (because he studied), the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified him as a Group Exercise Instructor and Fitness Trainer. He also is a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do (American Taekwondo Association, Duffer Division). He teaches group fitness classes at North Dakota State University's Wellness Center.

During Fargo's long summer—okay, short summer—he likes distance bicycling, wilderness canoeing and some other stuff he can't do very well. But the reward is in the journey. His motto: Exercise is a privilege.

In a parallel life Ross is a professor of communication at North Dakota State University, Fargo.

Get inspired with Ross's video, Fitness & Health.