NDSU GEOLOGY 496/695 - Field Experience to Iceland, 2004 - projects

NDSU GEOLOGY 496/695 - Field Experience to Iceland, summer 2004 - projects

Updated: July 13, 2004


Below are the chapter topics for the Iceland trip, numbered and in order. Please number your pages by your chapter number assignment at the bottom-center of each page (for example, project "#12" will have pages numbered "12-1, 12-2, etc., at the bottom-cent er of each page).

  1. Anna Arnar: Current Art Trends in Iceland
  2. Kristjan Arnar: The Fishing Industry in Iceland
  3. Randy Burke: The Jökullhlaup (Glacial Outburst Flood) of 1996
  4. Hugh Cowan: Pseudocraters
  5. Dan Cowan: Icelandic Emigration to Manitoba
  6. Liv Eidukat: Icelandic Children's Songs
  7. Jon Feela: Literature in Iceland
  8. Loranne Haeffele: Tectonic Setting of Iceland
  9. Jack Harbaugh: To Be Announced
  10. Shawn Johnston: Table Mountains (Tuyas)
  11. Irene & David Levang: Iceland's Human Genome Project
  12. Irene & David Levang: Christmas Customs in Iceland
  13. Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat: General Geologic Topics
  14. Nem Schlecht: Use of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Cars in Iceland
  15. Paul West: Volcanoes and Their Influence on Climate and the Human Environment
  16. Brandon Kleinwort: Geothermal Power Production in Iceland

An example for citation and reference format for each chapter is the Geological Society of America publications (see the bottom of the page http://www.geosociety.org/pubs/geoguid5.htm).

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