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Biographical & Type Information - H

Haglund, Carl Johan Emil (b. 1837; d. 1901) - Collection deposited in the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden (NHRS). Haglund usually indicated which of the two sexes he had when he made his descriptions, but in his early papers he did not indicate how many of each sex. When both sexes are indicated, they are definitely STS. When only one sex is given, and the measurements are not given in a range, it is likely he only had a single specimen, but we cannot assume this, so in nearly all cases Haglunds types should be considered to be STS. In some of his later papers, he did indicate how many specimens he had, so in some cases a single specimen should be considered to be a HT. Citation: Sjstedt (1902).

Hahn, Carl Wilhelm (b. Dec. 16, 1786; d. 1836) - In 1831, started the series Die Wanzenartigen Insekten. After his death, Herrich-Schffer, continued this publication until 1853. Bergroth (1919) gives information on the dates of publication of Die Wanzenartigen Insekten. Citation: Bonnet (1945).

Halbert, James Nathaniel (b. 1871; d. May 7, 1948) - Collection deposited in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin (NMID). Citations: Beirne (1948a, b).

Hale, Herbert M. (b. ?; d. ?) - Corixid work. Collection is probably in the South Australian Collection (SAMA).

Halstead, T. - HN: California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA (CAS).

Handlirsch, Anton (b. Jan. 20, 1865, Vienna, Austria; d. Aug. 28, 1935, Vienna, Austria) - Collection conserved in the Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien, Austria (NHMW). Citations: Anonymous (1935), Beier (1935, 1936, 1937, 1938), Heikertinger (1935), Calvert (1936), Esaki (1936), Escherich (1936), L.R.N. (1936).

Harold, Edgar Baron von (b. 1830; d. Aug. 1, 1886, Possenhofen, near Mnchen, Germany) - Mainly a coleopterist. According to Horn et al. (1990), some of his collection may be in the Paris Museum (MNHN), but most of his type material is either in the Berlin Museum (ZMHB) or in the Munich Museum (ZSMC). Citations: Anonymous (1886a-e, 1888), Kraatz (1886), McLachlan (1886), Reitter (1886), Ulanoski (1886), Fairmaire (1887), Marwinski (1974).

Harris, Halbert Marion (b. July 18, 1900, Cascilla, MS, USA; d. Aug. 18, 2000, Baton Rouge, LA, USA) - Early training at Mississippi A&M College, graduate work at Iowa State University. Became Assistant Professor at Iowa State in 1925 where he continued his professional career until 1961. Later (1972-1980) became a Visiting Scientist at Louisiana State University. Worked on various heteropteran groups, especially the Nabidae and Rhopalidae, but also in association with C. Drake on the Anthocoridae and various semi-aquatic groups. According to Slater et al. (2002), "most of his primary types are deposited in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., with exception of the Berytidae, which are in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The bulk of his collection, totaling more than 20,000 specimens is in the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum (Department of Entomology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge)." See Slater et al. (2002) for biographical information, a bibliography, and a list of new taxa described.

Harris, M. (b. 1731; d. 1781) - See Weiss (1926) for biographical information.

Harris, Thaddeus William (b. 1795; d. 1856) - Collection donated to the Boston Nat. Hist. Mus. in 1858. Citations: Morris (1846), Anonymous (1856, 1862, 1896), Scudder (1860, 1869, 1889, 1891), Strecker (1878), Hagen (1881), Harris (1882), Grote (1889), McKenzie (1893), "W.L.W.F." (1907), Field (1910), Smith (1910), Dow (1913), Wade (1926), Howard (1930), Essig (1931), Weiss (1936), Osborn (1937), and Mallis (1971). See also Uhler (1878) and Torre-Bueno (1915) for accounts of the Hemiptera in the Harris Collection.

Hart, Charles Arthur (b. Oct. 12, 1859, Quincy, IL, USA; d. Feb. 18, 1918) - Citations: Malloch (1918), Osborn (1937).

Hasegawa, H. - Biographical information & Bibliography in 1980 Rostria (33).

Heer, Oswald (b. Aug. 31, 1809, Glarus, Switzerland; d. Sept. 27, 1883, Zrich, Switzerland) - Worked primarily on fossil insects. According to Horn et al. (1990), part of his collection went directly to the Ent. Inst. Techn. Hochschule Zrich, and part went to H. Escher-Zollikofer who then gave it to the same museum. Citations: Anonymous (1883a-d, 1884, 1946), Fauvel (1883), Scudder (1883), Gray (1884), Jentsch (1884, 1885), Kolbe (1884), Shoch (1884), Sidler (1884), Rudio (1896), and Jggli (1950).

Heidemann, Otto (b. Sept. 1, 1842, Magdeburg, Germany; d. Nov. 17, 1916, Washington, DC, USA) - Collection deposited in Cornell University Insect Collection, Ithaca, New York. Citations: Anonymous (1916, 1917), Howard (1916), McAtee (1916), Walton (1921), Essig (1931), Osborn (1937), Mallis (1971).

Herbst, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (b. 1743; d. 1807) - Collection conserved in the Zoologisches Museum, Humboldt Universitt, Berlin (ZMHB). Citations: Anonymous (1807), Dumril (1823), Swainson (1840), Rose (1850), and Marseul (1887).

Herrich-Schfer, Gottlieb August Wilhelm (b. Dec. 17, 1799, Regensburg, Germany; d. Apr. 14, 1874, Regensburg, Germany) - Collection was deposited in the Zoologische Staatssammlung, Mnich, Germany (ZSMC), but it is believed that most of his collection was destroyed by WWII bombing. Some Podisus types may reside in the Paris Museum (MNHN), and several types have been found in the Zoologisches Museum, Humboldt Universitt, Berlin (ZMHB), among their undetermined material (see Rider 1993). Bergroth (1919) gives information pertaining to the dates of publication of Die Wanzenartigen Insekten, published first by Hahn, but then continued by Herrich-Schffer after Hahns death. Citations: Anonymous (1858, 1874a-e), Hofmann (1874), Saunders (1874), Kraatz (1875), and Musgrave (1932).

Herring, J. L. (b. 1922; d. 1985) - Several papers on Anthocoridae. See Henry & Froeschner (1987) for bibliography and list of names proposed.

Hiura, I. - Worked primarily on the Anthocoridae of Japan. PI: Museum Natural History, Osaka, Japan (OMNH). Biographical information and bibliography found in 1985 Rostria (37).

Hoberlandt, Ludvk (b. Jan. 22, 1918, Prague; d. Mar. 15, 2005, Prague) - Graduated from Charles University, Prague in 1948, but had already become a member of the staff of the Department of Zoology, National Museum in Prague, in 1945.  Was a long time editor (1947-1997) for the Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae.  Participated in a number of expeditions to Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey.  Types should be at the National Museum in Prague (NMPC).  Obituaries: Heiss (2005), Jelnek (2005).  Other citations: tys (1978), Jeek (1987, 1988), and Stehlk (1999).

Hoffmann, William Edwin (b. 1896; d. Sept. 12, 1989, Lawrence, KS, USA) - Multitude of life history work on various Heteroptera from China; also some systematic work including a catalog of the Pentatomidae from China. Citation: C. H. Hoffmann (1991).

Horvth, Gza (b. Nov. 23, 1847, Cscs, Hungary; d. Sept. 8, 1937, Budapest, Hungary) - Collection conserved in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary (HNHM); if types were deposited elsewhere, Horvth usually indicated this in the original description. For example, he had access to several other important collections (Puton, Reuter, etc.); types described from their collections will be in other museums (indicated in the original description). Horvth nearly always listed the sexes which he examined, but there is no indication of how many specimens of each sex. He also usually gives length and width measurements. Nearly all of his types should be considered to be STS; in a few cases he would indicate that he had a unique specimen, etc., so those specimens could be considered to be a HT. Citations: Anonymous (1911, 1937a, b, 1939), Howard (1930), Musgrave (1932), Imms (1937), Torre-Bueno (1937), China (1938), Lindberg (1938), Kidocsa (1939), Csiki (1944), Lundblad (1948), and Torre-Bueno (1948).

Hsiao, Tsai-Yu (b. July 25, 1903, Shandong Province, China; d. June 27, 1978, Tianjin, China) - PI: Some in each: Academia Sinica, Zoological Institute, Beijing, China (IZAS); Natural History Museum, Beijing, China (CNHP); Natural History Museum, Tianjin, China (TMNH); and Nankai University, Entomology Dept., Tianjin, China (TNUM). See Schaefer and Sailer (1980) for bibliography.

Hubbard, Henry Guernsey (b. May 6, 1850, Detroit, MI, USA; d. Jan. 18, 1899, Crescent City, FL, USA) - Collection deposited in the U.S. National Museum of Natural History (USNM). Citations: Anonymous (1899), T.H.P. (1899), Smith (1899a, b), Schwarz et al. (1901), Howard (1930), Wade (1936), Osborn (1937), and Mallis (1971).

Heber, Theodor (b. 1848; d. 1931) - Collection deposited in the Zool. Inst. Tbingen, Germany (ZMUT).

Hungerford, Herbert Barker (b. Aug. 30, 1885, Mahaska, KS, USA; d. May 13, 1963, Lawrence, KS, USA) - Collection deposited in the Snow Entomological Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas (SEMC). Citations: Woodruff (1956, 1963), Anonymous (1964), Mallis (1971).

Hussey, Roland Fountain (b. Nov. 16, 1896, San Francisco, CA, USA; d. Aug. 19, 1968, Gainesville, FL, USA) - HN: USNM (part). See Herring (1968) for biographical information, and Polhemus (1991) for bibliography.

Hutchinson, G. Evelyn - Worked on various aquatic heteropteran groups as Professor of Entomology at Yale University, New Haven, CT.

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