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Biographical & Type Information - V

Van Duzee, Edward Payson (b. Apr. 6, 1861, New York, NY, USA; d. June 2, 1940, Alameda, CA, USA) - Most of his collection is deposited in the California Academy of Sciences (CASC); some specimens may be in the Iowa State University Insect Collection (ISUI). Citations: Gunder (1929), Anonymous (1933, 1940a-c), Osborn (1937, 1946), Essig & Usinger (1940), MacFarland (1940), Usinger (1940), Essig (1941), Torre-Bueno (1941), and Mallis (1971).

Vidal, J. P. - Worked primarily on Moroccan Heteroptera. Institut Scientifique Cheripen, Rabat, Morocco (ISCM). Early papers (1936, 1940) indicated if he only had one specimen (= holotype), but if he had more than one specimen, did not designate holotype (= syntypes). In a 1952 paper, he designated a type & and 2 allotype &’s [sic] for one species, but all the others he just listed how many of each sex he had without designating a holotype.

Villiers, André (b. 1915; d. June 8, 1983) - Typically, Villiers cites the localities from which the specimens in the type series were collected; then he usually indicates where the type, allotype, and/or paratypes are deposited. He does not always indicate the sex of the type, and in some cases it is impossible to tell from which of the localities the type came from. In a few cases, he states that either the type or at least some of the paratypes have been deposited in the MNHN, but most of the type specimens were originally placed in l’Institut Français d’Afrique Noire, which has now been deposited in the MNHN. PI: Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France (MNHN). S&S: "Collection in Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris." See Paulian et al. (1983) for bibliography. Citations: Carayon (1983), Pluot-Sigwalt (1983), and Toulgoët (1983).

Vollenhoven, Samuel Constantinus Snellen van (b. Oct. 18, 1816, Rotterdam; d. Mar. 22, 1880) - Described 9 genera and 471 species in a wide variety of insect Orders. He established publication of Tijdschrift voor Entomologie, the journal of the Netherlands Entomological Society. He was the Entomological curator of the Leiden (RMNH) Museum from 1854 until 1873. Most of his collection conserved in the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden, The Netherlands (RMNH). The NHRS website lists a number of types (mainly paratypes) as being deposited in their collection. Citations: Anonymous (1880a-f), Dohrn (1880, 1881), I.O.W. (1880), Kraatz (1880), May (1880), Roelofs (1880), Van der Wulp (1880), Schouteden (1907), Musgrave (1932), and Krikken et al., 1981.

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