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Ragusa, Emile Enrico (b. 1849; d. 1924) - Collection should be in the Istituto di Zoologia, Universita di Napoli, Portici, Italy (ZIUP). Citations: Anonymous (1924a-c), Rambousek (1924), Turati (1925), and Gregori (1926).

Rambur, Jules Pierre (b. July 21, 1801, Chinon; d. August 10, 1870, Geneva) - Early in his career he studied the insect fauna of both Corsica and Andalusia. Began to publish an important treatise on Andalusia, but was not completed. Published important work on the Neuroptera. Heteroptera went first to M. R. OberthŁr who in 1931 donated the specimens to the Museum of Natural History, London (BMNH). See Dolling (1978) for an account of Ramburís heteropteran type material deposited in the BMNH. Citations: Wallace (1871), Graslin (1872), Mabille (1872), Fauvel (1874), Crosse (1877), and Marseul (1883).

Reed, Edwyn Carlos (b. 1841; d. 1910) - Heteroptera collection purchased with Drake bequeath, U.S. National Museum of Natural History (USNM). Citations: Porter (1903, 1911, 1943), Howard (1930), J.L. (1942), and Lizer y Trelles (1947).

Remane, Reinhard - PI: Forschungsinst. Mus. Senck., Frankfurt am Main, Germany (SMFD). Citation: Hoch (1999).

Reuter, Odo Moranal (b. Apr. 28, 1850, Turku, Finland; d. Sept. 2, 1913, Turku, Finland) - Most of his collection now in the Zoological Museum, Helsinki (MZHF), but some may also be in the Zoological Museum, University of Turku, Finland (UZMT), or the Zoological Museum, University of Moscow (ZMUM). See also Lindberg (1951), for information on types. Citations: E.B. (1913), Joannis (1913), Oshanin (1913), Rowland-Brown (1913), Anonymous (1914), Heidemann (1914), Palmťn (1914), and Sahlberg (1917).

Rey, Claudius (b. Sept. 8, 1817, Lyon, France; d. Jan. 31, 1894, Lyon, France) - Primarily a Coleopterist. Co-authored Histoire Naturelle des Punaises de France with E. Mulsant (1866-1879). Most of his heteropteran collection deposited in the Musťe Guimet díHistoire Naturelle, Lyon, France (MHNL); a few duplicates may be in the Musťum National díHistoire Naturelle, Paris (MNHN). Citations: Anonymous (1895), Barthe (1895), Guillebeau (1895), Kraatz (1895), and Meldola (1895).

Ribaut, Henri (b. ?; d. 1967) - PI: Musťum National díHistoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN). Citation: Wagner (1968).

Roubal, Jan (b. 1880; d. 1971) - Collection conserved in the Slovenskť NŠrodnť Muzeum, Bratislava, Slovakia (SNMC). Citations: Pfeffer (1950), A.P. (1960), Anonymous (1965), and ätys (1965).

Royer, M. - Collection resides in the Musťum National díHistoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN).

Ruckes, Herbert (b. Feb. 1, 1895, New York, NY, USA; d. Dec. 23, 1965, New York, NY, USA) - Received Ph.D. from Columbia University; Employed as Professor of Biology at the City College of New York; also was Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History. Primarily worked on the Pentatomoidea, but did publish a couple papers on Coreidae. See original descriptions for type deposition; many are in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). See Anonymous (1966) and Arnaud (1966) for obituaries; see Rolston & Rider (1985) for bibliography and list of names proposed.

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