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GEOLOGY 428/628:

Welcome to the homepage for Geochemistry 428/628 at North Dakota State University!
Web-phreeeq, a web-accessible interface which allows you to model aqueous speciation using PHREEQC is available here (see below).

This course is being taught Fall Semester, 2016.

Who should take this course:

  • anyone interested in environmental science
  • geology juniors or seniors interested in ground water or environmental geology;
  • soil science seniors and graduate students;
  • chemistry juniors or seniors interested in analytical or environmental chemistry;
    chemistry graduate students with inorganic or analytical program emphasis;
  • civil engineering seniors or graduate students with a sanitary engineering emphasis;
    biology/zoology seniors/ grad students interested in environmental science careers

Course content:

  • review of solubility, acid/base and electrochemical concepts;
  • aqueous geochemistry and solid-water interactions with an emphasis on ground water;
  • chemical weathering;
  • mineral thermodynamics and redox (Eh-pH) diagrams and their applications to soil and mineral stability and ground water chemistry;
  • modeling;
  • environmental geochemistry; and
  • isotopes applied to groundwaters.

Time and Place:
Tuesday and Thursday
9:30 - 10:45 am
Stevens Hall 134

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link to web-phreeq
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