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Prairie Portraits Online

Pictures of Life in the Red River Valley

Spring/Summer 1996

Thank you for your interest in Prairie Portraits Online. This World Wide Web version of Prairie Portraits magazine was created entirely by design class students at North Dakota State University, Fargo. It is the third annual testament to the power of cooperative learning in North Dakota. That is, cooperation between four classes at two institutions of higher education. Each year advanced writing, photography and design students at NDSU in Fargo gather their work into some 32 magazine pages. The result travels to Wahpeton, where advanced printing students at North Dakota State College of Science lay ink to paper for a free and attractive package of stories highlighting Red River Valley folk. (These magazines are available at the university library and other locations around Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota. Or contact me for a copy.)

This year students directed their pens and lenses to the valley's history and businesses. Residents who love pioneer lore will enjoy reading about two towering pioneers who left not only a legacy of civic building, but two mighty fine historic homes. And on campus, you might be amazed to learn the heritage of a real log cabin upstairs in Old Main.

Business in the valley continues to grow almost as fast as it did during pioneer days, but what's hot today certainly has changed. Mr. Comstock and Mr. Roberts wouldn't have recognized bagels, but nowadays everybody in town seems to love 'em. An old NDSU ag econ major loves his rocks, and other valley residents offer their knowledge of ice cream, ballet, martial arts and Clydesdale horses. Burgeoning in business as well are the area's new pro sports teams. We're growing decidedly more cosmopolitan.

If you like Prairie Portraits Online (or perhaps if you don't), why not drop us a line? We're at Box 5075 University Station, NDSU, Fargo, ND 58105-5075, or (decidedly more cosmopolitan), e-mail,

--Ross Collins

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