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Ross's interval training workout

Featuring three rounds:

Try this 60-minute workout to really kick up your fitness and weight-loss routine! Interval training burns more calories during and after your exercise, giving you more benefits for a shorter workout. Tackle each exercise at the highest intensity you can. You should be so out of breath that you can barely carry on a conversation by the time you’ve reached a rest interval.

Want to know more about interval training? Check out the WebMD video.

Fitness is a feeling.Warmup.

1. Lunges.
2. Lunge blasters (push back leg up on lunge).
3. Skip.
4. Long skip.
5. High knee jog.
6. 50% jog, jog back backwards.
7. 75% job, jog back backwards.
8. Sprint, jog back backwards.

Round one: Base 10s.

Do five sets of these five exercises. Rest one minute between each set.

1. 10 wall ball squats with weights: Swiss ball on wall, back on Swiss ball, hold dumbbells, squat.
2. 20 punch planks each arm: Plank position, punch out with each arm.
3. 30 jumping jacks.
4. 20 lunges with weights.
5. 10 deadlifts with weights: Two dumbbells or barbell on floor, bar above shoelaces. Flat back, squat, lift weight keeping  close to legs, stand up, pause, down.

Take a three-minute rest. Get a drink of water.

Round two: Escalator.

Do two sets of these seven exercises. Rest two minutes between each set.

1. 10 plyometric pushups (clap pushups, either on floor or on wall).
2. 15 jack knives on Swiss ball: Hands on floor, feet or knees on ball, pull legs toward your head either bending knees or straight knees.
3. 20 burpees (squat thrusts).
4. 25 one-legged lifts each leg: Lift one leg off floor, squat on other leg as if you were sitting on a bench. May do with bench.
5. 20 dumbbell punches each arm: Holding light dumbbells, punch straight out with left and right. Twist body on punch.
6. 15 good mornings with bar: with barbell on shoulders, fold forward with flat back, pushing butt back. Microbend in knees.
7. 10 thrusters: dumbbells at shoulder level, squat, jump explosively while raising dumbbells above head.

Take a three-minute rest. Stay hydrated.

Round three: ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Plus.

Do two sets of these five exercises. Rest two minutes between each set.

1. Farmer’s walk with weights, either above head or at side; 30 sec.
2.  Isometric plate or weight pinches: hold weight plate or dumbbell by your fingertips at your side; 30 sec.
3. 10. Plate or dumbbell shoulder shrugs.
4. 10 One-legged straight-legged deadlift (Romanian deadlift) each leg: Keeping microbend in knee and dumbbell close to body, fold forward letting back leg move off floor.
5. 10 Russian twist on floor each side: Sitting on mat, move dumbbell from side to side; increase intensity by pulling feet off the floor.

Final ab exercise (isometric): boat pose. On mat pull legs to 30-45 degree angle off floor. Either one leg or both legs straight, hold for 30 sec.

Stretch. Congratulate yourself for taking a giant step toward lifetime fitness.