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Volcano sapiens -
Geology and Archaeology of Italy
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cross section of Vesuvius
The progressive filling of Vesuvius from 1906 to 1920
From F. Perret, 1924, The Vesuvius Eruption of 1906

Below are the chapter topics for the Italy trip, numbered and in order. Please number your pages by your chapter number assignment at the bottom-center of each page (for example, project "#12" will have pages numbered "12-1, 12-2, etc., at the bottom-cent er of each page).

  1. History of Rome: Edward Mitchell

  2. The Two Faces of Rome (development of Rome, how archaeologists handle excavation in Rome, and how new construction affects the ancient buildings and areas of the city): Russ Staiger

  3. Geologic Setting of the City of Rome: Jennifer Lundberg

  4. Roman Painting, With an Emphasis on Fresco: Kami Clark

  5. Overview of Tectonic Setting of Italy: John Marma

  6. The Roman Use of Cement: Heidi Smith

  7. Roman Aqueducts - Construction, Water Source, and Water Quality Chris Schnaible

  8. Archaeology of Pompeii: The Villa of Mysteries with Special Emphasis on the Dionysian Mystery of Religion and Painting: Eric Poehler

  9. Archaeology of Herculaneum: Kent Keidel

  10. Wine -- Beverage of the Gods: Ramona Danielson

  11. Basics of Physical Volcanology: Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat

  12. Petrology/Geochemistry of Vesuvius: Jane Willenbring

  13. The Eruption of 79 A.D. of Vesuvius: Nathan Anderson

  14. Archaeology of Paestum: Corey Wahlund

  15. A Brief History of the Mafia: Mary McComb

  16. Overview of the Geology of Sicily: Joy Turnbull

  17. Influence of Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, and Neolithic Sicilician cultures on the Archaeology of Sicily, with a focus on Akragas/Agrigentum/Agrigento and Syracuse/Syracusa: Travis Losee

  18. Pillow Lavas of Acitrezza and Acicastello (base of Etna): Tom Rudolph

  19. Geology of Mount Etna: Stan Liszka

  20. Petrology/Geochemistry of Mount Etna: Dean Vestal

  21. Geology/Petrology of the Island of Vulcano: Shawn Johnston

  22. Geology/Petrology of the Island of Stromboli: Kristi Johannes

For assistance with literature for your project, contact Lura Joseph, NDSU Libraries.

Citation and reference format for each chapter is to follow the format of the A.A.A. (American Anthropological Association), or the Geological Society of America publications (for the latter, see any G.S.A. journal or book for examples, or click here).

For references obtained from the worldwide web, please use this web reference format, as proposed by Lura Joseph.

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