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2014 Spring Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 12 credits with honor points.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Kyle A. Aasand Crop and Weed Sciences
Kyle A. Abrahamson Agricultural Economics
Jessica R. Adamek Animal Science
Angela M. Adsero Biotechnology
Matthew L. Aichele Agricultural Economics
Rennah J. Al-Kayali Horticulture
Justin T. Alme Crop and Weed Sciences
Troy J. Altmann Soil Science
Kelsey M. Amborn Veterinary Technology
Ashley N. Anderson Animal Science
Jordan T. Anderson Crop and Weed Sciences
Sarah J. Archambault Veterinary Technology
Madeline J. Arneson Biotechnology
Heidi N. Artz Microbiology
Martin C. Ausk Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas L. Austin Crop and Weed Sciences
Marcie A. Bachler Microbiology
Laura A. Bachmeier Animal Science
Michael T. Backman Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kenneth A. Bahm Agricultural Economics
Elizabeth A. Bajczyk Microbiology
Margalit R. Balaban Microbiology
Amber C. Balfe Agribusiness
Hannah M. Barrett Horticulture
Justin D. Bartholomay Animal Science
Amanda L. Beck Crop and Weed Sciences
Kaitlin C. Beck Food Science
Garrett M. Becker Crop and Weed Sciences
Travis E. Benson Agribusiness
Tallen K. Berg Crop and Weed Sciences
Adam D. Bernhardson Crop and Weed Sciences
Charles J. Beske Economics
Amanda B. Bierma Animal Science
Andrew J. Billings Natural Resources Mgmt
Seth C. Bisbee Agribusiness
Marshall P. Bjorklund Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kayla J. Blake Animal Science
Brock H. Bleichner Agribusiness
Jodi E. Boe Crop and Weed Sciences
Matthew P. Bonn Economics
Michael T. Borders Economics
Sydney B. Bork Microbiology
Crystal L. Bosek Veterinary Technology
Sara Bowman Microbiology
Dylan H. Boyer Microbiology
Morgan L. Boyum Veterinary Technology
Brandon J. Breckheimer Crop and Weed Sciences
Breanna M. Bregel Agricultural Education
Timothy J. Breider Microbiology
Karen F. Brommenschenkel Agricultural Economics
Jordan C. Brummond Microbiology
Ty M. Bruner Agricultural Economics
Joseph M. Budke Soil Science
Nora R. Bunn Animal Science
Ellen M. Buysse Microbiology
Madison M. Byrne Economics
Britley J. Calkins Veterinary Technology
Collin J. Cannon Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Jaden M. Carlson Microbiology
Lacey Carlson Equine Science
Lynn K. Carlson Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary E. Carlson Animal Science
Sarah L. Cassel Agribusiness
Patrick S. Champa Range Science
Kelli A. Chinn Animal Science
Jacob J. Chisholm Agricultural Economics
Brookelle A. Christman Microbiology
Lauren A. Ciernia Animal Science
Benjamin D. Cigelske Crop and Weed Sciences
James S. Clark Economics
Haylee M. Cloutier Veterinary Technology
Molly K. Collette Agribusiness
Alexis G. Craig Animal Science
Atarah Crawford Veterinary Technology
Brandon L. Dahl Natural Resources Mgmt
Georgia Starr Davis Natural Resources Mgmt
Jared W. Deutz Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Dalton J. Dionne Agribusiness
Sara J. Doda Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas R. Dolan Economics
Amanda R. Doll Microbiology
Emily P. Driessen Microbiology
Christina F. Dulik Equine Science
Ryan J. Dusek Agricultural Economics
Kaitlyn K. Ebel Animal Science
Christopher L. Eggen Crop and Weed Sciences
Colton R. Eichele Agribusiness
Amanda K. Eickhoff Veterinary Technology
Bridget E. Eklund Biotechnology
Tracy L. Ellig Animal Science
Nicole A. Ellingson Natural Resources Mgmt
Evan E. Ellison Biotechnology
Brita M. Enderson Agribusiness
Emily A. Engelhard Agribusiness
Noah J. Engels Agricultural Economics
Nicole N. Engraf Veterinary Technology
Lauren M. Erdahl Veterinary Technology
Bethany A. Erickson Agricultural Economics
Kristen L. Erickson Veterinary Technology
Benjamin C. Erickstad Crop and Weed Sciences
John D. Evenocheck Microbiology
Chris J. Fedje Crop and Weed Sciences
Amber A. Feickert Agribusiness
Emily R. Feldmann Food Science
Alex J. Fornshell Crop and Weed Sciences
Charles J. Forward General Agriculture
Lindsey R. Forward Natural Resources Mgmt
Kendall R. Frahm Agricultural Economics
Joshua K. Friedt General Agriculture
Abby J. Ganyo Veterinary Technology
Paige M. Gardas Microbiology
Kainoa M. Gathje Food Science
Morgan C. Geer Animal Science
Ashley L. Giedd Animal Science
Sydney M. Gilles Crop and Weed Sciences
Arielle C. Glaspie Veterinary Technology
Kelan J. Goeser Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Christopher B. Grandalen Crop and Weed Sciences
Ashley N. Graudin Veterinary Technology
Aaron W. Green Natural Resources Mgmt
Nathaniel P. Greseth Animal Science
Krista R. Gross Animal Science
Tyler J. Grosz Economics
Abbigael P. Gutierrez Animal Science
Seth M. Haas Agricultural Economics
Benjamin L. Hageman Natural Resources Mgmt
Maria C. Hager Agricultural Economics
Kayla M. Haglund Animal Science
Jill A. Hallin Animal Science
Monique C. Haman Veterinary Technology
Jona M. Hamson Natural Resources Mgmt
Katherine M. Hanson Veterinary Technology
Morgan D. Hanson Crop and Weed Sciences
Brent C. Hasbargen Agricultural Economics
Dalton E. Hassler Microbiology
Hilary B. Hawkins Animal Science
Leah M. Hawkins Animal Science
Kimberly A. Heggeset Microbiology
Kelsey T. Heiberg Veterinary Technology
Raymond D. Heinz Natural Resources Mgmt
Casey B. Helgoe Crop and Weed Sciences
Morgan A. Hemme Microbiology
Mitchell D. Herzog Crop and Weed Sciences
Cassandra E. Hillen Food Science
Tracy K. Hillenbrand Crop and Weed Sciences
Brett M. Hillestad Agricultural Economics
Alexandra M. Hitt Economics
Matthew J. Hodgman Economics
Ryan P. Hoffman Agricultural Economics
Isaac T. Holman Natural Resources Mgmt
Katelyn N. Huttunen Crop and Weed Sciences
Brandon K. Ingerson Natural Resources Mgmt
Macey R. Isaacs Agricultural Education
Neil R. Iverson Crop and Weed Sciences
Mariah L. Jacobs Animal Science
Nathan J. Jahnke Horticulture
Brittany S. Jangula Horticulture
Cody M. Jenson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Angela B. Johnson Animal Science
Heather A. Johnson Agricultural Education
Justin T. Johnson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kory L. Johnson Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas K. Johnson Agribusiness
Yuri S. Johnson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nina Jovanovic Agricultural Economics
Daniel R. Julson Agribusiness
Anna E. Kampa Equine Science
MacKenzie D. Kampmeier Agricultural Economics
Katharine T. Kelsven Microbiology
Brent W. Kemp Agricultural Economics
Tyler G. Kemp Agricultural Economics
Taylor S. Kemper Crop and Weed Sciences
Shahzeb A. Khan Biotechnology
Justin L. Kiesow Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Morgan L. Kirschenmann Veterinary Technology
Aaron W. Klaustermeier Natural Resources Mgmt
Brenden A. Klebe Crop and Weed Sciences
Jesse D. Klebe Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Justine E. Klein Biotechnology
William R. Klose Crop and Weed Sciences
Jenna C. Klosterman Agricultural Economics
Megan E. Klosterman Economics
Abby A. Knoll Animal Science
Andrew J. Knox Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Evan E. Knutson Animal Science
Stephanie K. Kobiela Microbiology
Whitney L. Koch Veterinary Technology
Brady D. Koehler Agribusiness
Leah K. Krabbenhoft Biotechnology
Autumn L. Kraft Microbiology
Sarah L. Kropp Microbiology
Trina S. Krumm Microbiology
Michelle L. Kuntz Animal Science
Emma C. Kusick Microbiology
Rachael A. Lagein Animal Science
Jared G. Lamirante Natural Resources Mgmt
Daniel J. Landman Agricultural Economics
Francis P. Landman Biotechnology
William C. Lange Horticulture
Walter K. Lanza Economics
Nicole M. LaPage Microbiology
Brooks K. Larson Agribusiness
Emily M. Larson Veterinary Technology
Heidi A. Larson Microbiology
Matthew L. Larson Economics
Megan A. Larson Equine Science
Tiffany A. Larson Microbiology
Keaton B. Laymon Natural Resources Mgmt
David J. Leier Agricultural Education
Marissa M. Leier Animal Science
Ryan R. Lenz Biotechnology
Alex M. Liebe Crop and Weed Sciences
Jeffrey T. Lindquist Agricultural Economics
Jessica A. Long Agricultural Education
Jacob S. Longlet Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jennifer M. Lukach Animal Science
Gregory T. Lund Natural Resources Mgmt
Andrew J. Mages Agricultural Economics
Tyler S. Mahrer Crop and Weed Sciences
Andrew P. Maidl Crop and Weed Sciences
Mitchell J. Maki Microbiology
Jessica L. Manthey Animal Science
Chelsie N. Manton Microbiology
Austin D. Markel Agricultural Economics
Rachael C. Masset Microbiology
Jenna L. Mehlhoff Veterinary Technology
David C. Mettler Horticulture
Logan J. Metzen Animal Science
Kyle A. Middendorf Agricultural Education
Logan L. Miller Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Melissa S. Miller General Agriculture
Mikayla S. Miller Crop and Weed Sciences
Jonathan P. Moe Agricultural Economics
Jiyan M. Mohammad Microbiology
Jade M. Monroe Natural Resources Mgmt
Jared W. Monsebroten Agricultural Economics
Presley E. Mosher Horticulture
Jacob B. Mueller Economics
Benjamin B. Munson Natural Resources Mgmt
Jennifer M. Murphy Microbiology
Allison M. Mustonen Animal Science
Kassandra L. Myers Equine Science
Joseph F. Neadeau Economics
Emma V. Neigum Horticulture
Dylan J. Nelson Agricultural Economics
Macalester V. Oglesby Natural Resources Mgmt
Kelby M. Opsahl Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicole L. Osmundson Biotechnology
Natalie M. Osowski Crop and Weed Sciences
Megan S. Ostrand Natural Resources Mgmt
Kendra J. Pahl Veterinary Technology
Aryn P. Parker Animal Science
Sarah E. Paskewitz Agricultural Economics
Matthew J. Pederson Crop and Weed Sciences
Alan T. Peterson Crop and Weed Sciences
Anna M. Peterson Animal Science
Chelsey L. Pizel Agribusiness
Hom N. Pokhrel Food Science
Tanner B. Post Crop and Weed Sciences
Jonathan L. Presler Economics
Nathan L. Qual Crop and Weed Sciences
Joshua J. Ramberg Agribusiness
Benjamin J. Rehder Agribusiness
Madelaine C. Rehn Equine Science
Samuel P. Reinhardt Natural Resources Mgmt
Aaron A. Rekken Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jason A. Richter Crop and Weed Sciences
Brittney M. Riebel Food Science
Ariana M. Rinell Veterinary Technology
Cade E. Robertson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Evan R. Robertson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nolan T. Rockstad Crop and Weed Sciences
Tanner L. Rohloff Agricultural Economics
Jared D. Rosaaen General Agriculture
Jean L. Rosenau Agricultural Economics
Kelani J. Rosenau Veterinary Technology
Serina G. RossowVeterinary Technology
Tanner E. Rothstein Microbiology
Ethan J. Rudell Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas R. Rygg Agricultural Economics
Katherine M. Sanders Microbiology
Francisco Santa Cruz Crop and Weed Sciences
Jeremy F. Sauer Crop and Weed Sciences
Amy L. Scegura Crop and Weed Sciences
Jared M. Schaefer Crop and Weed Sciences
Patrick D. Schaffer Agribusiness
Nicholas J. Schimek Crop and Weed Sciences
Rachel R. Schlieman Veterinary Technology
Kari V. Schmeling Veterinary Technology
John P. Schmidt Microbiology
Rebecca M. Schmidt Microbiology
Michaela E. Schrimpf Animal Science
Rachel R. Schroeder Animal Science
Danielle M. Schuler Food Science
Elizabeth A. Schultz Microbiology
Jared R. Schumacher Agricultural Economics
Joshua T. Schwebach Horticulture
Kristi R. Schweiss Agribusiness
Tye A. Scott Crop and Weed Sciences
Anysia K. Secord Animal Science
Adam T. Sherden Food Science
Kristina Shirk Veterinary Technology
Tescha E. Siewert Animal Science
Mark A. Simonson Economics
Sanjivni Sinha Biotechnology
Mary E. Skjervheim Horticulture
Cambria S. Slaubaugh Equine Science
Jordan M. Smith Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicole M. SmithAgricultural Education
Leiah R. Smolley Microbiology
Stephanie R. St. Aubin Food Science
Alex R. Stamp Agribusiness
Abbey J. Steckler Microbiology
Nicholas J. Steffl Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kara L. Stegner Veterinary Technology
Charles L. Steinberger Agribusiness
Alexis A. Steinman Natural Resources Mgmt
Mitchell J. Stephens Horticulture
Samantha L. Stoel Equine Science
Megan E. Stoley Microbiology
Liza M. Stremick Microbiology
Joshua T. Stutrud Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary D. Suda Agricultural Economics
Abby J. Sumption Crop and Weed Sciences
Brady W. Swanson Crop and Weed Sciences
Paige D. Swenson Veterinary Technology
Calvin J. Teubner Agribusiness
Sarah J. Thiel Agribusiness
Jennifer J. Thomas Veterinary Technology
Jordaan C. Thompson Soil Science
Logan S. Thompson Agricultural Economics
Taylor K. Thompson Agricultural Education
Nicole N. Thorndal Microbiology
Megan E. Tiegs Animal Science
Taylor W. Tollefson Natural Resources Mgmt
Kristi M. Tonnessen Agricultural Education
Megan E. Totenhagen Agricultural Economics
Abbey M. Tucker Equine Science
Stephanie L. Vagle Veterinary Technology
Adrianus C. Van Bedaf Animal Science
Brian W. Volkenant Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Hannah J. Wagner Biotechnology
Joseph P. Wagner Natural Resources Mgmt
Michael D. Wanlass Economics
Dana A. Weatherford Animal Science
Brandon M. Weber Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Christina M. Weeks Natural Resources Mgmt
Erika M. Wehmhoff Microbiology
Alyssa M. Wehri Animal Science
Justin C. Wehri Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Justin K. Wendlandt Animal Science
Emily K. Wentzel Agricultural Economics
Christina M. Wetzel Veterinary Technology
Rebecca J. Wetzel Animal Science
Michael G. Wiest Crop and Weed Sciences
Crystal A. Wilson Veterinary Technology
Kayla M. Woltz Veterinary Technology
Katherine M. Woodbury Agricultural Economics
Verlin C. Zacharias Agricultural Economics
Justin L. Zahradka Crop and Weed Sciences
Jesse R. Zeis Agricultural Economics
Muxin Zhao Food Safety
Cassidy L. Ziesch Agricultural Education
Amy J. Zimmermann Agricultural Education

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Noha M. Abdelrahman Architecture
Mohamed H. Abdirahman English
Kaitlyn K. Aberle Architecture
Mshail A. Ahmed Architecture
Alexander J. Akerman Emergency Management
Nolan D. Alber English
Krista A. Aldrich English
Niloufar Alenjery Architecture
Nathan D. Almen Architecture
Brian A. Anderson History Education
Claire O. Anderson Public Relations & Advertising
Dylan J. Anderson Landscape Architecture
Nathan D. Anderson New Media and Web Design
Stephen P. Anderson Journalism
Hannah R. Andring English Education
Brandon L. Antony Philosophy/Humanities
Pedro R. Armendariz III Architecture
Mataya T. Armstrong Art
Gabrielle J. Arnquist Health Communication
Javan Hur D. Arroyo Architecture
Hailey J. Askeland Management Communication
Alyssa C. Asmus Emergency Management
Kevin M. Atwood Social Science Education
Noah A. AvonEmergency Management
Matthew T. Axtmann Architecture
Megan N. Babel Public Relations & Advertising
Rachel A. Bakke Criminal Justice
Christopher R. Bales Music
David H. Ballard Criminal Justice
Bo A. Balsdon Anthropology
Mariah J. Bartholomay Sociology
Taressa R. Bartholomew Art
Emily S. Beaman Art
Heidi L. Beberg Criminal Justice
Tessa M. Beck Public Relations & Advertising
Gregory D. Bednar Architecture
Hannah E. Bednarek Journalism
Holly C. Behlke Criminal Justice
Chelsea M. Bennett Public Relations & Advertising
Gretta B. Berens Architecture
Keanna E. Berezowski Theatre Arts
Erika A. Berger Music
Cydney R. Berlinger Music
Marilyn L. Bernabe Management Communication
Caleb M. Berthelsen Sociology
Elizabeth N. Bervik Architecture
Sarah A. Biesterveld Architecture
Cole W. Bishop Music
Michael R. Black History
Katelyn M. Blackwelder Public Relations & Advertising
Michael F. Blank Landscape Architecture
Alex C. Blaser Music
Mitchell C. Borgen Architecture
Nicole E. Borstad Management Communication
Zachary M. Bowe Social Science Education
Griffin J. Boyer Music
Nicholas J. Braaksma Architecture
Taylor D. Brannen Architecture
Kimberly K. Branson Emergency Management
Anshul Brat Architecture
Joseph D. Brauer Theatre Arts
Amanda J. Breen Public Relations & Advertising
Lucas A. Brown Journalism
Dennis H. Bukowski Architecture
Tylen R. Bultema Music
Uuganbayar Buman-Uchral Architecture
Brooklyn S. Burmeister Architecture
Noah A. Burris Political Science
Ardakh ButaiLandscape Architecture
Aaron D. Butler Social Science Education
James D. Cahill History
Gregory D. Calrow Music
Martin K. Cambronne Music
Lauren L. Cammack Criminal Justice
Jeffery M. Canning English
Rebecca J. Capouch Public Relations & Advertising
Jessica D. Carlson Sociology
Jonathan D. Carlson Art
Seth J. Carpenter Emergency Management
Christopher D. Carter Architecture
Shaina M. Case Criminal Justice
Kali L. Christianson Public Relations & Advertising
Jordan S. Christie Theatre Arts
Britten J. Churchill Architecture
Peta-Gaye G. Clachar Art
Thomas P. Clawson Criminal Justice
Eric A. Clay Public Relations & Advertising
Aaron J. Codden Architecture
Kenneth J. Collins Social Science Education
Josh C. Colville Sociology
Dania G. Conlow Rodriguez Journalism
Benjamin M. Court Music
Calie C. Craddock Political Science
Derek M. Cronquist Criminal Justice
Logan C. Curti Public Relations & Advertising
Craig M. Cusick Architecture
Cory A. Cwiak Architecture
Ashley R. Daanen Public Relations & Advertising
Robert G. Darling Architecture
Samantha M. Day Public Relations & Advertising
Anne R. Debner Management Communication
Emma L. DeMartelaere Architecture
Haley I. Deserly Agricultural Communication
Alexander J. Dick Music
Jessica DiGiacomo Journalism
Jacob I. Dixon Music
Jason T. Dockter History Education
Paige V. Douglas English
John A. Dura Journalism
Alex L. Eberhardt Anthropology
Anna M. Eckberg Landscape Architecture
Anne E. Ehresmann Management Communication
Taylor A. Eichinger Music
Bryan P. Eide Public Relations & Advertising
Paige A. Eidenschink Management Communication
Matthew S. Ellingson Landscape Architecture
Andi B. Elvert Architecture
Chelsey A. Engelhard Public Relations & Advertising
Jordan L. Engelke English
Tyler M. Ertl Architecture
Alexa N. Esperum Criminal Justice
Ana Sophia Estrada Moog Criminal Justice
Michael J. Evenocheck Criminal Justice
Nathan T. Eversman Architecture
Alicia F. Fadley Architecture
Lauren C. Falcon Architecture
Jennifer O. Fatz Public Relations & Advertising
Taylor B. Fay Theatre Arts
Samantha J. Felt Public Relations & Advertising
Megan J. Fenstermacker Management Communication
Kelsie E. Ferguson Health Communication
Jaxon D. Fitterer Social Science Education
Chase T. Fjelstad Architecture
Lane A. Flaten Music
Alea E. Florin Art
Justin P. Flynn Landscape Architecture
James L. Fornes English Education
Austin J. Foss Architecture
Alyssa A. Frank English Education
Delaney J. Freer Public Relations & Advertising
Mary C. Freitag Public Relations & Advertising
Elisabeth M. FrickerPolitical Science
Amy E. Frosaker Public Relations & Advertising
Julia R. Fuller Architecture
Ingrid A. Fullerton Architecture
Sara M. Fundingsland Criminal Justice
Christa C. Galbraith Architecture
Brittney R. Gay Criminal Justice
Jordan D. Gedrose Landscape Architecture
Brittany L. Gefroh Journalism
Ethan P. Gefroh Landscape Architecture
Michael D. Gehrtz Music
Clare A. Geinert Theatre Arts
Mariah R. Genovese Public History
Cody J. Gerszewski Theatre Arts
Megan M. Gilbertson Political Science
Benjamin J. Gillis Architecture
Michael W. Goergen Criminal Justice
Diego A. Gondim Architecture
Richard A. Grossman Journalism
Sonnet J. Grueneich Sociology
Mary M. Gust Public Relations & Advertising
Jacob T. Haack Architecture
Matthew F. Hall Architecture
Erik B. Hamilton Criminal Justice
Kyle C. Hanson Art
Eric C. Harlow Music
Diedrich A. Harms Architecture
Tyler K. Harnisch Architecture
Allison M. HatcherArchitecture
Charlotte T. Haugh Architecture
Paige A. Haughton Political Science
Madison M. Hausauer Public Relations & Advertising
Carolyn G. Hausladen Art
Emma J. Heaton Journalism
Jonathan W. Hegseth Architecture
Alex J. Hendrick Political Science
Anastacia C. Hermes Emergency Management
Molly M. Hess Public Relations & Advertising
Ross A. Hettervig English
Amy M. Hilgers Public Relations & Advertising
Colin L. Hillius Criminal Justice
Jesse A. Hinz Criminal Justice
Alexandra K. Hirstein Architecture
Mallory C. Hoch English Education
Wilbur T. Holt Architecture
Cale A. Homuth Public Relations & Advertising
Jeffrey F. Hoopes Public Relations & Advertising
Luke J. Hoplin Music
Alysa L. Horn Landscape Architecture
Hayley E. Horntvedt Public Relations & Advertising
Thomas J. Houle Emergency Management
Lauren L. Hovden Sociology
Brittani K. Hovland Journalism
Samantha M. Huber Music
Alyson D. Hubrig Music
Trevor O. Huck Landscape Architecture
Mitchell D. Huisman Music
Tara L. Hutchinson Criminal Justice
Hee Kyung Hyun English
Kara N. Iliff Architecture
Alyssa S. Impullitti Vocal Music Education
Amanda P. Jablonsky Spanish Education
Alisa C. Jacobson History
Alexander P. Jansen Architecture
Kelsey M. Jarrett Architecture
Kara L. Jeffers Management Communication
Hannah M. Jessen Public Relations & Advertising
Brenna L. Johansen Public Relations & Advertising
Carmen J. Johnson Architecture
Courtney L. Johnson Agricultural Communication
Courtney S. Johnson Social Science Education
Haley T. Johnson Public Relations & Advertising
Megan B. Johnson Art
Zachary T. Johnson Criminal Justice
Cole J. Johnston Criminal Justice
Madison R. Juelfs Anthropology
Gregory Justak Social Science Education
Ryan Justak History
Kristin M. Kane Architecture
Jacob R. Kappers Architecture
Emily C. Karkoska Public Relations & Advertising
Hannah M. Karl Public Relations & Advertising
Amber R. Kassenborg Criminal Justice
Brian A. Kawasaki Management Communication
Elizabeth S. Keena Health Communication
Colton C. Kellen Emergency Management
Spencer D. Kelley Art
Logan A. Kern Architecture
Erika D. Ketterling Sociology
Olivia J. Khristan Public History
Jin KimEnvironmental Design
Callie A. King Public Relations & Advertising
Trevor J. Kleineschay Criminal Justice
Sarah C. Knopik Criminal Justice
Carl A. Knutson Architecture
Amelia A. Koenig Architecture
James R. Koenig Theatre Arts
Sadie R. Kolke Art
Luke M. Koran Public History
Katelyn M. Kostad Architecture
Amanda M. Krebs Criminal Justice
Shelby C. Krech Management Communication
Robert J. Kringler History
John T. Krolak Architecture
Calvin M. Krueger Criminal Justice
Carlie R. Krueger Agricultural Communication
Erica L. Krueger Criminal Justice
Remington S. Krueger History
Bridget J. Kruger Public Relations & Advertising
Jacob G. Kubik Public Relations & Advertising
Timothy L. Kuhn Management Communication
Emily J. Kulzer Public History
David T. Kurtti Sociology
Thomas A. Kyllo Criminal Justice
Lucas J. Laney Emergency Management
Jason D. Lange Criminal Justice
William A. Lange Political Science
Hannah J. Langr Architecture
Alexis M. Larson Emergency Management
Morgan T. Larson Architecture
Nicolette P. Larson Public Relations & Advertising
Robert M. Latham Landscape Architecture
Katherine L. Laubenstein Art
Travis J. LauerCriminal Justice
Mercedes B. Lee English
Yeseul Lee Art
Emily R. Lehmann Music
Eric K. Lein Criminal Justice
Pei-Yun Liu English
Dareien C. Lund Music
Nicholas R. Lunde Architecture
Kaisa B. Lundgren Management Communication
Tia J. Lunski Art
Jessa L. Lusby Public Relations & Advertising
Chelsey L. Lutovsky Art
Jacob M. Lynch Music
Jacob A. Maahs Criminal Justice
Richard J. Maas Architecture
Rebecca A. Maciej Public History
Vincent M. Maciej Emergency Management
Shandi M. Mack Political Science
Travis M. Mack Public Relations & Advertising
Shaina R. Magel Journalism
Morgan F. Mairs Health Communication
Joshua J. Majeski Criminal Justice
Alex J. Malnaa Architecture
Keith A. Mantz Political Science
Katrinia K. Martinez Criminal Justice
Kyle A. Mason Emergency Management
Malena K. Mastel History
Megan J. Matejcek Social Science Education
Abigail M. Mathison Public Relations & Advertising
Mitchell A. Mazaheri Criminal Justice
Christine M. McClellan Journalism
Samantha M. McCormick Art
Amy A. McDonald Architecture
Marley J. McDunn English Education
Mitchell T. McGillick Criminal Justice
Rachel J. McGinn Architecture
Cody B. Mead Political Science
Leigh Ann M. Mehs Architecture
Briley L. Messer Political Science
Michael J. Mettler Music
Renae L. Metzger Criminal Justice
Jessica N. Meyer Architecture
Brianna M. Michaelson English
Kitty B. Michaels-Winchester Social Science Education
Kaitlin M. Michelson English Education
Malorie A. Midtaune Public Relations & Advertising
Heather L. Milbrath Agricultural Communication
Nathan D. Miller Architecture
Nicholas E. Miller Public History
Sophie K. Miller Architecture
Alexandra M. Mills Architecture
Brett C. Mills History
Erica L. Miron Landscape Architecture
Lucas L. Mock Criminal Justice
Kaspari M. Modin Architecture
Lauren K. Moe New Media and Web Design
Keelia M. Moeller English Education
Zachariah W. Moen Architecture
Shelby M. Moenster Public Relations & Advertising
Shawn R. Mohr French
Alberto G. Moncera Music
Michael S. Montgomery History
Annise J. Montplaisir Management Communication
Jaime E. Moran Management Communication
Jarrett D. Mork Architecture
Kimberly R. Morris Management Communication
Laryssa L. Mortenson English
Briana L. Moynihan Music
Peter E. Mueller Architecture
Bryce R. Murchie English
Brock E. Nagel Social Science Education
Andrew J. Nelson Criminal Justice
Bryn M. Nelson Journalism
Dylan T. Neururer Architecture
Erica L. Nitschke Political Science
Matthew B. Nohr Architecture
Kaitlyn R. Nolte Social Science Education
Lucy K. Nordstrom Social Science Education
Linda G. Norland New Media and Web Design
Benjamin J. Norman English Education
Kalley A. Norr Sociology
Christian J. Novak English Education
Ellie K. Nyquist Landscape Architecture
Megan Oakes Architecture
Leah B. O'Keefe Criminal Justice
Patrick R. O'Keeffe Landscape Architecture
Chinyere V. Okwulehie Political Science
Robert J. Ollman Philosophy/Humanities
Jacob D. Olsen Music
John C. Olson Criminal Justice
Joy L. Olson Public Relations & Advertising
Kari L. Olson Public Relations & Advertising
Rebecca A. Opp English Education
Katelyn H. Ostby English
Mickelle F. Owens Public History
Max R. Pajari Criminal Justice
Sarah A. Palm Theatre Arts
Taylor J. Paluck Public Relations & Advertising
Abby L. Papenfuss Health Communication
Hyemin Park English
Edward A. Pavek Management Communication
Zachery T. Pavlicek Music
Alecia M. Pearson Political Science
Jacquelyn K. Pearson Social Science Education
Taylor K. Pearson Music
Andrew T. Pedersen Journalism
Eric T. Pelletier Music
Prospero Pensa Philosophy/Humanities
Ashley J. Peters Sociology
Amber M. Peterson Political Science
Grace A. Peterson English
Jacob W. Peterson Architecture
Jordan L. Peterson Journalism
Taylor A. Peterson Music
Michael J. Petyo Music
Aloysia C. Pfeiffer Music
Virginia K. Pick Art
Allison K. Pillar New Media and Web Design
Mercedes R. Pitzer Health Communication
Ryan Pivoran Criminal Justice
Matthew D. Plank Social Science Education
Kendra E. Plaschko Criminal Justice
Matthew K. Plasencia Architecture
Colton J. Pool Journalism
Rebecca A. Pruett Architecture
Katie M. Puetz Spanish Education
Carissa J. Quanbeck Music
Connor W. Radebaugh Philosophy/Humanities
Alyssa M. Ralston Public Relations & Advertising
Chantell T. Ramberg English
Kyle R. Ramsey Public Relations & Advertising
Julie A. Rasanen Architecture
Laura E. Reinbold Anthropology
Ryan J. Remke New Media and Web Design
Tayler K. Remme English Education
Thomas Rhone Architecture
Dustin A. Richard Political Science
Brittney R. Richter Public Relations & Advertising
Daniel C. Ricke Social Science Education
Hannah E. Roach Landscape Architecture
John E. Roach English
Deborah J. Rosen English Education
Ethan T. Rostvedt Criminal Justice
Jacob W. Rued Criminal Justice
Kyle A. Rummel Architecture
Carly R. Saben Emergency Management
Giulia Salina Political Science
Cristielyn C. Sanchez Sociology
Zachary R. Sandberg Art
Sarina R. Sandstrom Public History
Samantha L. Sandven Health Communication
Whitney M. Sauer History
Aaron J. Schaefer Landscape Architecture
Kris M. Schaller Criminal Justice
Sarah R. Schell New Media and Web Design
Ian J. Schimke Architecture
Theresa L. Schlangen Music
Benton D. Schmidt Music
Thomas R. Schmidt Architecture
Beth E. Schmitz Health Communication
Katlin R. Schmitz Public Relations & Advertising
Amber L. Schneider Anthropology
Colton J. Schneider Journalism
Erika J. Schneider Public Relations & Advertising
Tanner D. Schneider Criminal Justice
Landon J. Schoeneck Architecture
Callie M. Schroer Spanish
Richard J. Schrom Music
Katherine M. Schulz Emergency Management
Taylor N. Schuman Architecture
Conner Scott Public Relations & Advertising
Olivia M. Scott Management Communication
Emily A. Severson Architecture
Alaina L. Shah Political Science
Madeline T. Sharpe Theatre Arts
Samantha K. Sherman Political Science
Jihong Shim Journalism
Brennan S. Shorter Criminal Justice
Kami J. Sim Theatre Arts
Lindsey J. Simenson History Education
Jena N. Sinton Public Relations & Advertising
Sarah M. Sisser Public Relations & Advertising
Bethany R. Smith French
Chelsea V. Smith Public Relations & Advertising
Connor M. Smith Criminal Justice
Emerson H. Smith Architecture
MeiLi M. Smith Women and Gender Studies
Kelsey J. Solberg Emergency Management
McKell D. Sprenger Health Communication
Jeffrey P. Sprout Political Science
Camila M. Stadum Public Relations & Advertising
Erin E. Stegman English
Katelyn S. Stegman English
Shelby L. Steidl Art
Braden J. Stevenson New Media and Web Design
Jordan R. Stiefel Art
Chelsey A. Stoppleworth New Media and Web Design
Nathan W. Stottler Landscape Architecture
Benjamin J. Strehlow Architecture
Brett D. Stricker Criminal Justice
Sarah M. Svensson Art
Conner D. Swanson Political Science
Jennifer R. Swenson Sociology
Joshua D. Taylor Public Relations & Advertising
Ryan D. TerSteeg Architecture
Josh A. Theis Public Relations & Advertising
Victoria M. Thelen Management Communication
Shaylee J. Thomas English Education
Erin L. Thompson Criminal Justice
Katherine J. Thoreson English
Allison E. Thorson Journalism
Todd J. Tingelstad English
Meaghan R. Tobin Journalism
Daniel T. Todd Architecture
Christopher D. Tomkinson Landscape Architecture
Megan J. Toso Public Relations & Advertising
Zakia TriffiEnvironmental Design
Hana N. Trump Music
Devon R. Tucker Music
Morgan D. Tuscherer English
Kane T. Ueland Social Science Education
Matthew A. Van Voorhis Criminal Justice
Hue C. Vang Architecture
Thomasen L. Varholdt Criminal Justice
Nicholas G. Vculek Public Relations & Advertising
Olivia M. Vogt Public Relations & Advertising
Tyler M. Voigt Architecture
Katelin A. Wadeson Music
Jesse R. Wagner English
David P. Walbolt Architecture
Zachary T. Wald Architecture
Jordan J. Wallace Journalism
Ian P. Warner Art
Justin M. Warner Architecture
Thomas B. Webb Emergency Management
Alex D. Wegner Political Science
Katelyn M. Wehlage Public Relations & Advertising
Huaxin Wei Architecture
Morgan E. Weiler Management Communication
Christopher W. Well Public Relations & Advertising
Kristine K. Wentworth Architecture
Sydney N. Wheeling Criminal Justice
Christopher J. White Architecture
Molly C. Wilkinson Journalism
Brooklyn P. Williams Public Relations & Advertising
Eric M. Williams Architecture
Ishanka A. Wimaladharma Architecture
Kelsey M. Windrum Landscape Architecture
Andrew B. Wolf Philosophy/Humanities
Jacoba R. Woodard Music
Emma N. Woods Theatre Arts
Kaitlin R. Worral Public Relations & Advertising
Rylee E. Wznick Public Relations & Advertising
Christopher M. Yanish-Taylor Theatre Arts
Sasha T. Yearwood Theatre Arts
Andrew V. Younker Criminal Justice
Maria J. Yurczyk Criminal Justice
Alyssa M. Zachman Architecture
Lexi J. Zawatzke Public Relations & Advertising
Maggie M. Zentner Theatre Arts
Benjamin M. Zerrien Architecture
Bailey C. Zilles Criminal Justice

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College of Business

Ashley L. Abraham Finance
Katherine E. Affield Accounting
Blake G. Anderson Finance
Daniel R. Anderson Accounting
Dominic J. Anderson Marketing
Mason J. Anderson Finance
Alexa K. Andree Accounting
Jean L. Arel Accounting
Jasper D. Asplin Accounting
Dixon C. Bauer Finance
Samuel D. Bauer Management Information Systems
Bryce J. Beckstrand Management
Jenna N. Berg Business Administration
Jacob J. Berger Management Information Systems
Colette M. Bersie Management Information Systems
Andrea J. Birmingham Marketing
Joshua R. Blevins Accounting
Robert J. Bluestone Finance
Linsi M. Boe Management
Corey C. Bower Management Information Systems
Kylee L. Brandt Business Administration
Dallas A. Breberg Finance
Andrew C. Brown Management
Zakary J. Brown Accounting
Emalee J. Bryant Marketing
Jalen T. Burchill Business Administration
Henry W. Burke Finance
Brogan L. Burwick Accounting
Brad Cantwell Finance
William L. Carlson Accounting
Clay R. Carufel Finance
Yuexin Chen Finance
Hyeon-gyeong Cho Management
Haley S. Christensen Finance
Taylor A. Christenson Marketing
Eric R. Christianson Management
Kevin J. Coffman Accounting
Jordan M. Corneliusen Accounting
Melissa A. Corniea Marketing
Lydia M. Danielson Accounting
Katelynn A. Dauwen Marketing
Matthew D. Delaney Accounting
Brittany J. Diederich Business Administration
Kylie P. Diekman Finance
Cameron J. Dietz Management Information Systems
Erin K. Donner Business Administration
Jonathan J. Ebert Management Information Systems
Matthew D. Ebert Management Information Systems
Kathryn M. Eckelman Finance
Colin D. Ehrnriter Finance
Paul D. Eikom Management Information Systems
Samuel G. Erickson Business Administration
Tyler J. Erickson Finance
Nicholas E. Evans Finance
Alexandra N. Evenson Accounting
Zachary T. Feltman Management
Kimberly A. Ferch Accounting
Douglas R. Fischer Accounting
Ashley A. Fleischhacker Finance
Celine M. Francisco Finance
Kathryn R. Fredrickson Finance
Sha Fu Business Administration
Courtney R. Fuchs Management
Jacob M. Full Marketing
Chelsey S. Gangl Management
Jialei Gao Business Administration
Matthew M. Gapp Business Administration
Pierre L. Gee-Tucker Finance
John Gellert Management Information Systems
Anna C. Gilbery Marketing
Samantha M. Gooding Accounting
Matthew J. Goodwin Business Administration
Alyssa B. Greff Accounting
Aaron R. Grinsteinner Finance
Julie A. Grommesh Business Administration
Tanner K. Gustafson Finance
Erika M. Guthmiller Finance
John M. Hagen Finance
Brita M. Hammer Marketing
Dahye Han Finance
Brenna N. Hanson Management
Kyle C. Hanson Management Information Systems
Michael A. Hanson Business Administration
Timothy W. Hanson Marketing
Matthew S. Hartman Accounting
Cassandra L. Hatzenbuhler Marketing
Mara J. Headline Finance
Jonathan M. Hechtner Accounting
Shawn C. Heinen Accounting
Mitchell J. Helbling Management Information Systems
Jacob G. Herdine Accounting
Danielle M. Herrington Accounting
Colin B. Hertz Finance
Casey E. Hickel Management
Shane D. Hofer Marketing
Jay T. Homan Finance
Sheng-Fen Huang Accounting
Ashley M. Huber Accounting
Lukas J. Human Accounting
Fadumo A. Ibrahim Management
Faisal M. Ibrahim Accounting
Cory J. Iskierka Business Administration
Jennifer T. Jacobson Accounting
Adityee Jain Marketing
Christopher Janke Accounting
Deborah R. John Management
Shantel E. Johnson Marketing
Stephanie M. Johnston Management
Marcus J. Karsky Business Administration
Christopher J. Kasper Business Administration
Adam R. Keller Marketing
Breonna A. Keller Management
Kyle G. Keller Management
Kario A. Kelly Marketing
Jonathan M. Ketterling Accounting
Alana J. Kiel Business Administration
Matthew J. Kile Finance
Taylor J. King Finance
Lukas M. Kinneberg Management Information Systems
Kent A. Kjesbo Marketing
Ryan J. Klocke Management Information Systems
Andrew J. Koehn Finance
Sean T. Kolodziej Finance
Owen P. Korcuska Accounting
Joshua P. Kosienski Finance
Dustin A. Koska Finance
Brianna K. Kraft Management Information Systems
Rachel M. Kram Business Administration
Allyson M. Krogh Marketing
Cody D. Labernik Business Administration
Ahmed A. Lafta Management Information Systems
Chase D. Lardy Finance
Miranda J. Larson Management Information Systems
Reed G. Lawrence Management Information Systems
Alyssa M. Leech Accounting
Samantha J. Leingang Management
Alyssa K. Lewis Accounting
Leilin Li Finance
Justin J. Lieberg Accounting
Ted A. Lindblom Accounting
Dalton S. Lingbeck Business Administration
Jon J. Lipp Business Administration
Joshua M. Loomis Finance
Sarah K. Lorenz Business Administration
Cristal Lovejoy Management
Brandon D. Lunde Management
Bennett A. Lystad Management
Ke Ma Accounting
Marissa M. Magnuson Finance
Samantha A. Marketon Marketing
Jessica R. Martin Marketing
Kurtis D. Mattox Accounting
Kevin J. McCarthy Management Information Systems
Elise P. McCullough Accounting
Lauren A. McGraw Marketing
Paige H. McQuade Finance
Nolan J. Meidinger Finance
Rebecca A. Meier Accounting
Allyson A. Meyer Accounting
Elizabeth A. Meyer Accounting
Korey J. Mickelson Business Administration
Jacob C. Mielke Management
Carson R. Miller Finance
Emily S. Milligan Accounting
Sean M. Mitterling Business Administration
Cory P. MontplaisirManagement
Justin Montplaisir Accounting
Chase E. Morlock Business Administration
Blake E. Morrow Business Administration
Austin R. Mueller Accounting
Marissa A. Munar Management
Jacob P. Murray Management
Shehan P. Navarathne Business Administration
Jarod K. Nelson Marketing
Nicholas J. Nelson Business Administration
Bach H. Nguyen Finance
Dan T. Nguyen Finance
Lam T. Nguyen Accounting
Tatenda A. Nhamu Management Information Systems
Douglas D. Noah Finance
Nickolas S. Noden Marketing
Gerel Nyamdorj Finance
Kaylyn T. Oberg Accounting
Minjeong Oh Business Administration
Amanda J. Olek Accounting
Caitlin R. Olek Finance
Joseph J. Olson Accounting
Marissa R. Olson Finance
Trenton L. Olson Finance
Jimin Park Business Administration
Taylor J. Parker Management
Stacia M. Parkin Finance
Paul R. Pedersen Business Administration
Amanda R. Peine Accounting
Kendra K. Perpich Accounting
Jared M. Person Finance
Ashley M. Peterson Finance
Drew M. Peterson Business Administration
Alexandra L. Petrich Accounting
Maria B. Piette Management
Hannah E. Pilger Marketing
Kaylynn J. Prost Management
Joshua C. Rardin Business Administration
Jennifer L. Regimbal Management
Zachary A. Remple Business Administration
Jared J. Richter Accounting
Grant R. Ringdahl Finance
Austin A. Roerick Finance
Anne E. Rohloff Marketing
Philip B. Rose Accounting
Trent D. Rothstein Management Information Systems
Gabrielle K. Ruddy Management
Austin D. Sandmeyer Marketing
Ryan S. Saunders Marketing
Wilson F. Schadauer Marketing
Devon W. Schmeling Accounting
Erica L. Schmidt Management
Rebecca D. Schultz Management
Daniel B. Schuster Finance
Christian J. Schwab Accounting
Ryder A. Schwagler Management Information Systems
Steven S. Schwartz Finance
Carrie Z. Schweyen Business Administration
Dustin J. Schwingler Finance
Ashlynn Seely Management
Paige E. Sepin Marketing
Jordan D. Siewert Management Information Systems
Parker J. Sirek Business Administration
Kimberly A. Sisk Finance
Brady R. Skytland Finance
Alexander J. Smith Accounting
Michael W. Smith Accounting
David R. Snell Accounting
Ethan P. Sorenson Marketing
Whitney L. Sponsler Business Administration
Austen C. Stewart Accounting
Tanya L. Stillwell Marketing
Jasmine R. Stockert Management
Thomas K. Stoeckman Accounting
Julia B. Striker Accounting
Zhen Sun Finance
Amanda N. Sundby Accounting
Isaac P. Svebakken Finance
Hunter J. Swanke Accounting
Austin E. Swecker Marketing
Bryan R. Symanietz Management Information Systems
Kody K. Syverson Accounting
Johnathan J. Tauer Management Information Systems
Stephanie S. Tebbe Marketing
Jeron J. Terres Business Administration
Alexandrya M. Thiesing Management
Austin L. Todd Finance
Andrew J. Towle Business Administration
Tyler D. Toy Finance
Ashley F. Trevis Management
Carly J. Van Bruggen Marketing
Eric J. Vandendriessche Accounting
Derek W. Vander Vorste Management Information Systems
Ashley M. Vangerud Management Information Systems
Cassio S. Vieira Neto Marketing
MacKenze Vogel Business Administration
Dylan J. VonBank Management
Alexis N. Vondal Finance
Tyler T. Voss Management Information Systems
Benjamin S. Walz Management
Isaac D. Waters Finance
Matthew D. Wegner Finance
Abigail L. Weller Marketing
Dexter J. Werner Marketing
Andrew J. Wicklund Business Administration
Abigail J. Wilson Accounting
Joseph D. Winter Marketing
Tracee N. Winter Accounting
Allison N. Wohl Finance
Mitchell L. Wolbert Management
Mikka J. Wold Accounting
Brianna E. Wolf Management
Dana E. Wood Management
Michael M. Woodard Accounting
Stephanie L. Woodley Accounting
Cassandra M. Wurm Finance
Manlin Zhang Finance
Tianxin Zhu Finance
Zehua Zhuang Marketing

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College of Engineering

Wyatt M. Aberle Construction Management
Afolabi Olaoluwa Adereti Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Omar Y. Ahmad Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Hadeel S. Alhamadah Computer Engineering
Nathan J. Amick Civil Engineering
Andrew T. Amundson Mechanical Engineering
Grady J. Anderson Civil Engineering
Ryan J. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Brian T. Andresen Mechanical Engineering
Lucas L. Andring Mechanical Engineering
Wade P. Anliker Construction Management
Colton R. Arries Manufacturing Engineering
Seojin Baek Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jennifer E. Barstow Civil Engineering
Andrew C. Bartlett Mechanical Engineering
Jordan H. Bartsch Construction Engineering
Sean D. Bartz Mechanical Engineering
Carl G. Baumann Electrical Engineering
Robert J. Bearden Electrical Engineering
Austin T. Becker Civil Engineering
Brandon M. Beckman Construction Management
Samuel R. Benson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan J. Berens Civil Engineering
Patrick A. Bergh Mechanical Engineering
Jacob A. Bernier Electrical Engineering
Kalli L. Berning Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Cooper G. Bierscheid Manufacturing Engineering
Patrick W. Billodeau Electrical Engineering
Tyler J. Birchem Civil Engineering
Alex D. Bitter Civil Engineering
Luis Blanco Seguerit Civil Engineering
Brandon L. Blattner Electrical Engineering
Cari J. Blommel Civil Engineering
Amanda N. Bodensteiner Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Taylor A. Boe Electrical Engineering
Oliver R. Boeckel Mechanical Engineering
Tyler B. Boltz Mechanical Engineering
Megan C. Boraas Electrical Engineering
Joseph E. Borden Mechanical Engineering
James R. Borud Electrical Engineering
Lelan A. Bosch Electrical Engineering
Andrew B. Bossert Electrical Engineering
Connor F. Bourgault Mechanical Engineering
Weston T. Bovitz Mechanical Engineering
Charles D. Bowen Civil Engineering
Ryan J. Boyd Mechanical Engineering
Tyler L. Boyer Construction Management
Jake M. Braaten Mechanical Engineering
Erik L. Bratager Civil Engineering
Jesse A. Braun Electrical Engineering
Joshua A. Brelje Civil Engineering
Andrew J. Brennan Electrical Engineering
Aaron D. Briski Civil Engineering
Brady C. Brockel Civil Engineering
Frank E. Brodeen Civil Engineering
Cole H. Brosseau Mechanical Engineering
Joel R. Brummer Mechanical Engineering
Austin R. Buchholz Mechanical Engineering
Lucas F. Budzien Mechanical Engineering
Kyle C. Bunkelman Mechanical Engineering
Zachary L. Burkart Electrical Engineering
Jack A. Burns Construction Management
Zachary P. Buth Mechanical Engineering
Hannah D. Bye Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Devin R. Bykonen Mechanical Engineering
Colten J. Caldwell Civil Engineering
Cole D. Cameron Mechanical Engineering
Luke A. Capistrant Construction Management
Justin J. Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas M. Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Colt W. Castlebury Construction Management
Samuel B. Caven Construction Management
Tyler D. Cebulla Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Timothy R. Celander Mechanical Engineering
Maxwell J. Chelberg Mechanical Engineering
Xingyu Chen Mechanical Engineering
Laura E. Clarens Civil Engineering
Cody H. Clarksean Electrical Engineering
Jordan R. Clitty Mechanical Engineering
Eric M. Cochrane Mechanical Engineering
Patrick G. Collins Mechanical Engineering
Philip C. Cooksey Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Zachary A. Cormican Civil Engineering
Sheldon L. Cory Mechanical Engineering
Connor T. Coyle Mechanical Engineering
Peter S. Crowley Computer Engineering
Can Cui Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Brendan P. Cullen Construction Management
Anna R. Cunningham Civil Engineering
Elissa E. Dahl Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Dalman Manufacturing Engineering
Derek A. Dame Construction Management
Greta M. Danielson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan J. Danner Civil Engineering
Stephanie M. Davis Mechanical Engineering
Zack M. Day Electrical Engineering
Lowell W. Dick Mechanical Engineering
Wyatt M. Dick Mechanical Engineering
Kyle N. Dillon Construction Management
Chiranthana A. Dissanayake Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey M. Dockendorf Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Timothy P. Dodd Civil Engineering
Kevin I. Doran Civil Engineering
Ryan L. Dorendorf Computer Engineering
Pedro Augusto C. Dos Santos Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dylan J. Dunn Civil Engineering
Steven R. Duval Mechanical Engineering
Evan L. Eberle Electrical Engineering
Jonathon D. Edstrom Computer Engineering
Jacqueline Edwards Civil Engineering
Jake R. Eissinger Mechanical Engineering
Dane J. Ekdom Civil Engineering
Kyle J. Emanuel Construction Management
Cory G. Engelbrecht Mechanical Engineering
Levi A. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
Shawn B. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan E. Esboldt Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan D. Evert Mechanical Engineering
Derek J. Fahy Mechanical Engineering
Brian J. Ferry Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey A. Feyder Civil Engineering
Taylor A. Fischer Civil Engineering
Riley R. Fisher Computer Engineering
Trevor G. Fleischhacker Mechanical Engineering
Jack R. Fletcher Civil Engineering
Wilbert D. Fogarty Electrical Engineering
Nikki J. Frank Civil Engineering
Matthew J. Franklin Electrical Engineering
Joseph D. Fritzjunker Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Lauren E. Frohlich Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Cody R. Geiser Mechanical Engineering
Michael S. Gerlach Mechanical Engineering
Jalen L. Getting Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Bruna Ghelli Tomaz Leite Manufacturing Engineering
Alexander J. Gibas Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin P. Gibson Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell T. Giese Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Danika L. Gieske Mechanical Engineering
Steven J. Giesler Civil Engineering
Susan B. Gilbertson Civil Engineering
Matthew E. Gingrey Mechanical Engineering
Timothy M. Gleason Civil Engineering
John T. Glesne Civil Engineering
Lexi B. Goergen Civil Engineering
Kyle J. Gow Mechanical Engineering
Brandon J. Grabrick Mechanical Engineering
Jarred D. Grindahl Civil Engineering
Amanda N. Grosz Civil Engineering
Jacob R. Gunelson Mechanical Engineering
John G. Gusewelle Mechanical Engineering
Cameron C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Jacob D. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Jacob L. Hanson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Logan M. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Joshua K. Haugen Electrical Engineering
Patrick C. Hebert Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jerick A. Hedges Mechanical Engineering
Craig T. Hedstrom Mechanical Engineering
Keenan J. Hemming Construction Management
Alexander J. Henderson Mechanical Engineering
Meranda J. Hennen Mechanical Engineering
Ethan P. Hettwer Electrical Engineering
Jacob A. Hexum Civil Engineering
Matthew S. Hildreth Civil Engineering
Eric A. Hillesheim Mechanical Engineering
Christopher C. Hines Mechanical Engineering
Colton J. Hirman Mechanical Engineering
Dylan K. Hoffman Mechanical Engineering
Alex J. Hovel Mechanical Engineering
Jaron T. Hughes Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Steven J. Hukriede Mechanical Engineering
Brett M. Hultgren Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kyle T. Imholte Civil Engineering
Brandon L. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Kelby S. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Scott M. Jaeger Mechanical Engineering
Aaron D. Janz Construction Management
Jeremy J. Jenniges Mechanical Engineering
Stephen R. Joersz Civil Engineering
Connor M. Johnson Manufacturing Engineering
Daniel P. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jalen C. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Jordyn T. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Paul D. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Scott T. Johnson Computer Engineering
Nathan J. Joraanstad Computer Engineering
Benjamin L. Jore Civil Engineering
Lance K. Kalthoff Civil Engineering
Drew M. Kamrath Mechanical Engineering
Beau D. Kashmark Mechanical Engineering
Joseph D. Kasper Construction Management
Derek J. Kayser Civil Engineering
Ryan D. Keith Mechanical Engineering
Lee G. Keller Electrical Engineering
Sean P. Kelly Civil Engineering
Blake J. Kerfeld Construction Management
Joel J. Kern Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Joshua R. Kertscher Electrical Engineering
Nitesh Kharel Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jesse L. Kieper Construction Management
Christine K. KingElectrical Engineering
Nathan L. Kinneberg Mechanical Engineering
Kory M. Kleinknecht Civil Engineering
Serhat C. Kofteci Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Sean V. Kohls Mechanical Engineering
Brian D. Korver Mechanical Engineering
Anthony J. Kramer Mechanical Engineering
Casey L. Krause Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Krause Electrical Engineering
Brian A. Krebs Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Krecklau Electrical Engineering
Tyler W. Krienke Manufacturing Engineering
Lance M. Krogh Mechanical Engineering
Kjell A. Kroh Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Taylor S. Krolak Civil Engineering
Kevin L. Kruger Civil Engineering
Eric M. Kubischta Computer Engineering
Benjamin P. Kugler Civil Engineering
Kyle M. Kuhn Civil Engineering
Danielle J. Kukowski Civil Engineering
Nathan B. Kukson Mechanical Engineering
Melissa A. Kuznia Civil Engineering
Ryan M. LaCanne Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Taylor M. LaHaise Civil Engineering
Maher Lamer Computer Engineering
Jacob S. Larson Manufacturing Engineering
Megan L. Larson Construction Engineering
Micah C. Larson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Neil S. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Reid D. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Ross A. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Larson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Darrin M. Laudenbach Electrical Engineering
Zachary J. Lauinger Electrical Engineering
Son N. Le Computer Engineering
Brandon D. Lee Mechanical Engineering
Matthew E. Lee Civil Engineering
Taylor N. Lee Electrical Engineering
Nathan G. Leingang Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Jacob A. Leroux Mechanical Engineering
Jiabin Lin Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Andrew J. Lindmeier Mechanical Engineering
Patrick G. Link Mechanical Engineering
Cong Liu Manufacturing Engineering
Yuan Liu Electrical Engineering
Chenguang Long Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Schuyler J. Long Electrical Engineering
Manuela Lopera Electrical Engineering
Kevin D. Lorsung Civil Engineering
Matthew L. Louwagie Gordon Mechanical Engineering
Todd H. Lowell Civil Engineering
Mindy K. Ludlum Mechanical Engineering
Nels C. Lund Civil Engineering
Kyle R. Lundeen Mechanical Engineering
Joey L. Mack Mechanical Engineering
Samantha L. MailhotMechanical Engineering
Connor R. Mann Construction Engineering
Tyler L. Mann Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Felicia M. Marquez Mechanical Engineering
Matheus Mastrangelo Teixeira Cantelmo Mechanical Engineering
Gregory D. Matson Mechanical Engineering
Erin K. Mattern Civil Engineering
Dillon P. Matthies Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kurtis J. Mattson Mechanical Engineering
Eric A. McDaniel Civil Engineering
Elma E. McFall Civil Engineering
Justin J. McIntosh Computer Engineering
Cole L. Mehring Electrical Engineering
Lucas A. Melroe Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Eric M. Merck Civil Engineering
Jasmine R. Mertz Civil Engineering
Adam T. Meuchel Mechanical Engineering
Lisa A. Meyer Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Megan E. Meyer Civil Engineering
Nicholas E. Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Timothy J. Michlitsch Electrical Engineering
Christopher J. Mikkelsen Mechanical Engineering
Christopher W. Miller Construction Engineering
Eric J. Miller Civil Engineering
Jay P. Miller Electrical Engineering
Tate J. Miller Construction Management
Bradley J. Milliren Construction Management
Matthew C. Moenkedick Mechanical Engineering
Devin K. Moerke Civil Engineering
Logan F. MoirCivil Engineering
Spencer G. Moir Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jack W. Mooney Electrical Engineering
Seth E. Morken Construction Engineering
Jeremy L. Morrison Mechanical Engineering
Matthew J. Mortenson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Twila E. Moser Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Amaniel Mrutu Electrical Engineering
Austin G. Mueller Mechanical Engineering
Kjerstin I. Narvesen Computer Engineering
Scott M. Nash Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell R. Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Zachary J. Nelson Civil Engineering
Dung N. Nguyen Electrical Engineering
Michael T. Niehoff Mechanical Engineering
David T. Nigon Mechanical Engineering
Austin J. Nodland Computer Engineering
Jordan R. Nodland Computer Engineering
Nicholas J. Noeske Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan O. Nypan Mechanical Engineering
Travis J. Olson Civil Engineering
Cody A. Oltz Civil Engineering
Bernard J. Omann Construction Management
Zachary F. Ourada Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell J. Ova Mechanical Engineering
Colin P. Paarmann Civil Engineering
Steven C. Palmer Mechanical Engineering
Bradden R. Parks Civil Engineering
Jacob M. Parrow Electrical Engineering
Shaun P. Parsons Civil Engineering
Jacob M. Patton Electrical Engineering
Alexander J. Paulsen Mechanical Engineering
Matthew B. Paulson Construction Management
Alexandra M. Pauly Electrical Engineering
Parker L. Pavlicek Computer Engineering
Kyle E. Pederson Construction Management
Mark T. Pederson Civil Engineering
Thomas J. Pederson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Matthew R. Pelfrey Electrical Engineering
Aaron M. Perry Mechanical Engineering
Justin A. Petersen Electrical Engineering
Ethan L. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Glen J. Peterson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Thomas S. Peterson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tate J. Petry Mechanical Engineering
Joshua P. Phillips Civil Engineering
Daniel E. Polansky Electrical Engineering
Nicholas L. Powers Civil Engineering
Matthew J. Prochniak Civil Engineering
Seth T. Provost Construction Management
Ursinio Puga Gil Civil Engineering
Benjamin J. Quaas Civil Engineering
Jared D. Quinlan Mechanical Engineering
William M. Rader Construction Management
Jason H. Radziszewski Electrical Engineering
Rachelle L. Rambur Mechanical Engineering
Kelley L. Rasmussen Construction Management
Alexander A. Reed Mechanical Engineering
Chad A. Rehovsky Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Reineke Mechanical Engineering
Tyler D. Reisetter Civil Engineering
Ryan Rieckman Civil Engineering
Eric T. Rieder Mechanical Engineering
Cody L. Ritt Civil Engineering
Justin T. Roberson Mechanical Engineering
Michael H. Rodriguez Construction Management
Joshua L. Roesler Mechanical Engineering
Hanna M. Rohl Mechanical Engineering
Peter K. Roller Mechanical Engineering
Taylor R. Ronnei Electrical Engineering
Taylor J. Roorda Electrical Engineering
Stephanie J. Rosen Computer Engineering
Mitch K. Rosendahl Civil Engineering
Craig R. Roske Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell Rotzien Mechanical Engineering
Lauren E. Roy Mechanical Engineering
Matthew T. Ruhland Computer Engineering
David W. Russell Electrical Engineering
Sarah A. Russell Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Blake T. Ryan Civil Engineering
Jason R. Sailer Civil Engineering
Lucas R. Salfer Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Faith M. Sandberg Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin D. Sandoz Civil Engineering
Kyle W. SanfordIndustrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ian J. Sannes Mechanical Engineering
Michelle E. Sauvageau Electrical Engineering
Samuel S. Saville Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Lucas J. Schaaf Electrical Engineering
Dustin P. Scheer Mechanical Engineering
Mary A. Schindler Civil Engineering
Austin J. Schlichting Mechanical Engineering
Morgan E. Schlichtmann Electrical Engineering
Connor R. Schlotfeldt Construction Engineering
Eric D. Schmidt Computer Engineering
Matthew P. Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Zachary T. Schmidt Computer Engineering
Alex J. Schoenberg-Carton Mechanical Engineering
Katie K. Scholl Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew A. Schonberger Construction Management
Austin J. Schultz Mechanical Engineering
Jacob G. Schulzetenberg Electrical Engineering
Nicole C. Schutz Civil Engineering
Andrew P. Schwartz Mechanical Engineering
Nolan G. Schwarz Electrical Engineering
Jonathon P. Schwegel Civil Engineering
Isaac M. Serre Civil Engineering
Jacob A. Shelley Electrical Engineering
Benjamin J. Sherman Electrical Engineering
Charles K. Shorma Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Bryan J. Silvers Construction Engineering
Eric J. Silvers Mechanical Engineering
Igor A. SimanovichComputer Engineering
Evan D. Sitz Mechanical Engineering
Jacob A. Skarphol Computer Engineering
Matthew D. Slama Mechanical Engineering
Brandon M. Smith Civil Engineering
Jaclyn Smith Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Rachel A. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Daniel P. Solberg Civil Engineering
Jon W. Spaeth Electrical Engineering
Alex M. Sperlich Mechanical Engineering
Matraca L. Steen Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brandon M. Stein Construction Management
Brandon W. Stevens Electrical Engineering
Michael E. Strand Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Alexandar J. Strouth Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nicholas J. Struve Mechanical Engineering
Matthew M. Suek Civil Engineering
Ahmed A. Suleiman Electrical Engineering
Megan C. Supan Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Megan G. Swan Civil Engineering
Jared L. Swanberg Civil Engineering
Claire Swenson Mechanical Engineering
Connor D. Swiontek Mechanical Engineering
Dain S. Synhorst Civil Engineering
Kyle I. Tasler Mechanical Engineering
Zachary J. Thelen Civil Engineering
Brandon L. Thoennes Electrical Engineering
Kyle J. Thorson Computer Engineering
Benjamin M. Thurn Electrical Engineering
James M. Tibbles Mechanical Engineering
Aaron M. Timm Computer Engineering
Brandon T. Todd Civil Engineering
Nathan T. Todd Civil Engineering
Jacob C. Toward Manufacturing Engineering
Andrew V. TranElectrical Engineering
Shane T. Traulich Civil Engineering
Mitchell C. Trego Electrical Engineering
Logan B. Tretter Civil Engineering
Nathan H. Trosen Civil Engineering
Jacob R. Ukkelberg Electrical Engineering
Benjamin A. Ulrich Civil Engineering
Teren M. Van Zuilen Electrical Engineering
Zachary C. Vashaw Mechanical Engineering
Paul M. Voeltz Civil Engineering
Andrew B. Volk Electrical Engineering
Emily L. Von Hagen Civil Engineering
Tanner J. Voss Electrical Engineering
Sarah L. Walker Civil Engineering
Michael J. Walmsley Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Austin P. Wanner Computer Engineering
David A. Watson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Dylan P. Weber Civil Engineering
Eric H. Weber Electrical Engineering
Andrew T. Weist Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Whalen Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Joseph C. Wheatley Mechanical Engineering
Nathan T. Wiese Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Claire Willenbring Electrical Engineering
Jeremiah C. Williams Mechanical Engineering
Matthew J. Wilmot Civil Engineering
Jeffrey M. Wingert Electrical Engineering
Faith E. Winings Civil Engineering
Michael S. Winther Civil Engineering
Benjamin J. Wolbaum Mechanical Engineering
Tanner A. Wolbersen Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nicholas P. Wyers Civil Engineering
Ruinan Xie Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Yue Xu Civil Engineering
Ross R. Young Mechanical Engineering
Boston A. Zachmann Computer Engineering
Sarah S. Zaviska Mechanical Engineering
Steven L. Zettel Mechanical Engineering
Xingliang Zheng Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joseph A. Zikmund Civil Engineering

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College of Human Development and Education

Najma A. Abdi Human Development & Family Sci
Dilheen M. Amedi Sport & Recreation Leadership
Katherine M. Anderson Exercise Science
Krystal K. Anderson Interior Design
Paige M. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Benjamin L. Andre Exercise Science
Nicole D. Arends Exercise Science
Patrick T. Backman Exercise Science
Samantha L. Baglivio App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Connor R. Baker Interior Design
Kayla M. Baker Dietetics
Irosha P. Banagala Liyanage Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Catheryn B. Barth Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Meghan B. Battest Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brad P. Bauck Interior Design
Mandie J. Bauer Health Education
Rachel M. Baumann Exercise Science
Kallie N. Baumgartner Exercise Science
Chandra R. Beehler App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jerome P. Begin Exercise Science
Monica Belsaas Dietetics
Andrea L. Bengtson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Rebecca M. Berg Dietetics
John R. Bessette Exercise Science
Alissa J. Bettenhausen Human Development & Family Sci
Austin J. Bettenhausen Exercise Science
Rochelle M. Bitz Dietetics
Michael S. Blake Dietetics
Brittany M. Bleichner Exercise Science
Amanda D. Boe Interior Design
Megan D. Boe Dietetics
Ryan L. Boike Exercise Science
Kassandra A. Boller Human Development & Family Sci
Ben R. Borgerding Mathematics Education
Kristine I. Borys Dietetics
Alexandra K. Boschee Interior Design
Aubrey J. Bot Human Development & Family Sci
Callie J. Bowen English Education
Gabriel M. Branco Sport & Recreation Leadership
Katie L. Braun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Hannah L. Breske Exercise Science
Elyssa J. Bright Biological Sciences Education
Alisa R. Brown Exercise Science
Alison K. Browning Human Development & Family Sci
Breana L. Buehler Human Development & Family Sci
Meghan N. Bye Human Development & Family Sci
Quincy I. Carter Agricultural Education
Kelsey A. Casselle Sport & Recreation Leadership
Abby E. Chappell Interior Design
Jacey D. Christensen Human Development & Family Sci
Johanna L. Christenson Dietetics
Amber R. Clark Dietetics
Brandon P. Cleary Dietetics
Michele A. Cleveland English Education
Bradley J. Conant Exercise Science
Charis Condon Human Development & Family Sci
Elizabeth A. Coronato Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lauren T. Cundiff Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Cassondra L. Curtis Exercise Science
Addison R. Czeck Physical Education
Kara M. Davis Dietetics
Danielle DeGagne Human Development & Family Sci
Chana L. Delzer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Leann S. DeMarais Human Development & Family Sci
Kaylee A. Desotell App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Spencer S. Deutz Sport & Recreation Leadership
Allison J. Dhuyvetter Dietetics
Tonya R. Dick Human Development & Family Sci
Alanna J. Dietz Mathematics Education
Tracey L. Dillon Dietetics
Kristen E. Ditch Interior Design
Isaiah J. Dorendorf Exercise Science
Lynk C. Downing Mathematics Education
Jamie L. Drevlow Exercise Science
Christian L. Dudzik Sport & Recreation Leadership
Blake R. Ehley Sport & Recreation Leadership
Keyona M. Elkins App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jessica S. Erickson Human Development & Family Sci
Leah R. Erickson Exercise Science
Rachel H. Erickson Interior Design
Megan R. Espeseth Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Sarah J. Evans Human Development & Family Sci
Chelsea M. Fearing Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Michael T. Felt Physical Education
Abby C. Fenlason Dietetics
Ashley L. Fenske Human Development & Family Sci
Natalie S. Fenske Exercise Science
Patrick E. Finnegan Exercise Science
Sally T. Fischer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Megan C. FitzSimmons Human Development & Family Sci
Emily D. Fletcher Interior Design
Tiffany L. Fletschock Human Development & Family Sci
Travis R. Flick Exercise Science
Abigail L. Ford Exercise Science
Makenzie G. Forward Dietetics
Karen A. Freberg Interior Design
Nicole M. Freeberg Dietetics
Mitchell W. Friedman Sport & Recreation Leadership
Brittany L. Fritel Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Melissa A. Fritz Dietetics
Cheyenne L. Garcia Human Development & Family Sci
Lacey S. Gebro Human Development & Family Sci
Ashley M. Gehl Dietetics
Jordyn N. Geisenhof Health Education
Paige A. Geske Human Development & Family Sci
Savanna M. Geske Human Development & Family Sci
Tori J. Geston App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Alyssa L. Giesen Exercise Science
Mackenzie J. Glasser Human Development & Family Sci
Andrew R. Goracke Sport & Recreation Leadership
Ann M. Govig Exercise Science
Amanda P. Grable Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kayla A. Granberg Interior Design
Ingrid E. Grande Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Ethan J. Grefsrud Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kylie J. Gregor Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Erin M. Gress Human Development & Family Sci
Hanna E. Grinaker Dietetics
Katie N. Grosse Human Development & Family Sci
Alyssa A. Gullekson Health Education
Leah H. Gullickson Human Development & Family Sci
Kori J. Gunlikson Exercise Science
Ryan M. Gustafson English Education
Leah R. Haak Dietetics
Kevin J. Hackenmueller Exercise Science
Alexis J. Hagler App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Alexander M. Hahn Exercise Science
Daria A. Halajian Human Development & Family Sci
Mason T. Haley Exercise Science
Anna L. Hansen Interior Design
Micah G. Hansen Human Development & Family Sci
Michael D. Hardie Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kristin M. Haugen Human Development & Family Sci
Olivia C. Haws Exercise Science
Paige E. Hayer English Education
Ashton L. Heath App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Tylor L. Hebel Physical Education
Mason R. Hegna Exercise Science
Ashley A. Heinze Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda M. Henkels English Education
Mark A. Hermes Exercise Science
Emily E. Hindt Human Development & Family Sci
David P. Hinrichs Exercise Science
Joshua D. Hintz Human Development & Family Sci
Stephanie L. Hoard Physical Education
Krista A. Hoeg Human Development & Family Sci
Amy J. Hoepfner Interior Design
Stephanie L. Hofland Human Development & Family Sci
Haley R. Horne Human Development & Family Sci
Zoe M. Houle Dietetics
Jordyn L. Hull Biological Sciences Education
Rebecca E. Hummel Health Education
Maka Y. Ibrahim Health Education
Brittany A. Indergaard Interior Design
Janet R. Iverson Dietetics
Katie I. Iverson Dietetics
Rachel M. Iverson Dietetics
Jaime C. Jarmin English Education
Hanna S. Johnsen Dietetics
Anna R. Johnson Dietetics
Danaca K. Johnson Dietetics
Evan Johnson Social Science Education
Jaidyn L. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Mariah J. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole H. Johnson Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Tareena D. Johnson Dietetics
Tyler L. Johnson Exercise Science
Meghan Johnston Exercise Science
Taylor R. Jorgensen Exercise Science
Tyson A. Jorstad Sport & Recreation Leadership
Bonita J. Julius Interior Design
Janet R. Julson Exercise Science
LaNay M. Jung Exercise Science
James R. Kaderlik Exercise Science
Christopher D. Kading Exercise Science
Kelly M. Kading Dietetics
Michael E. Kalianoff Physical Education
Krystal D. Kalliokoski Chemistry Education
Hailey L. Kappes Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah R. Kasin Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Anisha D. Kinnarath Exercise Science
Betsy K. Kirmis Interior Design
Melissa M. Kitching Physical Education
Jordan S. KleinjanSocial Science Education
Jacob M. Klingbeil Exercise Science
Timarra L. Klingenstein Physical Education
Kasey M. Klinkhammer English Education
Lauren A. Knapp Exercise Science
Kristen M. Knight Human Development & Family Sci
Brett D. Knudsen Mathematics Education
Michael H. Knutson Social Science Education
Brita G. Koehnen Human Development & Family Sci
Anthony G. Kohler Human Development & Family Sci
Michael B. Koska Social Science Education
Samantha J. Kramer Dietetics
Erin L. Krogh Exercise Science
Carrie L. Kruize Human Development & Family Sci
Abby D. Krusemark App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Daniel D. Krypel Exercise Science
Meghann R. Kuhlman English Education
Jamie L. Kummet Human Development & Family Sci
Sara A. Lalonde Interior Design
Sarah M. Lanman History Education
Channing L. Larson Exercise Science
Emily D. Larson Exercise Science
Lexi M. Larson Exercise Science
Justin A. LaValle Physical Education
Kayla R. Lechelt Human Development & Family Sci
Caitlin A. Leick App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kelsey R. Leistico Interior Design
Kjersten A. Lemke Dietetics
Dain L. Leqve-Smith Physical Education
Darion L. Lespier Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Amy J. Lick Health Education
Jackson P. Lindom Human Development & Family Sci
Lane R. Lipetzky Dietetics
Stephanie A. Little Human Development & Family Sci
Frances M. Liu Dietetics
Jaimee A. Lusby Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Christopher R. Lutz Sport & Recreation Leadership
Michelle K. Lynch Interior Design
Jamie M. Maciejewski Exercise Science
Autum N. Magee Human Development & Family Sci
Scott C. Maher Sport & Recreation Leadership
Sean J. Mahoney Physical Education
Kalynne A. Malmskog App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Callie M. Manthe Human Development & Family Sci
Aspen T. Marleau App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Morgan C. Martin Human Development & Family Sci
Tashina M. Maruska Human Development & Family Sci
Lindsey J. McMillan Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
McKenzie D. McMillan Exercise Science
Jacob C. McPhail Exercise Science
Nicole M. McRitchie Human Development & Family Sci
Kayla J. Meehan Human Development & Family Sci
RyLee M. Meier Human Development & Family Sci
Haley J. Mertes Human Development & Family Sci
Brianna K. Mertz Human Development & Family Sci
Brittney A. Meyer Dietetics
Kendra R. Meyer Sport & Recreation Leadership
Jennifer L. Mickels Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan A. Milbrath Physical Education
Justin D. Miller Sport & Recreation Leadership
Leah Miller Dietetics
Michael D. Miller Exercise Science
Robert J. Miller Human Development & Family Sci
Emily L. Minnick Exercise Science
Emily A. Miron Exercise Science
BreAnna C. Misialek Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lynsey R. Mogck Interior Design
Kelsey A. Mongeon Biological Sciences Education
Anna D. Montgomery Exercise Science
Andrew J. Moran Exercise Science
Brady J. Morgan Mathematics Education
Erik M. Morrell Exercise Science
Tiffany A. Motis Dietetics
Allison S. Moum Human Development & Family Sci
Autumn L. Muckenhirn Human Development & Family Sci
Ashley M. Munnell Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis M. Munson Human Development & Family Sci
Macie L. Murphy Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica A. Murray Human Development & Family Sci
Brooke A. Nell Dietetics
Ashlyn H. Nelson Exercise Science
Danielle E. Nelson Exercise Science
Cody C. Ness Exercise Science
Minhthu J. Nguyen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Alyssa S. Nichols Exercise Science
Lillian E. Nicols Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Cady A. Nielsen Human Development & Family Sci
McKensie A. Nielsen Human Development & Family Sci
Alissa M. Ningen Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel C. Noah Health Education
Brady J. Och Exercise Science
Patricia A. Ode Human Development & Family Sci
Katie E. Odland Dietetics
Ashley M. Olson Exercise Science
Ben M. Olson Exercise Science
Cassandra M. OlsonHuman Development & Family Sci
Jayme M. Ostern Interior Design
Steven T. Otterson Physical Education
Qi Ouyang Interior Design
Bridget N. Overby Human Development & Family Sci
Clarissa G. Overvig Human Development & Family Sci
Thaddaeus C. Owen Physical Education
Alison L. Palm Human Development & Family Sci
Emma L. Palm Dietetics
Tyler D. Parker Exercise Science
Tanner Paulson Exercise Science
Emily K. Pearson Dietetics
Anna C. Pedersen Exercise Science
Amy E. Peick Dietetics
Holly A. Pelzer Exercise Science
Elleri A. Perrigo Interior Design
Madison E. Perry Human Development & Family Sci
Ryan R. Petersen Physical Education
Erin M. Peterson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Hannah M. Peterson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Shelly J. Pherson Agricultural Education
Lynsie M. Pieske Human Development & Family Sci
Spencer T. Pillera Sport & Recreation Leadership
Maggan M. Pirrotta App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Dakota R. Quimby Dietetics
Megan M. Rademacher Dietetics
Madeline L. Rajtar Interior Design
Tyler J. Raymond Sport & Recreation Leadership
Amber M. Rebel Dietetics
Kayla M. Refsland Exercise Science
Sydney S. Reimers Interior Design
Alex J. Renner Physical Education
Ashley A. Renton Human Development & Family Sci
Barbara E. Reuss Exercise Science
Grant R. Richardson Sport & Recreation Leadership
Andrea M. Richmond Human Development & Family Sci
Danielle J. Robb Dietetics
Kyle D. Robbins Exercise Science
Nichole C. Roedel Exercise Science
Leah J. Roethel Dietetics
Margery A. Rook Human Development & Family Sci
Scott T. Rorvig Sport & Recreation Leadership
Rachel A. Rude Human Development & Family Sci
Ilse S. Rue Exercise Science
Benjamin M. Ruley Exercise Science
Kayla A. Rust Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis G. Ryan Human Development & Family Sci
Kathryn M. Sagaser Human Development & Family Sci
Cole M. Sandford Social Science Education
Hope K. Sapp Human Development & Family Sci
Westin R. Satzinger Health Education
Trista R. Saulter Exercise Science
Peter M. Sauser-Denesia Health Education
Kayla M. Sawchak Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor M. Saxen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cody L. Schepp Exercise Science
Molly C. Scherer Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis D. Schiermeister Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Carly J. Schindler Human Development & Family Sci
Bailee A. Schissel Interior Design
Austin J. Schmidt Exercise Science
Kyla M. Schmidt Exercise Science
Nicholas M. Schmit Exercise Science
Holly A. Schmitt Human Development & Family Sci
Brittany K. Schneider English Education
Katherine M. Scholz Mathematics Education
Michaela J. Schuler Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Wen Min See Sport & Recreation Leadership
Austin D. Selvey Physical Education
Stephanie L. Severson Dietetics
Kaylin R. Sheets Human Development & Family Sci
Philip S. Shermoen Dietetics
Jenna R. Shiek Sport & Recreation Leadership
Kayla J. Sizer Human Development & Family Sci
Brendan T. Skime Sport & Recreation Leadership
Allison M. Smaaladen Human Development & Family Sci
Jaclyn A. Smith Human Development & Family Sci
Nadine E. Smith Interior Design
Rebecca L. Smoyer Interior Design
Shelby M. Sorum Interior Design
David C. St Peter English Education
Jordan D. Stamman Dietetics
Christa A. Stangl Dietetics
Carl D. Steele Exercise Science
Tanner R. Steffan Sport & Recreation Leadership
Madison A. Steier Human Development & Family Sci
Anna M. Stein Exercise Science
Mercedes J. Stein Exercise Science
Kacia L. Stenstrom Human Development & Family Sci
Christian R. Stockert Physical Education
Sarah M. Storandt Mathematics Education
Jade M. Storley Exercise Science
Paige M. Stratioti Human Development & Family Sci
Kendra L. Suchor Dietetics
Kirsten L. Svaleson Exercise Science
Megan A. Swartz Human Development & Family Sci
Kaleah J. Syverson Sport & Recreation Leadership
Alessandra N. Taddeini Human Development & Family Sci
Katelyn A. Tallas Human Development & Family Sci
Elizabeth L. Temple Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Amy L. Terfehr Dietetics
Jessica G. Teubner Human Development & Family Sci
Krista E. Thiele Human Development & Family Sci
Callie M. Thielen Interior Design
Kara A. Thomas Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsey J. Thoreson Human Development & Family Sci
Katie M. Thun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
McKenzie K. Timms Human Development & Family Sci
David R. Tompkins Exercise Science
Laura L. Tonneson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jordyn N. Trangsrud Human Development & Family Sci
Matthew A. Tucholke Mathematics Education
William M. Turner Sport & Recreation Leadership
Stephanie J. Tweten App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sydney T. Ulrich Interior Design
Morgan R. Urbatch App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Brett S. VandenBergh Physical Education
Derek A. VanSlyke Exercise Science
Leah VanTilborg Agricultural Education
Taylor M. Vaughan Dietetics
Emilee E. Vetter Social Science Education
Renae M. Vetter Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Mariah D. Viaene Human Development & Family Sci
Zachary R. Vraa Sport & Recreation Leadership
Brecca R. Wahlund Exercise Science
Bethany P. Waiwaiole Sport & Recreation Leadership
Tristyn N. Walczak Human Development & Family Sci
Sally R. Walker Sport & Recreation Leadership
Ariel B. Waloch Exercise Science
Elizabeth H. Walsh English Education
Marguerite A. Walter English Education
Blayne R. Waselk Physical Education
Sheyenne M. Weber Interior Design
Katelyn R. Weimerskirch Exercise Science
Emily K. Weis Human Development & Family Sci
Dalton T. Weisz Exercise Science
Raquel M. Wellentin Physical Education
Crosley P. Wells Human Development & Family Sci
Carson J. Wentz Physical Education
Alyssa K. Wiegandt Dietetics
Rachelle D. Wigtil Dietetics
Hayley K. Wilkens Interior Design
Riley A. Wilson Exercise Science
Ashton R. Wiltgen Dietetics
Rachel E. Wingard Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Nicole L. Winsor App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Caitlin A. Wock Interior Design
Caitlin R. Wohler App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cassandra M. Wood App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Brett A. Wuori Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Zachary E. Wyatt Exercise Science
Jesse Yang Physical Education
Va Yang Exercise Science
Evan L. Zacharias Exercise Science
Jennifer J. Zetocha Exercise Science
Hayden N. Zillmer Physical Education
Katie J. Zueger App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Emily M. Zurn Exercise Science

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College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences

Alexis M. Aakre Nursing
Haley C. Abbas Nursing
Dina N. Acharya Nursing
Hashim T. Adam Pharmaceutical Sciences
Noor Z. Al Mattar Respiratory Care
Salam M. Alanazi Respiratory Care
Moshabar Z. Ali Nursing
Kristin K. Allmaras Pharmacy
Ryan G. Altendorf Pharmacy
Amanda J. Amberg Pharmacy
Austin A. Anderson Nursing
Danielle J. Anderson Nursing
Danielle J. Anderson Medical Laboratory Science
Derek A. Anderson Radiologic Sciences
Gabrielle L. Anderson Pharmacy
Kala J. Anderson Nursing
Sarah M. Anderson Pharmacy
Amy Andrushko Nursing
Rachele J. Arnoldussen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige R. Arntson Nursing
Trevor M. Arrowsmith Nursing
Abigail L. Aspengren Nursing
Abigail A. Astrup Nursing
Christine A. Aubol Nursing
Oyumaa Badral Nursing
Alexandra L. Bakken Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole L. Balzer Nursing
Lauren P. Barker Nursing
William N. Batchanzi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hayli J. Bauer Nursing
Madison R. Baumler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan A. Baumler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shenae A. Beal Nursing
Bailey J. Bechtold Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kacie A. Becker Nursing
Layni K. Bednarz Nursing
Chelsea A. Behnke Pharmacy
Paige M. Bell Nursing
Britney M. Bender Nursing
Anna L. Benke Nursing
Brianna J. Benson Pharmacy
Samuel J. Benson Nursing
Andrew J. Bentz Pharmacy
Nicole L. Berend Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily N. Berg Radiologic Sciences
Jace J. Berg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Thad M. Bergh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Berns Nursing
Brianna M. Bertsch Nursing
Jenna A. Beste Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan J. Biegler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Blake A. Bixby Respiratory Care
Michelle L. Bjerke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Molly E. Blair Nursing
Kelsey A. BlommerPharmaceutical Sciences
Rachel E. Boe Nursing
Kaitlyn A. Borg Nursing
John M. Brands Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sadi A. Bren Pharmacy
Daniel J. Broderick Pharmacy
Kalie M. Brueggemeier Nursing
Colton D. Bruhn Nursing
Jade Brunsvold Medical Laboratory Science
Heather E. Brusehaver Nursing
Kayli L. Buechler Pharmacy
Kayleigh M. Buescher Pharmaceutical Sciences
Breanna L. Burgad Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emma K. Burt Pharmacy
Tara M. Buss Nursing
Kevin R. Buth Radiologic Sciences
Seth A. Carlin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alissa M. Carlson Pharmacy
Bret D. Carlson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianne M. Carlson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Josie B. Carlson Nursing
Kristin M. Carman Nursing
Taylor J. Caulfield Nursing
Gabriela Cavagnoli Schwantes Nursing
MacKenzie R. Chacich Nursing
Sara M. Christianson Radiologic Sciences
Siennah A. Christianson Nursing
Megan A. Claassen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christopher M. Clark Pharmacy
Thomas A. Clawson Nursing
Ciera M. Clyde Pharmaceutical Sciences
Steven L. Condon Nursing
Matthew I. ConfeldPharmaceutical Sciences
Allyson L. Craven Nursing
John P. Curley Pharmacy
Breanna K. Curtis Pharmacy
Jaret M. Cyr Nursing
Emily L. Dahl Radiologic Sciences
Alexander D. Dalsin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jordan A. Daly Respiratory Care
Tien N. Dao Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth R. Dauk Nursing
Kaylee M. Davidson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anne E. Davis Pharmaceutical Sciences
McKenzy K. Davis Nursing
Jennifer M. DeCock Nursing
Alexandra M. DeFoe Medical Laboratory Science
Joshua R. Dehn Pharmacy
Hannah L. DeKrey Nursing
Chantal A. DePriest Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brent D. Derhaag Nursing
Jessica J. Diaz De Leon Nursing
Cassandra M. Dick Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abigail R. Diekman Nursing
Alexandra A. Diesem Nursing
Michael A. Dietz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mary B. Dingmann Nursing
Ashley R. Doeden Pharmacy
Amy Donner Nursing
Kelli N. DuBord Respiratory Care
MeLinda L. Duenow Nursing
Samuel L. Dwyer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole M. Dyrdahl Pharmacy
Benjamen B. Ehrichs Pharmaceutical Sciences
Danielle L. Eidenschink Nursing
Mikhail R. Elias Pharmacy
Lauren A. Ellingson Medical Laboratory Science
Elizabeth T. Erickson Nursing
Kimberly A. Erickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebecca F. Erickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Riley E. Erickson Nursing
Randal K. Essler Pharmacy
Mary J. Faure Pharmacy
Mollie F. Fearing Pharmacy
Brianne L. Fedje Nursing
Brooke E. Feltman Nursing
Jessica L. Fetzer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mikayla A. Fick Pharmacy
Taylor L. Fiske Pharmacy
Kelsey L. Fitterer Nursing
Sheri A. Fitzsimmons Pharmacy
Hannah K. Flach Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monica J. Flackey Nursing
Caitlyn M. Fleahman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathryn L. Fleming Nursing
Joel H. Folkers Nursing
Brittany L. Fondakowski Pharmacy
Adam M. Forness Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cassie J. Forst Nursing
Stephanie A. Fourniea Nursing
Marie E. Franzen Pharmacy
Karli L. Freeberg Nursing
Ashley N. Freeman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna K. Fretland Nursing
Clay D. Fuhrman Radiologic Sciences
Andrea L. Fuller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taddele Gebretsadkan Medical Laboratory Science
Brittany K. Geffre Nursing
Allison R. German Pharmacy
Caitlin A. Giesen Nursing
Shelby M. Gillett Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dena L. Gleason Respiratory Care
Samir Golos Nursing
Kathleen E. Gould Nursing
Emilee A. Gourde Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benjamin H. Graf Respiratory Care
Kirstin M. Gramith Pharmacy
Kelsey L. Greenwaldt Respiratory Care
Ashley J. Griebel Radiologic Sciences
Nicole M. Grinsteinner Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayli C. Gross Nursing
Sara R. Groth Nursing
Luke A. Grzeskowiak Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenny J. Guibert Nursing
Jenna R. GullicksonPharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna S. Gunderson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Daniel J. GundersonPharmaceutical Sciences
Michael A. Haas Pharmaceutical Sciences
Deidre M. Hahn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jamal K. Haidari Pharmacy
Allyson d. Hall Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amy L. Halverson Respiratory Care
Austin A. Halvorson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Travis D. Hand Nursing
Patrick J. Hanel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna Hansen Nursing
Megan J. Hansen Pharmacy
Britny M. Hanson Nursing
Seth D. Hanson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Heather A. Harder Radiologic Sciences
Megan Harrington Nursing
Collin T. Harris Pharmaceutical Sciences
Briana A. Hartog Nursing
Ali I. Hassan Medical Laboratory Science
Kallie J. Haugen Nursing
Alex A. Hauke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Eric L. Hebel Medical Laboratory Science
McKinsey R. Heiser Nursing
Kylee R. Helgeson Nursing
Joshua C. Helland Nursing
Nicole R. Helliksen Pharmacy
Emily E. Helmers Nursing
Tylor M. Helmers Pharmacy
Charles R. Hemkin Nursing
Kyle J. Henderson Pharmacy
Leah M. Hermanson Nursing
Whitney A. HermansonPharmaceutical Sciences
Austin J. Hewitt Medical Laboratory Science
Tyler L. Hewitt Pharmacy
Benjamin M. Hillebrand Radiologic Sciences
Linh T. Hoang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Oanh T. Hoang Nursing
Rose B. Hoechst Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jeremiah J. Hoff Pharmacy
Alissa M. Holmgren Nursing
Jordan W. Holmgren Pharmaceutical Sciences
Laura M. Holsen Nursing
Cheryl E. Hosie Nursing
Carter W. Hruby Medical Laboratory Science
Jennifer E. Hulne Respiratory Care
Nicholas D. HusebyPharmaceutical Sciences
Betsy J. Hutchinson Pharmacy
Mumina A. Ibrahim Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ciera L. Jacklitch Nursing
Eric R. Jacobson Pharmacy
Farhiyo M. Jama Medical Laboratory Science
Minshin Jeong Medical Laboratory Science
Jacob E. Jerger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sydney R. Johnk Pharmacy
Andrea L. Johnson Nursing
Brianne M. Johnson Pharmacy
Carly L. Johnson Nursing
Emily D. Johnson Nursing
Kacie L. Johnson Nursing
Karis L. Johnson Nursing
Samantha A. Johnson Nursing
Timothy Johnson Pharmacy
Haley J. Johnston Nursing
Taylor A. Jones Nursing
Vanessa L. Jordre Radiologic Sciences
Samantha L. Jorgenson Respiratory Care
Joanna E. Josephson Nursing
Morgan M. Jossart Radiologic Sciences
Kanako Kabaki Pharmacy
Jennelle M. Kaeding Pharmacy
Morgan L. Kaiser Nursing
Hannah M. Kallio Pharmacy
Elizabeth C. Kampa Pharmacy
Vanessa R. Karels Nursing
Craig W. Karjalainen Nursing
Kaitlin K. Karsky Nursing
Carly R. Kaspari Nursing
Alyssa M. Kelsch Pharmacy
Madeline A. Kelzenberg Pharmacy
Laura A. Kesler Nursing
Todd M. Kessler Nursing
Sarah I. Kiesow Nursing
Mari L. Kjos Nursing
Breanna R. Klein Radiologic Sciences
Jamie D. Kliewer Nursing
Janae C. Klindt Pharmacy
Valerie R. Klisch Nursing
Emily M. Kluck Nursing
Bria R. Knaust Nursing
Michael J. Knell Nursing
Danielle C. Koesterman Respiratory Care
Gerard J. Kokett Pharmacy
Kassandra B. Kompelien Medical Laboratory Science
Jessica F. Kopp Pharmacy
Ann J. Koppinger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Candace D. Kornelsen Nursing
Hailey M. Kotts Nursing
Emily A. Kovacs Pharmacy
Amber D. Kracht Nursing
Abigail L. Kramer Nursing
Courtney N. Kraus Nursing
Sierra B. Kreft Pharmaceutical Sciences
Madison L. Kreuser Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tayler K. Kuehl Nursing
Amanda M. Kuhn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jennifer M. Kuntz Nursing
Molly K. Kunz Nursing
Katrina J. Kutter Pharmaceutical Sciences
Austin D. Kutzer Nursing
Elle K. Kvam Pharmacy
Kezia R. Kvernum Nursing
Anna K. Labitzky Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarmed A. Lafta Respiratory Care
Jordan E. LaJoie Nursing
Jenna M. Lamb Nursing
Cody J. Langaas Pharmacy
Ellen T. Lanman Nursing
Kelly L. LaSalle Nursing
Nicole B. LaValle Nursing
Tuongvi N. Le Medical Laboratory Science
Paige F. Leclerc Pharmacy
Jessica D. LeDoux Pharmacy
Mitchell C. Lehn Nursing
Jessica M. Leininger Nursing
Jayden L. Lemaire Medical Laboratory Science
Jordan M. Lentsch Pharmacy
Larissa M. Leonard Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brett D. Lessard Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jennifer A. Liane Pharmacy
Chelsea L. Lingle Nursing
Hannah M. Linz Nursing
Macey R. Llewellyn Pharmaceutical Sciences
London M. Lloyd Nursing
Ivan H. Lo Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lesley A. Locken Nursing
Kelsey A. Loew Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chelsea E. Lorenz Radiologic Sciences
Jane L. Loueng Pharmacy
Elizabeth J. Lukas Medical Laboratory Science
Cory R. Lundgren Medical Laboratory Science
Kaitlyn M. Lundstrom Nursing
Garret A. Lungren Pharmaceutical Sciences
Susan M. Lyons Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brett L. Lyslo Nursing
Tyler A. Maanum Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily M. Madsen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mason A. Magle Pharmacy
Cody A. Magnuson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Magrum Respiratory Care
Bailey P. Maher Pharmacy
Mary A. Mahoney Radiologic Sciences
Carolyn G. Marg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brandon D. Martin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole E. Martin Nursing
Katlyn M. Mastel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mason M. Mastel Respiratory Care
Nathan C. Mattson Nursing
Christian M. May Nursing
Katie M. McCorquodale Nursing
Nicole C. McDonald Nursing
Mattie L. McGee Nursing
Courtney L. McGrath Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica J. McKinney Pharmacy
Cole A. McLean Pharmaceutical Sciences
Naomi E. Meier Nursing
Fallon C. Meixel Nursing
Dillon A. Meyer Pharmacy
Samantha R. Meyers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan M. Michaelson Pharmacy
Kierstynn A. Milbeck Nursing
Kimberly A. Miller Pharmacy
Kirsten A. Miller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Savannah D. Miller Pharmacy
Susan B. Miller Radiologic Sciences
Andrea L. Moe Nursing
Cassandra L. Moen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shelby R. Monson Pharmacy
Karin J. Mortenson Nursing
Ryan L. Moulzolf Nursing
Conner D. Muenkel Respiratory Care
Christa M. Nagel Nursing
Paula J. Nagel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelsey M. Narlock Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emilie R. Nelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Erik M. Nelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla N. Nelson Pharmacy
Laura M. Nelson Nursing
Jennifer A. Nesius Pharmacy
Titiana M. Ngongang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vivian N. Ngongang Nursing
Ethan T. Nguyen Pharmacy
Hai T. Nguyen Pharmacy
Alyssa B. Nichelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lisper B. Nyaenya Nursing
Megan J. O'Connell Pharmacy
Kailyn L. Ohm Nursing
Ifeoluwa O. Olamijulo Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joshua G. Oliver Pharmacy
Alexander D. Olson Nursing
Erika P. Olson Medical Laboratory Science
Jacqueleen A. Olson Nursing
Jeremy K. Olson Pharmacy
Logan M. Olson Pharmacy
Sherline N. Oriental Nursing
Maggie J. Orn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna L. Pakala Pharmacy
Katrina M. Pavek Nursing
Kevin M. Pavlik Pharmacy
John J. Peabody Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mara J. Pedersen Respiratory Care
Alexa F. Pennick Nursing
Nicole A. Peper Nursing
Dillon C. Perryman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Peter Respiratory Care
Kayla D. Peterson Pharmacy
Vanessa E. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nhatu N. Phan Pharmacy
Amber R. Piatz Nursing
Kelly M. Pingeon Medical Laboratory Science
Ryan Platz Pharmacy
Laura L. Podolak Nursing
Ann M. Podoll Nursing
Kayla M. Porter Pharmacy
Kelly L. Posthumus Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amber J. Purrington Nursing
Natalie M. Raknerud Pharmaceutical Sciences
Natasha J. Randall Nursing
Alexis R. Rankka Nursing
Kevin R. Rauwerdink Pharmacy
Kevin A. Reedstrom Pharmaceutical Sciences
James V. Reineke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carson E. Reinhardt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jordan T. Retzlaff Radiologic Sciences
Kathleen G. Rice Nursing
Zoe E. Richard Radiologic Sciences
Abby M. Richardson Pharmacy
Whitney M. Richman Pharmacy
Ashlyn B. Riedesel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Travis J. Rieland Radiologic Sciences
Gretchen L. Rigge Medical Laboratory Science
Amber R. Riopelle Nursing
Jackelyn R. Roberts Pharmacy
Alexander R. Ross Pharmacy
Megan K. Rott Nursing
Macy J. Royston Pharmacy
Karin M. Rudningen Pharmacy
Ethan B. Ryberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brendan S. Salo Pharmacy
Priya J. Sam Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah L. Sather Nursing
Jena A. Sattler Nursing
Jaclynn K. Saunders Nursing
Leanne J. Saville Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexis M. Schaaf Nursing
McKenzie F. Schafer Nursing
Lauren A. Schaubert Nursing
Hannah C. Schiefelbein Nursing
Alexis K. Schirado Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathryn L. Schmeling Nursing
Darby L. Schmidt Nursing
Sarah J. Schmidt Pharmacy
Amanda K. Schmiesing Nursing
Madilyn R. Schmitz Medical Laboratory Science
Tracy D. Schmitz Nursing
Erica R. Schneibel Medical Laboratory Science
Brooke D. Schotters Pharmaceutical Sciences
Meghan C. SchreierNursing
Hannah M. Schroden Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda R. Schubert Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hanna M. Schulzetenberg Medical Laboratory Science
Kylie A. Schumacher Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chloe V. Schurb Nursing
Kristy L. Schwanke Pharmacy
Adam M. Schwartz Nursing
Carter J. Schweitzer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stephanie M. Schwenk Nursing
Thomas J. Sczepanski Nursing
Jennifer F. Sebestik Pharmacy
Maggie R. Seefeld Nursing
Stephanie M. Seibel Pharmacy
Alyssa D. Selinger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyle J. Sellman Nursing
Todd J. Selzler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor J. Semler Pharmacy
Abby L. Senger Nursing
Madison M. Shelstad Nursing
Taylor L. Shereck Nursing
Derek J. Siercks Pharmacy
Thomas Simanski Nursing
Danielle L. Simenson Nursing
Molly A. Slaby Pharmacy
Anna S. Sokolova Nursing
Brock A. Solberg Pharmacy
Erica L. Solie Radiologic Sciences
Brice D. Sondrol Pharmaceutical Sciences
Grace L. Sondrol Pharmacy
Alexander J. Sorby Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hallie R. Sorenson Nursing
Kayla J. Sorenson Nursing
Samantha A. Sorenson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Robert L. Sorvig Pharmacy
Travis J. Sporre Pharmacy
Nicholas D. Staska Radiologic Sciences
Amy M. Steckler Pharmacy
Katie J. Stein Pharmacy
Teresa M. Steinman Pharmacy
Dre E. Steinwehr Pharmaceutical Sciences
Danielle A. Stenhjem Pharmacy
Faith M. Stoltenow Nursing
Shawna M. Stowman Nursing
Morgan A. Sundet Nursing
Erin L. Swanberg Pharmacy
Kelly C. Swanberg Nursing
Jessica J. Swanson Pharmacy
William J. Sweet Radiologic Sciences
Cassandra J. Swift Nursing
Sophie G. Syvertsen Nursing
Sophors Tang Respiratory Care
Katherine A. Taylor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Landry Tchami Axel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole M. Teig Pharmacy
Jacqueline M. Tellers Pharmacy
Lauren M. Tengesdal Nursing
Lexi M. Ternes Nursing
Rufael Tesfamariam Medical Laboratory Science
Rebecca J. Theede Nursing
Jessica R. Theisen Pharmacy
Allisa A. Thiel Radiologic Sciences
Kyle L. Thielke Pharmacy
Stephanie R. Thissen Nursing
Jayson C. Thompson Pharmacy
Logan R. Thorson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jared M. Thunshelle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda J. Timmerman Pharmacy
Martha E. Toede Pharmacy
Jamie L. Tollefson Nursing
Peter L. Tran Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrew C. Trites Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karter J. Trontvet Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shalene M. Troyer Pharmacy
Lauren M. Trumm Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha E. Trumm Pharmacy
Andrew C. Tyson Nursing
Tara D. Uehran Nursing
Thomas B. Ugelstad Nursing
Gretchen A. Uselman Nursing
Kari P. Ust Nursing
Noella Uwase Respiratory Care
Katrina C. Valder Respiratory Care
Emily R. Van Den Einde Nursing
Allison M. Van Zuilen Respiratory Care
Jamie D. Vander Vorste Pharmaceutical Sciences
Arianna J. Vidger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica A. Voeller Pharmacy
Rebecca M. Waibel Nursing
Kayla A. Wald Nursing
Kara M. Waletich Radiologic Sciences
Jashandeep K. Walia Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyle R. Walker Pharmacy
Stephanie G. Wall Nursing
Danielle E. Walz Nursing
Xiaoxi Wang Pharmacy
Matthew J. Wangler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Heather P. Wasness Pharmacy
Emily L. Wassenaar Nursing
Jacklyn E. Watland Pharmacy
Adam J. Weber Nursing
Morgan B. Weber Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ryan R. Wehlander Pharmacy
Katlyn J. Weigel Pharmacy
Madison C. Weiland Pharmaceutical Sciences
Courtney B. Wells Pharmaceutical Sciences
Danae J. Wennerberg Medical Laboratory Science
Justin D. Wennerberg Respiratory Care
Anna T. Wenzel Pharmacy
Leslie A. Werlinger Nursing
Danielle R. Wernberg Radiologic Sciences
Rebecca R. Wescott Radiologic Sciences
Justin J. Wetzel Pharmacy
Brianne M. Wilkinson Nursing
Martina F. Williams Nursing
Abby L. Woiwode Pharmacy
Joshua A. Wolf Nursing
Kelsey B. Wolfe Pharmacy
Michaela R. Worms Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shelby J. Wunderlich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Evan T. Wyum Nursing
Lauren A. Yaggie Nursing
Sayuri S. Yang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Xiaozheng Yang Nursing
Ya-Chiao Yang Nursing
Jonathan A. Yeske Nursing
Taylor A. Young Nursing
Christopher D. Zabel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexis M. Zastoupil Pharmacy
Mitchell J. Zastrow Respiratory Care
Brian R. Ziegler Nursing
DeeAnna M. Ziegler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Siera K. Zimmerman Pharmacy

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College of Science and Mathematics

Houda M. Abdelrahman Zoology
Dhana P. Acharya Zoology
Angela P. Alean Computer Science
Karla E. Alme Biological Sciences Education
Alexander J. Althoff Zoology
Alyssa J. Anderson Zoology
Cassie A. Anderson Chemistry
Elizabeth J. Anderson Zoology
Hallie B. Anderson Psychology
Katie M. Anderson Psychology
Loren J. Anderson Mathematics
Stephen K. Anderson Computer Science
Carly E. Arett Biological Sciences Education
Corey C. Arneson Computer Science
Marisa L. Asheim Zoology
Brock D. Ashmore Zoology
Barbarah J. Back Zoology
Nathan G. Backowski Zoology
Steven K. Baker Psychology
Kellyn N. Barney Zoology
Heidi J. Bartosh Psychology
Leah J. Bauck Zoology
Michael K. Bayles Computer Science
Jonathan S. Bell-Clement Zoology
Kyle P. Benjamin Mathematics Education
Tristen F. Bentz Psychology
Rio M. Bergh Psychology
Emi L. Binstock Biological Sciences
Nicole C. Birkholz Computer Science
Patrick P. Bjerke Mathematics
Kayla A. Bjorlie Psychology
Abigail A. Black Biological Sciences
Ethan T. Boertje Zoology
Jamie M. Boespflug Chemistry
Alyssa A. Boetel Psychology
Autumn R. Borgen Psychology
Sydney L. Boschert Chemistry
Sarah L. Bourassa Psychology
Emily D. Boyd Zoology
Trevor M. Braeger Zoology
Michaela L. Branden Zoology
Kristy L. Brandt Zoology
Brett J. Braunagel Mathematics
David G. Breitbach Zoology
Erika A. Brennan Psychology
Hannah M. Brown Zoology
Alex J. Buchholz Computer Science
Caitlin M. Bussard Biological Sciences
Eric W. Canillas Computer Science
Maggie M. Carlson Zoology
Casey R. Cheney Biological Sciences
Joseph M. Ching Mathematics
Hae Ju Choi Chemistry
Solji Choi Zoology
Lauren E. Christianson Computer Science
Kari G. Claussen Zoology
Nicholas L. Clemenson Biological Sciences
Chad A. Close Computer Science
Brian P. Connelly Psychology
Kevin M. Cortes Biological Sciences
Katelynn E. Cox Psychology
Amy M. Crawford Statistics
James S. Cross Zoology
Pragya Dahal Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Kaleb W. Dahl Psychology
Kristina L. Dahl Biological Sciences
Landon A. Dallmann Biological Sciences
Michael J. Dancer Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Katlin M. Danielson Biological Sciences
Rebecca A. Darnell Psychology
Nilmini T. De Silva Computer Science
Dillon P. Dee Computer Science
Trey L. DeJong Psychology
Eric DeRocher Biological Sciences
Elise C. Dick Zoology
Adam M. Dirks Computer Science
Matthew R. Donahue Physics
Mara V. Doran Psychology
Connor J. Dunn Psychology
Jessica A. Eaves Zoology
Grant R. Edland Zoology
Tyler W. Ellsworth Zoology
Taylor N. Ensrude Zoology
Gabriel Eronmosele Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Austin A. Espe Biological Sciences
Heather A. Evin Biological Sciences
Amy M. Faller Zoology
Michael L. Farrenkopf Zoology
Bryant T. Feist Computer Science
Gabriel C. Ferragut Geology
Katie E. Field Psychology
Brandon J. Fischer Psychology
Hannah E. Fischer Zoology
Steven M. Fischer Computer Science
Kristen L. Fish Psychology
Ashley R. Fleck Zoology
Stephanie A. Friestad Zoology
Halley A. Fritze Mathematics
Kathryn A. Fronning Biological Sciences Education
Pamoda M. Galhenage Biological Sciences
Andrew C. Garman Chemistry
Sarah M. Garrison Mathematics
Zachary Geeraerts Chemistry
Rachel D. Giemza Zoology
Melissa R. Gifford Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Presley A. Glaser Mathematics
Brandon L. Goering Psychology
Allison J. Goldenstein Biological Sciences
Madeline M. Gordon Computer Science
Collin D. Gradin Biological Sciences
Lauren A. Graham Psychology
Shannon N. Grawberger Zoology
Katie J. Grinde Psychology
Tyler D. Groth Zoology
Erin L. Gulbranson Computer Science
Mary K. Gullickson Psychology
Bailey M. Haas Biological Sciences
Anthony D. Hacker Chemistry
Damon B. Hage Physics
Pake E. Hagen Mathematics
Allison M. Haider Biological Sciences
Caleb L. Halvorson Computer Science
Jenna L. Halvorson Psychology
Christopher W. Hammond Chemistry
Colton C. Hansen Computer Science
Lacey C. Harper Psychology
Adam P. Hart Computer Science
Trevor P. Haugdahl Psychology
Britni E. Haugen Psychology
Morgan A. Hausauer Psychology
Nick R. Heilman Computer Science
Andrew G. Hellmann Psychology
Brent A. Hepokoski Mathematics
Amanda R. Hericks Zoology
Reid B. Hessman Chemistry
Alexandra A. Hett Zoology
Hunter A. Heyerman Biological Sciences Education
Owen R. Higgins Computer Science
Kyra J. Hodny Psychology
Adrian B. Hoehle Zoology
Kayla M. Hoff Zoology
Brandi E. Hoffart Psychology
Ellen Honsa Psychology
Alexandra J. HornbacherZoology
Megan K. Horter Zoology
Alexandra J. Howatt Psychology
Allison J. Hoy Zoology
Anna K. Hruby Biological Sciences
Benjamin P. Huber Zoology
Jessa D. Huber Psychology
Whitney F. Huesers Zoology
Nicholas T. Hugo Geology
Elizabeth A. Husted Zoology
Daniel D. Huus Psychology
Mi T. Huynh Computer Science
Alicia T. Ickstadt Biological Sciences
Dakota T. Ihli Mathematics
Caleb J. Ingebretson Computer Science
Cheyanne S. Jacobs Geology
Anthony J. Jacobson Biological Sciences
Stephanie R. Jacobson Biological Sciences
Kyle W. Jandro Zoology
Thomas W. Jaszczak Zoology
Alyssa S. Jensen Zoology
Alex M. Job Computer Science
Brandon J. Johnson Physics
Corin M. Johnson Psychology
Monty L. Johnson Geology
Steffani N. Johnston Zoology
Chris R. Jones Psychology
Eric S. Jones Statistics
Morgan A. Jones Psychology
Seth A. Jones Zoology
Matthew L. Jurgens Statistics
Cole R. Kainz Computer Science
Aaron J. Kaip Biological Sciences
Taylor S. Karger Zoology
Peter J. Keefe Zoology
Colton R. Keller Computer Science
Brett M. Kelly Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Kaitlin A. Kelly Biological Sciences Education
Mitchell L. Kennedy Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Ashley A. Kershaw Zoology
Krishna P. Khatiwada Computer Science
Kendra M. Kibble Zoology
Shawn K. Kilen Zoology
Tess M. Kilwein Psychology
Jesse L. Kipp Psychology
Lynsey J. Kissinger Psychology
Paige A. Kissinger Psychology
Kelli J. Kleppe Zoology
Kyle R. Knutson Zoology
Alex M. Koppy Mathematics Education
Kaelen R. Kosse Computer Science
Anna M. Kozlowski Zoology
Madison E. Kral Biological Sciences Education
Matthew P. Kramer Psychology
Jessica L. Krings Zoology
Christian A. Kulish Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Anthony T. Kulzer Computer Science
Ankit Kumar Computer Science
Marinda L. Kurpius-Brock Psychology
Allie J. Lahren Zoology
Andrew J. Lantz Biological Sciences
Alexander O. Larson Computer Science
Rachel A. Larson Computer Science
Erik R. LaVanierComputer Science
Megan R. Lawler Psychology
Jeremy A. Leadbetter Computer Science
Joseph M. Leard Biological Sciences
Seokjoo Lee Chemistry
UngHwi Lee Biological Sciences
Keith M. Lehman Mathematics Education
Benjamin J. LeVahn Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Wei Kang Lim Physics
Sarah E. Lindblom Zoology
Kaitlin E. Lindsey Zoology
Chase R. Lingle Psychology
Amanda J. Lopez Psychology
Kristen M. Lorenz Geology
Emily L. Luebke Physics
Amber K. Lund Zoology
Sean A. Luthjohn Computer Science
Michael J. Lynch Chemistry
Levi A. Lystrom Chemistry
Adrienne P. MacDonald Psychology
John M. Mainz Computer Science
Sage A. Malingen Mathematics
David J. Malone Psychology
Phaden G. Marcellais Computer Science
Samantha A. Marihart Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Dominic A. Marks Computer Science
Austin R. Marquardt Psychology
Alannah M. Marsh Psychology
Allison R. Martin Psychology
Logan R. Martin Psychology
Brianne K. Mason Psychology
Tacy L. Masters Zoology
Tracey L. Matheny Zoology
Kevin E. Mathews Mathematics Education
Samuel A. Mayer Computer Science
Lindsey R. McAulay Biological Sciences
Jessica J. McCarthy Biological Sciences
Caitlyn A. McConnell Psychology
Isabelle V. McKay Psychology
Casey A. McLachlan Zoology
Austin McMannes Zoology
Amanda H. McMullen Zoology
Anna M. Melicher Zoology
Nicholas J. Meske Computer Science
Christopher J. Meyers Zoology
Angel Mfon Psychology
Nolan M. Miles Zoology
Vanessa M. Miller Zoology
Sonja V. Mittag Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Luke P. Moen Computer Science
Chris J. Molitor Zoology
Emily J. Morgan Zoology
Lynsey N. Morrell Psychology
Allison J. Morse Psychology
Rebecca K. Morton Zoology
Leah C. Moulds Psychology
Tanner A. Muehler Psychology
Derek L. Mumm Chemistry
Andrew F. Nack Mathematics Education
Soo Il Namgoong Biological Sciences
Sean A. Nash Zoology
Emily M. Naylor Mathematics
Mason D. Nelson Statistics
Zachariah L. Neville Mathematics
Connie Nguyen Psychology
Destiny M. Nguyen Biological Sciences
Isaiah C. Nicolai Computer Science
Emily A. Nilson Biological Sciences
Brittany A. Nordick Psychology
Amanda L. Ockert Psychology
Cody R. Okeson Zoology
Cherie L. Olson Zoology
Christopher W. Olson Biological Sciences
Darwin G. Olson Computer Science
Kjyrsten M. Olson Psychology
Joseph M. Osborne Computer Science
Michael L. Paavola Psychology
Molly A. Palm Mathematics Education
Kyle L. Palmer Computer Science
Jordan P. Pansch Computer Science
Thomas J. Peters Zoology
Rachel L. Pfenning-Wendt Psychology
Chelsy A. Posterick Psychology
Calla J. Price Zoology
Trevor D. Priestley Computer Science
Andriana R. Puchany Zoology
Paige L. Raaf Zoology
Cody A. Raeder Psychology
Bryan A. Rask Mathematics
Ericka C. Readel Mathematics
Clayton L. Ream Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Cole V. Rehovsky Zoology
Erick V. Rhen Computer Science
Justin G. Riendeau Computer Science
Rachel J. Ries Zoology
Scott D. Rivenburg Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Noah J. Rockenback Computer Science
Sinibaldo Romero Zoology
Kaitlyn O. Romfo Zoology
Joseph D. Roth Physics
Justin D. Rothstein Computer Science
Scott J. Rotvold Computer Science
Hunter T. Row Zoology
Garret M. Ruh Computer Science
Keaton A. Rummel Psychology
Margaret P. Russell Psychology
Daniel P. Rust Chemistry
Katelyn R. Rykal Psychology
Keenan J. Salveson Computer Science
Brian D. Samuelson Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Adam M. Sandberg Computer Science
Kilynn F. Sandberg Geology
Emily M. Sargent Psychology
Jenna K. Saunders Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Samuel L. Savidge Computer Science
Brandon P. Schmidt Psychology
Jacob E. Schmidt Zoology
Mackenzie J. Schmuck Psychology
Sarah N. Schroth Psychology
Nicholas B. Schultz Zoology
Jacob T. Schulze Physics
Michael M. Schumacher Computer Science
Bethany M. Schwandt Psychology
Matthew J. Scott Psychology
Barbara L. Senger Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Samantha A. Shand Zoology
Surya Sharma Computer Science
Shelby A. Sharp Psychology
Daniel A. Shira Mathematics
Kelsie J. Silvernagel Zoology
Nikhil Singh Computer Science
Jennie I. Sirota Biological Sciences
Simona D. Sjoblom Psychology
Deovandski Skibinski Junior Computer Science
Travis A. Skuza Zoology
Garett P. Slater Biological Sciences
Kiley A. Smith Psychology
Marah E. Smith Zoology
Stephanie C. Smith Psychology
Mee-Sun So Chemistry
Jacob Sockness Physics
Stephanie A. Sorenson Psychology
Joshua W. Sowl Psychology
Alexander P. Spacek Zoology
Riley D. Spiker Zoology
Bonnie J. Stalberger Zoology
Zachery T. Staskywicz Chemistry
Jordan C. Steffan Computer Science
Eugene M. Stepan Mathematics
Graham F. Stoltenow Zoology
Kaley M. Stotz Biological Sciences
Jerrod A. Strode Zoology
Blake E. Stroia Zoology
Britney J. Strommen Psychology
Robert F. Suppa Mathematics
Matthew A. Swanson Zoology
Katelyn H. Swearingen Psychology
Tanzim Tabassum Biological Sciences
Joshua S. Tan Computer Science
Benchamin H. Tang Psychology
Michael D. Tchida Zoology
Anuj Teotia Computer Science
Erin E. Teschuk Psychology
Drew G. Thompson Zoology
Sarah A. Todd Chemistry
Rachel L. Todhunter Psychology
Eric T. Torkelson Zoology
Noelle P. Torrance Zoology
Melissa J. Tracy Zoology
Eric W. Trautman Computer Science
Kevin W. Trowbridge Mathematics
Rachel T. Trudeau Zoology
Calvin D. Trudel Zoology
Baldorj Tsog Computer Science
Emily M. Tucker Biological Sciences
Lauren R. Tupa Statistics
Nora C. Ulmer Biological Sciences
Lexie L. Unhjem Psychology
Austin C. Usselman Physics
Caitlin J. Van Voorhis Psychology
Jaden D. VanEckhout Computer Science
Jordan T. VanSickle Computer Science
Jenna K. Vergeldt Zoology
Zachary C. Voels Computer Science
Taylor M. Wagner Zoology
Joshua T. Wallgren-Mindermann Computer Science
Tyler H. Waltz Psychology
Morgan E. Wangler Psychology
Jonah M. Warwick Zoology
Marissa A. Weinkauf Psychology
Cassidy N. Wendler Biological Sciences
Anthony B. Wendorff Biological Sciences
Derek M. Weninger Zoology
Scott D. Weninger Computer Science
Hilary H. Wennblom Psychology
Tyler J. Weyer Physics
Jory M. White Zoology
Morgan L. Wilburn Zoology
Brian R. Willett Zoology
Amber A. Winter Mathematics Education
Jaden D. Wirrenga Computer Science
Alexander D. Wolf Computer Science
Katherine K. Wong Psychology
Jackie M. Wrage Geology
Mason E. Wright Computer Science
Samuel R. Wyatt Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Qianwen Yan Computer Science
Wenzhao Yang Mathematics
Jessica D. Zent Mathematics
Camille E. Zerfas Mathematics
Shujian Zhang Computer Science
Wei Zhao Statistics
Patricia R. Zikmund Mathematics Education
Alicia L. Zook Psychology

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College of University Studies

Samantha R. Albrecht University Studies
Taylor N. Anderson University Studies
Andrew W. Arnold University Studies
Alexis J. Berg University Studies
Amy E. Blickensderfer University Studies
Rachel E. Blomberg University Studies
Collin J. Boetel University Studies
Myles J. Brooks University Studies
Timothy P. Colwell University Studies
Hannah C. Dahlvang University Studies
Nicole A. Dietrich University Studies
Emmanuel Dixon University Studies
Kelly W. Engquist University Studies
Marah J. Friez University Studies
Travis W. Gagnon University Studies
Michael J. Gjerde University Studies
Melissa J. Groth University Studies
Sarah Haider University Studies
Alexis M. Halberstadt University Studies
Sara A. Holman University Studies
Jacquelyn S. Johnson University Studies
Toria M. Johnson University Studies
Megan M. Kortie University Studies
Travis T. Kraft University Studies
Mariah R. Kringlie University Studies
Jaden Kudrna University Studies
Jackson M. LaNou University Studies
Jami R. Larson University Studies
Tyler A. Lehmann University Studies
Luke A. Lind University Studies
Aspen L. Lindell University Studies
McKensie M. Livermore University Studies
Anna K. Mann University Studies
Landon McCluskeyUniversity Studies
Lauren E. Miller University Studies
Caleb W. Mohr University Studies
Evan S. Morgenson University Studies
Matthew J. Musacchia University Studies
Morgan L. Olson University Studies
Connor K. Paulson University Studies
Benjamin R. Petersen University Studies
Ashley M. Peterson University Studies
Erica L. Raguse University Studies
Thomas W. Robinson University Studies
Timothy L. Roesch University Studies
Teia M. Roller University Studies
Carly C. Rutter University Studies
Natasha L. Salzer University Studies
Daniel L. Sargeant University Studies
Alexandra C. Schmid University Studies
Chloe J. Smith University Studies
Cameron L. Sorrells University Studies
Hannah F. Straw University Studies
Kennedy M. Stromme University Studies
Hilliary L. Trandem University Studies
Brittney K. Voss University Studies
Marisa L. Warren University Studies
Megan L. Wilson University Studies
Amy P. Yang University Studies
Mara J. Zinda University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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