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Ross's YogaFit Biography

Ross CollinsI began yoga practice in 2003, as part of my search for an oasis of calm during a difficult life challenge. Since then I have practiced a variety of styles including Iyengar, ashtanga and hatha, and had the opportunity for individual instruction from a yogi in Varanasi, India. (I'm afraid I was unable to do a single advanced pose he tried to teach me, but it was an enlightening journey.)

I became certified in YogaFit Level One style in 2012. I teach this style as a way to attain the many benefits of yoga in a calming and affirming environment. The class is designed for people with intermediate experience in yoga, as well as beginners. YogaFit is at base a "flow" yoga style based on ashtanga, but as I teach this class it is a gentle version designed for those of us who want to improve our flexibility, balance and strength. We strive to practice yoga with a calm mindfulness that may serve to help us through the many stresses and difficulties that challenge human beings living busy lives. The YogaFit style as I teach it is a perhaps little less intimidating for contemporary American practitioners as it places less emphasis on original Sanskrit terminology, and offers a few modern poses designed to reflect contemporary fitness practices. But it also maintains the time-honored asanas (poses) found effective through hundreds of years of practice.

Note that in my class we try to avoid some advanced poses that may cause injury to participants who may not be ready for this level of practice. I also offer explanations and modifications for those who face challenges from known injuries or other conditions. It does, of course, include safe yet challenging poses designed to build strength, flexibility and balance, so I do encourage potential participants who may be concerned to check with their medical practitioner regarding yoga benefits and risks before attending a class. (See scheduled times in the Spirit Room link below.)

For one hour we let go of judgment, let go of personal expectation, let go of competition, and bring our focus into the moment.

I am also an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

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