Applying for a Procurement Card (P-Card)

  1. Request an application for an NDSU Procurement Card from the Purchasing Department.
  2. Complete the application and obtain the appropriate signature approvals from your Department Director and Department Administrator.
  3. Send the application back to the Purchasing Department.
  4. In approximately 7-10 days, you will receive the card.
  5. You, the card holder, will then need to call and activate the card prior to making any purchases.

The use of the Procurement Card results in a liability to NDSU; not a personal liability for the cardholder.  The cardholder's credit rating will not be affected.  However, it is important to remember that the cardholder signs an agreement (the application) prior to receiving the Procurement Card and, as such, is responsible for any misuse of the Procurement Card as outlined in the manual.


Kimberly Howard-Brasel
Procurement Card Administrator
Phone: (701) 231-7462
Fax:  (701) 231-7050

Lost or Stolen Card

If your card has been lost or stolen, immediately call:
Fraud Hotline

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