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"Volcano sapiens"
Geology and Archaeology Field Course in Italy

Some Links to Information on Italy

NDSU Italy study trip Information

Volcanoworld! Links

Volcanoworld! Homepage
Volcanoworld - Etna
Volcanoworld - Stromboli
Volcanoworld - Vesuvius
Volcanoworld - Vulcano
Volcanoworld - Lipari

Italy - Geology and Volcanism

Vesuvius - The Making of a Catastrophe
Geology - Sicily
Global Volcanism Program: Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network
Itinerari Geoloci
Stromboli On-Line (English)
Dipartimento Di Geofisica E Vulcanologia, University of Naples
Prof. B. De Vivo - Dipartimento Di Geofisica E Vulcanologia, University of Naples
Etna Current Activity by Boris Behnke
Pictures of Etna Flank Eruption
CO2 from Italian volcanoes
Pictures of Historic Vesuvius Eruptions

Italy - History

Eye Witness to the Eruption of A.D 79!
Biographies: Pliny the Younger

Italy - Archaeology

Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome
ROMARCH.html - A Great Site!
Links to sites related to Pompeii

Italy - Travel Info

HotWired: Rough Guide - Italy
CNN Travel Guide - City Guides - Italy
CLAC-Comunitˆ per Libere Attivitˆ Culturali
Italy Maps from OMNI Resources
Main Menu: Premium Italian Wines and Spirits
OSOLEMIO - home page
In Italy Online - Main Page
Hello Italy

Italy - Miscellaneous

La Stampa

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