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Biographical & Type Information - F

Fabricius, Johann Chirstian (b. Jan. 7, 1745, Tonder, Denmark; d. Mar. 3, 1808, Kiel, Germany) - Most types are deposited in the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark (ZMUC), but a fair number are in the British Museum of Natural History (BMNH), and a few in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN) (see Zimsen, 1964). There is never any indication of how many specimens are in type material, so nearly all need lectotype designations. PI: Some in Hunterian Mus., University Glasgow, Glasgow, England (HMUG). S&S: "Status of Fabrician types and other information summarized in Zimsen (1964). Most material deposited in Zoological Museum, Copenhagen." H&K: Private collection went to Kiel [which is now at Copenhagen]; types from the Banks collection are in BMNH; types from J. Francillou and Jones collections are in Oxford (OXUM); types from Bosc collection are in MNHN; a few types went to the Germar and Hübner collections; the rest are in Copenhagen. Citations: Latreille (1808), Fabricius (1819), Duméril (1823), Eiselt (1836), Hope (1845), Rose (1850), Anonymous (1858), Ratzeburg (1874), Dow (1913), Howard (1930), Essig (1931), Musgrave (1932), Ross (1933), Bonnet (1945), Bryk (1945), Jesperson (1946), Tuxen (1959), Zimsen (1964), Tuxen (1967), Papavero (1971), and Burgess (1973).

Fairmaire, Léon (b. 1820; d. Apr. 1, 1906) - Collection probably in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN). Citations: Anonymous (1906a, b), Fox (1906), Horn (1906), Lesne (1906), Leveille (1907), Semenov (1907), Daniel (1908), and Musgrave (1932).

Fallén, Carl Friedrich (b. 1764; d. 1830) - Also worked extensively in the Diptera. Some of his collection is in the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden (NHRS), and some is in the Museum of Zoology, Lund, Sweden (MZLU).

Fallou, Gustave (b. ?; d. ?) - Collection should be in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN). His father was Jules Ferdinand Fallou.

Ferrari, Pietro Mansueto (b. July 28, 1823; d. June 15, 1893) - Collection should be in the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale "Giacomo Doria," Genoa, Italy (MCSN). Citations: Gestro (1893) and Wilderman (1894).

Ferris, Gordon Floyd (b. 1893; d. 1958) - Worked with R. L. Usinger on the Cimicidae and Polyctenidae. See Nowell (1958) for list of names proposed. Citations: Reyne (1958), Wiggins (1958), Usinger (1959), Anonymous (1960), and Mallis (1971).

Fieber, Franz Xavier (b. Mar. 1, 1807; d. Feb. 22, 1872, Bohemia, Czech Republic) - Important work: Fauna Austriaca, Die Europäischen Hemiptera (1860-1861). According to Wagner (1953), after his death, Fieber’s collection was purchased by Lethierry, whose collection was then sold to Noualhier after Lethierry’s death. Noualhier did a lot of trading of specimens, especially with Puton. Eventually, both Noualhier’s and Puton’s collections ended up in the Paris Museum (MNHN). So, many of Fieber’s types should be in the MNHN in either Noualhier’s or Puton’s collection. This was stated in the Palearctic Catalog, Vol. I: "According to Kerzhner (pers. comm.) specimens with green square paper slips (usually without collecting data) in the collections of Puton and Noualhier, MNHN, are part of Fieber's collection." Fieber also described a number of species for the Imperial Cabinent, which is now in the Vienna collection (NHMW). Also, the NHRS website lists several Fieber paratypes as being deposited in their collection. Citations: Anonymous (1872), Puton (1972), Westwood (1872), and Osborn (1937).

Flor, Gustav August Adam von (b. 1829; d. May 13, 1883, Dorpat) - Livland (Estonia). Published Die Rhynchoten Livlands (1860-1861). Collection now resides in Inst. Zool. Botany, Tartu, Estonia (IZBE). Citations: Anonymous (1883, 1884).

Fokker, Abraham Jacobus Frederic (b. 1887; d. 1929) - Collection now in the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden (RMNH).

Frey-Gessner, Emil (b. 1826; d. 1917) - PI: Ent. Dept., Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland (MHNG). Citations: Gahan (1917), Anonymous (1918), Steck (1918), and Handschin (1958).

Froeschner, Richard C. - (b. Mar. 8, 1916, Chicago; d. May 2, 2002, Washington, D.C.) - Undergraduate degree from University of Missouri (1941), Master's and Doctoral degrees from Iowa State College (1951, 1954, respectively). Joined the faculty at Montana State College, and eventually was offered a research entomologist position at the Smithsonian Institution.  Has worked on a variety of groups, especially Tingidae and Pentatomoidea; compiled lists of Heteroptera for Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, and Panama.  See Henry (2003) for more biographical information, a list of described taxa, and a list of publications.

Froggatt, Walter Wilson (b. June 13, 1858, Melbourne, Australia; d. Mar. 18, 1937, Croydon, near Sydney, Australia) - H&K: Private collection to Nat. Mus. of Australia, Zool., Canberra. Citations: Howard (1930), Musgrave (1932, 1937), Anonymous (1937a, b), Imms (1937), Stead (1937), Walker (1937), and Walton (1942).

Fuente, J. M. de la -

Fuss, Carl Adolf (b. 1817; d. 1874) - Collection should now be in the Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary (HNHM). Citation: Teutsch (1876).

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