Numbers from the news (1997 statistics)

About your head...
Percentage of North Dakota eighth graders who scored at “proficient” level on science portion of 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress: 41.
State ranking (highest to lowest percentage): 1 (tied with Maine and Montana).
Percentage in North Dakota who scored at “below basic” level: 22.
State ranking (lowest to highest percentage): 1 (tied with Maine).
North Dakota average teacher salary rank, compared to other states (highest to lowest): 50th.

About your feet...
Average cost of one pair, top-of-the-line Nike Air Max shoes: $140.
Cost for Nike to make one pair of these shoes: $3.50.
Salary of athletic-shoe wearer Kevin Garnett, per day: $59,000.

About your buds...
Number of students in NDSU’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences (fall 1997): 916.
Percent of those majoring in communication (mass and speech): 27.
Percent of those majors on the Dean’s List (Spring 1997): 19.

About your team...
Number of fans attending this year’s NDSU-UND football game: 15,149 (a record).
Number as a percentage of Fargo population: 22.
Number of newspaper articles and commentaries reflecting complaints about phrase “Sioux Suck” used at that game: 4.
University rank of at least one complainant: 1 (president of UND).

About your value...
Number of students at NDSU (fall 1997): 9,502.
Number as a percentage of Fargo population: 14.
Number compared to a year ago: down 2 percent.
Cost to the university of a 2 percent enrollment drop: $850,000.
Cost per student: $4,250.

About your e-mail...
Number of students in MCOM 112: 101 (mostly freshmen and sophomores).
Percentage who signed up for the class e-mail list: 77.
Number of students in MCOM 436: 25 (mostly juniors and seniors).
Percentage who signed up for the class e-mail list: 68.
Daily number of e-mail messages delivered through NDSU’s servers (Oct. 28 figure): 234,931.

(Sources: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Fargo-Moorhead Forum, It's Happening at State (NDSU campus newsletter), NDSU Spectrum, college minutes, e-mail statistics.)

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