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Curriculum Guide Selection Criteria

To receive a baccalaureate or professional degree from NDSU, students must complete:

  • Minimum university requirements
  • Specific requirements for the particular degree program

Degree requirements are made available on curriculum guides. These guides are subject to annual updates in an effort to remain current with industry standards. 

Selection of the curriculum guide to follow is based on the following criteria:

  1. Students are expected to follow the curriculum in place at the time the program of study was officially declared, which includes:

    • From the semester/year of entry to NDSU, or
    • From the year a major change is declared (see #2), or
    • From the year of admission to a limited-enrollment program (see #4).

      Students may follow any published curricula from the year the new curriculum was declared to the year of graduation (see #3).

  2. Changes in intended degrees, majors, and minors must be declared to become official by providing notice to the Office of Registration and Records.

  3. Any student who discontinues enrollment at NDSU for more than one year for any reason is subject to meeting the curricular requirements in effect at the time of re-entry.

  4. Students who apply and are admitted into limited-enrollment programs will have their program status updated by the department granting this permission. The department will notify the Office of Registration and Records of status changes.

Each program of study presented by a candidate for the baccalaureate or professional degree is audited for meeting degree requirements by the Office of Registration and Records. A copy of this audit is provided to assigned academic advisers. Degree candidates are certified according to total credits, institutional GPA and other applicable university and program requirements.

Questions about Curriculum Guides?… Please contact your College Liaison or the Office of Registration and Records at 110 Ceres Hall, 701-231-7981, 800-608-6378, or

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