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GEOLOGY 428/628:

Welcome to the homepage for Geochemistry 428/628 at North Dakota State University!
Web-phreeeq, a web-accessible interface which allows you to model aqueous speciation using PHREEQC is available here (see below).

This course is taught Fall Semester of even years.

Link to 2020 Brochure (.PDF)

Who should take this course:

  • anyone interested in environmental science
  • geology juniors or seniors interested in ground water or environmental geology;
  • soil science seniors and graduate students;
  • chemistry juniors or seniors interested in analytical or environmental chemistry;
    chemistry graduate students with inorganic or analytical program emphasis;
  • civil engineering seniors or graduate students with a sanitary engineering emphasis;
    biology/zoology seniors/ grad students interested in environmental science careers

Course content:

  • review of solubility, acid/base and electrochemical concepts;
  • aqueous geochemistry and solid-water interactions with an emphasis on ground water;
  • chemical weathering;
  • mineral thermodynamics and redox (Eh-pH) diagrams and their applications to soil and mineral stability and ground water chemistry;
  • modeling;
  • environmental geochemistry; and
  • isotopes applied to groundwaters.

Time and Place:
Tuesday and Thursday
9:30 - 10:45 am
Stevens Hall 134

Course Numbers for Fall 2020:
Geol 428: 6169
Geol 628: 6172
Chem 428: 16312
Chem 628: 16313

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