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Aeptus Dallas, 1851

Aeptus Dallas, 1851: 131, 145.

Type species: Aeptus singularis Dallas, 1851, by monotypy.

Tribal Placement: This is the type genus for the Aeptini.

Included Species:
Dallas, 1851

Comments: This genus has remained monotypic since its original description.  There is, however, a second undescribed species.  At this time, I have examined one male and two female specimens of the new species.  The male genital cup is distinctive, as well as the female genital plates.  In the new species, there is a medial projection on the posteroventral surface of the genital cup; this medial projection is absent, or only vaguely present in A. singularis.  Also, in A. singularis, the posterior margin of the basal plates are nearly transverse, while in the new species the posteromedial angle of each basal plate distinctly protrudes posteriorly.

Aeptus singularis Dallas

Aeptus new species





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