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Range Science


Ryan Limb, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Resource Sciences
Range Science Program 

Office: 201C Morrill Hall
Phone: (701) 231-5828

Research Interests:
Fire Ecology
Plant Community Ecology
Grassland Disturbance & Restoration Ecology
Invasive Species Ecology & Management

Ph.D. Natural Resource Ecology & Management – Oklahoma State University, 2008
M.S. Animal & Range Sciences – North Dakota State University, 2005
B.S. Biological Sciences (Fish and Wildlife Option) – Montana State University, 2001

Courses taught:
RNG 336 Introduction to Range Management
RNG 456/656 Range Habitat Management
RNG 458/658 Grazing Ecology

Selected Publications:

Limb, R.F., D.M. Engle, A.L. Alford, and E.C. Hellgren.  Accepted.  Plant community response following removal of Juniperus virginiana from tallgrass prairie: A test of restoration limitations.  Rangeland Ecology and Management.

Strand, E.K., K.L. Launchbaugh, R. Limb, and L.A. Torell.  2014.  Livestock grazing effects on fuel loads for wildland fire in sagebrush dominated ecosystems.  Journal of Rangeland Applications 1:35-57.

Weir, J.R., and R.F. Limb. 2013. Seasonal flammability characteristics of post oak and blackjack oak leaves. Submitted to Journal of Fire Ecology.

Fuhlendorf, S.D., D.M. Engle, R.D. Elmore, R.F. Limb, and T.G. Bidwell. 2012. Conservation of pattern and process: Developing an alternative paradigm of rangeland management. Rangeland Ecology and Management. 65:579-589.

Alford, A.L., E.C. Hellgren, R.F. Limb, and D.M. Engle. 2012. Experimental tree removal in tallgrass prairie: variable responses of flora and fauna along a wood cover gradient. Ecological Applications 22:947-958.

Dong, X., B. Patton, P. Nyren, R. Limb, L. Cihacek, D. Kirby, and E. Deckard. 2011. Leaf-water relations of a native and an introduced grass species on the mixed-grass prairie under cattle grazing. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 9:311-331.

Limb, R.F., S.D. Fuhlendorf, D.M. Engle, J.R. Weir, R.D. Elmore, and T.G. Bidwell. 2011. Pyric-herboviry and cattle performance in grassland ecosystems. Rangeland Ecology and Management 64:659-663.

Limb, R.F.,  S.D. Fuhlendorf, D. M. Engle, J.D. Kerby.  2011.  Comparing growing-season disturbance tallgrass prairie: Evaluating fire and grazing on Schizachyrium scoparium.  Rangeland Ecology and Management 64:28-36.

Fuhlendorf, S.D., R.F. Limb, R.F. Miller, D.M. Engle. 2011. Assessment of prescribed fire as a conservation practice. p. 75-104. In: D. Briske (ed.) Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices: Assessment, Recommendations, and Knowledge gaps. United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Limb, R.F.,  D.M. Engle, A.L. Alford, and E.C. Hellgren. 2010. Tallgrass prairie plant community dynamics along a canopy cover gradient of eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana L.). Rangeland Ecology and Management 63:638-644.

Limb, R.F., D.M. Engle, T.G. Bidwell, D.P. Althoff, A.B. Anderson, P.S. Gipson, and H.R. Howard.  2010. Restoring biopedturbation in grassland with anthropogenic focal disturbance. Plant Ecology 210:331-342.

Limb, R.F., D.M. Engle, S.D. Fuhlendorf, D.P. Althoff, and P.S. Gipson.  2010. Changes in herbivore grazing selection associated with vehicle disturbance in a grassland ecosystem. Rangeland Ecology and Management 63:253-257.

Limb, R.F., S.D. Fuhlendorf, and D.E. Townsend. 2009 Heterogeneity of thermal extremes: Driven by disturbance or inherent in the landscape. Environmental Management. 43:100-106.

Limb, R.F.,  K.R. Hickman, D.M. Engle, J.E. Norland, and S.D. Fuhlendorf. 2007. Digital photography: reduced variation in visual obstruction measurements for southern tallgrass prairie. Rangeland Ecology and Management.   60:548-552.

Limb, R.F.,  C.B. Marlow, and B. Jacobson. 2003. What Causes Willow Die-off. Rangelands. 25:14-17.



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Katherine Kral, Ph.D.

Hannah Tomlinson, MS

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