Equipment: loaned to each group
Aerial photographs, GPS, Brunton Compass, hand level, Jacob's staff, measuring tape, Munsell Soil Color Chart, acid bottle, hammer (if needed).
Equipment you are responsible for
Day pack, calculator, digital camera (check battery), clipboard and plastic cover, writing kit (pencils, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, 15 cm rule, protractor), field notebook, hand lens, laptop computer (see Dr. Day or Oduor for a free copy of ArcGis software), pocket knife, safety glasses, sample bags.
Camp Cooking: plate, mug, KFS, can opener, cleanup (nylon pad, dish cloth, washing-up liquid dish towels), cook set, freezer chest, fuel, garbage bags, lantern, matches, stove.
Personal:, water canteen, flashlight, band aids, lip gloss, moleskin, sunscreen, toothbrush, towel, TP.
Camping: tent and ground sheet, or tent space arranged, sleeping bag (essential!), sleeping pad (if you are smart).
Clothing: boots, cap, gloves, warm jacket, rain gear, two changes of field clothes, underwear, wool hat.

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Field Geology
Geology 450