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NDSU Geosciences Petrology 422/622

Petrology, Petrography, and Geochemistry Links Page

Petrology and Optical Microscopy

Recalculation of Mineral Chemical (microprobe) Analysis

Geochemical Modeling, Databases of Whole-Rock Geochemical Analyses for Igneous Rocks, Thermobarometry, Isotope Geochronology, and Plotting:

  • MELTS Home Page
  • PhasePlot,a computational thermodynamics package for calculating and visualizing phase relations on pressure-temperature grids.
  • EarthChem, a 'One-stop-shop for geochemical data': with links to a number of databases.
  • Georoc:
  • Navdat: Late Cretaceous to Holocene extrusive and intrusive igneous rocks from the western United States, British Columbia, and northern Mexico.
  • PetDB - A Petrological Database of the Ocean Floor:
  • Geokem, Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks:
  • U.S. National Geochemical Database: Rock, from the USGS:

  • PETROS, a worldwide database of igneous rock geochemistry:
  • Volcanic Glass Data File, Smithsonian Institution:
  • PETLAB , is a New Zealand rock catalogue and geoanalytical database. It contains locations, descriptions and analyses of rock and mineral samples collected from onland and offshore New Zealand and Antarctica by government, university and industry geologists. Information has been sourced from journal articles, theses, and open file reports. PETLAB is operated by the GNS and cooperating universities.
  • IGPET is a suite of applications by Michael Carr for PC and Mac to manipulate and plot geochemical data.
    A teaching version, t-IGPET is available at
  • GeoChemicalData ToolKIT, or in short GCDkit, is a Windows program written by V. Janousek, C. M. Farrow, V. Erban & J. Smid for handling and recalculation of whole-rock analyses from igneous rocks.

    * Standard geochemical calculations involving major-, trace-element as well as Sr-Nd data
    * Effective data management (searching, grouping)
    * Common plots (binary, ternary, spider diagrams)
    * Graphic output to publication quality
    * Modular architecture (= easily expandable and modifiable)
    * Transparent functionality & availability (open sourcefreeware, WWW)

  • (Link Down?) Petrograph, a windows program to visualize, elaborate and model geochemical data.
  • (Link Down?) Winrock, a petrology/geochemistry program for Windows. WinRock plots IUGS igneous classification diagrams, including QAPF diagrams, plus sandstone, general purpose XY, log, and ternary diagrams.
  • GPVPlot graphs geochemical data from multiple data sets saved and displayed as a PDF. For linux and Mac. It is written in Perl and gnuplot to maximize availability and customization. Through the computer’s terminal, the program prompts the user with a short series of questions from which a graphical output is generated as a PDF.
  • PetroPlot is a Visual Basic code for the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel that automates petrologic plotting and data management.
  • Tools for Petrologists is a great page with links to Excel sheets, modeling tools, reference data, etc. by Kayla Iacovino
  • TriQuick, a general purpose plotting Windows program for creation and working with rectangular and ternary scatter diagrams and for viewing, creation and primitive editing of diagram graphics. By Dmitry Dolivo-Dobrovolsky.
  • Practical Aspects of Mineral Thermobarometry ( A tutorial with links to software, by Dave Waters.
  • THERMOCALC ( - thermobarometry and phase diagram calculations for metamorphic rocks, originally developed by Roger Powell and Tim Holland.
  • Perple_X, programs for calculating and displaying phase diagrams, phase equilibria, and thermodynamic data.
  • winTWQ (version 2.3): a software package for performing internally-consistent thermobarometric calculations. By R.G. Berman. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 5462.
  • "ZirChron" — Virtual Zircon Analysis Isotopic Age Dating - Boise State Isotope Geology Laboratory
  • Gibbs, GTB, and Tetplot. Thermodynamic calculations of heterogeneous phase equilibria for metamorphic petrology; geothermometers and geobarometers; drawing of tetrahedral phase diagrams. By Frank Spear.
  • A number of programs, including PTQuick, PT_Gtrm, PTQ_Comb, PTQ_Avg, XFluid, TWQ_View, TWQ_Comb, Reactions, and more for petrology, mineralogy and crystallography. By Dmitry Dolivo-Dobrovolsky.




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B. Saini-Eidukat
Petrology and Petrography
Geology 422/622 and 423/623