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ND Colleges/University General Records Retention Schedule

    This Records Retention Schedule applies to records utilized by all North Dakota Colleges and Universities.

    NDSU Only RRS 2016 09-16.

    This Records Retention Schedule is specific to NDSU records and should be used if the General Records Retention Schedule does not include a Record Series appropriate for a particular record of NDSU.

    While consulting the NDSU-Specific Records Retention Schedule, it should be noted that:

    • some entries are highlighted in yellow, to signify that those Record Category Numbers are utilized for different Record Series in the University General Records Retention Schedule; and
    • some entries are highlighted in blue, to signify that those Record Series are included in the University General Records Retention Schedule for the same Record Category Numbers but with different Records Series Descriptions

Description of the columns in the Records Retention Schedules

The columns shown from the NDSU Record Retention Schedule include:

  1. Functional Area - The functional area name, which is a general grouping of the records series by area.
  2. Record Series Title - A brief title for the series.
  3. Records Category Number - (RCN) A six-digit number as defined in the ND Subject Classification System document.
  4. Record Series Description - A more complete description of the various types of records that are included in the series.
  5. Office of Record Retention - How long the office of record  will keep the records before disposal. The "Office of Record Retention" is the organization or administrative unit that is officially designated for the maintenance, preservation and disposition of the official record according to the Records Retention Schedule.

    • Note: the Office of Record Retention is not always the office of origin.
    • Entities who are in possession of copies of the official record are considered copy holders and are to dispose of their copies any time prior to the expiration of their retention period, in the method specified in the Records Retention Schedule, and with no need to include them in their annual Records Disposal Reports.
    • The Abbreviations Used for Record Retention Schedules contains a listing of the various abbreviations representing the various disposal time frames. For example, "6ACFY" means the records would be disposed of six years after the current fiscal year.

  6. Method of Disposal - The disposal method used by the Office of Record Retention when the retention period has ended.
  7. Confidential - Whether or not the record series may contain confidential information as indicated in the record series description documents (SFN2042).
  8. Legal Reference - NDCC, Federal or other regulations impacting on records series. Also notation of duplication of records control numbers (highlighted in yellow).

Recent changes to the Records Retention Schedules


NDSU-specific Records Retention Schedule


  1. Record Category Number (RCN) 011608: Non-benefitted Employee Payroll Files; added on 3/31/16
  2. RCN 800334: Early childhood services; added on 3/31/16


  1. RCN #020104: Record Series Title changed from “Equal Opportunity Center Participant Files” to “Education Opportunities”; changed on 11/17/16
  2. RCN #020431, “Upward Bound USDA Forms”: retention period changed from WA+6 to 8CY”; changed on 11/17/16
  3. RCN #650504, “Student Guidelines and Policies”: removed from the NDSU-specific RRS; management of the records in this category is specified by
  4. RCN #650501, “Directives/ Policies/ Procedures/ Guidelines,” of the NDUS General RRS”; changed on 11/17/16
  5. RCN 800304: Electron Microscopy (EM) Lab records (Record Series Description changed); changed on 6/30/16
  6. RCN 800330: Costume Shop records (the name of the theater was removed from the Record Series Description); changed on 2/3/16
  7. RCN #800324, “Sponsored Program Records”: retention period changed from WA+3 to 3ACFY”; changed on 11/17/16

NDUS General Records Retention Schedule


  1. RCN #020405, “Graduate File”: series inactivated, as it is no longer created or used; changed on 9/21/16
  2. RCN #020412, “International Student Files”: retention period changed from 3ACFY to ALA+5; changed on 9/21/16
  3. RCN #500201, “Immigration”: series inactivated; it has been replaced by RCN #020412; changed on 9/21/16

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