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Gerasimos 'Gerry' Cassis
Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia


     I am a Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum, in Sydney, Australia. I have been at the Museum since 1989 and my position is principally concerned with the systematics, biodiversity and ecology of insects. My main research interest is in the systematics of the Heteroptera, particularly those of the Australian region. My current research projects concern the systematics and biogeography of the families Gelastocoridae, Miridae, Tingidae, Reduviidae, Thaumastocoridae, Scutelleridae and Pentatomidae. I currently have five PhD students, of which two are working on the systematics of the Heteroptera: 1. Nik Tatarnic (Miridae: Orthotylinae: Halticini); 2. Annie Noack (Thaumastocoridae). The other PhD students are working on ecological projects involving Heteroptera.

        Previous to my work at the Australian Museum, I worked for five years at the Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO, Canberra, where I worked on the systematic catalogues of the Australian Heteroptera and Scarabaeoidea. I obtained my PhD from Oregon State University (Major Professor: Dr Jack Lattin) on the systematics of the mirid tribe Dicyphini. I obtained my BSc (Honours) at the University of Sydney (Major Professor: Fred McDonald) where I worked on Australian scutellerids. 

         My work on Pentatomoidea is presently concerned with the systematics of the Australian scutellerids and pentatomids. In conjunction with my colleague Emma Betts, I have produced a webkey to the Australian genera of Pentatomidae (see below). I am also about to submit an updated treatment of the Australian Scutelleridae with my colleague Loren Vanags. I am also engaged in a revision of the enigmatic pentatomid genus Caridophthalmus with my colleague David Rider from North Dakota State University. David and I have also discussed undertaking a review of the pentatomine tribe Diemenini. In the coming years I intend to work more extensively on Old World scutellerids, and am currently undertaking preliminary morphological investigations of the genera Coleotichus and Lampromicra.

Contact Information:
Australian Museum
6 College Street
Sydney 2000

Telephone: (02) 9320 6346
FAX: (02) 9361 5479


Current Projects:

See comments above.


McDonald, F. J. D. and G. Cassis. 1984. Revision of the Australian Scutelleridae (Hemiptera). Australian Journal of Zoology 32: 537-572.

Cassis, G. 1993. A report on the Heteroptera and Dermaptera from the Survey of Cape York Peninsula. Cape York Peninsula Scientific Expedition Wet Season 1992. Brisbane, The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Inc. pp. 109-123.

Cassis, G. and G. F. Gross. 2002. Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Heteroptera. Pentatomomorpha. Volume 27.3B. Canberra : CSIRO 732 pp.

Cassis, G., E. Betts, and M. G. Elliott. 2003. The stinkbugs of Australia (Insecta: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae). A key to the genera of Australia. http://www.faunanet.gov.au/keys/index.htm

Cassis, G. and L. Vanags. 2006. Jewel bugs of Australia (Insecta, Heteroptera, Scutelleridae). In: Rabitsch, W. (ed.), Hug the Bug - For Love of True Bugs. Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Ernst Heiss. Denisia 19:275-398.

Wang, X-j., G-q. Liu, and G. Cassis. 2013. Systematic study of Duadicus Dallas, 1851 (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Acanthosomatidae: Blaudusinae: Blaudusini), including the description of a new species from Western Australia. Austral Entomology 2013: 1-11.

Weiler, L., K. R. Barão, G. Cassis, and J. Grazia. 2017. Morphology of the external scent efferent system of Neotropical shield bugs (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae: Pachycorinae). Zoomorphology 136: 29-44.


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David A. Rider
Professor of Entomology
North Dakota State University
202 Hultz Hall
Fargo, ND 58105
E-Mail: David.Rider@ndsu.edu

updated: 26 Sep 2017

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