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2015 Summer Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates who have completed at least 9 credits (with honor points) with a semester grade-point average of 3.50 or above at the close of the semester.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Kaylee M. Bliss Equine Science
Jessica V. Carlson Microbiology
Molly K. ColletteAgribusiness
Audrey E. Mascal General Agriculture
Joseph F. Neadeau Economics
Ruoling Tang Food Safety

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Karl O. Benson Strategic Communication
Rochelle M. Bitz Health Communication
Larisa E. Bosserman Journalism
Kali L. ChristiansonStrategic Communication
Eric A. Clay Strategic Communication
Dania G. Conlow Rodriguez Journalism
Haley I. Deserly Health Communication
Simon P. Eggiman Strategic Communication
He Gao New Media and Web Design
Emily M. Haverkamp Health Communication
Thomas J. Houle Emergency Management
Ryan E. Janke Strategic Communication
Marina K. Kallias Strategic Communication
Zachary S. KautzmanPublic History
Sara L. King Health Communication
Mitchell A. Mazaheri Criminal Justice
Jessica L. Mikesh Health Communication
Lizane Montreuil Social Science Education
Jenna Murphy English Education
Susan F. Ochoa Political Science
Kasie R. Padden Strategic Communication
Brittney R. Richter Strategic Communication
Zachary B. Robinson Criminal Justice
Katherine R. SchmitStrategic Communication
Katherine M. Schulz Emergency Management
James G. Sink Emergency Management
Chloe J. Smith Strategic Communication
Connor M. Smith Criminal Justice
Taryn M. Steckler Political Science
Helen R. Tauscher Emergency Management
Savanna R. Thielbar Women and Gender Studies

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College of Business

Alexa K. AndreeAccounting
Stephen J. Appel Business Administration
Karen J. Bauer Accounting
Emily M. Bekkerus Accounting
Matthew J. Belec Marketing
Michael A. Bigwood Accounting
Michaela F. Elliott Business Administration
Nicole M. Freeberg Management
Claire M. FriscoBusiness Administration
Jenna E. Galegher Management
Chelsey S. Gangl Management
Adam M. Gustafson Business Administration
John M. Hagen Finance
Owen P. Korcuska Accounting
Matthew R. Olive Management Information Systems
Amanda L. Paradis Accounting
Taylor J. Parker Management
Kyle A. Sorby Marketing
Danielle L. Volk Accounting
Dana L. Weidmann Accounting
Michael M. Woodard Accounting
Jinghui Zhang Marketing
Manlin Zhang Finance
Tianxin Zhu Finance

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College of Engineering

Johnson C. Anya Electrical Engineering
Matthew Chosa Mechanical Engineering
Grant D. Klosterman Mechanical Engineering
Charles Maciel Ramos Civil Engineering
Spencer G. Moir Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Amelia R. Schippel Civil Engineering
Alec T. Staiger Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin A. Trnka Computer Engineering
Bharat Verma Electrical Engineering
Blake M. Wenthe Electrical Engineering

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College of Health Professions

Salam M. Alanazi Respiratory Care
John D. Anderson Respiratory Care
Julie L. Berney Nursing
Matthew E. Bernu Respiratory Care
Jacie L. Boe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sabrina M. Boe Nursing
Mackenzie E. Breedon Radiologic Sciences
Jayme L. Conroy Nursing
Samantha R. Cunnien Nursing
Jenae A. Dabill Respiratory Care
Danielle N. Engel Respiratory Care
Caitlyn M. Fleahman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benjamin H. Graf Respiratory Care
Chelsea Griffin Nursing
Monica Hinske Radiologic Sciences
Cheryl E. Hosie Medical Laboratory Science
Brandon M. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayli J. Johnson Nursing
Lovena D. Kabba Nursing
Stephany M. Kittleson Nursing
Bobbi L. Kramer Respiratory Care
Deanna M. Kukowski Nursing
Sarmed A. Lafta Respiratory Care
Trachelle J. Leach Nursing
Samantha B. Maciej Nursing
Hannah M. Magrum Respiratory Care
Allyson M. Marthaler Nursing
Matthew A. Montgomery Nursing
Stephanie L. Montgomery Nursing
Brandon L. Nelson Respiratory Care
Sarah Nygaard Nursing
Rachel M. Olerud Nursing
Marijke E. O'Sullivan Nursing
Krista J. Puhl Radiologic Sciences
Marina D. Rokke Nursing
Haylee J. Sandry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Renee S. Sina Respiratory Care
Kali A. Stene Radiologic Sciences
Brianna L. Thomalla Nursing
Breanna R. Thompson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Allison M. Van Zuilen Respiratory Care
Paula J. Youngerman Nursing

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College of Human Development and Education

Casey L. Allmaras Exercise Science
Stephanie Atkinson Human Development & Family Sci
Ashley R. Bekkerus App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Laura L. Berger Human Development & Family Sci
Kassandra A. BollerHuman Development & Family Sci
Crystal L. Dacar Human Development & Family Sci
Alanna J. Dietz Mathematics Education
Megan C. FitzSimmons Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda P. Grable Sport Management
Brenna M. Greenwood App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Dylan T. Gress Sport Management
Sara V. Gross Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Holly T. Johnson Sport Management
Summer L. Keuler Human Development & Family Sci
Dylan A. KopischkeSport Management
Marissa A. LarsonHuman Development & Family Sci
Sean J. Mahoney Physical Education
Megan J. Matejcek Social Science Education
Alexa E. Misgen Human Development & Family Sci
Jordan M. NovacekSport Management
Ethan M. PriceSport Management
Tyler J. RaymondSport Management
Ashley A. Renton Human Development & Family Sci
Caleb C. RogelstadSport Management
Hope K. Sapp Human Development & Family Sci
Molly C. Scherer Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda K. Schulz Human Development & Family Sci
Wen Min See Sport Management
Nicole J. Snapp Human Development & Family Sci
McKell D. Sprenger Human Development & Family Sci
Tanner R. Steffan Sport Management
David M. StookeySport Management
Kaitlyn M. Sundby Dietetics
Nichole M. Wheeler Human Development & Family Sci
Va Yang Exercise Science

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College of Science and Mathematics

Emi L. Binstock Biological Sciences
Juldie Bohmer Psychology
Sarah L. Bourassa Psychology
Austin J. Breuer Chemistry
Adam M. Brewer Computer Science
Moriahn P. Bunney Zoology
Evan W. Culver Chemistry
Tianqi Dai Statistics
Aric J. Dvorak Biological Sciences Education
Jordan R. Falcon Computer Science
Alen Fejzic Psychology
Allison J. Goldenstein Biological Sciences
Emily J. Hathaway Psychology
Cassandra D. Hoffman Psychology
Tania M. Kibble Zoology
Marc J. Kostelecky Computer Science
Luying Min Statistics
Hannah D. Nelson Psychology
Mason D. Nelson Statistics
Sarah L. Noll Psychology
Samuel K. Olsen Computer Science
Kayla L. Peterson Zoology
Branden J. Smith Psychology
Christopher Trom Computer Science
Emily C. Vinych Psychology
Christian J. Weber Psychology
Taylor K. West Psychology
Savanna E. Westrom Psychology
Jacob S. Wieber Physics
Jenna M. Zaeske Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Patricia R. Zikmund Mathematics Education

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College of University Studies

Zackary W. Johnson University Studies
Amber J. KlevgaardNon-Degree
Emily N. MeyerNon-Degree
Bailey M. Risberg University Studies
Kayla M. Shaw University Studies
Jared M. Swanson University Studies
Lindsey A. TeigenNon-Degree

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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