NDSU Geosciences Geology 420/620 and 421/621
Mineralogy and Lab

NOTE for 2021 Class:

All undergraduate students are encouraged to take
Geol 301 - Black Hills Field Course!

DATES OF FIELD COURSE: September 9-15, 2023

Welcome to Mineralogy! This course provides an introduction to mineralogy. We will examine minerals from crystallographic, chemical, physical and thermodynamic points of view. We will learn how to identify and classify minerals, and how to measure their properties using a variety of methods including X-ray diffraction and optical microscopy. We will apply our knowledge by analyzing scientific literature on mineralogy. We will learn from a combination of lectures, in-class exercises and discussion, guest speakers, homework assignments, term papers and field experiences.


  • To be able to identify common rock forming minerals
  • To understand the Earth processes that form minerals
  • To understand chemical, physical, and crystallographic properties of minerals
  • To understand mineral classification schemes
  • To be familiar with analytical tools such as X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis
  • To analyze and discuss scientific literature on the topic of mineralogy

The course syllabus and links to resources are on this web page. Lab assignments and lecture material will be available in Blackboard.

The textbook for Fall 2021:
Manual of Mineral Science, 23rd Edition
Cornelis Klein, Barbara Dutrow
ISBN: 978-0-471-72157-4

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