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2011 Fall Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 12 credits with honor points.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Name Program
Hailey A. Aagard Microbiology
Beth K. Aakre Veterinary Technology
Kelsey R. Adolphson Horticulture
Derek W. Aho Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Matthew L. Aichele Agricultural Economics
Victoria L. Albers Natural Resources Mgmt
Elizabeth H. Anderson Animal Science
Laura A. Anderson Veterinary Technology
Rachel K. Anderson Microbiology
Jessie B. Arneson Microbiology
Kylie J. Artz Microbiology
Gregory R. Axt General Agriculture
Tsogtbayar Baasandorj Food Science
Laura A. Bachmeier Animal Science
Laura J. Bade Microbiology
Alexandra L. Barber Microbiology
Hannah M. Barrett Horticulture
Justin D. Bartholomay Animal Science
Hilary J. Bata Biotechnology
Andrew S. Bates Natural Resources Mgmt
Mitchell J. Bauske Agricultural Economics
Karson L. Beckstrom Horticulture
Christopher R. Beneda Crop and Weed Sciences
Emily N. Berg Veterinary Technology
Caitlin C. Berschneider Natural Resources Mgmt
Adam R. Bettenhausen General Agriculture
Amanda B. Bierma Veterinary Technology
Michael J. Bjertness Crop and Weed Sciences
Jodi E. Boe Crop and Weed Sciences
Kiersten F. Bourgault Food Science
Morgan L. Boyum Veterinary Technology
John S. Breker Soil Science
Alyssa J. Breuer Microbiology
Samantha Briss Food Science
Alexander A. Brodal Crop and Weed Sciences
Trenton E. Bruner Agricultural Economics
Nathan E. Brunken Microbiology
Jacob J. Burbach Natural Resources Mgmt
Taylor B. Bussman Agricultural Economics
Grace E. Cabarle Microbiology
Nicki A. Cain Microbiology
Lynn K. Carlson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nichole M. Chapel Equine Science
Matthew J. Chaput Crop and Weed Sciences
Intiaz A. Chowdhury Biotechnology
Brandon W. Christ Crop and Weed Sciences
Erin N. Christ Animal Science
Marcus G. Christenson Agricultural Economics
Brookelle A. Christman Microbiology
James S. Clark Economics
Haylee M. Cloutier Veterinary Technology
Taylor M. Cymbaluk Animal Science
Cole R. Czech Natural Resources Mgmt
Nicole D. Dallman Crop and Weed Sciences
Jessica J. Davis Animal Science
Abigail R. Debner Horticulture
Samuel L. Demarais Horticulture
Andrew G. Dockter Microbiology
Sarah A. Dodge Equine Science
Amanda R. Doll Microbiology
Emily P. Driessen Microbiology
Kenya Duchsherer Animal Science
Kathleen R. Dunsmore Microbiology
Kelsie A. Egeland Equine Science
Marshall A. Erickson Agribusiness
Nicholas S. Erickson Microbiology
Alec C. Espeland Microbiology
Sarah J. Evans Food Science
Travis J. Evenson Crop and Weed Sciences
Emily R. Feldmann Food Science
Marcy R. Fell Animal Science
Paul T. Fenlason Food Science
Kyle J. Ferebee Crop and Weed Sciences
Emily K. Fischbach Horticulture
Nathan T. Fix Microbiology
Charles J. Forward General Agriculture
Ava D. Friederichs Agricultural Economics
Timothy A. Friskop Agribusiness
Cheryl M. Fuller Microbiology
Daniel Giesen Natural Resources Mgmt
Cole M. Gigstad Crop and Weed Sciences
Dane C. Glasoe General Agriculture
Theresa M. Goering Microbiology
Christopher B. Grandalen Crop and Weed Sciences
Benjamin W. Grann Natural Resources Mgmt
Cody T. Grasswick Biotechnology
Krista R. Gross Animal Science
Andrew J. Grothmann Agricultural Economics
Rajat Gupta Microbiology
Anthony J. Haas Economics
Seth M. Haas Agricultural Economics
Marie A. Hagemeister Crop and Weed Sciences
Maria C. Hager Agricultural Economics
Jill A. Hallin Animal Science
Adam C. Hammel Veterinary Technology
Whitney R. Hansen Agricultural Education
Amanda L. Hanson Veterinary Technology
Katherine M. Hanson Veterinary Technology
Shelby R. Hanson Natural Resources Mgmt
Dalton E. Hassler Microbiology
Derek A. Haug Agricultural Economics
Bryce A. Haugrud Agricultural Economics
Nathan L. Hazard Crop and Weed Sciences
Kayla C. Heinz Microbiology
Raymond D. Heinz Natural Resources Mgmt
Morgan A. Hemme Microbiology
Beth T. Hendrickx Animal Science
Amanda D. Herman Veterinary Technology
Andrea J. Hilde Microbiology
Caitlin M. Holmes Veterinary Technology
Ryan M. Humann Crop and Weed Sciences
Sherlynn M. Humann Animal Science
Neil R. Iverson Crop and Weed Sciences
Katrina M. Jacobson Veterinary Technology
Nathan J. Jahnke Horticulture
Sara L. Janson Veterinary Technology
Amanda M. Johnson Veterinary Technology
Angela B. Johnson Agricultural Education
Aundrea S. Johnson Animal Science
Justin T. Johnson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Yuri S. Johnson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Brandon W. Joos Agricultural Economics
Vesna Jovicic Economics
LaNay M. Jung Animal Science
John S. Kalenze Horticulture
Joseph M. Kallenbach Food Science
Jacob F. Keith Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Olivia J. Kershaw Microbiology
Benjamin D. Kettner Crop and Weed Sciences
Breana S. Kiser Equine Science
Aaron W. Klaustermeier Natural Resources Mgmt
Brenden A. Klebe Crop and Weed Sciences
Jenna C. Klosterman Agricultural Economics
Abby A. Knoll Animal Science
Andrew J. Knox Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kouevi K. Kodjovi Biotechnology
Marcie R. Kohler Veterinary Technology
Brittany J. Korynta Horticulture
Autumn L. Kraft Microbiology
Alex R. Krebsbach Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Emily R. Krieger Natural Resources Mgmt
John A. Kritzberger Crop and Weed Sciences
Tanasha T. Krull Agricultural Education
Matthew T. Krusen Microbiology
Vincent J. Kubischta Crop and Weed Sciences
Rachel A. LaCount Microbiology
Kimberly A. LaFond Veterinary Technology
Rachael A. Lagein Animal Science
Jared G. Lamirante Natural Resources Mgmt
Blake A. Lampert Biotechnology
Francis P. Landman Biotechnology
Janelle A. Lanoue Animal Science
Laura E. Larson Veterinary Technology
Molly O. Lass Equine Science
Matthew J. Lau Agricultural Economics
Mason M. Lautenschlager Animal Science
Keaton B. Laymon Natural Resources Mgmt
Mercedes B. Lee Crop and Weed Sciences
Mattia A. Lein Animal Science
Ryan R. Lenz Biotechnology
Tatianna M. Letcher Veterinary Technology
Yu Liu Food Science
Erin A. Loeb Microbiology
Sarah E. Loken Microbiology
Charithra R. Lokumana Natural Resources Mgmt
Tiana N. Lynne Veterinary Technology
Levi A. Lystrom Microbiology
Naina Maheshwari Biotechnology
Trisha Maine Animal Science
Derek E. Martinson Agricultural Economics
Melissa C. McCann Natural Resources Mgmt
Jesse R. McCarren Natural Resources Mgmt
Autumn M. McDougall Food Science
Marshall T. McFadden Economics
Matthew S. McLaen Agricultural Economics
Jake A. Melicher Economics
Kevin R. Merwin Food Science
David C. Mettler Horticulture
Joseph E. Mettler Crop and Weed Sciences
Logan J. Metzen Animal Science
Jacob D. Meyer Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Stephanie L. Meyer Veterinary Technology
Brian J. Mikkelson Biotechnology
Stephanie J. Milbrath Agricultural Economics
Shivani Mittal Biotechnology
Aude F. Monthean Natural Resources Mgmt
Chelsea A. Morgan Agribusiness
John A. Mueller Economics
Megan M. Mueller Veterinary Technology
Benjamin B. Munson Natural Resources Mgmt
Jennifer M. Murphy Microbiology
Allison M. Mustonen Animal Science
Emma V. Neigum Horticulture
Brandon M. Neilly Veterinary Technology
Jared B. Nelson Crop and Weed Sciences
Marissa K. Nelson Natural Resources Mgmt
Tracy L. Nelson Crop and Weed Sciences
Ellen A. Nere Animal Science
Patrick A. Neumann Agribusiness
Norman N. Nicholson Agribusiness
Paul J. Nystuen Agribusiness
Nicholas R. Opdahl Microbiology
Justin E. Pavek Natural Resources Mgmt
Jena L. Peine Microbiology
Jessika D. Peterson Veterinary Technology
Thomas J. Peterson Microbiology
Kelsey J. Phelps Animal Science
Chelsey L. Pizel Agribusiness
Kellie K. Podliska Crop and Weed Sciences
Samantha J. Pollestad Veterinary Technology
Madhulika Potukuchi Biotechnology
Kelsey T. Prellwitz Veterinary Technology
Monica K. Pritchett Agricultural Education
Nathan L. Qual Crop and Weed Sciences
Crystal M. Renner Veterinary Technology
David A. Renton Natural Resources Mgmt
Janna M. Rice Equine Science
Jodi L. Richardson Horticulture
Taylor R. Rix Veterinary Technology
Cade E. Robertson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kendra S. Rodel Microbiology
Tanner L. Rohloff Agricultural Economics
Callie J. Rux Microbiology
Katherine M. Sanders Biotechnology
Elizabeth M. Sauer Veterinary Technology
Jeremy F. Sauer Crop and Weed Sciences
Riley C. Schaefer Crop and Weed Sciences
Courtney L. Schatz Veterinary Technology
Michael J. Schild Agricultural Economics
John P. Schmidt Microbiology
Kaycie N. Schmidt Biotechnology
Rebecca M. Schmidt Microbiology
Erica R. Schneibel Microbiology
Andrew T. Schneider Economics
Samuel B. Schneider Agricultural Economics
Sarah M. Schock Microbiology
Shannon M. Schoenberger Animal Science
Elizabeth A. Schultz Microbiology
Ryder A. Schwagler Range Science
Anthony J. Schwartz Agribusiness
Brittany K. Seifert Microbiology
Suchin Sharma Biotechnology
Fangliang Shi Food Science
Sierra L. Shoman Microbiology
Marit Simonson-Paschke Agribusiness
Jessica A. Skow Veterinary Technology
Cambria S. Slaubaugh Equine Science
Courtney E. Sletten Microbiology
Kathryn L. Smith Animal Science
Michael L. Smith Agribusiness
Leiah R. Smolley Microbiology
Katherine L. Sorensen Animal Science
Matthew J. Spadafore Microbiology
Justin S. Stamp Agricultural Economics
Jill A. Ste Marie Microbiology
Alexis A. Steinman Natural Resources Mgmt
Jessie H. Steward Animal Science
Rachel M. Stewart Animal Science
Megan E. Stoley Microbiology
Alexis L. Stormo Crop and Weed Sciences
Hannah J. Strube Animal Science
Natalie A. Sturlaugson Veterinary Technology
Ryan D. Sullivan Natural Resources Mgmt
Joshua A. Tanata Economics
Amanda R. Tauer Veterinary Technology
Carlene J. Ternes Veterinary Technology
Kacey L. Thielbar Equine Science
David J. Thompson Agricultural Economics
Xiaodi Tian Food Safety
Brian W. Volkenant Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Samuel J. Wagner Crop and Weed Sciences
Christine R. Wanner Animal Science
Zachary B. Weckwerth Agricultural Economics
Erika M. Wehmhoff Microbiology
Justin C. Wehri Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Holly A. Weissenfluh Natural Resources Mgmt
Madelyn L. Welding Veterinary Technology
Shane B. Weller Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Dona Suranga H. Wickramaratne Microbiology
April R. Wiedrich Veterinary Technology
Andrew W. Willyard Natural Resources Mgmt
Adam L. Windjue Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jared C. Winters Horticulture
Alex M. Yaggie Economics
Vance C. Zacharias Agricultural Economics

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Name Program
Mark N. Aamold Music
Jessica B. Aasen English
Kendra J. Aasheim English
Mohamed H. Abdirahman English
Brenna E. Adams Anthropology
Alex C. Amiot Management Communication
Breanna R. Amundson Management Communication
Meixuan An Emergency Management
Danielle E. Anderson Public Relations & Advertising
Deanna J. Anderson Anthropology
Stephanie K. Anderson English
Stephen P. Anderson Journalism
Chris T. Argenziano Music
Abigail N. Armstrong Journalism
Joanna P. Arnold Social Science Education
Sarah A. Arnold English Education
Makkah M. Asindua Emergency Management
Jasper D. Asplin Criminal Justice
Austin J. Bagley Criminal Justice
Daniel Bagley Criminal Justice
Amelia J. Bagniewski Criminal Justice
Daniel J. Baldwin Classical Languages
Nicole C. Ball Criminal Justice
Gretchen R. Barker Art
Deanna J. Baron Sociology
Ryan P. Barry Instrumental Music Educ
Kellam P. Barta English
Jodi L. Barth Public History
Grant D. Bartley English
Michael R. Bartunek Music
Sara M. Barutt Anthropology
Jocelyn K. Baumann Music
Travis D. Beauchene Art
Jocelyn A. Beck History
Paige E. Beck Emergency Management
Jason H. Bedsaul New Media and Web Design
Holly C. Behlke Criminal Justice
Christopher C. Benson Art
Andrew T. Bergan Instrumental Music Educ
Erika A. Berger Music
Kayla R. Birkholz English Education
Carly J. Bishoff Public Relations & Advertising
Cole W. Bishop Music
Emily E. Black Music
Jessica L. Blair Music
Kathryn M. Blazek Public History
Thomas F. Bluestone Criminal Justice
Brent T. Boeddeker Criminal Justice
Aaron S. Boerner Journalism
Tyler A. Bormann Art
Jenna L. Boroughs Spanish
Arthur M. Bowling Art
Carolyn C. Braus Music
Bailey A. Brazier English
Amanda J. Breen Public Relations & Advertising
Josephine M. Breen Public Relations & Advertising
Travis F. Bregier Music
Shelby R. Breker Sociology
Melissa K. Brown English
Alison A. Buecksler Art
Peter M. Buller Music
Tylen R. Bultema Vocal Music Education
Alexandra S. Burke Spanish
Keely N. Campos Public Relations & Advertising
Kelsey L. Carey Criminal Justice
Jonathan D. Carlson Art
Emily S. Carpenter Sociology
Melissa A. Carruth Public Relations & Advertising
Amanda M. Carson Criminal Justice
Natasha A. Cary Social Science Education
Dandan Chen English
Hey Jee Choi English
Andrew J. Christeson History Education
Peta-Gaye G. Clachar Art
Tom P. Clawson Criminal Justice
Michele A. Cleveland English Education
Stephanie M. Cossette Public History
Lukas W. Croaker Political Science
Jenna L. Currie Public Relations & Advertising
Emily G. Custer Music
Sarah M. Darling Music
Samantha M. Day Public Relations & Advertising
Anne R. Debner Public Relations & Advertising
Shelby L. Deckert Political Science
Lydia R. DeMarais Spanish
Jacob I. Dixon Music
Andrea E. Dobbs Art
Justin P. Donner Political Science
Bryce C. Drapeaux Political Science
Caitlin L. Drogemuller Public Relations & Advertising
Joshua T. Dullea English Education
Sara F. Dummer Public Relations & Advertising
Michael W. Duncan Art
Allison L. Eaton Sociology
Seth M. Eberle Theatre Arts
Eric N. Ebersohl History
Bethany R. Economos Management Communication
Ruth M. Ehlke Management Communication
Tanya K. Engelhart Public Relations & Advertising
Kaitlen E. Engen Criminal Justice
Megan L. Even English
Alexandra N. Evenson Art
Christina M. Everling Criminal Justice
Carrie C. Fagerland Anthropology
Jaden B. Fedora Public Relations & Advertising
Tara K. Fermoyle Art
Amber L. Fetch English
Chelsea J. Fetch English
Chelsea C. Fey Anthropology
Katie L. Finken Management Communication
Danielle N. Forner Anthropology
Matthew J. Fornshell Instrumental Music Educ
Kristy J. Freeman Criminal Justice
Timothy R. Fresonke Emergency Management
Andrew T. Fromherz Music
Bernadette M. Fromherz Music
Dustin J. Fulton Criminal Justice
Sara M. Fundingsland Criminal Justice
Christine N. Gass Criminal Justice
Brittney R. Gay Criminal Justice
Marcus J. Geffre Philosophy/Humanities
Brittany L. Gefroh Journalism
Clare A. Geinert Theatre Arts
Rachel M. Geiser French
Cody J. Gerszewski Theatre Arts
Damien J. Girodat Criminal Justice
Kelsey R. Gisi Anthropology
Micah J. Goebel Philosophy/Humanities
Katie J. Goetz Management Communication
Abby M. Goraczkowski Public Relations & Advertising
Daniel J. Gordon Political Science
Kellie J. Gores Spanish
Emily R. Grenz English Education
Rachel A. Grider English
Jeremy J. Grinsteinner Music
Abbie J. Groth Criminal Justice
Megan A. Groth Criminal Justice
Lee C. Gullickson English
Aaron C. Gutman History Education
Melissa S. Haas Music
Rachelle K. Hadland Political Science
Heidi A. Hagberg Journalism
Chelsey M. Hagel Criminal Justice
Cameron R. Hagstrom Political Science
Joshua W. Haider Sociology
Erik B. Hamilton Criminal Justice
Abby L. Hammes English
Michael A. Hanson Criminal Justice
Timothy W. Hanson Criminal Justice
Sarah R. Harlow Music
Trevor J. Hart Political Science
Brayden K. Harwood Criminal Justice
Kate A. Hauge English
Timothy M. Haugrud History Education
Paige E. Hayer English Education
Emma J. Heaton Journalism
Justin J. Heim Theatre Arts
Brittney M. Hein Sociology
Ella R. Hein Criminal Justice
Andrea D. Hermann Music
Anastacia C. Hermes Emergency Management
Mandy J. Herrmann Criminal Justice
Tina R. Heth Public History
Anna D. Hilt Health Communication
Garrett J. Hittle Emergency Management
Anthony J. Hjelmberg Spanish Education
Christine M. Hoefs New Media and Web Design
Devon M. Hofer Political Science
Jordan J. Hogness Political Science
Trista B. Hohnadel Criminal Justice
Christopher L. Holke Political Science
Hannah L. Holley Emergency Management
Danelle K. Hopkins Political Science
Beth K. Hoselton Music
Samantha M. Huber Instrumental Music Educ
Alyson D. Hubrig Instrumental Music Educ
Nyland J. Huck Criminal Justice
Amanda J. Huiras Agricultural Communication
Alyda S. Hultstrand English
Eric M. Itzin Instrumental Music Educ
Teresa M. Iverson English Education
Mara S. Jacobsen Criminal Justice
Kaylee B. Jangula English
Zachary D. Jendro History
Daniel J. Jenniges Public Relations & Advertising
Dane A. Johansen Management Communication
Aanders G. Johnson Political Science
Blain A. Johnson Emergency Management
Britta E. Johnson Criminal Justice
Heather M. Johnson Music
Jennie M. Johnson English
Kathryn A. Johnson Public Relations & Advertising
Cole J. Johnston Social Science Education
Steffani N. Johnston Music
Brynn L. Joki Art
Candace E. Kallevig Spanish Education
Nicholas R. Kasper Vocal Music Education
Brian A. Kawasaki Management Communication
Rebecca J. Kelly Art
Catrina A. Kelm Criminal Justice
Nayeon Kim English
Kent E. Klostreich History
Ellie P. Knoll Public Relations & Advertising
Kelsey M. Knutson English
Elisabeth A. Krabbenhoft Public Relations & Advertising
Shawn M. Kraft Anthropology
Katie R. Krebsbach Criminal Justice
Veronica K. Krile Anthropology
Kelsey L. Kuller Public Relations & Advertising
Emily J. Kulzer Public History
Sarah E. Kuntz Political Science
Matthew A. Kurtz Journalism
Daniel R. Kusler Criminal Justice
Katherine R. Laib Political Science
Jamie M. Lamb Anthropology
Tika R. Lamitare Political Science
Alyssa L. Langaas New Media and Web Design
Sarah M. Lanman History Education
Alexander D. Lapham Criminal Justice
Brian D. Larson Criminal Justice
Jacob A. Larson Emergency Management
Cara M. Laubersheimer Music
Robert C. Lauf Political Science
Angela B. Lee Journalism
Jenna C. Lee Health Communication
JuYeon Lee Political Science
Tyler J. Leverington Political Science
Cary Lewis History
Karolina Lewis Sociology
Katherine M. Loegering Music
Andrew J. Long Music
David Lorbiecke Anthropology
Angela A. Lorenz English
Joseph A. Lund Criminal Justice
Andrew G. Lundberg Criminal Justice
Travis J. Lutz Criminal Justice
Shaina J. Lynnes Journalism
Rebecca A. Maciej History Education
Shandi M. Mack Political Science
Travis M. Mack Public Relations & Advertising
April M. Maertens Vocal Music Education
Glenn P. Manning Emergency Management
Dominic J. Manthey English
Alicia M. Martel Criminal Justice
Christopher B. Martinez History Education
Emily A. Martwick Management Communication
Caitlin E. Marty Management Communication
Dzenita Maslesa Political Science
Samantha J. Mathers Instrumental Music Educ
Sarah J. Mayo Political Science
Maddie L. McClellan English Education
Mitchell T. McGillick Criminal Justice
Emily S. McMahon Anthropology
Connor L. Melvie Political Science
James H. Menke Emergency Management
Briley L. Messer Political Science
Brianna M. Michaelson English
Heather L. Milbrath Agricultural Communication
James P. Millican Music
Jade M. Monroe Political Science
Eric R. Monsebroten Political Science
Christopher X. Mootz Philosophy/Humanities
Ryan L. Moran New Media and Web Design
Danielle B. Muri Public Relations & Advertising
Matthew J. Musacchia English
Michael J. Nagel Political Science
Katlyn M. Nap Emergency Management
Noah R. Nash Political Science
Brittany D. Negaard Journalism
Kristy M. Nelson Criminal Justice
Linnea R. Nelson French
Nicole R. Nelson Political Science
Ryan K. Nelson New Media and Web Design
Rylee T. Nelson Journalism
Linda N. Nguyen Art
Olivia M. Niday Emergency Management
Sara B. Nitschke Public Relations & Advertising
Alisha C. Nord Agricultural Communication
Ellen R. Odland Public Relations & Advertising
Leah B. O'Keefe Criminal Justice
Stephanie R. Olfert Theatre Arts
Ryan A. Olin Political Science
Jacob D. Olsen Instrumental Music Educ
Danielle R. Olson Music
Krista E. Padgett Sociology
Glenn J. Parker Political Science
Joseph R. Paulus Criminal Justice
Zachery T. Pavlicek Music
Andrew T. Pedersen Journalism
Eric T. Pelletier Music
Ashley J. Peters Sociology
Daniel G. Peterson Criminal Justice
Haily F. Peterson Art
Jordan L. Peterson Journalism
Crystal J. Phillips Journalism
Virginia K. Pick Art
Jessica J. Piek Philosophy/Humanities
Allison K. Pillar New Media and Web Design
Antoine F. Poitras Music
Trevor M. Pollert Criminal Justice
Kristin L. Proell Public Relations & Advertising
Nicholas R. Proulx Journalism
Jennifer C. Pruett Public Relations & Advertising
Spencer D. Ptacek English
Andrew M. Puckett Emergency Management
Samantha F. Pyle Vocal Music Education
Jessica L. Raasch Journalism
Chase B. Raeder English
Desiree A. Ramstorf Music
Hannah S. Reichel Public Relations & Advertising
Holly J. Reigle History Education
Andrew J. Rheault Criminal Justice
Brittney R. Richter English Education
Alison L. Rigazio Music
Tyler L. Ringstad English
Jordan P. Rodewald Journalism
Justin J. Roehrich Criminal Justice
Nicholas D. Roller Political Science
Aaron R. Rudebusch History
Ryan N. Russell Political Science
Carly A. Rustebakke English
Zachary R. Sandberg Art
Jessie A. Sandmann Art
Whitney M. Sauer History
Dave A. Sauvageau Art
Amy J. Schaaf Music
Courtney M. Schaff Women and Gender Studies
Jeana R. Scheffler Emergency Management
Brock W. Schmeling History
Erica L. Schmidt Spanish
Kelsey A. Schmidt English
Amber L. Schneider Anthropology
Elise M. Schoch Spanish
John J. Schreier Instrumental Music Educ
Callie M. Schroer Spanish
Chris J. Schuster Music
Ashton K. Schwinler Emergency Management
Danielle M. Seehafer Sociology
Sarah J. Sjursen History Education
Kyle Smestad Political Science
Andrew D. Smith History
Anthony H. Smith Public Relations & Advertising
Ashley K. Smith Management Communication
Chelsea V. Smith Journalism
Jesse M. Smith Criminal Justice
Jade M. Spaeth Health Communication
Andrew J. Sprague Emergency Management
David C. St Peter English Education
Wade J. Stalboerger Instrumental Music Educ
Christopher O. Stallman Philosophy/Humanities
Robyn J. Stessen Anthropology
Diane J. Stjern Music
Rachel L. Stokes Political Science
Rachel R. Strobel New Media and Web Design
Katharine R. Strom Theatre Arts
Daniel A. Stroup Emergency Management
Gary J. Suchor English Education
Kelsey M. Svare Theatre Arts
Sarah M. Svensson Art
Adam V. Swanson Political Science
Zachary J. Swanson Criminal Justice
Jacinta M. Thieschafer English
Jennifer J. Thomas Criminal Justice
Tyler S. Thompson Political Science
Katherine J. Thoreson English
Celena M. Todora English
Jessie M. Topp Agricultural Communication
Mariah B. Torgerson English Education
Tessa M. Torgeson English
Megan J. Toso Public Relations & Advertising
Katherine R. Troxell Criminal Justice
Jordan R. Trygstad English
Jake R. Tschida Journalism
Devon R. Tucker Instrumental Music Educ
Sarah J. Urlacher Health Communication
Nayar Dedios Valente History
Anthea N. Varriano Anthropology
Joseph A. Vaske Theatre Arts
Emilee E. Vetter Social Science Education
Kelsey R. Vogt English Education
Jesse R. Wagner Journalism
Tristyn N. Walczak Spanish
Isaac R. Ward History Education
Ian P. Warner Art
Ciara A. Warren Health Communication
Joshua D. Watne Social Science Education
Anna-Alicia J. Watson Criminal Justice
Carley N. Weaver Public Relations & Advertising
Anushi I. Weerasinghe English
Molly B. Weisenburger Sociology
Rachel A. Wells History
Benjamin G. Wetzel Theatre Arts
Jennifer R. Wicklander Public Relations & Advertising
Jessica L. Wickstrom Criminal Justice
Michael D. Wilde Criminal Justice
Jordan R. Willgohs History
Jordan G. Willi Journalism
Challis D. Williams Political Science
Jacob S. Williams Public Relations & Advertising
Chad J. Willson Public Relations & Advertising
Joshua A. Wolf Political Science
Emma N. Woods History
Kaitlin R. Worral Public Relations & Advertising
Oscar G. Zamora Art
Inessa M. Zimmerman Art

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College of Business

Name Program
Mohamud S. Abdikadir Business Administration
Vipul Agarwal Management Information Systems
Sara P. Albani Business Administration
Amy L. Anderson Accounting
Nathan M. Anderson Accounting
Alexander D. Arel Management Information Systems
Daniel P. Audette Marketing
Erin N. Bailey Accounting
Samuel M. Baker Marketing
Alexandra E. Balke Business Administration
Rachel A. Bausman Management
Carson S. Berger Management Information Systems
Angela A. Berntson Accounting
Kalani M. Bertsch Management
Erica M. Birkeland Finance
Aaron J. Bitz Accounting
Brian P. Bjerk Accounting
Ian C. Black Business Administration
Rachel A. Black Management
Austin H. Boe Business Administration
Jennifer R. Bogart Management
Ipshita Borgohain Finance
Angelina Borud Business Administration
Jacqueline K. Bowman Business Administration
Coulter J. Boyer Management
Lucas W. Brodeur Management
Hayleigh D. Bruns Accounting
Matthew A. Buchholz Management Information Systems
Amy L. Burau Business Administration
Alicia L. Burchill Accounting
Janae L. Burich Marketing
Brittny L. Burns Accounting
Christian H. Butler Finance
Alvaro M. Cabrera Urrea Business Administration
Jeffrey J. Caillier Finance
Marcus T. Calkins Accounting
Jonathan S. Carr Management
Chelsea L. Case Business Administration
Bowei Chen Management
Hungyu Chien Management
Hyeon-gyeong Cho Business Administration
Caitlin M. Clark Finance
Ashley M. Cole Business Administration
Melissa A. Corniea Business Administration
Collin A. Craven Finance
Kyle P. Cuppy Finance
Melissa L. Curfman Business Administration
Riley C. Dalbey Accounting
Shalinie De Silva Management Information Systems
Michaela V. Demarais Accounting
Navneet K. Deosi Management Information Systems
Rachel S. Deyle Accounting
Allison J. Dhuyvetter Business Administration
Megan A. Dikken Finance
Kelsey A. Dirnberger Management Information Systems
Chanel V. Duguid Marketing
Timothy D. Dunn Management
Jonathan J. Ebert Management Information Systems
Matthew D. Ebert Management Information Systems
Molly A. Ekren Accounting
Lisa J. Elijah Accounting
Travis J. Emter Management Information Systems
Brandi L. Enzminger Accounting
Barry J. Erickson Business Administration
Lisa A. Evans Management
Katie J. Fadden Business Administration
Cortney E. Feickert Business Administration
Douglas R. Fischer Accounting
Courtney A. Flyberg Business Administration
Daniel H. Freeman Business Administration
Steven C. Frith Marketing
Samantha A. Froelich Finance
Daniel J. Frohlich Marketing
Christopher J. Fuchs Management Information Systems
Michelle J. Full Management
Christopher J. Garner Management Information Systems
Maribeth C. Geiszler Accounting
Brock W. Gion Marketing
Ryan M. Goodin Finance
Matthew J. Goodwin Business Administration
Nicholas P. Graves Accounting
Aaron R. Grinsteinner Finance
Lucas D. Gunkelman Marketing
John M. Hagen Business Administration
Jordan C. Hallin Accounting
Faith H. Halverson Accounting
Jamie L. Hart Marketing
Matthew S. Hartman Accounting
Scott M. Hawkins Management Information Systems
Jordon M. Heimbuch Management Information Systems
Danton M. Hein Finance
Shawn C. Heinen Management
Audrey M. Heiser Business Administration
Brady J. Hendricks Business Administration
Melanie K. Hengel Accounting
Brian J. Hermanson Accounting
Grant L. Hermanson Accounting
Brittany A. Hoese Management
Brooke M. Hoese Accounting
Shane D. Hofer Business Administration
Shermurod D. Holikov Accounting
Heather L. Holm Finance
Minami Horiuchi Accounting
Scott R. Houle Finance
Aaron J. Hranicka Finance
Aleshia D. Huffman Finance
Jessica L. Hurlbut Marketing
Seonghun Jang Finance
Ranganathan P. Jasothan Management
Muhamad R. Jazuli Management
Michael P. Jensen Business Administration
Bryce W. Johnson Finance
Mara L. Johnson Business Administration
Michael A. Johnson Management Information Systems
Stephanie M. Johnston Management
Brandi L. Kaber Accounting
Alex K. Kaczor Business Administration
Chase M. Kadrmas Finance
Andrew P. Karges Management
Thomas J. Keller Accounting
Gyungsik Kim Business Administration
Jeongeun Kim Business Administration
Seung Hyun Kim Business Administration
Simon Kim Business Administration
Annie L. Klebe Accounting
Ryan J. Klocke Management Information Systems
Tenielle M. Klubben Business Administration
Jacqueline A. Knapp Accounting
Joshua R. Kodet Accounting
Benjamin W. Koenig Accounting
Shane M. Kokinos Business Administration
Makenzie R. Korby Accounting
Alyssa F. Krebs Business Administration
Maria A. Kunz Accounting
Cole P. Laber Accounting
Shenille A. Laber Marketing
Kelsey R. Larson Management
Emma M. Lashinski Accounting
Matthew W. Lee Finance
Linzhi Li Finance
Justin J. Lieberg Accounting
Tyler D. Liebl Business Administration
Dalton S. Lingbeck Business Administration
Daniel S. Loch Accounting
Chelcie E. Lueck Accounting
Jarren M. Lutes Accounting
Jesse D. Maier Business Administration
Brian J. Markert Accounting
Nicholas S. Markert Accounting
Jacob R. Martel Finance
Cody L. Mathisen Business Administration
James P. McKitrick Management
Chantel N. Meech Business Administration
Ross M. Melby Management Information Systems
Nichole A. Mellick Management
Brady A. Meyers Accounting
Joy R. Mikkelson Marketing
Alyssa R. Miller Management
Brady L. Miller Accounting
Courtland P. Miller Business Administration
Derek D. Miller Management Information Systems
Jeremy A. Miller Finance
Leah M. Miller Management Information Systems
Aaron M. Minear Finance
Emily E. Moquist Finance
Blake E. Morrow Business Administration
Allison J. Morse Accounting
Lincoln J. Mousel Business Administration
David L. Mueller Marketing
Logan B. Mueller Finance
Bennett G. Nass Accounting
Emily N. Nelson Accounting
Nicholas J. Nelson Accounting
Tatenda A. Nhamu Management Information Systems
Seth T. Nicolai Accounting
Bobbi Jo M. Nielsen Accounting
Karina F. Nordsven Accounting
John M. O'Brien Management
Neil A. Odum Management
Marissa R. Olson Finance
Michael S. Olson Business Administration
Nathan C. Olson Business Administration
Stacie L. Olson Management
Britani M. Otto Finance
Seth A. Overly Business Administration
Oniel W. Pakala Management
Allie J. Palmer Business Administration
Timothy S. Palmquist Management
Sarah C. Pechacek Accounting
Paul R. Pedersen Business Administration
William A. Pedersen Business Administration
Amanda R. Peine Accounting
Kendra K. Perpich Accounting
Jared M. Person Finance
Ryan D. Peter Business Administration
Breann L. Petermann Management
Briana M. Peterson Accountancy
Alexandra L. Petrich Accounting
Brant J. Peuser Management Information Systems
Vi T. Phung Accounting
Elias L. Pickard Business Administration
Romalde Pierre Management
Hannah E. Pilger Marketing
Maria D. Pitner Business Administration
Joshua C. Rardin Business Administration
Patrick M. Redmond Accounting
Jennifer L. Regimbal Business Administration
Adam L. Regnier Accounting
Bennett J. Remillard Business Administration
Danielle R. Renninger Marketing
Kristin N. Renz Johnson Accounting
Danna E. Roen Marketing
Eric D. Roethel Accounting
Michael A. Roll Accounting
Robert A. Roman Business Administration
Trent D. Rothstein Management Information Systems
Brent A. Sanden Finance
Alison C. Sauer Accounting
Anuj Saxena Management Information Systems
Heidi J. Sayler Marketing
Kristi M. Schaffer Accounting
John S. Schaible Management
Daniel E. Schaner Finance
Drew C. Schmidgall Accounting
Alex M. Schmidt Management Information Systems
Landon A. Schmidt Business Administration
Brandon L. Sehn Management
Lucas D. Seltvedt Accounting
Angela R. Sherman Business Administration
Dylan T. Shipman Business Administration
Aadesh Shrestha Finance
Kaia J. Sisk Business Administration
Bradley D. Sjolander Accounting
Jenny L. Skjei Marketing
Carolyn E. Smette Accounting
Heather L. Smith Accounting
Michael W. Smith Accounting
Ryan L. Smith Business Administration
Christopher E. St. Amant Management Information Systems
Thomas M. Stadum Finance
Alex R. Steen Accounting
Jordan C. Steffan Management Information Systems
Max M. Steffes Business Administration
Tiffany S. Steidl Business Administration
Michael F. Steve Accounting
Tanya L. Stillwell Marketing
Jingling Sun Accounting
Chelsea M. Swanhorst Management
Griffin R. Swanson Marketing
Bryan R. Symanietz Management Information Systems
Mitchel R. Taralson Management
Benjamin S. Thompson Accounting
Brianna R. Thompson Management
Brittany T. Thompson Management
Amy J. Thorne Marketing
Jennifer J. Thorson Accounting
Asha L. Throntveit Marketing
Garret D. Tornquist Marketing
Andrew J. Towle Business Administration
Scott M. Tweed Business Administration
Jared M. Ueland Finance
Thomas G. Uhlir Marketing
Eric J. Vandendriessche Accounting
Jared M. Vold Management Information Systems
Dylan J. VonBank Management
Alexis N. Vondal Finance
Danielle M. Wahl Management
Joseph G. Wallin Business Administration
Juliana M. Ward Business Administration
Justin C. Wehri Management
Danielle M. Whalen Accounting
Michael Wicklund Management
Brant D. Wilson Business Administration
Jason Wiltz Accounting
Tracee N. Winter Accounting
Mikka J. Wold Accounting
Alexander W. Wolf Finance
Ratthaphum Wongchan Management
Dana E. Wood Business Administration
Michael M. Woodard Accounting
Chia-Ling Wu Finance
Fan Yang Business Administration
Peishan Yang Accounting
Xi Zhang Accounting
Shengjie Zong Business Administration

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College of Engineering and Architecture

Name Program
Erik S. Aakhus Mechanical Engineering
Michael Aasen Landscape Architecture
Douglas N. Ackley Mechanical Engineering
James D. Ahlquist Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Ahrens Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Albrecht Civil Engineering
Samantha R. Albrecht Architecture
Niloufar Alenjery Architecture
Justin D. Almen Electrical Engineering
Eric P. Altermatt Civil Engineering
Dane P. Andersen Environmental Design
Aaron P. Anderson Civil Engineering
Allan J. Anderson Construction Engineering
Ari M. Anderson Environmental Design
Cooper O. Anderson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dylan J. Anderson Architecture
Grady J. Anderson Civil Engineering
John C. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Michael D. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Michael L. Anderson Computer Engineering
Ryan J. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Tara M. Anderson Architecture
Richard L. Aubol Landscape Architecture
Alex E. Ausk Civil Engineering
Matthew M. Avard Environmental Design
Matthew T. Axtmann Architecture
Gabriela Baierle Environmental Design
Sloan O. Balo Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer E. Barstow Civil Engineering
Melissa A. Bartholomay Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jeffrey F. Bauer Environmental Design
Davis B. Beattie Electrical Engineering
Catherine L. Becker Environmental Design
Courtney A. Becker Electrical Engineering
John P. Bellefeuille Mechanical Engineering
Brad S. Benke Environmental Design
Samuel R. Benson Mechanical Engineering
Bjorn A. Berg Civil Engineering
Jesse L. Berg Civil Engineering
Kalli L. Berning Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Reece A. Berns Mechanical Engineering
Kevin M. Beussman Mechanical Engineering
Gage N. Bickler Electrical Engineering
Patrick W. Billodeau Electrical Engineering
Jacob C. Billstrom Computer Engineering
Reese D. Black Mechanical Engineering
Aaron J. Blaha Environmental Design
Jennifer A. Blodgett Mechanical Engineering
Maxwell A. Blom Mechanical Engineering
Garrett R. Blomstrand Civil Engineering
Peter A. Bockhaus Mechanical Engineering
Oliver R. Boeckel Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Boger Civil Engineering
Blake L. Bonn Civil Engineering
David J. Booth Environmental Design
Mitchell C. Borgen Architecture
James R. Borud Electrical Engineering
Alex J. Bossert Landscape Architecture
Alicia J. Brackel Environmental Design
Anshul Brat Architecture
Bevan L. Bredeson Mechanical Engineering
Tryg V. Bredeson Mechanical Engineering
Lucas A. Brendel Computer Engineering
Ward D. Briggs Environmental Design
Andrew L. Bristow Mechanical Engineering
Taylor J. Bruhschwein Civil Engineering
Joel R. Brummer Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Brunette Computer Engineering
Alec R. Bry Civil Engineering
Katrina J. Budke Mechanical Engineering
Tyler S. Buerkle Environmental Design
Brooklyn S. Burmeister Architecture
Jack A. Burns Construction Management
Sam E. Buttweiler Civil Engineering
Wyatt L. Cameron Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew J. Canton Mechanical Engineering
Justin J. Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Cole J. Carrier Construction Management
Tharaka S. Chandanayaka Mechanical Engineering
Jacob D. Chapek Civil Engineering
Michael A. Christenson Computer Engineering
Britten J. Churchill Architecture
Laura E. Clarens Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Eric M. Cochrane Mechanical Engineering
Joseph R. Conway Environmental Design
Zachary A. Cormican Civil Engineering
Casey R. Cotcamp Environmental Design
Connor T. Coyle Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Cronin Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Cross Civil Engineering
Cory A. Cwiak Architecture
Brooks A. Dagen Mechanical Engineering
Heath R. Dahl Mechanical Engineering
Keith M. Dahl Landscape Architecture
Derek A. Dame Construction Management
Nathan J. Danner Civil Engineering
Jason Daugs Mechanical Engineering
Ryan J. David Civil Engineering
Michelle L. Davis Mechanical Engineering
Joseph S. DeGrote Construction Engineering
Emma L. DeMartelaere Architecture
Bryce A. DeWilde Mechanical Engineering
Ethan L. Dick Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Logan A. Diehl Architecture
Luke D. Diekman Environmental Design
Adam J. Diemert Electrical Engineering
Paul J. Dieter Civil Engineering
Andrew J. Dittus Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ryan M. Doblar Construction Management
Jeffrey M. Dockendorf Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Timothy P. Dodd Civil Engineering
Andrew P. Donner Mechanical Engineering
Ryan L. Dorendorf Computer Engineering
Ryan J. Drevlow Electrical Engineering
Derek J. Dubbels Computer Engineering
Dylan J. Dunn Civil Engineering
Brandon D. Ebersohl Architecture
Anna M. Eckberg Landscape Architecture
Jason Ecklein Electrical Engineering
Sara K. Edinger Mechanical Engineering
Jonathon D. Edstrom Computer Engineering
Ross R. Eickhoff Computer Engineering
Daniel T. Elemes Civil Engineering
Jaclyn K. Ellingson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew S. Ellingson Landscape Architecture
Kyle J. Emanuel Construction Management
Alysa C. Emerson Civil Engineering
Cory G. Engelbrecht Mechanical Engineering
Stacy M. Engelmeyer Civil Engineering
Phillip J. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
Samuel B. Erickson Architecture
Tyler M. Ertl Architecture
Nathan E. Esboldt Mechanical Engineering
Thomas M. Eskro Civil Engineering
Jonathan D. Evert Mechanical Engineering
Sam J. Ewen Electrical Engineering
Alicia F. Fadley Architecture
Leah K. Fagerland Environmental Design
Lauren C. Falcon Architecture
Kimberly A. Farmer Environmental Design
Stephen A. Farnsworth Electrical Engineering
Quincey L. Faul Construction Management
Whitney B. Feimer Environmental Design
Clay C. Feldner Mechanical Engineering
Duanjian Feng Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Michael J. Ferrie Civil Engineering
Lindsey A. Feyder Civil Engineering
Kelly M. Fichtner Environmental Design
Alexander C. Finn Mechanical Engineering
Michael T. Finneman Computer Engineering
Brent M. Flaa Civil Engineering
Alexander P. Flage Mechanical Engineering
Trevor G. Fleischhacker Mechanical Engineering
Alea E. Florin Architecture
Paul A. Flotterud Environmental Design
Wilbert D. Fogarty Electrical Engineering
Ryan K. Foley Mechanical Engineering
Christopher A. Follette Mechanical Engineering
Joshua H. Forsgren Civil Engineering
Danielle J. Franssen Civil Engineering
James R. Fraser Mechanical Engineering
Robert T. Fredericks Mechanical Engineering
Rachel A. Freed Civil Engineering
Matthew C. Fremstad Environmental Design
Zane M. Frick Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Jacob V. Frieler Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joseph G. Fritz Computer Engineering
Joseph D. Fritzjunker Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dustin P. Froese Environmental Design
Kevin M. Gamelin Environmental Design
Kathryn A. Garceau Civil Engineering
Jordan D. Gedrose Landscape Architecture
Michael S. Gedrose Construction Management
Shane T. Geraghty Civil Engineering
Aayush Gharty Chhetri Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nathan L. Gilbertson Mechanical Engineering
David M. Gilbery Mechanical Engineering
Chad D. Gillespie Construction Engineering
Jordan K. Gleason Construction Management
John T. Glesne Civil Engineering
Brian G. Glur Architecture
Lucas G. Gossen Mechanical Engineering
Joel N. Gotta Construction Management
Nicholas L. Graumann Electrical Engineering
Jared I. Green Computer Engineering
Wesley A. Green Mechanical Engineering
Eltedric A. Greenprice Environmental Design
Jarod R. Griffith Civil Engineering
Jason D. Grimm Mechanical Engineering
Amber O. Grindeland Architecture
Jesse W. Grinsteiner Construction Engineering
Michaela M. Groninger Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Cody T. Gronvold Civil Engineering
Amanda N. Grosz Civil Engineering
Kristal A. Gruba Civil Engineering
Steve T. Gruber Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Jordan L. Guck Civil Engineering
Brianna S. Gunderson Architecture
Jacob R. Gunelson Mechanical Engineering
Priscilla A. Gurath Landscape Architecture
Rebekah A. Gurule Architecture
Kyle O. Gustofson Civil Engineering
David P. Gutschmidt Mechanical Engineering
Julia R. Haase Architecture
Blake G. Hagen Environmental Design
Eric M. Hagen Electrical Engineering
Madeline M. Hager Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Eric S. Hall Mechanical Engineering
Justin R. Hall Civil Engineering
Benjamin L. Hamann Construction Engineering
Yiwei Han Manufacturing Engineering
Aaron J. Hanson Landscape Architecture
Shannon E. Hanson Architecture
Joshua Harkness Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Thomas A. Haselhorst Electrical Engineering
Joshua K. Haugen Electrical Engineering
Charlotte T. Haugh Architecture
Virginia L. Hausladen Environmental Design
Brady L. Haussler Civil Engineering
Taylor R. Headlee Electrical Engineering
Craig T. Hedstrom Mechanical Engineering
Jacob F. Hein Mechanical Engineering
Joshua K. Hengel Civil Engineering
Hendryk M. Herzog Computer Engineering
Ethan P. Hettwer Electrical Engineering
Peter J. Hettwer Electrical Engineering
Jacob A. Hexum Civil Engineering
Tyler R. Hill Electrical Engineering
Joshua P. Hilsgen Civil Engineering
Matthew M. Hoefler Architecture
Theodore M. Hoepfner Mechanical Engineering
Dylan K. Hoffman Mechanical Engineering
Paul M. Hollermann Mechanical Engineering
Ross M. Hollermann Mechanical Engineering
Luther C. Holm Construction Management
Wilbur T. Holt Architecture
Brenden G. Honebrink Construction Management
Kyle L. Horntvedt Civil Engineering
Suyi Hou Civil Engineering
Catherine C. Hovey Civil Engineering
Matthew J. Huettl Civil Engineering
Todd J. Hummel Construction Engineering
Chance B. Hutchinson Civil Engineering
Katherine F. Hutton Architecture
Cody J. Idso Construction Management
John G. Imholte Mechanical Engineering
Kyle T. Imholte Civil Engineering
Matthew A. Indihar Civil Engineering
Cory A. Jackson Construction Management
Jesse J. Jangula Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Nathan D. Jangula Electrical Engineering
Jesse J. Janson Mechanical Engineering
Thomas W. Jaszczak Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Alexandra C. Jenkins Electrical Engineering
Jeremy J. Jenniges Mechanical Engineering
Steven C. Jensen Civil Engineering
Ryan C. Jenson Construction Management
Benjamin T. Johnson Construction Management
Carmen J. Johnson Architecture
Curtis R. Johnson Construction Management
Jeremiah Johnson Environmental Design
Kyle Johnson Manufacturing Engineering
Paul D. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Rebecca M. Johnson Architecture
Seth E. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Tanner T. Jones Construction Management
Nathan J. Joraanstad Computer Engineering
Christopher S. Jordan-Denny Computer Engineering
Justin M. Juckem Mechanical Engineering
Lucas W. Judd Construction Management
Colby L. Judovsky Environmental Design
Matthew L. Jurgens Civil Engineering
William L. Jury Manufacturing Engineering
Cody T. Kallock Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Ryan J. Kalvoda Mechanical Engineering
Akshay Kansal Electrical Engineering
Isaac D. Karley Environmental Design
Beau D. Kashmark Mechanical Engineering
Devin A. Kasper Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Alexis J. Kautzman Environmental Design
Carissa A. Keller Architecture
Aaron P. Kellerman Civil Engineering
Sean P. Kelly Civil Engineering
James S. Kiedrowski Civil Engineering
Daniel M. Kieffer Civil Engineering
Jesse L. Kieper Construction Management
Ryan D. King Construction Management
Nathan L. Kinneberg Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Kinsel Construction Management
Caleb B. Kjetland Civil Engineering
Kory M. Kleinknecht Civil Engineering
Jeffrey R. Klemond Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Karl E. Klindworth Mechanical Engineering
Elliott J. Klinger Environmental Design
Wyatt E. Knell Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Elisa J. Knoll Architecture
Nathan G. Knudsen Electrical Engineering
Jesse B. Kohn Electrical Engineering
Katelyn M. Kostad Architecture
Jarred L. Kowalski Construction Engineering
Peter P. Kraemer Construction Management
Kyle J. Kramer Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kyle R. Kraning Electrical Engineering
Kyle J. Krause Electrical Engineering
Lance M. Krogh Mechanical Engineering
Justin R. Krogsrud Mechanical Engineering
Taylor S. Krolak Civil Engineering
Kevin P. Kuechle Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan S. Kuehn Mechanical Engineering
William J. Kuehn Mechanical Engineering
Kyle B. Kuhn Civil Engineering
Kyle M. Kuhn Civil Engineering
Nathan B. Kukson Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan D. Kulzer Mechanical Engineering
Travis L. Kunrath Mechanical Engineering
Grant J. Kuper Civil Engineering
Brandon J. Kuyava Civil Engineering
Jared R. LaBere Civil Engineering
Eric W. Lagergren Environmental Design
Stephen W. LaGrange Environmental Design
Jacob A. Lako Mechanical Engineering
Jordan D. Larson Civil Engineering
Megan L. Larson Architecture
Ross A. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Jakob D. Lawman Environmental Design
Reed G. Lawrence Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Brandon D. Lee Mechanical Engineering
Jiwon Lee Mechanical Engineering
Megan D. Lee Civil Engineering
Christopher P. Leither Mechanical Engineering
Dustin M. Lemke Construction Management
Michael N. Leonard Civil Engineering
Zachary D. Leyk Electrical Engineering
Hanzhe Li Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Shiyu Li Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Sungjun Lim Electrical Engineering
Wei Yang Lim Mechanical Engineering
Jacob L. Limke Mechanical Engineering
Ryan E. Lindberg Construction Management
Justin J. Linder Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Linne Architecture
Kyle D. Litchy Civil Engineering
Aaron P. Locke Mechanical Engineering
Jared J. Loegering Civil Engineering
Manuela Lopera Electrical Engineering
Justin W. Lorenz Construction Management
Shawn D. Louwagie Civil Engineering
Jaeden F. Lovin Electrical Engineering
Cuiyuan Lu Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Rodrigo Lucas Frias Civil Engineering
Mindy K. Ludlum Civil Engineering
Kali A. Luick Mechanical Engineering
Darin P. Lund Civil Engineering
Matthew D. Lund Mechanical Engineering
Aaron C. Madsen Mechanical Engineering
Jacob S. Marchiafava Construction Engineering
Ethan D. Marihart Mechanical Engineering
Craig M. Martin Environmental Design
Chontay J. Mastel Architecture
Jaden J. Materi Architecture
Joseph W. Matlock Mechanical Engineering
Albert F. Mattison Manufacturing Engineering
Janelle R. Mauch Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kshitij M. Maurya Electrical Engineering
Jessica L. Mayo Architecture
Eric A. McDaniel Civil Engineering
Rachel J. McGinn Architecture
Marshall W. McNea Mechanical Engineering
Nicole R. McNea Mechanical Engineering
Karissa J. Meiers Environmental Design
Taylor J. Meland Mechanical Engineering
Cesar I. Mendez Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Qingyu Meng Electrical Engineering
Dustin M. Messner Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Michael J. Mettler Electrical Engineering
Christopher D. Meyer Architecture
Megan E. Meyer Civil Engineering
Zachary N. Michel Computer Engineering
James R. Mickelson Civil Engineering
Anthony M. Miller Civil Engineering
Joseph S. Miller Architecture
Sophie K. Miller Architecture
David A. Mitchell Construction Management
Thomas J. Mittelsteadt Mechanical Engineering
Jacob R. Mitzel Civil Engineering
Christian A. Mocchi Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kaspari M. Modin Architecture
Matthew C. Moeckel Architecture
Danielle A. Mohr Civil Engineering
Ronald A. Molitor Construction Management
Dominic A. Monson Environmental Design
Mason M. Montplaisir Civil Engineering
Jack W. Mooney Electrical Engineering
Nicholas R. Moore Civil Engineering
Brady J. Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Jarrett D. Mork Architecture
Seth E. Morken Construction Engineering
John W. Morman Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Jesse J. Morrow Construction Management
Matthew J. Mortenson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Twila E. Moser Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joseph K. Moses Mechanical Engineering
Joshua D. Muckenhirn Architecture
Kelsi A. Mueller Environmental Design
Peter E. Mueller Architecture
Heather J. Myers Mechanical Engineering
Brandon S. Myran Civil Engineering
Abdul Rahman Namrou Civil Engineering
Andrew K. Narvesen Mechanical Engineering
Scott M. Nash Mechanical Engineering
Eric D. Nelson Manufacturing Engineering
Garrett R. Nelson Electrical Engineering
Justin L. Nelson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Mason D. Nelson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Michael A. Nelson Civil Engineering
Mitchell R. Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Brent A. Nerenz Mechanical Engineering
Brian D. Nibbe Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Nies Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas J. Noeske Mechanical Engineering
Matthew B. Nohr Architecture
Victoria P. Nouis Mechanical Engineering
Ellie K. Nyquist Architecture
Megan Oakes Architecture
Patrick R. O'Keeffe Landscape Architecture
Kyle D. Olason Mechanical Engineering
Jay C. Olsen Mechanical Engineering
Aaron J. Olson Electrical Engineering
Britta C. Olson Electrical Engineering
Casey R. Orgon Mechanical Engineering
Troy E. Osmanski Computer Engineering
Stuart T. Ostendorf Construction Management
Bryce W. Oswald Civil Engineering
Steven C. Palmer Mechanical Engineering
Julio C. Paredes Civil Engineering
Yong Shin Park Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Mary F. Pate Civil Engineering
Shawn S. Pauly Environmental Design
Jason A. Pecka Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kyle P. Pederson Environmental Design
Mark T. Pederson Civil Engineering
Matthew J. Peick Environmental Design
Jenna M. Pender Electrical Engineering
Matthew M. Perpich Civil Engineering
Alan J. Perrault Mechanical Engineering
Kellen D. Perry Electrical Engineering
Michael J. Peske Mechanical Engineering
Brannon L. Peterson Civil Engineering
Brett H. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Jill E. Pexa Environmental Design
Joshua P. Phillips Civil Engineering
Lance A. Piatz Construction Management
Jonathan L. Pistorius Construction Engineering
Richard R. Poppler Mechanical Engineering
Ursinio Puga Gil Civil Engineering
Weitian Qin Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Qual Architecture
Evan R. Quist Mechanical Engineering
Jason H. Radziszewski Electrical Engineering
Blair E. Randall Civil Engineering
Brett M. Rathbone Environmental Design
Tyrel J. Rebel Civil Engineering
Alexander A. Reed Mechanical Engineering
Kyle D. Reedstrom Construction Engineering
William J. Refling Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Rehder Civil Engineering
Andrew J. Reierson Computer Engineering
Michael E. Reiner Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nickolas J. Reinke Civil Engineering
Tyler D. Reisetter Civil Engineering
Brooke S. Renner Mechanical Engineering
Ryan N. Rensink Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Travis J. Reznechek Electrical Engineering
Thomas Rhone Architecture
Crystal Rinkenberger Architecture
Ashley M. Roder Civil Engineering
Esau M. Rodriguez Padilla Architecture
Race T. Rolland Civil Engineering
Peter K. Roller Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie J. Rosen Computer Engineering
Chase D. Rosenau Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Mitch K. Rosendahl Civil Engineering
Craig R. Roske Mechanical Engineering
David W. Russell Electrical Engineering
Daniel P. Ruzynski Mechanical Engineering
Ploiphan Saengporm Environmental Design
Brandon J. Sailer Civil Engineering
Jacob S. Samuelson Construction Management
Luke A. Sandstrom Civil Engineering
Ian J. Sannes Mechanical Engineering
Akash Satija Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Gregory J. Sauer Mechanical Engineering
Lucas J. Schaaf Electrical Engineering
Thomas J. Schantz Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dustin P. Scheer Mechanical Engineering
Mary A. Schindler Civil Engineering
Katelyn M. Schirado Mechanical Engineering
Eric M. Schleper Computer Engineering
Austin R. Schmidgall Civil Engineering
Michael J. Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Noah T. Schmidt Construction Engineering
Zachary S. Schmiess Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas J. Schmitz Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Michael J. Schnepf Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Katie K. Scholl Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Alexandra R. Schrader Architecture
Tyler N. Schultz Construction Management
Aaron R. Schulzetenberg Civil Engineering
Nicole C. Schutz Civil Engineering
Jonathan J. Scislow Electrical Engineering
Kyle E. Sebesta Civil Engineering
Joshua Seibert Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Sean A. Seifert Electrical Engineering
Shawn L. Senescall Architecture
Joshua A. Seppelt Mechanical Engineering
Sopan Seth Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Korby Seward Civil Engineering
Jordan B. Sharp Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew J. Sharpe Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nan Shi Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Shuang Shi Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Bryan J. Silvers Construction Engineering
John W. Simon Mechanical Engineering
Thushara B. Siriwardanage Civil Engineering
Evan D. Sitz Mechanical Engineering
Matthew R. Skoglund Environmental Design
Matthew D. Slama Construction Management
Rachel A. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Kyle P. Snyder Electrical Engineering
Alison C. Sopp Construction Management
Nicholas J. Sortland Environmental Design
Tyler J. Sorvari Electrical Engineering
Joshua W. Sowl Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Tyler Specht Environmental Design
Alex L. Sprunk Civil Engineering
Joseph R. Starbuck Landscape Architecture
Michael R. Stark Environmental Design
Matraca L. Steen Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Lee Steinbacher Construction Management
Nicholas J. Sterner Construction Management
Nathan W. Stottler Landscape Architecture
Jonathan R. Streckert Electrical Engineering
Benjamin J. Strehlow Architecture
Alyssa M. Stroh Architecture
Nicholas D. Strombeck Architecture
Ahmed A. Suleiman Computer Engineering
David J. Sundquist Mechanical Engineering
Megan C. Supan Civil Engineering
Jacklyn P. Surat Environmental Design
Elizabeth N. Swartz Architecture
Tyler J. Swoboda Civil Engineering
Trevor D. Tabaka Electrical Engineering
Jingfeng Tan Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kai Chia Tan Computer Engineering
FNU Tapan Electrical Engineering
Kyle I. Tasler Mechanical Engineering
Brent J. Templin Electrical Engineering
Dennis J. Theisen Mechanical Engineering
Zachary J. Thelen Civil Engineering
Jonathon S. Thesing Manufacturing Engineering
Chad J. Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Courtney C. Thompson Environmental Design
Ryan M. Thomsen Environmental Design
Matthew J. Thooft Mechanical Engineering
Travis J. Thooft Mechanical Engineering
Aaron M. Timm Computer Engineering
John M. Tobin Mechanical Engineering
Nathan T. Todd Civil Engineering
Dustin R. Torgerson Mechanical Engineering
Luisa F. Torres Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Daniel T. Towle Mechanical Engineering
Andrew D. Traiser Electrical Engineering
Andrew V. Tran Electrical Engineering
Zakia Triffi Landscape Architecture
Zachary M. Triplett Mechanical Engineering
Nathan H. Trosen Civil Engineering
Derek B. Twogood Environmental Design
Daniel W. Ugelstad Electrical Engineering
Jennifer J. Upcraft Architecture
Teren M. Van Zuilen Electrical Engineering
Tyler A. Voegele Mechanical Engineering
Paul M. Voeltz Civil Engineering
Derek Vogel Civil Engineering
Whitney R. Vogel Environmental Design
Jacob J. Voigt Construction Engineering
Jetse Vollema Environmental Design
Tanner J. Voss Electrical Engineering
Blake A. Wagner Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Coleman V. Wagner Civil Engineering
Trent D. Wagner Mechanical Engineering
Katy J. Waisanen Civil Engineering
Grey L. Waletich Architecture
Casey J. Walleen Civil Engineering
Xingyu Wang Civil Engineering
Yachao Wang Manufacturing Engineering
Yaquan Wang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Thomas J. Ward Construction Engineering
Jennifer A. Watters Architecture
Zachary H. Webber Civil Engineering
Amanda M. Weber Civil Engineering
Eric H. Weber Electrical Engineering
Siyuan Wei Mechanical Engineering
Yuan Wei Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kyle J. Weisbeck Mechanical Engineering
Samuel R. Welch Civil Engineering
Andrew K. Wellumson Civil Engineering
Kristen A. Weninger Civil Engineering
Taylor A. Werner Construction Management
Alexander L. Westfield Construction Management
Benjamin J. Whalen Mechanical Engineering
Joseph C. Wheatley Mechanical Engineering
Ryan J. Whitacre Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin A. Whittier Electrical Engineering
Nathan T. Wiese Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Joshua K. Wikstrom Mechanical Engineering
Joshua D. Wildt Landscape Architecture
Nicholas J. Williams Mechanical Engineering
David L. Williamson Construction Management
Kelsey M. Windrum Landscape Architecture
Jacob J. Windschitl Environmental Design
Faith E. Winings Civil Engineering
Christopher R. Winning Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Derek D. Wiseman Electrical Engineering
Anthony C. Wocken Environmental Design
Jacob M. Wognum Civil Engineering
Dylan J. Wolf Mechanical Engineering
McKenzie J. Wollmann Landscape Architecture
Joseph M. Wolverton Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jessica M. Woodbury Civil Engineering
Miriah L. Wright Environmental Design
Jianchao Xiao Manufacturing Engineering
Xing J. Xu Electrical Engineering
Yang Yang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Seulki Yeo Civil Engineering
Tyler P. Yngsdal Civil Engineering
Swee Fong Yong Construction Engineering
Kevin B. Young Civil Engineering
Ross R. Young Mechanical Engineering
Xun Yu Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Fangzheng Yuan Manufacturing Engineering
David A. Zach Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell W. Zachman Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Gerardo A. Zamora Computer Engineering
Sarah S. Zaviska Mechanical Engineering
Jiawei Zhang Civil Engineering
Wenyi Zhang Environmental Design
YunChuan Zhang Electrical Engineering
Yichuan Zhao Electrical Engineering
YouHao Zhao Mechanical Engineering
Meng Y. Zheng Manufacturing Engineering
Xing Zhuang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew C. Ziebol Mechanical Engineering
Joseph A. Zikmund Construction Engineering
Nathan M. Zimmerman Electrical Engineering
Alyssa D. Zimmermann Mechanical Engineering

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College of Human Development and Education

Name Program
Erik M. Aakre Social Science Education
Heather A. Aal Human Development & Family Sci
Peace K. Albert Health Education
Ciara L. Aldrich Exercise Science
Jennifer J. Andersen Dietetics
Brianne C. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Elizabeth A. Anderson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kayla J. Andreasen Exercise Science
Jade R. Andrie Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Casie R. Antony Human Development & Family Sci
Casie R. Antony Human Development & Family Sci
Carly E. Arett Comprehensive Science Ed
Kevin R. Arthur Exercise Science
McKayla M. Artz Exercise Science
Amanda M. Avard Interior Design
Heidi J. Bachler Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Kayla M. Bahtiraj Dietetics
Hannah M. Bakke Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor K. Bales Human Development & Family Sci
Alex G. Balk Social Science Education
Benjamin J. Ballweber Exercise Science
Andrew S. Balzer Exercise Science
Katherine J. Bartram Human Development & Family Sci
Jessie M. Battest Human Development & Family Sci
Stephanie N. Bechtle Dietetics
Andrew J. Beck Human Development & Family Sci
Sydney K. Becker App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Lindsay A. Behm Health Education
Keith C. Bennett Exercise Science
Bailey R. Benson Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Michael D. Benson Physical Education
Andrea F. Berge Sport & Recreation Leadership
Angela H. Bernstrom Human Development & Family Sci
Alissa J. Bettenhausen Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah M. Bieber App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kathryn M. Birkel Exercise Science
Nichole J. Black Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Michael S. Blake Exercise Science
Rachel E. Blomberg Interior Design
Irena Bobicic Health Education
Joshua L. Boe Human Development & Family Sci
Katie R. Boer Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Sarah K. Boesen Human Development & Family Sci
Nicholas R. Boll Exercise Science
Sierra K. Bonham Exercise Science
Miranda D. Bonk Dietetics
Whitney M. Boom Exercise Science
Sharon K. Boots App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Brian S. Born Physical Education
Kimberly N. Braulick Human Development & Family Sci
Grace M. Brennan Human Development & Family Sci
Myles J. Brooks Exercise Science
Leslie A. Brost Exercise Science
Alison K. Browning Human Development & Family Sci
Olivia L. Brownson Human Development & Family Sci
Whitney R. Burrer Dietetics
Danielle R. Buskohl Human Development & Family Sci
Ashley K. Campbell Human Development & Family Sci
Amber M. Carlson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Anne M. Carlson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Rilee E. Carufel Dietetics
Amanda J. Cash Human Development & Family Sci
Maxwell J. Casper Sport & Recreation Leadership
Anthony H. Charbonneau Exercise Science
Olivia A. Cherrier Human Development & Family Sci
Emily N. Christenson Sport & Recreation Leadership
Johanna L. Christenson Dietetics
Madison B. Christenson Human Development & Family Sci
Andrew D. Churchill Dietetics
Amber R. Clark Dietetics
Kelly C. Cooper Spanish Education
Cameron J. Corrigan Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Aren M. Cossette Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Alyssa A. Cote Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda C. Crockett Human Development & Family Sci
Stephanie A. Cwikla English Education
Kelly J. Dahl App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kelsey M. Dahl App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kylie D. Dale Human Development & Family Sci
Halie M. Dalzell Social Science Education
Kelsey L. Daul App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Ashley J. Dauner Human Development & Family Sci
Jill A. Davis App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Megan M. Dean Exercise Science
Danielle DeGagne Human Development & Family Sci
Nyamal K. Dei Health Education
Lilian A. Del Rio Navarro Dietetics
Leann S. DeMarais Human Development & Family Sci
Nathan J. Dessonville English Education
Janna M. Deyle Exercise Science
Anne R. Diekman Interior Design
Jennifer L. Diggs Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Hannah M. Dissmore Human Development & Family Sci
Megan A. Dix Human Development & Family Sci
Jaynell D. Dockter-Gust Human Development & Family Sci
Logan R. Dop Exercise Science
Megan T. Doyle Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jamie L. Drevlow Exercise Science
Lukas R. Dykema Chemistry Education
Megan N. Ecklund App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Emily M. Eltgroth Human Development & Family Sci
Heather R. Erickson Human Development & Family Sci
Megan A. Erickson Exercise Science
Laura A. Evans Human Development & Family Sci
Patrick J. Fahey Exercise Science
Heather Fahsl Exercise Science
Justin R. Fairall Sport & Recreation Leadership
Katelyn A. Fairfield Health Education
Abby C. Fenlason Dietetics
Kelsey M. Fercho Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsey B. Fike Dietetics
Nicholas D. Fischer Exercise Science
Melissa A. Fleck Human Development & Family Sci
Emily J. Flemming Interior Design
Travis R. Flick Exercise Science
Alissa K. Folger Dietetics
Meghan R. Folkerts Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Marlena Fongthian Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Trisha M. Foshaug Human Development & Family Sci
Lacey E. Frank Human Development & Family Sci
Karen A. Freberg Interior Design
Todd A. Frie Physical Education
Jenessa D. Fritel Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Travis A. Fritel Agricultural Education
Kara M. Froelich Exercise Science
Joshua B. Frueh Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica M. Furlong Interior Design
Amy M. Gedrose Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Christopher E. Genereux Comprehensive Science Ed
Jessica L. Gerdes Social Science Education
Christine K. Geyer Interior Design
Renee A. Godke Human Development & Family Sci
Jacquelyn R. Goebel Health Education
Shane P. Gores Exercise Science
Amanda P. Grable Sport & Recreation Leadership
Jenna L. Green Exercise Science
Elyssa B. Grimsby App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Adam S. Gronaas Social Science Education
Spencer J. Grow Human Development & Family Sci
Patrick C. Gulan Comprehensive Science Ed
Leah R. Haak Dietetics
Nicole A. Hackenmueller Human Development & Family Sci
Caylee A. Hagemeyer Human Development & Family Sci
Cortney M. Hagen Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis M. Halberstadt Human Development & Family Sci
Travis D. Hand Exercise Science
Anna L. Hansen Interior Design
Brittany M. Hanson Social Science Education
Laura M. Hanson Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah B. Hardesty Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Emily R. Harris App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jay T. Hartman Physical Education
Kelsey M. Hartsel Human Development & Family Sci
Cassandra L. Hatzenbuhler App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Andrea R. Haugen Human Development & Family Sci
Joseph M. Hauglid Mathematics Education
Darcy M. Hauth Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor D. Heck Dietetics
Mason R. Hegna Exercise Science
Shelby A. Heimbuch App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Emily E. Helwig Human Development & Family Sci
Andrea E. Henning Exercise Science
Moses N. Heppner Exercise Science
Rachel A. Herme French Education
Mark A. Hermes Exercise Science
Brittany R. Herrington Human Development & Family Sci
Tyler C. Hetland Physical Education
Sheyenne P. Hill Human Development & Family Sci
Briana M. Hoaby App, Retail Merchandise/Design
BriAnn M. Hoefer Human Development & Family Sci
Misti D. Hofeldt English Education
James J. Hoff Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel R. Hoffbeck App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cierra R. Holm App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sarah A. Honzay Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Heidi E. Horstmann Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jessica M. Hotchkiss Human Development & Family Sci
Lauren M. Howlett Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Rebecca A. Huckeby Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Stephanie L. Hulet Interior Design
Colin J. Hulm Exercise Science
Amy M. Hutchinson Exercise Science
Anh B. Huynh Dietetics
Brittany A. Indergaard Interior Design
Andrea J. Irsfeld Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Randi S. Ivers Human Development & Family Sci
Katie I. Iverson Dietetics
Samantha J. Jacobsen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Mary K. Jensen Interior Design
Jinseon Jeong Dietetics
Brenna L. Johansen Exercise Science
Bethany J. Johnson Dietetics
Emily J. Johnson Exercise Science
Kyle Johnson Exercise Science
Laura B. Johnson Biological Sciences Education
Seth A. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Brittany M. Jordan Exercise Science
Katie M. Jorissen Exercise Science
Margaret C. Joyce Interior Design
Derick L. Jungling Physical Education
Erica L. Kale App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Lindsay C. Kautzman Exercise Science
Stacie J. Keller Mathematics Education
Abbie L. Kemp Human Development & Family Sci
Chase F. Kerber Exercise Science
Sarah C. Kerns Exercise Science
Shelby N. Kinneberg Exercise Science
Katelyn N. Kirschenmann Human Development & Family Sci
Lynsey J. Kissinger Exercise Science
Casey M. Kjera Dietetics
Ryan N. Kleven Physical Education
Emily M. Knilans Human Development & Family Sci
Christine T. Knuth Exercise Science
Evan E. Knutson Exercise Science
Mikayla R. Koble Human Development & Family Sci
Katie A. Koep Human Development & Family Sci
Aleta J. Krack Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Sarah I. Krall Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah A. Kram Biological Sciences Education
Erin M. Krebs Mathematics Education
Gannon R. Kriel Exercise Science
Meghann R. Kuhlman Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Zachary A. Kuseske Physical Education
Elizabeth E. Kusler Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Sara A. Lalonde App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jordan D. Landsiedel App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Marjorie A. Laney Interior Design
Sarah M. Lansing Exercise Science
Lora B. Larson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Paige R. Larson Exercise Science
Rebecca H. Lawson Human Development & Family Sci
Kenan R. Layden Agricultural Education
Kayla R. Lechelt Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsey R. Leistico Interior Design
Kaylyn M. Leither Human Development & Family Sci
Kara S. Lepp Dietetics
Emily A. Lesser Exercise Science
Sizhe Li Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Devin J. Lillegaard Exercise Science
Sue Sing Lim Dietetics
Adam R. Lindstrom Dietetics
Lane R. Lipetzky Dietetics
Casey S. Lipp Physical Education
Nian Liu Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jordan S. Loosbrock Exercise Science
Katie M. Luce Human Development & Family Sci
Daniel J. Luecke Mathematics Education
Jordan K. Lutovsky Social Science Education
Jamie M. Maciejewski Exercise Science
Sara J. Mack Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna M. Marquette Health Education
Evan M. Martell Health Education
Breanna K. Marthaler Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole M. Mattson Human Development & Family Sci
Tracy E. Mauch Interior Design
Whitney M. Mayer Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Hannah K. McAllister Interior Design
Kayleen R. McGrath Dietetics
Megan J. McManus Human Development & Family Sci
McKenzie D. McMillan Exercise Science
Vanessa R. McNutt Human Development & Family Sci
Carly R. Mellgren Human Development & Family Sci
Krista J. Menke Physical Education
Ariel D. Metz Human Development & Family Sci
Eden E. Meyer Health Education
Carrie N. Miller Human Development & Family Sci
Hanna P. Minnick Exercise Science
Brittany A. Mittleider Human Development & Family Sci
Brittany A. Mittleider Human Development & Family Sci
Brandon J. Moeller Exercise Science
Lynsey R. Mogck Interior Design
Steven D. Monk Physical Education
Abby L. Monson Dietetics
Marissa G. Montgomery Interior Design
Jonathan D. Moquist Mathematics Education
Joseph M. Moravec Exercise Science
Janet R. Morken Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Corinne N. Morrison Interior Design
Leah C. Moulds App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kaly J. Mueller Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica M. Murphy Biological Sciences Education
Sierra L. Murphy Interior Design
Laura B. Musselman Dietetics
Whitney R. Myers Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Sarah J. Naaden Human Development & Family Sci
Colette K. Nagel Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Danielle E. Nelson Exercise Science
Kari M. Nelson Dietetics
Kean G. Nelson Physical Education
Kelly N. Nelson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Laura K. Nelson Exercise Science
Cody C. Ness Exercise Science
Thu M. Nguyen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Lillian E. Nicols Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brittany L. Nolan App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Rebecca M. Nolte Dietetics
Grace I. Norton Dietetics
Jonathan R. Novacek Sport & Recreation Leadership
Shelby I. Novak App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Patricia A. Ode Human Development & Family Sci
Katie E. Odland Dietetics
Ben M. Olson Exercise Science
Holly E. Olson Interior Design
Jacob T. Olson Physical Education
Odeline Oriental Human Development & Family Sci
Qi Ouyang Interior Design
Brittany E. Page Exercise Science
Ryan A. Pahl Physical Education
Mandi J. Palczewski Social Science Education
Emma L. Palm Dietetics
Whitney D. Pandolfo Mathematics Education
Abby L. Papenfuss Dietetics
Randi K. Parks Sport & Recreation Leadership
Tanner Paulson Exercise Science
Steven A. Pavek Biological Sciences Education
Nicole Pedeliski Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Rachel D. Pederson Exercise Science
Taylor F. Peterson Mathematics Education
Jessica K. Peyerl Human Development & Family Sci
Brittany L. Pfennig Human Development & Family Sci
KeAnna R. Piechowski History Education
Megan R. Piper Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Maggan M. Pirrotta App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Abby M. Plucker Dietetics
Brittany K. Plum Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna L. Poppenhagen Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Celina M. Poukka Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Kendell T. Proell Physical Education
Michaela M. Pytlik Human Development & Family Sci
Chen Qiu App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sara J. Raap Human Development & Family Sci
Megan M. Rademacher Dietetics
Jaime L. Raden Dietetics
Alaina T. Ramstad Human Development & Family Sci
Lillian B. Ratchenski Exercise Science
Lauren E. Reed Dietetics
Jennifer L. Reemtsma Dietetics
David G. Reinig Dietetics
Kasi L. Reis Human Development & Family Sci
Laura M. Rensvold Exercise Science
Amy E. Reznicek Human Development & Family Sci
Kelli M. Richard Physical Education
Alyssa C. Richter Human Development & Family Sci
Kristine E. Rick Human Development & Family Sci
Alexandra K. Ringhofer Mathematics Education
Mark J. Roe Social Science Education
Leah J. Roethel Dietetics
Sage A. Roshau Interior Design
Megan R. Rotert Human Development & Family Sci
Jonathan G. Rush Human Development & Family Sci
William J. Ryan Exercise Science
Megan L. Sabby Physical Education
Ashley M. Sabot Human Development & Family Sci
Samuel R. Sargent Human Development & Family Sci
Westin R. Satzinger Physical Education
Brandon T. Saude Exercise Science
Brittany K. Schanandore Human Development & Family Sci
Craig J. Schatz Biological Sciences Education
Kaitlyn A. Scheid App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cody L. Schepp Exercise Science
Beau J. Schmaltz Social Science Education
Kara M. Schmidt Health Education
Kristin M. Schmidt Human Development & Family Sci
Ethan J. Schnabel Physical Education
Matthew D. Schroeder Exercise Science
Zachary R. Schroeder Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kathryn E. Schulz Interior Design
Falon L. Scott Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole D. Seaberg Dietetics
Elizabeth A. Seaver Human Development & Family Sci
Myranda Seleg Dietetics
Lauren P. Semanko Exercise Science
Matthew J. Severns English Education
Elizabeth M. Shepersky Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brooke A. Simonson Exercise Science
Joseph D. Sisser Sport & Recreation Leadership
Brendan T. Skime Sport & Recreation Leadership
Saylor A. Skoglund Human Development & Family Sci
Brendon A. Smith History Education
Jaclyn A. Smith Human Development & Family Sci
Braidy S. Solie Exercise Science
Emily M. Spang App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Darin L. Spelhaug Agricultural Education
Emily C. Stalpes Exercise Science
Aleah D. Stangeland Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Sherry L. Stark Human Development & Family Sci
Tyler J. Steen Physical Education
Becker T. Steinemann Exercise Science
Mikaela A. Stephenson Health Education
Christi R. Stoll Human Development & Family Sci
Anne C. Storey Exercise Science
Janna C. Strege Human Development & Family Sci
Samantha M. Strycker Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda M. Stumpf Dietetics
Xueting Sun Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jacob W. Sundeen English Education
Ryan A. Swenson Exercise Science
Thomas C. Swetland Exercise Science
Kaleah J. Syverson Sport & Recreation Leadership
Scott W. Syverson Exercise Science
Breanna R. Taralson Exercise Science
Samantha B. Taylor Exercise Science
Matthew V. Tetzlaff Exercise Science
Kelsey J. Thielbar Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Callie M. Thielen Interior Design
Allison T. Thimjon App, Retail Merchandise/Design
MacKenzie S. Thomes Exercise Science
Nathan P. Thooft Sport & Recreation Leadership
Jessica A. Thoreson Interior Design
Heidi K. Thornton Human Development & Family Sci
Esley G. Thorton Exercise Science
Emily K. Thurn Interior Design
Ashley A. Tingelstad Human Development & Family Sci
Paige N. Tomperi Exercise Science
Kari A. Trautmann Human Development & Family Sci
Brittany M. Tronnes Exercise Science
Kaitlin S. Turner Human Development & Family Sci
Spencer D. Uetz Exercise Science
Sarah J. Uhlenbrauck Dietetics
Matthew G. Van Beek Exercise Science
Brooke Vanden Bergh Exercise Science
David J. Vanyo Social Science Education
Kristen M. Vetter Mathematics Education
Zachary R. Vraa Sport & Recreation Leadership
Emma J. Wabbe Human Development & Family Sci
Delinda B. Wagner App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sally R. Walker Sport & Recreation Leadership
Hannah K. Wall Human Development & Family Sci
Ariel B. Waloch Exercise Science
Sarah M. Wambheim Exercise Science
Megan V. Wasness English Education
Eric W. Wasvick History Education
Ashley K. Wehri Human Development & Family Sci
Rodney E. Weigel Exercise Science
Kristin A. Welinski Human Development & Family Sci
Andrew J. Wendinger Exercise Science
Zachary D. Wentz Physical Education
Teresa L. Werner Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Stephanie L. Wieczorek Sport & Recreation Leadership
Alyssa K. Wiegandt Dietetics
Eric K. Wilcziek Dietetics
Katrina L. Wilke Human Development & Family Sci
Hayley K. Wilkens Interior Design
Joshua J. Williams Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Lauren A. Wilvers Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Rachel E. Wingard Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Alex M. Wohl Exercise Science
Alycia M. Woodard Dietetics
Mengjun Xie Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Amanda J. Zenzen Human Development & Family Sci
Jonathan J. Zimmerman Human Development & Family Sci
Tara L. Zupan Human Development & Family Sci

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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences

Name Program
Laurel K. Aaberg Pharmacy
Alexis M. Aakre Nursing
Hannah M. Aasen Pharmacy
Haley C. Abbas Nursing
Diane E. Adams Pharmacy
Lindsay A. Alexander Nursing
Haaris Ali Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ryan G. Altendorf Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dakota C. Anderson Respiratory Care
Dwight A. Anderson Nursing
Gabrielle L. Anderson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kala J. Anderson Nursing
Sarah M. Anderson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stephanie L. Anderson Nursing
Tekla J. Anderson Pharmacy
Ashley J. Andrew Pharmacy
Kyle J. Arnoldussen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Marisa L. Asheim Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abigail L. Aspengren Nursing
Rachel M. Austin Nursing
Asiyah H. Aziz Nursing
Rachael E. Bachman Radiologic Sciences
Oyumaa Badral Nursing
Kayla L. Bakewell Nursing
Janelle A. Baldwin Nursing
Karissa M. Ball Pharmacy
Lauren P. Barker Nursing
Jessica M. Bartholomay Nursing
Jenna L. Baumler Pharmacy
Nicholas S. Becher Pharmacy
Kacie A. Becker Nursing
Leah M. Beekman Nursing
Chelsea A. Behnke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige M. Bell Nursing
Lisa L. Bergh Nursing
Brittany M. Berning Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna M. Bertsch Nursing
Jenna A. Beste Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tyler T. Bilden Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jennifer L. Bingaman Nursing
Molly E. Blair Nursing
Kimberly J. Block Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelsey A. Blommer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rachel E. Boe Nursing
Alec Bohn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Miles W. Book Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kaitlyn A. Borg Nursing
Megan Born Pharmacy
Allison M. Borsheim Medical Laboratory Science
Kathleen E. Borts Radiologic Sciences
Ana I. Bothum Nursing
Victoria K. Bracewell Radiologic Sciences
James D. Brakke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ginger L. Breen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sadi A. Bren Pharmaceutical Sciences
Daniel J. Broderick Pharmacy
Kalie M. Brueggemeier Nursing
Heather E. Brusehaver Nursing
Ann M. Buboltz Nursing
Jessalyn J. Buchanan Respiratory Care
Kayli L. Buechler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexandra J. Burnside Pharmacy
Emma K. Burt Pharmacy
Tara M. Buss Nursing
Anthony R. Busse Respiratory Care
John G. Carlin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alissa M. Carlson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bobbie Carr Nursing
Lauren M. Casperson Nursing
Taylor J. Caulfield Nursing
MacKenzie R. Chacich Nursing
Amanda J. Chambers Pharmacy
Samantha R. Charest Nursing
Anna I. Charles Nursing
Cynthia S. Cherucheril Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joshua T. Christophersen Pharmacy
Phung Chung Respiratory Care
Andrea R. Clarens Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christopher M. Clark Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah E. Clark Pharmacy
Ciera M. Clyde Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah A. Colberg Respiratory Care
Alexander G. Cole Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jerica L. Coleman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Patrick S. Culhane Respiratory Care
John P. Curley Pharmaceutical Sciences
Breanna K. Curtis Pharmacy
Jenae A. Dabill Radiologic Sciences
Mikayla M. Dahl Nursing
Alexander D. Dalsin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jordan A. Daly Respiratory Care
Carley M. Dawson Nursing
Jennifer M. DeCock Nursing
Daniel J. DeGree Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joshua R. Dehn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige E. Dennison Radiologic Sciences
Lisa Dertinger Pharmacy
Nicollette J. DeSautel Respiratory Care
Jessica J. Diaz De Leon Nursing
Amanda K. Dickerson Radiologic Sciences
Rhoderissa G. Dizon Medical Laboratory Science
Hailey J. Dockter Radiologic Sciences
Ashley R. Doeden Pharmacy
Amy Donner Nursing
Devin E. Doolittle Nursing
Amanda A. Dralle Radiologic Sciences
Michael J. Drawz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nidhi Dubey Pharmacy
Katlyn A. Duval Nursing
Susan K. Dynneson Pharmacy
Nicole M. Dyrdahl Pharmacy
Rani A. Egeland Nursing
Danielle L. Eidenschink Nursing
Dezerae P. Elsen Nursing
Alyssa J. Emerson Pharmacy
Amanda A. Erickson Nursing
Brian A. Erickson Pharmacy
Kali R. Erickson Nursing
Kaylee C. Erickson Radiologic Sciences
Rhett A. Eskew Nursing
Randal K. Essler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Marc J. Estes Respiratory Care
Michelle A. Faber Pharmacy
Kaylee R. Fandrich Radiologic Sciences
Mary J. Faure Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mollie F. Fearing Pharmacy
Brianne L. Fedje Nursing
Emily J. Feist Medical Laboratory Science
Adrienne L. Fisher Pharmacy
Michael J. Fisher Pharmacy
Sheri A. Fitzsimmons Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nathaniel O. Floren Nursing
Jordan L. Fode Nursing
Brittany L. Fondakowski Pharmaceutical Sciences
Aimee M. Ford Pharmacy
Kellie M. Forrest Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth C. Forsberg Nursing
Marie E. Franzen Pharmacy
Karli L. Freeberg Nursing
Brianna K. Fretland Nursing
Danielle R. Fritz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrea L. Fuller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jonathan D. Funk Pharmacy
Caitlin R. Furstenau Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah A. Gabert Pharmacy
Derek L. Gaffney Pharmacy
Jenna E. Galegher Nursing
Nicholas S. Gangl Respiratory Care
Courtney R. Garrison Pharmaceutical Sciences
Janaya L. Gasow Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole C. Geck Radiologic Sciences
Bryant W. Geis Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebecca M. Gemar Respiratory Care
Caitlin A. Giesen Nursing
Christopher D. Gillick Radiologic Sciences
Sophia R. Gilsrud Radiologic Sciences
Dena L. Gleason Nursing
Kirstin M. Gramith Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alison R. Gravalin Nursing
Leah C. Green Nursing
Kathleen L. Grimes Pharmacy
Kayli C. Gross Nursing
Molly C. Grove Nursing
Taylor E. Grove Radiologic Sciences
Katlyn J. Grunefelder Pharmacy
Emily A. Guck Nursing
Jenna R. Gullickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan R. Gullickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Daniel J. Gunderson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gretchen E. Gunderson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole E. Gunnarson Nursing
Randall J. Hagemeister Nursing
Victoria M. Hammond Pharmacy
Megan J. Hansen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Britny M. Hanson Nursing
Elizabeth G. Hanson Nursing
Jenna R. Hanson Nursing
Lindsay E. Hanson Pharmacy
Samuel G. Hanzlik Nursing
Briana A. Hartog Nursing
Anastasia M. Hartwig Radiologic Sciences
Danielle Hasslinger Nursing
Dustin L. Haugen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tyler J. Haugen Pharmacy
Katie M. Heinsen Radiologic Sciences
Ashley A. Heller Nursing
Emily E. Helmers Nursing
Tylor M. Helmers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Charles R. Hemkin Nursing
Kyle J. Henderson Pharmacy
Rachael N. Hendricks Pharmaceutical Sciences
Britni A. Hendrickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla B. Henneberg Nursing
Nicole E. Herman Pharmacy
Ashley R. Hertwig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kaylee Heuer Nursing
Tyler L. Hewitt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Linh T. Hoang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mai T. Hoang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah B. Hofer Nursing
Andrew D. Holm Pharmacy
Alyssa K. Holmen Pharmacy
Samantha J. Holweger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebeccah L. Hoobler Nursing
Jason G. Hoots Respiratory Care
Heidi M. Houska Nursing
CeAnn M. Huber Nursing
Amber M. Huerkamp Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brittany A. Huggins Nursing
Tara L. Hutchinson Nursing
Keegan T. Ilenda Pharmaceutical Sciences
Molly R. Irsfeld Pharmacy
Julian A. Jacobson Radiologic Sciences
Kelly E. Jahnke Nursing
Tenzin Jangchup Pharmacy
Rheanda L. Jangula Respiratory Care
Ashley M. Jefferson Respiratory Care
Shalynn V. Jeske Pharmacy
Michael D. Jetvig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Yanliang Jie Pharmaceutical Sciences
Adam L. Johnson Pharmacy
Alice E. Johnson Pharmacy
April M. Johnson Pharmacy
Charles Johnson Radiologic Sciences
Hailey M. Johnson Nursing
Jeremiah J. Johnson Nursing
Jeremy R. Johnson Pharmacy
Karis L. Johnson Nursing
Paige E. Johnson Radiologic Sciences
Samantha A. Johnson Nursing
Timothy Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Haley J. Johnston Nursing
Justin M. Jones Pharmacy
Zachary D. Jones Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brittany K. Jorgenson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jason P. Jorgenson Radiologic Sciences
Courtney K. Jude Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha J. Juhnke Nursing
Jennelle M. Kaeding Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joseph R. Kaiser Pharmacy
Matthew W. Kaiser Pharmaceutical Sciences
Morgan L. Kaiser Nursing
Lucas J. Kalina Nursing
Rachel E. Kalina Nursing
James C. Kallander Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jena R. Kamoni Nursing
Elizabeth C. Kampa Pharmaceutical Sciences
Craig W. Karjalainen Nursing
Kaitlin K. Karsky Nursing
Kyrsten M. Karsky Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carly R. Kaspari Nursing
Mathew P. Kayser Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mitch A. Keller Radiologic Sciences
Alyssa M. Kelsch Pharmacy
Madeline A. Kelzenberg Pharmacy
Jessica B. Kennedy Nursing
John Kent Nursing
Ashley A. Kershaw Radiologic Sciences
Tara K. Kimball Nursing
Anna J. Kinneberg Pharmacy
Breanna R. Klein Radiologic Sciences
Rachel M. Klein Nursing
Brent J. Klinkhammer Pharmacy
Stacey R. Klocke Radiologic Sciences
Emily M. Kluck Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bria R. Knaust Nursing
Michael J. Knell Nursing
Hannah M. Knettel Nursing
Colton T. Knox Medical Laboratory Science
Kayla R. Knutson Nursing
Gerard J. Kokett Pharmacy
Scott J. Kompelien Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica F. Kopp Pharmacy
Elizabeth J. Kossan Nursing
Micaela M. Koster Pharmacy
Amber D. Kracht Nursing
Matthew J. Kraft Nursing
Sadie R. Kraft Nursing
Katie M. Kram Pharmacy
Courtney N. Kraus Nursing
Kaitlyn A. Krause Pharmacy
Evan L. Krebs Pharmacy
Tucker L. Kreft Pharmacy
Alison J. Kretchman Radiologic Sciences
Ashley M. Krieg Nursing
Carissa A. Krueger Nursing
Callie J. Krupke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rachelle M. Kunde Pharmacy
Jennifer M. Kuntz Nursing
Megan A. Kuster Radiologic Sciences
Anna K. Labitzky Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cody J. Langaas Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicholee J. Lange Nursing
Kyle J. Laporte Pharmacy
Kammy J. Larson Pharmacy
Rachel I. Larson Nursing
Luke W. Lassonde Nursing
Trisha L. Laub Pharmacy
AnnaRene M. Lawler Nursing
Paige F. Leclerc Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica D. LeDoux Pharmacy
Mitchell C. Lehn Nursing
Jessica M. Leininger Nursing
Bradly B. Lende Pharmaceutical Sciences
Angelina M. Lennington Radiologic Sciences
Keri M. Lenzmeier Radiologic Sciences
Hannah Lewison Nursing
Jennifer A. Liane Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna A. Lien Pharmacy
Sarah E. Lindblom Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chelsea L. Lingle Nursing
Hannah M. Linz Nursing
Lesley A. Locken Nursing
Janessa E. Lohmann Pharmacy
Troy M. Longtin Medical Laboratory Science
Jane L. Loueng Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karissa L. Lozinski Nursing
Brooke M. Lukach Pharmaceutical Sciences
Katelyn C. Lundblad Radiologic Sciences
Kalai A. Lundquist Nursing
Piper L. Luoto Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shelly M. Lux Respiratory Care
Brett L. Lyslo Nursing
Mason A. Magle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matthew L. Mahle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samir G. Maleki Nursing
Sara A. Markegard Nursing
Brooke D. Marquardt Nursing
Wyatt E. Martenson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Teresa A. Martig Pharmacy
Tacy L. Masters Radiologic Sciences
Samantha A. Mattheis Nursing
Abby M. Mattson Radiologic Sciences
Nathan C. Mattson Nursing
Brandon M. McCarty Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica J. McKinney Pharmaceutical Sciences
Courtney A. Meder Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fallon C. Meixel Nursing
Corey S. Melroe Pharmacy
Paul C. Metcalf Nursing
Dillon A. Meyer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole L. Meyer Nursing
Megan M. Michaelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alyssa M. Mickelson Nursing
Kimberly A. Miller Pharmacy
Kirsten A. Miller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Savannah D. Miller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kara D. Misemer Respiratory Care
Andrea L. Moe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha I. Moe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cassandra L. Moen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jiyan M. Mohammad Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christa L. Monson Nursing
Shelby R. Monson Pharmacy
Katherine G. Montag Pharmacy
Tara R. Morris Pharmaceutical Sciences
Maria V. Morrisroe Nursing
Rebecca K. Morton Radiologic Sciences
Joleesa D. Moser Radiologic Sciences
Ryan L. Moulzolf Nursing
Janelle D. Mueller Nursing
John W. Mullen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cassandra J. Munger Nursing
Kristyn M. Murphy Pharmacy
Kelsey K. Murray Radiologic Sciences
Paula J. Nagel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carrie A. Nelson Nursing
Lane D. Nelson Pharmacy
Laura M. Nelson Nursing
Jennifer A. Nesius Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vivian N. Ngongang Nursing
Christopher J. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Sciences
James A. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tammy T. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexandra L. Nickel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrew P. Norberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebecca A. O'Brien Respiratory Care
Aaron P. O'Connell Nursing
Danielle R. Odenthal Pharmaceutical Sciences
Heath J. Oetken Pharmacy
Brendan P. O'Gorman Pharmacy
Victoria K. Okoye Pharmaceutical Sciences
Grace E. Oliver Nursing
Joshua G. Oliver Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexander D. Olson Nursing
Bobbie J. Olson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Courtney N. Olson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jeremy K. Olson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Logan M. Olson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ibrahim M. Omar Nursing
Emily K. Opdahl Nursing
Joshua S. Opdahl Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kirsten Orbeck Radiologic Sciences
Sherline N. Oriental Nursing
Nicholas O'Rourke Pharmacy
Meagan A. Orrock Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dakota A. Orvedal Nursing
Matthew C. Osebold Pharmacy
Marijke E. O'Sullivan Nursing
Laura G. Owen Nursing
Emily M. Pankow Nursing
Rebecca A. Pareja Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cherisse M. Parker Nursing
Ankit Patel Pharmacy
Rupa B. Patel Pharmacy
Brady M. Paul Pharmacy
Kevin M. Pavlik Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelly R. Pechous Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bethany R. Pelzer Respiratory Care
Dexter T. Peries Nursing
Molly E. Perkins Pharmacy
Emma J. Peschong Pharmaceutical Sciences
Margaret M. Peters Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley E. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley S. Peterson Nursing
Caitlin J. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karli J. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kasey A. Peterson Nursing
Kate E. Peterson Radiologic Sciences
Alex Y. Petterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nha N. Phan Pharmacy
Amber R. Piatz Nursing
Jon D. Pilger Nursing
Michelle J. Pilgram Pharmacy
Sara J. Pizzey Nursing
Ryan Platz Pharmacy
Madeleine R. Poce Nursing
Ann M. Podoll Nursing
Kayla M. Porter Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Potter Nursing
Haylee M. Preabt Pharmacy
Allyson L. Prochaska Nursing
Andrea E. Rader Respiratory Care
Natasha J. Randall Nursing
Ashlee R. Randklev Pharmacy
Kevin R. Rauwerdink Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shannon L. Reed Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kevin A. Reedstrom Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tori J. Rhode Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kjersten M. Rice Radiologic Sciences
Rebecca R. Richards Pharmacy
Abby M. Richardson Pharmacy
Ali E. Richardson Medical Laboratory Science
Whitney M. Richman Pharmacy
Laura C. Riestenberg Radiologic Sciences
Gretchen L. Rigge Medical Laboratory Science
Muhammad S. Riji Medical Laboratory Science
Amber R. Riopelle Nursing
Marisa R. Rittgers Nursing
Hannah M. Rocholl Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sierra L. Roecker Pharmacy
Tyler K. Rogers Pharmacy
Gail K. Ronsberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexander R. Ross Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chase E. Rothstein Nursing
Macy J. Royston Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karin M. Rudningen Pharmacy
Alyson R. Ryan Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lindsay R. Samson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily P. Sanborn Radiologic Sciences
Erin A. Sand Radiologic Sciences
Daniel S. Sandgren Pharmacy
Taylor M. Sandvick Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joseph J. Sannes Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah L. Sather Nursing
Sarah L. Schaaf Pharmacy
Jamie L. Schaeffer Nursing
Andrew T. Schell Nursing
Caroline S. Schevenius Nursing
Austin R. Schieler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathryn L. Schmeling Nursing
Austin J. Schmidt Medical Laboratory Science
Breanna R. Schmidt Pharmacy
Sarah J. Schmidt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mckaya R. Schmit Pharmacy
Allison E. Schmitz Pharmacy
Tracy D. Schmitz Nursing
Jessica A. Schneider Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kortney L. Schroeder Pharmaceutical Sciences
Austin J. Schultz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Molly E. Schultz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tyler J. Schultz Pharmacy
Whitney L. Schultz Pharmacy
John C. Schwab Respiratory Care
Kristy L. Schwanke Pharmacy
Stephanie M. Schwenk Nursing
Jennifer F. Sebestik Pharmaceutical Sciences
Maggie R. Seefeld Nursing
Stephanie M. Seibel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashlie J. Seifert Nursing
Taylor J. Semler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrea K. Sethre Nursing
Kayli J. Sibson Nursing
Derek J. Siercks Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tanya Siltanen Nursing
Danielle L. Simenson Nursing
Sadie A. Slind Nursing
Tallie M. Slind Nursing
Carly M. Smith Pharmacy
Brock A. Solberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth H. Solma Respiratory Care
Jamie T. Sommerfeld Nursing
Alexis L. Songer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha A. Sorenson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Robert L. Sorvig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan K. Stambaugh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zachery T. Staskywicz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amy M. Steckler Pharmacy
Andrea M. Steele Nursing
Ashley J. Steffl Nursing
Katie J. Stein Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily D. Steiner Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sophie M. Steinmetz Nursing
Danielle A. Stenhjem Pharmacy
Angela L. Stevens Radiologic Sciences
Ryan W. Stevens Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shawna M. Stowman Nursing
Carlina J. Stromback Pharmacy
Spencer T. Stromback Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna L. Strube Respiratory Care
Morgan A. Sundet Nursing
Cassandra J. Swift Nursing
Nittaya Tananusont Medical Laboratory Science
Sophors Tang Respiratory Care
Emily L. Tappainer Respiratory Care
Sarah Taylor Pharmacy
Nicole M. Teig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jacqueline M. Tellers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mandy M. Tennancour Radiologic Sciences
Hannah B. Tharayil Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyle L. Thielke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jayson C. Thompson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Katrece L. Thompson Nursing
Martha E. Toede Pharmacy
Jessica R. Totzauer Pharmacy
TJ W. Tran Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carly L. Trowbridge Pharmacy
Kevin W. Trowbridge Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha E. Trumm Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tara D. Uehran Nursing
Emily R. Van Den Einde Nursing
Kelsey D. Voigt Pharmacy
Taylor M. Wagner Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebecca M. Waibel Nursing
Hannah P. Walbruch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mara J. Wallis Nursing
Sara M. Wandler Respiratory Care
Jacklyn E. Watland Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelley A. Weber Medical Laboratory Science
Kristen K. Weiss Radiologic Sciences
Anna T. Wenzel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Leslie A. Werlinger Nursing
Katelynn T. Whetter Nursing
Amber S. Wibe Nursing
Natalie C. Wiertzema Nursing
Rebecca M. Wiig Radiologic Sciences
Lyndsey E. Willgohs Pharmaceutical Sciences
Martina F. Williams Nursing
Megan J. Witschen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kristin J. Wittenkeller Radiologic Sciences
Abby L. Woiwode Pharmacy
Kelsey B. Wolfe Pharmacy
Kong K. Wong Pharmacy
Amber R. Wood Pharmacy
Grace L. Wosmek Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jingyang Xiao Pharmacy
Ya-Chiao Yang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Roxanne L. Zaun Nursing
Lisa M. Zimmerman Nursing
Hannah S. Zimny Pharmacy

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College of Science and Mathematics

Name Program
Lauren M. Aamoth Zoology
Houda M. Abdelrahman Zoology
Palak Agarwal Computer Science
Vaibhav Aggarwal Computer Science
Marqelle N. Albrecht Zoology
Hannah M. Albrightson Psychology
Karla E. Alme Psychology
Alexander J. Althoff Zoology
Brandon C. Alveshere Biological Sciences
Maximilian Anders Biotechnology
Zechariah W. Andersen Computer Science
Elizabeth J. Anderson Zoology
Jacob J. Anderson Zoology
Kyle R. Anderson Chemistry
Michael P. Anderson Mathematics
Ryan M. Anderson Zoology
Stephen K. Anderson Computer Science
Ellyn C. Andrews Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Tyler D. Antony Physics
Alyssa D. Artz Psychology
Beth A. Askegaard Zoology
Daniel W. Augustadt Psychology
Barbarah J. Back Zoology
Kevin L. Backman Computer Science
Jessica N. Baer Mathematics
Ryan A. Baier Computer Science
Jessica L. Bair Psychology
Miseon Bak Psychology
Alexander T. Barney Psychology
Heidi J. Bartosh Psychology
Casey W. Bateman Zoology
Danielle R. Bauer Psychology
Michael J. Baumgartner Biological Sciences Education
Michael K. Bayles Computer Science
Thomas H. Beaty Computer Science
Benjamin G. Bechtold Computer Science
Kevin B. Beidelman Geology
Joshua W. Bellefeuille Computer Science
Myles J. Berge Biological Sciences
Brandi N. Bitz Psychology
Patrick P. Bjerke Mathematics
Christopher J. Bjornstad Computer Science
Brittany M. Bleichner Zoology
Spencer M. Bliss Computer Science
Tyler W. Block Zoology
Alysia A. Bock Psychology
Aubrey E. Boertje Psychology
Jamie M. Boespflug Chemistry
Dmytro Boreisha Zoology
Cristina M. Borek Psychology
Trevor M. Braeger Zoology
Lance M. Bragstad Computer Science
Michaela L. Branden Zoology
Joseph M. Bredahl Computer Science
Natalie M. Brehmer Psychology
Ashley A. Breiland Geology
David G. Breitbach Zoology
Christina J. Brink Psychology
Hannah M. Brown Zoology
Grace E. Buchholz Zoology
Elizabeth G. Burdolski Biological Sciences
Kevin R. Buth Physics
Jordan T. Cahill Geology
Ashley R. Callahan Psychology
Eric W. Canillas Computer Science
Alison M. Carlson Psychology
Darren L. Carter Psychology
Kristen A. Ceglowski Mathematics
William L. Chale Computer Science
Joseph M. Ching Mathematics
Brian S. Chizek Computer Science
Solji Choi Zoology
Holly L. Christian Zoology
Emily R. Clark Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Adam R. Cole Zoology
Brian P. Connelly Psychology
Kyle M. Conner Chemistry
Hunter B. Cooper Zoology
Amy M. Crawford Statistics
James S. Cross Zoology
Nathaniel E. Cross Zoology
Lluvia N. Cuevas Computer Science
Hannah A. Dahl Psychology
Kaleb W. Dahl Psychology
Michael J. Dancer Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Eben B. Danielson Psychology
Katlin M. Danielson Biological Sciences Education
Siddhant Dash Computer Science
Nilmini T. De Silva Computer Science
Caitlin E. Deal Statistics
Philip C. DeGreef Zoology
Michael T. Delaney Computer Science
Stephen D. Deraas Psychology
Elise C. Dick Zoology
Megan N. Dierks Zoology
Paul R. Dillon Psychology
Kathryn M. Dockter Psychology
Robert A. Dolney Computer Science
Neil W. Dotzenrod Geology
Devany K. Dougherty Zoology
Jason A. Duchscherer Psychology
Scott M. Dyck Zoology
Molly L. Eldridge Psychology
Tyler W. Ellsworth Zoology
Megan M. Erickson Zoology
Madelyn Esperum Zoology
Eric J. Estes Zoology
Amy M. Faller Zoology
Brandi L. Fearing Biological Sciences
Michael S. Feickert Mathematics
Katie E. Field Psychology
Alessandro Firetto Psychology
Steven M. Fischer Computer Science
Travis M. Fitzke Biological Sciences
Lane B. Folkers Geology
Michael W. Folkers Zoology
Mikaela L. Forward Zoology
Kelsey B. Fox Psychology
Brooke M. Franzen Zoology
Stephanie A. Friestad Biological Sciences
Kathryn A. Fronning Chemistry Education
Michelle M. Gaffaney Biological Sciences
Alexis N. Ganser Zoology
Samantha L. Gardner Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Zachary Geeraerts Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Sean A. Gerhardt Computer Science
Cody R. Gette Physics
Lisa N. Gingrey Zoology
Jade A. Glasgow Psychology
Brandon L. Goering Psychology
Lacey R. Gohner Zoology
Mari C. Goldade Zoology
Allison J. Goldenstein Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jacob M. Goodell Chemistry
William F. Goracke Biotechnology
Madeline M. Gordon Computer Science
Timothy D. Grimes Computer Science
Katie J. Grinde Psychology
Julie A. Grommesh Chemistry
Nathaniel C. Grosz Chemistry Education
Tyler D. Groth Zoology
Michael P. Gruchalla Biological Sciences
Nicholas J. Haberman Mathematics
Pake E. Hagen Mathematics
Ross A. Hardman Psychology
Lacey C. Harper Zoology
Jarrett D. Hart Statistics
Nicole L. Hartle Psychology
Erik G. Hasse Mathematics
Sean C. Hatten Psychology
Kayla A. Hauer Psychology
Erik C. Heitkamp Zoology
Lexi Jo Heitkamp Psychology
Christopher M. Held Psychology
Lynae S. Hemming Psychology
Joanna E. Heppner Mathematics Education
Eric J. Herman Zoology
Kimberly L. Herman Zoology
Derek W. Hiam Zoology
Sonya M. Hills Statistics
Tyler J. Hlibichuk Statistics
Adrian B. Hoehle Zoology
Mitchell L. Holt Zoology
Anna K. Hruby Biological Sciences
Carter W. Hruby Zoology
Melissa L. Hull Zoology
Jennifer N. Jacobsen Zoology
Mark A. Jacobson Physics
Stephanie R. Jacobson Biological Sciences
Kelsey M. Jager Mathematics
Laura B. Jamison Biological Sciences Education
Nicole M. Joachim Biological Sciences
Stephan W. Johansen Psychology
Alexa L. Johnson Psychology
Alexander J. Johnson Zoology
Brandon J. Johnson Physics
Grant R. Johnson Psychology
Joshua I. Johnson Psychology
Marne O. Johnson Physics
Rebecca L. Johnson Psychology
Tyler A. Johnson Biological Sciences
Amy J. Jordahl Zoology
Aaron A. Josephson Mathematics
Joshua D. Kahler Psychology
Camryn D. Kaspari Zoology
Brett M. Kelly Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jamie E. Kendall Psychology
Kendra M. Kibble Biological Sciences
Bridget A. Kilen Chemistry
Shawn K. Kilen Zoology
Tess M. Kilwein Psychology
Eunbi Kim Statistics
Inhye Kim Chemistry
Norifumi Kimura Mathematics
Taylor J. King Mathematics
Kyle M. Kingsley Chemistry
Lukas M. Kinneberg Computer Science
Joseph S. Klabo Zoology
Kelby R. Kleinendorst Psychology
Danika L. Knudson Psychology
Brandon J. Kobilansky Computer Science
Kelsey A. Kolars Mathematics
Anna M. Kozlowski Zoology
Angela A. Kraemer Psychology
Matthew P. Kramer Psychology
Samantha J. Krebsbach Psychology
Emily E. Krieg Zoology
Amber R. Krogsrud Biological Sciences
Nicole N. Kruger Psychology
Tanya G. Krumm Computer Science
Jessica N. Kuelbs Psychology
Anthony T. Kulzer Computer Science
Ankit Kumar Computer Science
Emma C. Kusick Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Elle K. Kvam Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Andrew J. Ladwig Computer Science
Walter K. Lanza Zoology
Jae Hee Lee Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Lillian N. Lee Biological Sciences
Zachary J. Leonard Psychology
Benjamin J. LeVahn Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
David Levahn Computer Science
Lindsey K. Levin Psychology
Wei Kang Lim Physics
Ashley N. Lindell Psychology
Chase R. Lingle Psychology
Ciciley R. Littlewolf Chemistry
Matthew R. Lobitz Statistics
Katrina L. Lybeck Biological Sciences
John W. Lynch Mathematics
Chase M. Magalis Psychology
Samantha A. Magnus Psychology
Marcus A. Mahar Psychology
Rebecca L. Maier Mathematics
Michael A. Mann Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Austin L. Maples Chemistry
Cody M. Martin Mathematics
Joline A. Martin Psychology
Lincoln E. Martin Biological Sciences
Alexis D. Martinsen Zoology
Cassandra M. Matejka Psychology
Miranda F. Mathison Zoology
Casey A. McLachlan Zoology
Brenden L. Melvie Psychology
Nicholas J. Meske Computer Science
Janelle M. Meyer Zoology
Megan M. Meyer Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Josephine C. Milewski Psychology
Derek M. Miller Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Nicholas R. Moen Psychology
Jessica M. Molzahn Biological Sciences Education
Levi D. Moxness Geology
David J. Mueller Geology
James W. Murphy Psychology
Canaan A. Muscatell Zoology
Deepanshu Narang Computer Science
Paige M. Nash Zoology
Trent J. Neisen Zoology
Cassey L. Nelson Biological Sciences
Josiah J. Nelson Zoology
Connie Nguyen Psychology
Emily A. Nilson Biological Sciences
Brittany A. Nordick Psychology
Chelsea N. Nordquist Psychology
Jennifer L. Noreen Biological Sciences Education
Emily B. Norwig Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Benjamin L. Noteboom Mathematics
Joshua J. Nye Chemistry
Nathan A. Ochsner Psychology
Amanda L. Ockert Psychology
Erin D. O'Connell Psychology
Jeffrey E. Oldenborg Mathematics
Lauren N. Olson Biological Sciences
Morgan L. Olson Zoology
Nathan A. Olson Zoology
Morgan E. Opp Zoology
Heather M. Otto Biological Sciences
Adlina A. Paramarta Chemistry
Dienul H. Paramarta Computer Science
Allyson R. Patton Psychology
Chelsey L. Paulsen Mathematics
Brian L. Paulson Zoology
Wadumesthrige Dinusha N. Peiris Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Stephanie M. Pelletier Psychology
Thomas J. Peters Biological Sciences
Jared K. Peterson Mathematics
Joshua J. Pierce Zoology
Christopher A. Pischel Biological Sciences
Michael J. Price Statistics
Cody A. Raeder Psychology
Bryan A. Rask Mathematics
Shane J. Reetz Computer Science
Ethan A. Remily Zoology
Adam D. Reznechek Computer Science
Brianna J. Rindy Mathematics Education
Hannah M. Ritteman Psychology
Scott D. Rivenburg Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Nicole L. Roberson Psychology
Kyle E. Roberts Mathematics Education
Amanda L. Robinette Psychology
Jackson J. Roeder Psychology
Alyssa T. Rogalla Zoology
Kaitlyn O. Romfo Zoology
Hunter T. Row Zoology
Kyle A. Rummel Psychology
Daniel P. Rust Chemistry
Keenan J. Salveson Computer Science
Adam M. Sandberg Computer Science
Emily M. Sargent Psychology
Jenna K. Saunders Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Isaac D. Saville Mathematics
Brandon T. Saxton Psychology
Tyler J. Schepper Psychology
Julia D. Scherbenske Biological Sciences
Shelby A. Schields Biological Sciences
Randy A. Schiermeister Computer Science
Nichole J. Schilling Psychology
Nathan M. Schlagel Zoology
Rebecca M. Schluter Behaviorial Statistics
Kelsey J. Schmid Psychology
Brandon P. Schmidt Psychology
Brooke M. Schmidt Psychology
Jamie N. Schmidt Psychology
Miranda L. Schmidt Psychology
Renae D. Schmidt Biological Sciences
Devon A. Schmit Psychology
Becca L. Schoneman Computer Science
Deanna N. Schreiber-Gregory Psychology
Cameron J. Schroeder Zoology
Eric C. Schultz Geology
Charles S. Schutt Psychology
Bethany M. Schwandt Psychology
Matthew J. Scott Psychology
Austin D. Selness Psychology
Daniel H. Semiaticki Chemistry
Jenna F. Shallman Psychology
Akshat Sharma Computer Science
Ahis B. Shrestha Mathematics
Jennie I. Sirota Biological Sciences
Samantha M. Skinner Zoology
Travis A. Skuza Zoology
Darin L. Slusher Geology
Nicole M. Snyder Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Alexander M. Sommer Chemistry
Eric A. Sondreal Zoology
Toi M. Spaeth Psychology
Grant M. Spears Mathematics
Riley D. Spiker Zoology
Scott T. Steele Psychology
Jacob A. Steiner Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
David O. Stockdill Zoology
Sarah M. Storandt Mathematics Education
Travis G. Strehlow Zoology
Chad A. Stromlund Zoology
Taylor S. Studsrud Zoology
Samuel J. Stutsman Computer Science
Allison K. Suda Zoology
Erin C. Sullivan Biotechnology
Robert F. Suppa Mathematics
Matthew A. Swanson Zoology
Paige D. Swenson Biological Sciences
Michael S. Symanietz Zoology
Joshua S. Tan Computer Science
Charles J. Tarnasky Psychology
Tyler S. Taylor Biological Sciences
Michael D. Tchida Zoology
Luther A. Tegtmeier Mathematics
Stephanie M. Tegtmeier Psychology
Matthew T. Thompson Computer Science
Nicole N. Thorndal Zoology
Lauren J. Tollefson Zoology
Christopher J. Tonsager Psychology
Eric T. Torkelson Zoology
Alex S. Torson Zoology
Melissa J. Tracy Zoology
Logan B. Tretter Physics
Rachel T. Trudeau Zoology
Calvin D. Trudel Zoology
Jennifer M. Tweten Psychology
John A. Utke Computer Science
Nicholas A. Van Dyke Psychology
Jamie R. Van Kirk Chemistry
Caitlin J. Van Voorhis Psychology
Trevor J. Varilek Zoology
Austin M. Vetter Zoology
Laura Vogel-Ciernia Psychology
Katerina Voronova Psychology
Taryn L. Wagner Psychology
Deborah J. Wald Psychology
Leesha M. Walz Zoology
Shane J. Ward Psychology
Layne N. Warner Zoology
Deanna J. Webster Zoology
Hilary H. Wennblom Psychology
Nolan K. Wennerberg Zoology
Megan J. Weyer Chemistry
Andra J. Wheeler Psychology
Kate M. Whelan Biological Sciences
Travis J. Wiertzema Computer Science
Austin O. Wiger Mathematics Education
Peggy A. Willenbring Physics
Brian J. Williams Computer Science
Kya M. Wisnewski Psychology
Rylan M. Wolfe Chemistry
Hannah M. Worral Biological Sciences
Lisa M. Young Zoology
Jessica D. Zent Mathematics
Camille E. Zerfas Mathematics
Wei Zhao Statistics
Sylvia S. Ziejewski Psychology
Mary E. Zikmund Zoology
Tyler B. Zimmerman Zoology
Ashley A. Zondervan Zoology
Sarah D. Zozimo Zoology

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College of University Studies

Name Program
Katherine E. Affield Undecided
Jessie R. Azure University Studies
Corey C. Bower Undecided
Jordan T. Brainard Undecided
Noah A. Burris Undecided
Brogan L. Burwick Undecided
Elizabeth M. Busche Undecided
Regan E. Christenson Undecided
Courtney R. Collette University Studies
Timothy P. Colwell Undecided
Travis J. Conant University Studies
Zachary J. Crisman Undecided
Jedre B. Cyr Undecided
Marissa L. Dahlquist Undecided
Connor C. Davies Undecided
Matthew D. Delaney Undecided
Shantae M. Dienert University Studies
Jane M. Eisenbeis University Studies
Erin M. Endres Undecided
Peter T. Erickson Undecided
Chelsea M. Fearing Undecided
Michael T. Felt Undecided
Grant R. Fischer Undecided
Taylor L. Fiske Undecided
Delaney J. Freer Undecided
Mary C. Freitag Undecided
Matthew E. Gingrey Undecided
Presley A. Glaser Undecided
Chad M. Gooding University Studies
Mary M. Gust Undecided
Bobbie L. Gutzmer University Studies
Allison M. Haider Undecided
Micah G. Hansen Undecided
Amanda R. Hericks Undecided
Matthew R. Hirte Undecided
Marissa L. Iverson University Studies
Tyler D. Jacobson Undecided
Daniel W. Johnson Undecided
Mitchell E. Johnson University Studies
Christopher D. Kading Undecided
Jacob S. Kadrie Undecided
Anna Kim Undecided
Callie A. King Undecided
Ashley M. Knudson Undecided
Michael H. Knutson Undecided
Sadie R. Kolke Undecided
Alex M. Koppy Undecided
Caitlyn J. Krueger Undecided
Jaden J. Kuhn Undecided
Kristy N. Lang Undecided
Emily E. Livingood Undecided
Jeremy D. Lura University Studies
Amy C. Marquardt Undecided
Logan R. Martin Undecided
Molly A. Masseth Undecided
Dylan Q. Messer Undecided
Jennifer L. Mickels Undecided
Alex A. Mies Undecided
Cory P. Montplaisir Undecided
Macalester V. Oglesby Undecided
Michael J. Olson Undecided
Bridget N. Overby Undecided
Zachary J. Papke University Studies
Jacob M. Parrow Undecided
Donald P. Redding Undecided
Aaron J. Ree Undecided
Carson E. Reinhardt Undecided
Afton J. Samson Undecided
Moses M. Samura University Studies
Minori Sato Undecided
Todd M. Schmidt University Studies
Katherine M. Scholz Undecided
Tyler A. Schwab Undecided
Joshua T. Schwebach Undecided
Jonathan W. Sipe Undecided
Cassandra L. Smith Undecided
Marissa M. Spear Undecided
Chelaine D. Spenst University Studies
Trent P. Sprenkle Undecided
Taylor M. Stainbrook Undecided
Samantha L. Stegman University Studies
Zachary S. Thelen Undecided
Forrest W. Treutel Undecided
Abbey M. Tucker Undecided
Emily M. Tucker Undecided
Emma M. Van Valkenburg Undecided
Christian K. Vogel Undecided
Sarah L. Walker Undecided
Devin M. Walter University Studies
Carson J. Wentz Undecided
James R. Workin Undecided
Sean C. Young-Stephens Undecided

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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