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Records Management


NDSU Policies

NDSU Policy 713, Records Management

This policy identifies the policy and purpose for records management at NDSU.

NDSU Policy 713.1, Litigation Hold

This policy defines procedures and processes for maintaining records that are required to be kept due to litigation holds.

NDSU Policy 718, Public/Open/Confidential Records

This policy defines what a public record is, as well as the procedure for handling public record requests.

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NDUS Policies and Procedures

NDUS Policy 1912, Public Records

This policy, together with its associated procedures, provides guidance and standards for public records and further defines what records are not considered public records.

NDUS Procedure 1901.2.1, Data Classification and Information Security Standard

This procedure provides guidance to members of the ND University system on how to properly classify data so that they can apply the appropriate level of security to the information systems and data for which they are responsible.

NDUS Procedure 1912.1, Information Security Procedures

This procedure describes how records are to be protected.

NDUS Procedure 1912.2, Student Records – Directory Information

This procedure classifies what is and is not considered to be directory information and available for public view.

NDUS Procedure 1912.3, Employee Personal Information

This procedure defines what personal information is considered public and what information is classified confidential and must be protected.

ND Century Code

The North Dakota Century Code contains several sections relevant to records management. 

NDCC 12.1-11-05 Tampering with public records

This section defines what constitutes tampering with public and government records and states the penalty for such offense.

NDCC 44-04, Duties, Records and Meetings

This section provides regulations and standards on what is considered a public record and who has access to all records classified as public. 

NDCC 44-04.17.1, Definitions

This section includes definitions of the various types of records, as well as laws, public business, information technology resources, etc.

NDCC 44-04-18 Access to public records - Electronically stored information

This section (it starts on page 4 of chapter 44-04) deals with open records, confidential information, etc. Definitions are in section 17.1.

NDCC 54-46-02 Records Management

This chapter defines a state record and the process to be used to manage records.

NDCC 55-02.1-01, Archival Resources Defined

This section defines “archival resources.”

NDCC 55-02.1-05 Depositories of archival resources

This section provides for agreements between the state historical society and state universities to serve as regional depositories (e.g., the NDSU archives).

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ND Open Records Manual

This manual provides a review of existing case laws, state statutes, Attorney General opinions, and administrative rules regarding open records and meetings.

ND Open Records Manual

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