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Updated: April 23, 1998
Volcano sapiens -
Geology and Archaeology of Italy
Field Trip:
Projects and Assignments

For your "project," you will volunteer for (or be assigned) a topic related to a stop for the field trip, itself. You will then thoroughly research the topic, preparing a contribution as a chapter to the field text. In addition, each student will present his/her topic in the field. Topics will be assigned according to background level. "Beginning" students will be given overview assignments, while "Advanced" students will be given specific topics.

We will be accumulating a number of reference materials in our offices. Expect to expand your search for materials elsewhere. Reference materials from our offices may be checked out on a daytime basis. Lura Joseph (NDSU Library; will be a primary contact person for your search.

Field Text Chapter: A multiple-page, typewritten contribution to the guidebook will be prepared by each student. The contribution is to be modeled on those of previous field trip guidebooks; an example is available upon request. The chapter should include an adequate, professional, and even rigorous overview of the assigned topic. It should be supported by graphics, by citations in the text to reference sources, and well-presented list of reference sources. References should give author name(s), date, title, journal or book title, and volume/page numbers. Please use A.A.A. (American Anthropological Association) or G.S.A. (Geological Society of America) format. Pages should be numbered by your chapter number assignment at the bottom-center of each page (for example, project "#12" will have pages numbered "12-1, 12-2, etc., at the bottom-center of each page).

The field book will be printed such that page **-1 of your chapter will be an obverse page, as will every odd-numbered page. Please therefore leave a binding margin of 1.25" along the left of every odd-numbered page. Likewise, a binding margin of 1.25" should be placed on the right margin of every reverse (even-numbered) page.

You need only prepare one, master copy. All expenses in preparing this one copy are your responsibility. We will copy all chapter contributions and present copies to you in 3-punched form for entry into field binders.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF CHAPTERS: 4:30, Thursday, April 30th.

List of Topics: See Geology 495 web site at:

To select a topic, see me or e-mail me (

Field Presentation: Each student will give a 15 to 20-minute oral talk on her/his topic at the appropriate field site. The talk will be supported by graphics within the chapter. The talk should be well-rehearsed and professional. Time will be allowed at the end of each presentation for questions.

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