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Antheminia Mulsant & Rey, 1866

Carpocoris (Antheminia) Mulsant & Rey, 1866: 238, 254.

Type Species: Cimex lynx Fabricius, 1794 (= Cimex lunulata Goeze, 1778), by monotypy.

Tribal Placement: This genus is relatively closely related to Carpocoris.

Included Species:

absinthii (Wagner, 1952)
aliena (Reuter, 1891)
     latticollis Jakovlev, 1905 [junior synonym]
eurynota eurynota (Horváth, 1908)
     oshanini Kiritshenko, 1952
eurynota remota (Horváth, 1908)
     tamaninii Kerzhner, 1972 [junior synonym]
lindbergi (Tamanini, 1962)
lunulata (Goeze, 1776)
     lynx (Fabricius, 1794) [junior synonym]
     decolor (Ferrari, 1874) [junior synonym]
     pallidior (Kirkaldy, 1909) [junior synonym]
     nigricornis (Kormilev, 1936) [junior synonym]
mongolica (Kerzhner & Josifov, 1966)
pusio longiceps (Reuter, 1884)
     esakii (Tamanini, 1962) [junior synonym]
pusio pusio (Kolenati, 1846)
     helianthemi (Garbiglietti, 1869) [unn. n. name for pusio]
     kirgisicus (Jakovlev, 1905) [junior synonym]
     bergi (Jakovlev, 1905) [junior synonym]
     orientalis (Hoberlandt, 1956) [junior synonym]
sariabanensis (Ahmad & Zaidi, 1991) [n comb]
sulcata (Van Duzee, 1918)
varicornis (Jakovlev, 1874)
     baicalensis (Jakolev, 1894) [junior synonym]
     montandoni (Sienkewicz, 1954) [junior synonym]

Antheminia eurynota (Horváth) - Photograph by Kim Barao


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updated: 16 Jul 2014

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