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Introduction to Food Safety Regulatory Issues (SAFE 408/608)

Food Safety Regulatory Issues (SAFE 408/608)

Introduction to Food Safety Regulatory Issues
History of US Food Law (sec 1)
Purpose of Food Law (sec 2)
Relevant Agencies and Organizations (sec 3)
Regulatory Strategies (sec 4)
Regulating the Food Processing Sector (sec 5)
Directing Other Sectors of the Industry (sec 6)
Concluding Thoughts (sec 7)
Summary (sec 8)

These web pages support an North Dakota State University (NDSU) course introducing food safety regulatory issues.  The site will continue to evolve as it is used.  Use the links in the box along the right edge of these pages to move among the sections of the course outline/notes.

The course also is supported by a web site in the NDSU course management system (CMS) -- NDSU uses Blackboard at https://bb.ndsu.nodak.edu/webapps/portal/frameset.jspt.  Visit (log-in to) this site for information about the course, such as the syllabus, announcements, and assignments.

Contact me at david.saxowsky@ndsu.edu or 701-231-7470 if you have questions.

The first topic for this course is an overview of the History of U.S. Food Laws.


Last updated April 13, 2010

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