Travel with Ross

London: A quiz


1. d. Baker Street.

2. b. British Museum.

3. a. Embankment.

4. c. Nelson's Column.

5. b. Piccadilly Circus.

6. d. St. Paul's Cathedral.

7. a. Tate Modern.

8. c. London Tower.

9. a. Tower Bridge.

10. c. Houses of Parliament.


10 correct: Eligible for Ross's Certified Anglophile certificate! (Available by email from Ross. No, this has nothing to do with Certified Angus.)

8-9 correct: You need to be more bloody careful.

5-7 correct: Cor, you're no grind.

3-5 correct: You really need to spend less time at the pubs, chappie.

1-3 correct: Maybe you need to spend more time at the pubs.

0 correct: Are you a member of the Scottish parliament?