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2013 Summer Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates who have completed at least 9 credits (with honor points) with a semester grade-point average of 3.50 or above at the close of the semester.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Hannah C. Beyer Animal Science
Scott D. Brossart Natural Resources Mgmt
Ellen M. Buysse Microbiology
Grace E. Cabarle Microbiology
Christopher A. KaraAgribusiness
Jenny L. Kubischta Agricultural Economics
Paige K. Magelky Animal Science
Kara N. Mauch Microbiology
Keri L. OwenMicrobiology
Chelsey L. Schafer Agricultural Economics
Benjamin J. SelstedtFood Science
Brett J. Smith Agribusiness
Andrew R. Thorson Economics

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Gabriel B. Abeng Sociology
Michael M. Alwin Criminal Justice
Abigail R. Bastian Agricultural Communication
Holly C. Behlke Criminal Justice
Erika A. Berger Music
Caleb M. Berthelsen Sociology
Peter R. Berthelsen Philosophy/Humanities
Amelia R. Bourquin Anthropology
Anthony P. Chaput Public Relations & Advertising
Calie C. Craddock Political Science
Anna R. Dalen Social Science Education
Jessica DiGiacomo Journalism
Samantha M. Eidenschink Public Relations & Advertising
Michael J. Evenocheck Criminal Justice
Megan M. Feyereisen Public Relations & Advertising
Ryan J. Freeman Art
Heidi L. Freye Criminal Justice
Cy T. Groslie Political Science
Ricky G. Hagen Criminal Justice
Kelsey L. Helland Public Relations & Advertising
Logan D. Hushka Criminal Justice
Brittney M. Kelley Political Science
Mariah M. Klingenberg Management Communication
Erin M. Krieger New Media and Web Design
Janine A. Kuntz Sociology
Jason D. Lange Criminal Justice
Richard T. LaPlante Criminal Justice
Briley L. Messer Political Science
Aric J. Moen Political Science
Rachel M. Olson Agricultural Communication
Christopher L. RungeEmergency Management
Samantha L. Sandven Health Communication
Kris M. Schaller Criminal Justice
Andrea D. Smith Music
Jesse M. Smith Criminal Justice
Daniel A. Stroup Emergency Management
SheraLynn Ternes Criminal Justice
Meghan L. Thomas Criminal Justice
Tammy M. Vanyo Sociology
Jesse R. Wagner English
Thomas B. Webb Emergency Management
Shane J. Wehlage Public Relations & Advertising
Jessica L. Wickstrom Criminal Justice
Paula D. Wikenheiser Journalism
Bailey C. Zilles Criminal Justice
Amber K. Zolondek Journalism

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College of Business

Mostafa A. Bashir Accounting
Nicholas R. Bruns Management
Shiming Dai Marketing
Brittany J. Diederich Business Administration
Keegan T. Ilenda Management
Jennifer T. Jacobson Finance
Jonathan R. Jude Business Administration
Nolan M. Klinkhammer Management Information Systems
Dustin A. Koska Business Administration
Amanda R. Kunz Accounting
Brendan J. Kurvers Accounting
Ke Ma Accounting
Vi T. Mai Accounting
Chontay J. Mastel Accounting
Tonya K. Peters Management Information Systems
Drew C. Schultz Business Administration
Rebecca D. Schultz Finance
Andrew Songle Management
Ali M. Sugule Management Information Systems
Alexander M. Tschider Marketing
Kyle D. Veum Accounting
Cassio S. Vieira Neto Marketing
Danielle M. Wahl Management
Jinting Wu Management

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College of Engineering and Architecture

Braden C. Aasand Electrical Engineering
Nicholas R. Aasand Electrical Engineering
Michael J. Arnold Architecture
Tingjun Chen Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Xingyu Chen Mechanical Engineering
Can Cui Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Hao Fu Manufacturing Engineering
Houchao Fu Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Michael T. Gaudette Computer Engineering
Ruisi Ge Electrical Engineering
Catherine E. Groth Architecture
Logan M. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Carmen J. Johnson Architecture
Lucas P. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Maxwell E. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Eric M. Kubischta Computer Engineering
Chenguang Long Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jay P. Miller Civil Engineering
David J. Moll Mechanical Engineering
Jason H. Radziszewski Electrical Engineering
Philip W. Ready Electrical Engineering
Kyle A. Rummel Architecture
Richard S. Santele Electrical Engineering
Julia F. Thomas Civil Engineering
Stephanie M. Wirz Architecture
Robert D. Wolsky Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Ruinan Xie Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Xingliang Zheng Industrial Engineering & Mgmt

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College of Human Development and Education

Joanna P. Arnold Social Science Education
Patrick T. Backman Exercise Science
Macy A. Barrett Human Development & Family Sci
Karyn E. Bomstad Human Development & Family Sci
Courtney J. Brenden Human Development & Family Sci
Shannon K. Brooks Sport & Recreation Leadership
Eva M. Chittum Human Development & Family Sci
Kaitlin E. Crowdus Biological Sciences Education
Christian L. Dudzik Sport & Recreation Leadership
Jessica S. Erickson Human Development & Family Sci
Mackenzie J. Glasser Human Development & Family Sci
Elizabeth R. Grosz Human Development & Family Sci
Laura M. Hanson Human Development & Family Sci
Kara D. Heath Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lindsey A. Johnson Health Education
Erica L. Kale App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Ashley K. Kassenborg Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica N. Kern Human Development & Family Sci
Adam R. Kitchens Sport & Recreation Leadership
Hua Li Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Kayla R. Lindroos Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna M. Marquette Health Education
Brittany J. Meduna Human Development & Family Sci
Timothy J. Mehok Sport & Recreation Leadership
Desirae S. Metzger Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca J. Ney Human Development & Family Sci
Patricia A. Ode Human Development & Family Sci
Meegan C. Parker Human Development & Family Sci
Alyson C. Raymo Human Development & Family Sci
Hawa S. Riji Health Education
Alexis D. Schiermeister Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Connie L. Schmit Dietetics
Elizabeth A. Seaver Human Development & Family Sci
Caitlin M. Tierney Human Development & Family Sci
Mariah D. Viaene Human Development & Family Sci
Marguerite A. Walter English Education
Cassandra C. Wastweet Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Bobbi K. Wynia Human Development & Family Sci
Va Yang Exercise Science
Nathan J. Zastrow Sport & Recreation Leadership

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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences

Aaron D. Bedford Medical Laboratory Science
Kimberly J. Block Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sadi A. Bren Pharmaceutical Sciences
John G. Carlin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alissa M. Carlson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Caleb P. Christiansen Nursing
Patrick S. Culhane Respiratory Care
Kelsey M. Envall Nursing
Marc J. Estes Respiratory Care
Abdirahman M. Farah Respiratory Care
Ashley R. Hertwig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abdul Kawa Nursing
Greta C. Keller Radiologic Sciences
Vickie R. Lee Respiratory Care
Keri M. Lenzmeier Radiologic Sciences
Dylan M. Meyer Respiratory Care
Rebecca A. O'Brien Respiratory Care
Rebecca A. Pareja Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bethany R. Pelzer Respiratory Care
Amber R. Piatz Nursing
Elizabeth H. Solma Respiratory Care
Jashandeep K. Walia Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ben J. Zillgitt Respiratory Care

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College of Science and Mathematics

Amos L. Albert Geology
Abdiaziz A. Farah Computer Science
Kayley C. Klingbeil Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Petar Miljkovic Chemistry
Emily J. Morgan Zoology
Kristin L. Ormand Biological Sciences
Molly E. Schultz Biological Sciences
Katerina Voronova Psychology
Kelly L. Williams Psychology
Sean C. Young-Stephens Psychology

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College of University Studies

Aaron L. Swandal University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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