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François Dusoulier
Toulon, France

      I am the curator of the Natural History Museum of Toulon and Var, in southern France. I am broadly interested in entomology (taxonomy, nomenclature, biogeography, ecology) with a specialization in Orthoptera and Heteroptera.  

     I have been working on private and public collections of Pentatomoidea of France since 2000, in an attempt to make the most exhaustive inventory of this superfamily ever undertaken in this country. I am not only compiling data about biogeography, taxonomy and ecology of the species, but I am paying particular attention to the history of the naturalists who collected them. This is a preliminary work to promote the study of bioheritage natural history collections as part of a general naturalist culture. 

     I organize field trips to find and collect new species of Heteroptera nearly all year-round, especially in the countries along the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea.  

     I am presently involved in working on the nomenclature and taxonomy of several genera within the families Pentatomidae and Cydnidae.


Contact Information:
François Dusoulier
Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Toulon et du Var
737 chemin du Jonquet
83200 Toulon



Current Projects:

1) Biogeography, ecology and taxonomy of the Pentatomoidea of France, including field research, inventories of private and public collections, revision of specimens in collections, and research on host-plants.

2) Identification keys of the Pentatomoidea of France and Europe.

3) Studies on the systematic position of subspecific taxa within the genera Aelia, Stagonomus, and Graphosoma (with Roland Lupoli).

4) Studies on the genus Canthophorus in Europe, including systematic considerations of C. maculipes species group (with Jerzy Lis and Philippe Magnien).


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Dusoulier, F. 2004. Inventaire des Hétéroptères de la collection E. Fiéreck. Pp. 42-112, in: Muséum d'histoire naturelle de la ville d'Aix-en-Provence. Les collections entomologiques et paléo-entomologiques. Mémoire pour la validation du travail de recherche à l'Institut national du patrimoine, Paris. 121pp.

Dusoulier, F. and R. Lupoli. 2006. Synopsis des Pentatomoidea Leach, 1815 de France métropolitaine (Hemiptera: Heteroptera). Nouvelle revue d'entomologie (ns) 23(1):11-44.

Dusoulier, F. and Ph. Magnien. 2006. Nouvelles observations d'Eurygaster dilaticollis Dohrn, 1860 en France (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae). Nouvelle revue d'entomologie (ns) 22(4)[2005]: 364.

Dusoulier, F. and Ph. Magnien. 2006. Contribution à la connaissance des Thyreocoris de France (Heteroptera: Thyreocoridae). Bulletin de la Société des sciences naturelles de l'Ouest de la France (ns) 28(3): 170-175.

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Dusoulier, F. 2008. Les HémiptPres Pentatomoidea de la collection Georges Durand (1886-1964). Lettre de l’Atlas entomologique régional (Nantes) 21: 2-15.

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Dusoulier, F. and R. Lupoli. 2010. Phimodera flori Fieber, 1863 en France: découverte de sa plante-hôte, plus de 70 ans après la dernière mention de cette espèce rarissime (Hemiptera Scutelleridae).  L'Entomologiste 66(5-6): 245-250.

Dusoulier, F. and A. Carapezza. 2013. Sur trois espèces de Scutelleridae rarissimes ou nouvelles pour la faune de France (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Pentatomoidea). L’Entomologiste 69(3): 209-212.

Lupoli, R. and F. Dusoulier. 2013. Observation d’une Punaise mélanique de la tribu cryptique des Sciocorini: Sciocoris macrocephalus Fieber, 1852 (Heteroptera Pentatomidae). L’Entomologiste 68(6)[2012]: 375-376.

Lupoli, R., F. Dusoulier, A. Cruaud, S. Cros-Arteil, and J.-C. Streito. 2013. Morphological, biogeographical and molecular evidence of Carpocoris mediterraneus as a valid species (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). Zootaxa 3609(4): 392-410.

Dusoulier, F. 2015. Compte-rendu d’une sortie entomologique à Serre Menu (Pierrefeu-du-Var, département du Var): liste des Orthoptères, Mantes, Blattes, Dermaptères et Hémiptères. Journal Name?:35-42. [pdf]

Dusoulier, F. and R. Lupoli. 2015. Les Pentatomoidea de France: clarifications taxinomiques et mises à jour nomenclaturales et biogégraphiques (Hemiptera Heteroptera). l’Entomologiste 71(6): 353-366.


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