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A free press: the historian's view

New! The State of journalism and its history.
Speech to the American Journalism Historians Association 2019.

Begin bridge with RossBegin bridge with Ross.

Ross F. Collins photographyRoss F. Collins photography: New work, legacy images, foundations.



Fear fake news? Fear fake news? Then get Ross's poster! (Free pdf download). Or buy a Fear Fake News mug, t-shirt or other novelty and contribute to the Dorothy Collins endowment for student scholarships.

Ross's Durable Dozen New! Ross's Durable Dozen. Twelve classic principles for professional writers in mass media.

10 commandments of logic 10 Commandments of Logic.

Durham tobacco ad. "The Press at the Century's Turn. Cultural icon, corporate behemoth, corrupted arbiter." Presentation for "The Coming of the Great War," symposium, National World War I Museum, Kansas City.


Choosing your career in mass media.
Choosing Your Career in the Mass Media.
Are you confused about the many career choices available in the mass media? Of course you are! Well, why not find some answers? Consult Ross's Choosing Your Career in Mass Media node map or poster!

Children, War and Propaganda

Children, War and Propaganda.A troubling development of the brutal century recently passed has been the growing use of children for war. As the world wars changed societies in so many ways, they also changed expectations for children during wartime. In total war, war on an immense, world-wide scale, everyone worked. Including children of all ages.


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