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Udonga montana (Distant, 1900)
(Family Pentatomidae)

Food Use:

"These small, brown bugs are locally known as 'Thangnang by the Mizos. Thangnang is an economically important food for the local people.  The bugs appear in swarms and form hives on branches, which sometimes break due to heavy weight.  Furthermore, the bugs are easy to collect after a drizzle.  Group of farmers were found collecting around 20-30 kg of the bugs in gunny bags, bamboo containers, buckets, etc.  According to the residents, Thangnang is a precious food available profusely only after 50 years during such events.  Local people used to fry it in oil; some locals also make 'chutney' using the bugs.  Besides, oil is also extracted from the bugs using traditional processing.  This oil has high market value in spite of its bad smell and the pure oil is believed to cure many health problems." (Azad Thakur & Firake, 2012)  "In Assam, Mizoram, Manipur and Tripura [India], the cinnamon bug, Ochrophara (Udonga) montana (Distant) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) is fried in oil and consumed." (Gahukar, 2012)


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