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2012 Summer Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 9 credits with honor points.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Rachel K. Anderson Microbiology
Woo-Sik Choi Food Science
Alyssa A. Kittelson Animal Science
Ashlynn D. Krieger Microbiology
Laura E. Larson Veterinary Technology
Mercedes B. Lee Crop and Weed Sciences
Sarah E. Loken Microbiology
Danielle C. Pitzen Microbiology
Andrew R. Thorson Economics
Leonard R. Wrona Microbiology

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Hiroshi T. Asato Emergency Management
Angela A. Beaton Public History
Jason H. Bedsaul New Media and Web Design
Samantha R. Billing History
John Charles Criminal Justice
Calie C. Craddock Political Science
David K. Donahue Criminal Justice
Kyle S. Emmel Political Science
Tanya K. Engelhart Public Relations & Advertising
Kimberly G. Fleser Criminal Justice
Cailin M. Foerster Emergency Management
Heidi L. Freye Criminal Justice
Heather C. Hall Public History
Jacquelyn V. Halonen Criminal Justice
Anastacia C. Hermes Emergency Management
Jeffrey F. Hoopes Public Relations & Advertising
Alice Iannantuoni Political Science
Kaylee B. Jangula English
Cole J. Johnston Social Science Education
Savannah L. Langer Public Relations & Advertising
Robert C. Lauf Political Science
Andrea T. Mann Health Communication
Benjamin L. Nicholas Social Science
Danielle R. Olson Music
Kalie A. Olson English
Jason T. Pagan Sociology
Rachel J. Pond Criminal Justice
Taylor L. Renkes Public Relations & Advertising
Joseph D. Schuler History Education
Cory J. Shelton Criminal Justice
Tyler J. Smith Sociology
Ethan E. Thompson Criminal Justice
Torri L. Traxler Health Communication
Travis K. Wagman Music
Jesse R. Wagner Journalism
Brianna L. Way Criminal Justice
Carley N. Weaver Public Relations & Advertising
Molly B. Weisenburger Sociology
Shane P. White New Media and Web Design
Jennifer R. Wicklander Public Relations & Advertising
Paul J. Wilcziek Criminal Justice

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College of Business

Saad M. Alajlan Business Administration
Logan C. Curti Accounting
Neal A. Dittrich Business Administration
Rajinda D. Ekanayake Business Administration
Stephanie N. Erb Accounting
Jessica L. Hurlbut Marketing
Kelsey L. Koep Accounting
Krista M. Lambrecht Accounting
Alyssa M. Olson Marketing
Hannah E. Pilger Marketing
Patrick M. Redmond Accounting
Robert E. Ruud Management Information Systems
Travis S. Scepaniak Accounting
Drew C. SchmidgallAccounting
Paige E. Sepin Marketing
Michael W. Smith Accounting
Kirsten M. Swenson Business Administration
Wathsala P. Wataraka Gamage Accounting
Fan Yang Business Administration
Xi Zhang Accounting

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College of Engineering and Architecture

Courtney A. Becker Electrical Engineering
Amber O. Grindeland Architecture
Toni M. Haider Construction Engineering
Colby L. Judovsky Environmental Design
Do Yun Kim Construction Engineering
Matthew L. Louwagie Gordon Mechanical Engineering
David J. Moll Mechanical Engineering
Tyson R. Morlock Electrical Engineering
Christopher A. Mortenson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tyler D. Reisetter Civil Engineering
Peter K. Roller Mechanical Engineering
Nan Shi Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Heather D. Weaver Environmental Design
Yuchu Yan Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Meng Y. Zheng Manufacturing Engineering

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College of Human Development and Education

Heather A. Aal Human Development & Family Sci
Hailey M. Adams Human Development & Family Sci
Peace K. Albert Health Education
Anthony C. Baker Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Zanik J. BarteltSport & Recreation Leadership
Ryan C. BendixsonSport & Recreation Leadership
Salina E. Berg Human Development & Family Sci
Nathan D. Bjoralt Sport & Recreation Leadership
Dana M. Blomquist Human Development & Family Sci
Kimberly N. BraulickHuman Development & Family Sci
Ashley K. Campbell Human Development & Family Sci
Elise M. Citrowske App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Miranda J. Daignault Human Development & Family Sci
Jeffrey D. Dertinger Sport & Recreation Leadership
Paige P. Deutz App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Calli L. DoggettSport & Recreation Leadership
Megan N. Ecklund App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Erin K. Foley Human Development & Family Sci
Andrea J. Irsfeld Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Whitney A. Klindworth Health Education
Gannon R. KrielExercise Science
Joshua O. LaMere Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kelsey R. Leistico Interior Design
Breanna K. Marthaler Human Development & Family Sci
Desirae S. Metzger Human Development & Family Sci
Samantha K. Mitterling Human Development & Family Sci
Jonathan R. Novacek Sport & Recreation Leadership
Ashley M. Olson Exercise Science
Randi K. Parks Sport & Recreation Leadership
Rachel M. Roller Sport & Recreation Leadership
Lucas B. Schmaltz Agricultural Education
Stephanie L. Wieczorek Sport & Recreation Leadership

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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences

Ahmed R. Abdille Medical Laboratory Science
Maureen Achey Soh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Victoria K. Bracewell Radiologic Sciences
Ginger L. Breen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jordan A. Daly Respiratory Care
Nicollette J. DeSautel Respiratory Care
Shaylyn E. Fassino Radiologic Sciences
Karli L. Freeberg Nursing
Nicholas S. Gangl Respiratory Care
Rebecca M. Gemar Respiratory Care
Megan R. Gullickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah M. Haeder Nursing
Sarah M. Hillestad Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jason G. Hoots Respiratory Care
Christina M. Jepperson Nursing
Vickie R. Lee Respiratory Care
Keri M. Lenzmeier Radiologic Sciences
Shelly M. Lux Respiratory Care
Kara D. Misemer Respiratory Care
Rebecca L. Polipnick Nursing
Lillian B. Ratchenski Respiratory Care
John C. Schwab Respiratory Care
Tasnia Tarannum Radiologic Sciences
Carol L. VanderWeyst Nursing
Sara M. Wandler Respiratory Care

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College of Science and Mathematics

Spencer M. Bliss Computer Science
Kaitlyn J. Bock Psychology
Aubrey E. Boertje Psychology
Deniz Comez Mathematics
Tyler T. Geffre Computer Science
Tiffany A. Glass Zoology
Kirsten M. Gunderson Psychology
Jill S. Hanson Psychology
Sara J. HugueletPsychology
Krystal D. Kalliokoski Chemistry Education
Josephine C. Milewski Psychology
Michael D. Miller Psychology
Emily J. Morgan Zoology
Stephanie A. Nelson Behavioral Statistics
Austin N. Nguyen Computer Science
Megan J. Olson Psychology
Morgan L. Olson Zoology
Nicole M. Opperman Psychology
Akshat Sharma Computer Science
Michael J. Thomas Computer Science
Matthew T. Thompson Computer Science
Christopher J. Tonsager Psychology
Sylvia S. Ziejewski Psychology

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College of University Studies

Ryan P. Binde University Studies
Johnathon C. Crockett University Studies
Taylor R. Fontaine University Studies
Jordan D. Mittet University Studies
Cheyenne R. Schriefer University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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