Fargo fit.

Burn that freshman fifteen!

...without dieting--or even exercising.

Little things add up. One reason why our parents and grandparents were thinner than we are is that they didn’t have the little conveniences we have. Many drove stick-shift cars, or they walked to a bus stop. Many worked in multi-story buildings before elevators were common. Parking was farther away. Garage door openers were rare. So were TV remotes. Think all this means nothing? Below is a way that you can lose more than four pounds a year at NDSU by just varying your routine slightly. And if you bike to school instead, open your own garage door, drive a stick shift, or take the bus, so much the better. The calories burned below assume a 150-pound person. If you’re heavier, you’ll burn more--up to double the amount if your above 250. Of course, at that weight, you also have a lot more to lose.

(Calories for activities from CaloriesPerHour.com.)

Total extra calories per day=83

x 5 days a week=415

x 35 weeks a year (unless you add summer session)=14,535 calories.

Number of calories you need to burn to lose one pound=3,500.

Number of pounds burned in one year=4.4.

Number of pounds burned over four years of college=17.6.

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