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Insect Structure


Week 1
          Lecture Notes 01a - Evolution, Definitions
          Lecture Notes 01b - Evolution

          Lecture Handout 01a - Evolution

          Lecture Audio 01a - Introduction, Definitions, Evolution
          Lecture Audio 01b - Other Arthropods

          Laboratory Handout 01a - Definitions
          Laboratory Handout 01b - Other Arthropods

Week 2
          Lecture Notes 02a - Segmentation Definitions
          Lecture Notes 02b - Segmentation
          Lecture Notes 02c - Integument Definitions
          Lecture Notes 02d - Integument

          Lecture Handout 02a - Segmentation
          Lecture Handout 02b - Integument

          Lecture Audio 02a - Primary & Secondary Segmentation
          Lecture Audio 02b - Integument

          Laboratory Handout 02 - Segmentation

Week 3
          Lecture Notes 03a - Insect Head

          Lecture Handout 03a - Insect Head

          Lecture Audio 03a - Generalized Insect Head (1)
          Lecture Audio 03b - Generalized Insect Head (2)

          Laboratory Handout 03a - Insect Head

Week 4
          Lecture Notes 04a - Insect Mouthparts

          Lecture Handout 04a - Insect Mouthparts

          Lecture Audio 04a - Insect Mouthparts (1)
          Lecture Audio 04b - Insect Mouthparts (2)
          Lecture Audio 04c - Insect Mouthparts (3), Antennae

          Laboratory Handout 04a - Insect Mouthparts

Week 5
          Lecture Notes 05a - Insect Thorax

          Lecture Handout 05a - Insect Thorax

          Lecture Audio 05a - Insect Thorax (1)
          Lecture Audio 05b - Insect Thorax (2)

          Laboratory Handout 05a - Pterothorax

Week 6
          Lecture Notes 06a - Wings

          Lecture Handout 06a - Wings
          Lecture Handout 06b - Wings Supplement

          Lecture Audio 06a - Insect Wings (1)
          Lecture Audio 06b - Insect Wings (2)

          Laboratory Handout 06a - Wings

Week 7
          Lecture Notes 07a - Legs

          Lecture Handout 07a - Legs

          Lecture Audio 07a - Evolution of Insect Flight
          Lecture Audio 07b - Legs

          Laboratory Handout 07a - Legs

Week 8
          Lecture Notes 08a - Abdomen

          Lecture Handout 08a - Abdomen

          Lecture Audio 08a - Abdomen

Week 9
          Lecture Notes 09a - External Genitalia

          Lecture Handout 09a - External Genitalia
          Lecture Handout 09b - Terminalia

          Lecture Audio 09a - External Genitalia (1)
          Lecture Audio 09b - External Genitalia (2) - not working

          Laboratory Handout 09a - Abdomen

Week 10
          Lecture Notes 10a - Gametes, Development

          Lecture Handout 10a - Gametes, Development

          Lecture Audio 10a - Insect Gametes and Embryology (1)
          Lecture Audio 10b - Insect Gametes and Embryology (2)

          Laboratory Handout 10a - Genitalia

Week 11
          Lecture Notes 11a - Digestive System
          Lecture Notes 11b - Excretory System

          Lecture Handout 11a - Digestive System
          Lecture Handout 11b - Excretory System

          Lecture Audio 11a - Digestive System
          Lecture Audio 11b - Hindgut and Excretory System

          Laboratory Handout 11a - Digestive System

Week 12
          Lecture Notes 12a - Respiratory System

          Lecture Handout 12a - Respiratory System

          Lecture Audio 12a - Respiratory System

          Laboratory Handout 12a - Respiratory System

Week 13
          Lecture Notes 13a - Circulatory System

          Lecture Handout 13a - Circulatory System

          Lecture Audio 13a - Circulatory System

          Laboratory Handout 13a - Circulatory System

Week 14
          Vacation Week

Week 15
          Lecture Notes 15a - Male Reproductive System
          Lecture Notes 15b - Female Reproductive System
          Lecture Notes 15c - Nervous System

          Lecture Handout 15a - Reproductive Systems
          Lecture Handout 15b - Nervous System

          Lecture Audio 15a - Male Reproductive System
          Lecture Audio 15b - Female Reproductive System
          Lecture Audio 15c - Nervous System

          Laboratory Handout 15a - Reproductive Systems

Week 16
          Lecture Notes 16a - Endocrine System
          Lecture Notes 16b - Sensory Structures

          Lecture Handout 16a - Endocrine System
          Lecture Handout 16b - Sensory Structures

          Lecture Audio 16a - Endocrine System
          Lecture Audio 16b - Sensory Structures

          Laboratory Handout 16a - Nervous System


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David A. Rider
Professor of Entomology
North Dakota State University
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