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Geochemistry Grad Student Term Project

Term Project - Graduate Students

Length of Project: 6-8 pages of text, plus illlustrations and appendices.

Completed Papers Due: Thursday, Dec. 11 at 23:59

Our objective during the last section of the class is to "consolidate our gains" in aqueous geochemistry knowledge and broaden our experience on the applications of this knowledge in the recent literature. Another objective, will be to use a geochemical modeling program to make informed conclusions.

Topic Selection: Select a literature article or other source that addresses a specific topic or study problem that is of particular interest to you. The source should contain some component of geochemical modeling so that you can compare the authors' results (on activities, SI's, solid species controlling reactions, etc.) with what you find using phreeqc.

You are encouraged to utilize a diverse series of source materials, including maps, state and federal reports, journals and books. Your presentation should include significant content based on your personal efforts and must include your use of one of members of the phreeqc (phreeqci, etc.) computer model family. Other models (GWB, etc.) may be used, just consult with me. Creativity is encouraged.

Modeling: Extend the work done by the authors to show how you can contribute "something new" to the question.

Class Presentation: For your 15 minute presentation to class, prepare a one page summary of what you wanted to know from the geochemical modeling and what the results were. Point out the importance of the study and the results as well as any reasons why you did not get the same results as the authors of your source, if this is the case. Highlight what new aspect you brought to the problem. Attach relevant portions of your phreeqc output so that we may all read the small print! Include a "references cited" section that lists those materials that you actually used in the preparation of your report.

Written Report Citation and Reference System: All statements used in this report that are not derived from your own research are to be properly referenced. A "references cited" section that lists those materials that you actually used and cited is to be given at the end.

Course Points: together with class presentation: 20% of course grade

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