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Geology 300:
Term Project

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10-12 pages of text (single-space, or double-space equivalent) plus illustrations.


A 15-minute presentation to the class on your project, including visual aids and a one-page summary.

Course Value:

25% of total course points.

Titles of Papers Due With Approval:

To Be Announced

Completed Papers Due:

To Be Announced

The objective of the term project is to "consolidate our gains" in environmental geology and to broaden our experience on the application of this knowledge to a specific problem. Another objective is to present the results of an investigati on to a small gr oup.

Pre-submission Interview:

During the semester, schedule a visit with me to review your proposal and compete the pre-approval of your topic. Satisfactory completion of this interview by this deadline is worth 10% of your grade for this project.

Topic Selection:

Select a specific topic or study problem that is of particular interest to you and one in which you can obtain sufficient reference materials. The topic must center on environmental geology.

Your project must include significant content based on your personal research efforts: site visits, interviews, models, photographs, map or air photo interpretations, etc. Creativity is encouraged. Literature should be reviewed only to support your own personal research.

During the semester, I will ask you to make an appointment to visit with me about your progress. Be prepared to show me evidence of work you have done in preparation for your presentation.

Topic Examples:

"Causes of the depletion of the Buffalo aquifer serving Dilworth, Minnesota during Fall, 1996"
"Failure of the 19th Ave. No. bridge over the Sheyenne River, Fargo, ND"
"Use of lime treatment to stabilize landslides in Fargo, ND"
"A cost-benefit analysis of implementing curbside recycling in Fargo-Moorhead"
"Changes in Red River water chemistry due to effluent from the ProGold Corn Processing Plant"
"Proposed site for a new landfill serving the Fargo-Moorhead area"

Citation and Reference System:

All statements used in this report that are not derived from your own research are to be properly referenced. Quotation marks must be used where direct quotes are made. Provide a "references cited" section at the end of your report that lists those materials that you actually used. Citation format is to follow exactly the format used by the Geological Society of America (for example, see papers in any recent Geol. Soc. Amer. Bulletin ).


Your paper will be graded on its professionalism, originality, content, presentation, neatness, grammar, spelling, and adherence to the format described above.

Class Presentation:

For your 15 minute presentation to class, prepare a one page summary of what you concluded from your study. You will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Where to Get Started:

The NDSU Library has a good collection of books, journals, reports and reference materials that can be used for this project. The books are generally located in the second floor stacks, in sections QE, GB 400-700, and TA 700-730. The library also maintains an excellent collection of topographic maps. Plan on spending some hours using WEBPALS to search for materials and visiting the library to review potential resources.

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B. Saini-Eidukat
Spring 2001
Environmental Geology
Geology 300