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2015 Fall Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 12 credits with honor points.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Name Program
Brittney F. Aasand Crop and Weed Sciences
Kyle A. Aasand Crop and Weed Sciences
Samantha R. Albrecht Microbiology
Scott M. Alm Animal Science
Kelsey M. Amborn Veterinary Technology
Bryce J. Andersen Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Preston A. Andersen General Agriculture
Claire M. Anderson General Agriculture
Kayla L. Anderson Veterinary Technology
Alexa J. Andries Veterinary Technology
Bayleigh M. Antonsen Animal Science
Madeline J. Arneson Biotechnology
Heidi N. Artz Microbiology
Jonathan D. Aslesen Crop and Weed Sciences
Kalley M. Athmann Veterinary Technology
Martin C. Ausk Crop and Weed Sciences
Adam D. Austing Agricultural Economics
Rachel M. Ayers Economics
Aneet K. Bajwa Food Science
Hannah J. Bakke Animal Science
Margalit R. Balaban Microbiology
John M. Baldwin Crop and Weed Sciences
Amber C. Balfe Agribusiness
Rachel A. Baniecke Animal Science
Juan A. Barrett Economics
Mackenzie J. Bartsch Veterinary Technology
Samantha K. Batsch Veterinary Technology
Samantha J. Batzlaff Veterinary Technology
Matthew J. Baumler Agricultural Economics
Bailey J. Bechtold Microbiology
Jason D. Beck Agribusiness
Wyatt W. Beethe Crop and Weed Sciences
Travis E. Benson Agricultural Economics
Brooke R. Benz Microbiology
Blake H. Berning Agricultural Economics
Charles J. Beske Economics
Travis J. Binde Agricultural Education
Seth C. Bisbee Agribusiness
Nicollette J. Bitz Agribusiness
Brock H. Bleichner Agricultural Economics
Elizabeth A. Blessum Agricultural Education
Kaylee M. Bliss Equine Science
Jodi E. Boe Crop and Weed Sciences
Will H. Bollum Agricultural Economics
Sydney B. Bork Microbiology
Dylan H. Boyer Microbiology
Abby A. Braaten Agricultural Economics
Brandon J. Breckheimer Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas P. Breidenbach Crop and Weed Sciences
Timothy J. Breider Microbiology
Kelsey L. Breuer Veterinary Technology
Todd A. Brinkman Crop and Weed Sciences
Mariah J. Brooks Veterinary Technology
Andrew J. Brummond Microbiology
Jordan C. Brummond Microbiology
Hunter T. Buehler Agricultural Economics
Samantha J. Buie Veterinary Technology
Ellen M. Buysse Microbiology
Xingwang Cai Food Safety
Ryan P. Callahan Microbiology
Mariom A. Carvajal Morales Microbiology
Emily L. Cavett Animal Science
Haoming Chen Food Safety
Seeun Choi Horticulture
Lauren A. Ciernia Animal Science
Molly K. Collette Agribusiness
Christopher T. Connolly Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Nancy F. Cook Veterinary Technology
Maximillion K. Cossette Agribusiness
Alexis G. Craig Animal Science
Michelle L. Craig Animal Science
Atarah Crawford Veterinary Technology
Melissa C. Cross Animal Science
Brittany J. Cudworth Animal Science
Allyson L. Cull Veterinary Technology
Camille E. Curtis-Heaton Animal Science
Jacob L. Dailey Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Austin M. Dale Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Sydney A. Dale Microbiology
Adam F. Dean Animal Science
Bradley M. Dean Agricultural Economics
Hannah B. Deaton Animal Science
Ann I. Denk Agribusiness
Mackenzie A. Derry Crop and Weed Sciences
Lacey B. Dickerman Microbiology
Cheyenne L. Dockter Agricultural Education
Brandon L. Domagala Crop and Weed Sciences
Amanda D. Donarski Animal Science
Hailey A. DuBord Crop and Weed Sciences
Mitchell R. Dufour Crop and Weed Sciences
Christina F. Dulik Equine Science
Michael D. Duncan Crop and Weed Sciences
Andrew D. Effertz Crop and Weed Sciences
Isaac N. Effertz Crop and Weed Sciences
Erin E. Ehlis Animal Science
Cole D. Ehrlin Crop and Weed Sciences
Amanda K. Eickhoff Veterinary Technology
Ajdin Ekic Microbiology
Bridget E. Eklund Microbiology
Matthew A. Elder Crop and Weed Sciences
Jessica L. Eliason Veterinary Technology
Tracy L. Ellig Animal Science
Miranda J. Ellingson Veterinary Technology
Nicole A. Ellingson Natural Resources Mgmt
Brita M. Enderson Agribusiness
Claire M. Endres Agricultural Education
Erin M. Endres Crop and Weed Sciences
Emily A. Engelhard Agribusiness
Garret D. Engelke Natural Resources Mgmt
Krista A. Erdahl Microbiology
Anna E. Erickson Microbiology
Bethany A. Erickson Agricultural Economics
Kristen L. Erickson Veterinary Technology
Marissa Evans Animal Science
Adam P. Ewald Microbiology
Amber A. Feickert Agricultural Economics
Tanner J. Fischer Animal Science
Dorothy J. Floren Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kelli B. Foss Veterinary Technology
Kendall R. Frahm Agricultural Economics
Sarah B. Freitag Animal Science
Thomas D. Friesz Agricultural Economics
Aaron M. Froemke Crop and Weed Sciences
Andrew W. Fugleberg Microbiology
Lexi N. Furstenau Veterinary Technology
Brett P. Gallagher Animal Science
Abby J. Ganyo Animal Science
Matthew M. Gapp Economics
Aloysius J. Gefroh Agricultural Economics
Ashley L. Giedd Animal Science
Shane C. Giedd Animal Science
Elisabeth M. Gnitka Animal Science
Cole L. Goetz Economics
Madison T. Gohl Food Science
John A. Gould Horticulture
Shelby J. Grabanski Agricultural Economics
Collin D. Gradin Microbiology
Shannon N. Grawberger Microbiology
Aaron W. Green Natural Resources Mgmt
Amy E. Greenberg Animal Science
Nathaniel P. Greseth Animal Science
Hanna L. Gross Food Science
Megan A. Gross Animal Science
Stephanie M. Gross Animal Science
Tyler J. Grosz Economics
Austin L. Haas Crop and Weed Sciences
Brock G. Hagemeister Agricultural Economics
Connor C. Hagemeyer Horticulture
Anthony B. Hagen Crop and Weed Sciences
Carson P. Hagen Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nils Hagen Economics
Kayla M. Haglund Animal Science
Monique C. Haman Veterinary Technology
Bryan C. Hansen Crop and Weed Sciences
Gunnar B. Hanson Crop and Weed Sciences
Shelby L. Hanson Animal Science
Derek J. Hatzenbuhler Microbiology
Emily R. Hauck Animal Science
Andrianna L. HayesAnimal Science
Sheridan O. Heid Animal Science
Christopher A. Heinrich Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kevin F. Heinz Agricultural Systems Mgmt
MaKayla B. Heinz Agricultural Education
Jenelle L. Henry Veterinary Technology
Mylie J. Herman Economics
Austin J. Hewitt Microbiology
Keenan C. Hodenfield Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Alexis M. Hoelmer Animal Science
Brayden P. Hofer Agricultural Economics
Ryan P. Hoffman Agricultural Economics
Sarah M. Hoiland Veterinary Technology
Isaac T. Holman Natural Resources Mgmt
Marisa S. Holst Animal Science
Stacia M. Hopfauf Animal Science
Taylor R. Horner Veterinary Technology
Kaycee D. Howard Veterinary Technology
Celena J. Hulst General Agriculture
Logan R. Hulst Animal Science
Nicole L. Human Equine Science
Miranda J. Husnick Microbiology
Sarah M. Hutchens Veterinary Technology
Madeline K. Iversen Microbiology
Katie M. Jacobson Agribusiness
Larissa R. Jennings Veterinary Technology
Alexandra D. Joersz Veterinary Technology
Haley M. Johnson Equine Science
Nettie M. Johnson Agribusiness
Nicholas K. Johnson Agribusiness
Megan B. Jones Crop and Weed Sciences
Marissa M. Judes Veterinary Technology
Brooklyn M. Kadrmas Equine Science
Chelsie A. Keiper Veterinary Technology
Katharine T. Kelsven Microbiology
Brent W. Kemp Agricultural Economics
Mitchell L. Kennedy Microbiology
Grant S. Kessel Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Taylor D. Ketterling Crop and Weed Sciences
Justin L. Kiesow Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Caleb J. Kill Natural Resources Mgmt
Morgan L. Kirschenmann Veterinary Technology
Kali P. Klath Natural Resources Mgmt
Jesse D. Klebe Agricultural Economics
Rebecca A. Klose Veterinary Technology
Megan E. Klosterman Agricultural Economics
Ross A. Knoll Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Danielle M. Knott Veterinary Technology
Whitney L. Koch Veterinary Technology
Taylor A. Koczur Economics
Alexia K. Koeppe Veterinary Technology
Kacey R. Koester Animal Science
Jessalyn M. Kokett Agricultural Economics
Kimberly S. Kollman Animal Science
Chelsea L. Kraemer Microbiology
Kathleen A. Kranda Animal Science
Joshua J. Krank Microbiology
Trina S. Krumm Microbiology
Madison Kulas Animal Science
Sandra L. Kuntz Agricultural Education
Mami Kuwahara Horticulture
Jessi R. Lagein Animal Science
Francis P. Landman Biotechnology
Caleb N. Laney Microbiology
Jacob E. Langlie Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicole M. LaPage Microbiology
Jacob M. Lardy Range Science
Brooks K. Larson Agribusiness
Heidi A. Larson Microbiology
Megan A. Larson Equine Science
Tiffany A. Larson Microbiology
Colten W. Lee Crop and Weed Sciences
Jaclyn K. Lee Agribusiness
Michael J. Lehn Agribusiness
Justin J. Leier Crop and Weed Sciences
Marissa M. Leier Animal Science
Erick J. Leiseth Agricultural Economics
Taylor A. Lemieux Veterinary Technology
Daniel G. Lengowski Animal Science
Emily J. Leseman Animal Science
Lloyd L. Lesmeister Animal Science
Alex M. Liebe Crop and Weed Sciences
Chandra D. Lillis Food Science
Jeffrey T. Lindquist Agricultural Economics
Michael J. Lindquist Crop and Weed Sciences
Anthony M. Loegering Economics
Jessica A. Long Agribusiness
Emily D. Love Agribusiness
Alyssa K. Lueck Agribusiness
Jennifer M. Lukach Animal Science
Marcus P. Mack Crop and Weed Sciences
Tyler S. Mahrer Crop and Weed Sciences
Joline A. Manikowski Equine Science
Marshal J. Marihart Crop and Weed Sciences
Elizabeth A. Mars Natural Resources Mgmt
Nathan P. Marsh Microbiology
Kaden J. Martinson Crop and Weed Sciences
Audrey E. Mascal General Agriculture
Braidyn M. Mashak Equine Science
Kevin P. Mathews Animal Science
Casey O. McCollum Horticulture
Brandon A. Mead Economics
Jacob W. Mehlhouse Crop and Weed Sciences
Adam Meister Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jake A. Melicher Agricultural Economics
Bryce J. Messner Agricultural Economics
Benjamin S. Middendorf Crop and Weed Sciences
Nolan M. Miles Microbiology
Jamie E. Miller Natural Resources Mgmt
Logan L. Miller Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Mikayla S. Miller Crop and Weed Sciences
Tony J. Minihan Crop and Weed Sciences
Garrett R. Mitchell Biotechnology
Jared W. Monsebroten Agricultural Economics
Lindsey R. Mosher Animal Science
Abigail A. Mueller Agribusiness
Jacob B. Mueller Economics
Landon D. Mund Agricultural Economics
Travis J. Myers Crop and Weed Sciences
Heejae Na Horticulture
Catherine J. Nalewaja Animal Science
Jonathan J. Nguyen Microbiology
Amelia R. Nichols Equine Science
John E. Nienhuis General Agriculture
Hannah E. Nordby Agricultural Education
Hannah M. Ohm General Agriculture
Dane M. Olsen Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Kari A. Olson Agricultural Economics
Marissa M. Olson Veterinary Technology
Natalie M. Osowski Crop and Weed Sciences
Megan S. Ostrand Natural Resources Mgmt
Rachel H. Ouren Animal Science
Dahltin J. Pahl Agribusiness
Jesse S. Pahl Biotechnology
Jeffrey Palm Economics
Emma R. Papenfuss Agricultural Economics
Jillian G. Patrie Horticulture
Austin R. Patten Agricultural Economics
Benjamin D. Pearson Crop and Weed Sciences
Matthew J. Pederson Crop and Weed Sciences
Jacob P. Perius Crop and Weed Sciences
Miranda J. Peskar Microbiology
Drew B. Petersen Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Alan T. Peterson Crop and Weed Sciences
Anna M. Peterson Animal Science
Kristi H. Peterson Agribusiness
Cassie A. Podliska Microbiology
Tanner B. Post Crop and Weed Sciences
Lynn M. Pouliot Animal Science
Rebekah L. Prazak Veterinary Technology
Ian T. Pritchard Economics
Rachel L. Quanbeck Veterinary Technology
Stephen J. Quandt Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jocelyn M. Quarstad Veterinary Technology
Danika D. Quick Animal Science
Gabrielle Rabb Agricultural Education
Jenna M. Radtke Agricultural Education
Kady R. Rath Veterinary Technology
Linda R. Rausch Veterinary Technology
Madelaine C. Rehn Equine Science
Alec B. Reimche Agricultural Economics
Leah N. Rempfert Veterinary Technology
Bailey M. Retzlaff Agricultural Education
Jeremiah M. Rhines General Agriculture
Jason A. Richter Crop and Weed Sciences
Robert J. Richter Agricultural Economics
Connor P. Rieniets Crop and Weed Sciences
Ariana M. Rinell Veterinary Technology
Logan B. Riopelle Agricultural Economics
Mitchell R. Ronning Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Jared D. Rosaaen General Agriculture
Jean L. Rosenau Agricultural Economics
Serina G. Rossow Veterinary Technology
Tanner E. Rothstein Microbiology
Samantha M. Ruger Equine Science
Dalton S. Ruiter Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nathaniel P. Rykerd Natural Resources Mgmt
Becka L. Sadlemyer Equine Science
Hayley Sauber Equine Science
Christine V. Sayler Microbiology
Nicholas N. Scarberry Microbiology
Amy L. Scegura Crop and Weed Sciences
Jared M. Schaefer Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicholas J. Schaefer Agricultural Economics
Brian C. SchaetzAgricultural Economics
Patrick D. Schaffer Agricultural Economics
Stephanie B. Schaunaman Animal Science
Heidi T. Scheetz Natural Resources Mgmt
Andrew D. Scheldorf Horticulture
Gwen M. Scheresky Agricultural Economics
Rebecca L. Schermer Horticulture
Nicholas J. Schimek Crop and Weed Sciences
Nicole J. Schindler Veterinary Technology
Kala A. Schleif Animal Science
Aren A. Schluessler Veterinary Technology
Kari V. Schmeling Veterinary Technology
Lindsey Schmidt Animal Science
Sydni E. Schmidt Animal Science
Peder E. SchmitzBiotechnology
Katelyn E. Schmoll Food Science
Blaire L. Schnabel Animal Science
Amanda J. Schnase Veterinary Technology
Jessica R. Schneider Animal Science
Austin F. Schoon Agricultural Economics
Kelly K. Schouviller Crop and Weed Sciences
Rachel R. Schroeder Animal Science
William M. Schroeder Animal Science
Casey S. Schuh Crop and Weed Sciences
Kyle R. Schultz Agricultural Economics
Jared R. Schumacher Animal Science
Joshua T. Schwebach Horticulture
Kristi R. Schweiss Agribusiness
Kaycee N. Schwind Veterinary Technology
Shelby D. Seifert Veterinary Technology
Kaleb J. Sell Agricultural Economics
Jessica D. Sheets Veterinary Technology
Adam T. Sherden Food Science
Kristina M. Shirk Veterinary Technology
Jacob W. Shreffler Animal Science
Tescha E. Siewert Animal Science
Emma L. Sioringas Microbiology
Mary E. Skjervheim Horticulture
Alec Smasal Biotechnology
Kristen M. Smith Agribusiness
Alyssa J. Sorum Animal Science
Thomas R. Sorum Animal Science
Stephanie R. St. Aubin Food Science
Alex R. Stamp Agribusiness
Aaron R. Stanoch Animal Science
Abbey J. Steckler Microbiology
Nicholas J. Steffl Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kara L. Stegner Veterinary Technology
Dre E. Steinwehr Microbiology
Alison R. Stene Agribusiness
Mitchell J. Stephens Horticulture
Samantha L. Stoel Equine Science
Pheafrisia C. Strachan Veterinary Technology
Emerae A. Strege Veterinary Technology
Liza M. Stremick Microbiology
Steffan K. Stroh Biotechnology
Aaron R. Subart Animal Science
Dawn N. Swartz Microbiology
Sarah J. Swartz Microbiology
Karina J. Swift Microbiology
Spencer T. Symington Crop and Weed Sciences
Sophie G. Syvertsen Crop and Weed Sciences
Benjamin L. Tabert General Agriculture
Ruoling Tang Food Safety
Allison L. Thelen Veterinary Technology
LeAnna R. Thom Veterinary Technology
Brett J. Thompson Crop and Weed Sciences
Gregory E. Thompson Crop and Weed Sciences
Samantha L. Thompson Veterinary Technology
Stafford L. Thompson Crop and Weed Sciences
Renae K. Tokach Agricultural Education
Samantha S. Torvik Veterinary Technology
Megan E. Totenhagen Agricultural Economics
Morgan S. Trester Equine Science
Adreanna M. Trzpuc Animal Science
Emily A. Trzpuc Animal Science
Abbey M. Tucker Equine Science
Emily M. Tucker Equine Science
Derrek B. Tuszka Crop and Weed Sciences
Luke A. Unger Microbiology
Dustin D. Valez Crop and Weed Sciences
Katie J. Vculek Agricultural Economics
Janessa M. Veach Natural Resources Mgmt
Janaina Vieira Nunes Moreira Biotechnology
Jamie L. Virgillito Veterinary Technology
Jonathan C. Vollmer Crop and Weed Sciences
Matthew J. Voxland Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Hannah J. Wagner Biotechnology
Michael D. Wanlass Economics
Phillip W. Wanner Agricultural Education
Sarena J. Ward Veterinary Technology
Derek D. Warner Agribusiness
Dana A. Weatherford Animal Science
Andrew J. Weber General Agriculture
Brandon J. Weber Crop and Weed Sciences
Breanna L. Weber Microbiology
Christina M. Weeks Natural Resources Mgmt
Alyssa M. Wehri Veterinary Technology
Chadd W. Wellentin Economics
Lucas J. Wertish Crop and Weed Sciences
Shaelyn M. Westergard Microbiology
Christina M. Wetzel Veterinary Technology
Katelynd A. Whitehead Agricultural Education
Matthew R. Wieczorek Agribusiness
Sarah J. Williams Animal Science
Shania B. Wilson Veterinary Technology
Jeremy R. Wirtz Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Leah M. Withrow Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Benjamin R. Witt Crop and Weed Sciences
Kennedy Witt Crop and Weed Sciences
Alex S. Wittenberg Crop and Weed Sciences
Jordan L. Wittrock Animal Science
Kalyn J. Woinarowicz Veterinary Technology
Kayla M. Woltz Veterinary Technology
Qionghuan Ye Food Safety
Donovan J. Zacharias Agricultural Economics
Chelsey R. Zaharia Animal Science
Justin L. Zahradka Crop and Weed Sciences
Caleb C. Zander Natural Resources Mgmt
Marianna M. Zerface Crop and Weed Sciences
Muxin Zhao Food Safety
Abigail A. Zikmund Microbiology

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Noha M. Abdelrahman Architecture
Kaitlyn K. Aberle Architecture
Mitchell M. Abrahamsen Architecture
Sara C. Achen Women and Gender Studies
Daniel O. Ajak Theatre Arts
Chelsie J. Aker Health Communication
Cole M. Alexander Architecture
Joseph D. Alfonso Architecture
Dejon R. Allen Music
Brian A. Anderson History Education
Dylan J. Anderson Landscape Architecture
Tyler J. Anderson Landscape Architecture
Kellani Arnold Music
Gabrielle J. Arnquist Health Communication
Javan H. Arroyo Architecture
Thomas I. Aspelund Architecture
Cassandra L. Baasch Art
Benjamin J. Backen Criminal Justice
Daniel H. Badilla Architecture
Rachel A. Bakke Criminal Justice
Christopher R. Bales Music
Arlo T. Baratono Music
Joshua D. Barduson Art
Tyler D. Bassett Architecture
Emily S. Beaman Art
Alexander J. Becklund Anthropology
Jamie L. Behymer Strategic Communication
Maiya E. Bengtson Music
Gretta B. Berens Architecture
Keanna E. Berezowski Theatre Arts
Tyler C. Berg Music
Savanah R. Bettin Sociology
Sarah A. Biesterveld Architecture
Rochelle M. Bitz Health Communication
Abigail A. Black Criminal Justice
Alex C. Blaser Music
Brittany C. Bleich Emergency Management
Dominic J. Blindert Architecture
Samantha M. Blixt Management Communication
Nickolas P. Bodin Music
Brielle M. Boeckel Journalism
Elsa G. Bollinger Management Communication
Wyatt A. Bolstad History Education
Martin F. Borowicz Criminal Justice
Nicole E. Borstad Strategic Communication
Kristian M. Borud Theatre Arts
Lindsey A. Boushee Criminal Justice
Jeffery D. Boyer Criminal Justice
Theodore R. Boyer History
Kimberly K. Branson Emergency Management
Taylor L. Brantner Criminal Justice
Joseph D. Brauer Theatre Arts
Tanner L. Braun Landscape Architecture
Sarah J. Brawthen Management Communication
Matthew F. Bregier Art
Travis M. Bren Architecture
Lars A. Brevik Criminal Justice
Hayley E. Broich Political Science
Justin J. Brown Architecture
Lucas A. Brown Journalism
Alec P. Bruns Emergency Management
Daniel B. Bullinger Political Science
Uuganbayar Buman-Uchral Architecture
Chelsea N. Burgan Art
Vincent Burkhardt Emergency Management
Bailey L. Buschke Architecture
Rachel M. Byrne English Education
Lindsay J. Campbell Strategic Communication
Cyle T. Canete-Boller Social Science Education
Jonathan D. Carlson Art
Lindsey J. Carpenter Criminal Justice
Seth J. Carpenter Emergency Management
Christopher D. Carter Architecture
Alina R. Castro Strategic Communication
Laura A. Caylor Strategic Communication
Kali L. Christianson Strategic Communication
Anne I. Christofferson Strategic Communication
Sara N. Clark Spanish
Kristin M. Clarksean Architecture
Aaron J. Codden Architecture
Hailey S. Colbrunn English
Dania G. Conlow Rodriguez Journalism
Nicholas R. Conner Health Communication
Benjamin M. Court Music
Laura Cragoe Architecture
Courteney M. Dame Women and Gender Studies
Anna E. Danielson Architecture
Robert G. Darling Architecture
Chase J. Davis Criminal Justice
Dominic J. Davis Criminal Justice
Morgan L. Davis-Kollman Landscape Architecture
Maider De Emilio Diaz Journalism
Carly J. Deal Women and Gender Studies
Matthew J. DeBoer Social Science Education
Alexander J. Dick Music
John E. DiGiorno Architecture
Emily A. Dockter Strategic Communication
Nathan A. Doering Art
Amanda V. Dorholt Criminal Justice
Matthew J. Dryburgh Theatre Arts
Makenzie S. Dukleth Criminal Justice
Elisabeth A. Dukowitz Sociology
Alexander J. Dupont Spanish Education
Rachel M. Dura English
Cassi M. Duran Strategic Communication
Kelly A. Eddy Strategic Communication
Jennifer L. Eggen Architecture
Anne E. Ehresmann Strategic Communication
Taylor A. Eichinger Music
Everett T. Eide Landscape Architecture
Carissa J. Eikom Music
Alina A. El Tamimi Landscape Architecture
Matthew S. Ellingson Landscape Architecture
Chelsey A. Engelhard Strategic Communication
Jacee B. Engels Music
Shawn D. Engstrom Criminal Justice
Jason A. Erickson Political Science
Nathan T. Eversman Architecture
Paige R. Falk Architecture
Jesse L. Feist Art
Samantha J. Felt Strategic Communication
Tyler A. Fergel Political Science
Jonathon O. Fishbeck Emergency Management
Chase T. Fjelstad Architecture
Mathilde M. Flahaut English
Taylor J. Flakker Strategic Communication
Kelsey D. Flanery Strategic Communication
Emily D. Fletcher Strategic Communication
Malaura A. Flom Health Communication
Ruben J. Flores Music
Justin P. Flynn Landscape Architecture
Sabrina R. Fogderud Music
James L. Fornes Theatre Arts
Austin J. Foss Architecture
Mary C. Freitag Strategic Communication
Elisabeth M. Fricker Public History
Rebekah C. Frost Management Communication
Ingrid A. Fullerton Architecture
Abigail J. Furchner Journalism
Christa C. Galbraith Architecture
Benjamin A. Gallagher Emergency Management
Ryan T. Gapp Architecture
Jordan D. Gedrose Landscape Architecture
Michael D. Gehrtz Music
Mariah A. Genoch Criminal Justice
Adam M. Giebner Music
Megan M. Gilbertson Political Science
Benjamin J. Gillis Architecture
Abby V. Gindorff English
Samantha R. Gion Strategic Communication
Laura M. Gish Sociology
Rachel A. Grider English
Chelsea Griffin Criminal Justice
Jonathan C. Grimes Landscape Architecture
Richard A. Grossman Journalism
Benjamin D. Grundhauser Journalism
Randi A. Haarsager-Neary English
Amber V. Hall Art
Rachel C. Hall Social Science Education
Corey J. Haller Political Science
Samantha L. Hamernick English Education
Karly M. Hammer Women and Gender Studies
Jaymie D. Hansen Management Communication
Kelsey R. Hanson Art
Micah J. Hanson Strategic Communication
Eric C. Harlow Music
Hunter C. Harmon History Education
Andria A. Hart Music
Jessica A. Harter Architecture
Tessa M. Hartl Music
Shelby R. Hartwig Architecture
Greg A. Hartzler Criminal Justice
Jacob S. Hasse Architecture
Jack C. Hastings Journalism
Carolyn G. Hausladen Art
Emily M. Haverkamp Health Communication
Courtney T. Hawkins History
Meaghan L. Hawley Architecture
Shane A. Hawley Architecture
Kaori Hayashi Political Science
Sarah A. Hazelett Architecture
Jenna J. Hegedus Architecture
Jonathan W. Hegseth Architecture
Paige E. Heiden Architecture
Joseph R. Heinen Emergency Management
Kathryn M. Helwig Strategic Communication
Alex J. Hendrick Political Science
Matthew J. Henry Strategic Communication
Molly M. Hess Strategic Communication
Ross A. Hettervig Political Science
Grace N. Heyne Criminal Justice
Carrie E. Hiedeman English Education
Michael J. Hilden Music
Carissa R. Hillen Architecture
Lisa J. Hochhalter Agricultural Communication
Thomas J. Hoesley Theatre Arts
Brianna Hogenmiller Strategic Communication
Mikayla L. Holm Health Communication
Nicholas D. Holzer Architecture
Hannah L. Holzhaeuser English Education
Haley J. Holzwarth Architecture
Alysa L. Horn Landscape Architecture
Torin E. Horvik Theatre Arts
Amanda N. Hostad Criminal Justice
Julia M. Hudgens Anthropology
Ramla A. Ibrahim Criminal Justice
Kara N. Iliff Architecture
Alyssa S. Impullitti Music
Alyssa S. Impullitti Music
Lauren M. Ireland Criminal Justice
Sarah L. Isaacs Criminal Justice
Alena Jacobson Criminal Justice
Ryan E. Janke Strategic Communication
Kelsey M. Jarrett Architecture
Kara L. Jeffers Journalism
Michaela E. Jenson Management Communication
Abigail R. Jirik Music
Benjamin D. Johnson Architecture
Elizabeth A. Johnson Anthropology
Ethan A. Johnson Strategic Communication
Helen M. Johnson Architecture
Kami M. Johnson English
Keli A. Johnson Strategic Communication
Megan B. Johnson Art
Paige M. Johnson Strategic Communication
Samuel E. Johnson Architecture
Travis G. Johnson Criminal Justice
Xandra V. Johnson Theatre Arts
Brianna D. Jones Journalism
Torie D. Jones Public History
Alexandra G. Juve Theatre Arts
Kira A. Karels Political Science
Emily C. Karkoska Strategic Communication
Zachary S. Kautzman Public History
Bryan A. Keidel Music
Matthew R. Keller Criminal Justice
Tianna A. Kelley Sociology
Bailey A. Kelly Social Science Education
Jeremy D. Kelly Criminal Justice
Jordyn B. Kelly Sociology
Rebecca J. Kelly Art
Hannah C. Keogh Strategic Communication
Ashley M. Kilzer Architecture
Austin A. Klein English Education
Alexander K. Kleven Theatre Arts
Sarah C. Knopik Criminal Justice
Justin M. Koch Emergency Management
James A. Koenig Theatre Arts
Kristopher K. Kohlgraf Architecture
Anna M. Kohnen Art
Elizabeth Kolb Management Communication
McKayla R. Kolb Landscape Architecture
Sadie R. KolkeArt
Marissa F. Koppy Theatre Arts
Luke M. Koran Public History
Jared T. Kramer Architecture
Amanda M. Krebs Criminal Justice
Emily M. Krenzel Strategic Communication
Robert J. Kringler History
Carlie R. Krueger Agricultural Communication
Meghann R. Kuhlman English
Marissa A. Kunerth Strategic Communication
Haley M. Kupper Sociology
Jocelyn B. Kyllo Health Communication
Thomas A. Kyllo Criminal Justice
Jacob M. Ladenthin Emergency Management
Makayla L. Lakeman Architecture
Hunter D. Lanchbury Political Science
Albert Landeros Management Communication
Emily A. Lange English Education
Hannah J. Langr Architecture
Alexis M. Larson Emergency Management
Brandon W. Larson Criminal Justice
Morgan T. Larson Architecture
Cara M. Laubersheimer Music
Brady S. Laurin Architecture
Alma E. Le Baron Landscape Architecture
Evan A. Lecy Landscape Architecture
Yeseul Lee Art
Jay D. Lennander Journalism
Sijia Li Architecture
Alex M. Lien History
Sierra M. Likens Strategic Communication
Yein Lim Journalism
Aspen L. Lindell Health Communication
Kayla M. Lindeman Health Communication
Zachary G. Liu Journalism
Christopher J. Loeffler Music
Addisen R. Long Strategic Communication
Maggie M. Lorenz History
Allie K. Lott Strategic Communication
Dareien C. Lund Music
Nicholas R. Lunde Architecture
Jessa L. Lusby Strategic Communication
Olivia F. Mack Architecture
Morgan F. Mairs Health Communication
Alex J. Malnaa Architecture
Samantha A. Marihart Architecture
Rachel E. Marsh Architecture
Tayler D. Marshall Strategic Communication
Daniel J. Marso Architecture
Cristina N. Martinez Strategic Communication
Katrinia K. Martinez Criminal Justice
Katherine A. Mastel Management Communication
Malena K. Mastel History
Paige J. Mattfeld Architecture
Mitchell A. Mazaheri Criminal Justice
Ashley M. McCoy English
Danica L. McDonald Music
Hudson J. McHenry Criminal Justice
Casey J. McKenzie Architecture
Jessica N. Meyer Architecture
Kaitlin M. Michelson Women and Gender Studies
Jennifer L. Mickels Music
Casey J. Mikel Agricultural Communication
Mark T. Miller Landscape Architecture
Nicholas A. Miller English
Sophie K. Miller Architecture
Alexandra M. Mills Architecture
Yun Sun Min Political Science
Zachariah W. Moen Architecture
Hannah D. Monsebroten Health Communication
Carlos A. Montoya Landscape Architecture
Annise J. Montplaisir Management Communication
Taylor J. Moran Art Education - AHSS
Ashley R. Morman Health Communication
Luke J. Morman Landscape Architecture
Kelly M. Morris Spanish
Katherine M. Mortenson Emergency Management
Matti B. Mortimore Philosophy/Humanities
Briana L. Moynihan Music
Amy A. Mueller Architecture
Nathan T. Mulske Art
Keri A. Murphy Strategic Communication
Tanner M. Naastad Architecture
Mitchell J. Nagel Architecture
David M. Neff Spanish
Alyssa B. Nelson Music
Andrew J. Nelson Criminal Justice
Bradley R. Nelson Architecture
Kelsie J. Nelson Strategic Communication
Lexi S. Nelson Emergency Management
Kendra M. Neu Art
Erica L. Nitschke Political Science
Victoria G. Noe Architecture
Jacob O. Nordquist Political Science
Linda G. Norland New Media and Web Design
Kalley A. Norr Sociology
Amie L. Northagen Strategic Communication
Madison B. Novacek English Education
Christian J. Novak English Education
Ellie K. Nyquist Landscape Architecture
Rosemary C. O'Brien Music
Rachel Ogle Strategic Communication
Cameron A. Olson Criminal Justice
Hannah M. Olson Emergency Management
John C. Olson Criminal Justice
Joy L. Olson Strategic Communication
Lindsey A. Olson Architecture
Sydney K. Olstad English
Laura B. Otterness Journalism
Kasie R. PaddenStrategic Communication
Aimee M. Padgett Political Science
Geminette Palencia Health Communication
Taylor J. Paluck Strategic Communication
Nathaniel P. Parks Social Science Education
Rebecca A. Paton Public History
Heather M. Pearson Theatre Arts
Taylor K. Pearson Music
Eric T. Pelletier Music
Alyssa E. Pereira Strategic Communication
Zachary F. Persson English
Rachel E. Petersen Strategic Communication
Amber M. Peterson Political Science
Jacob W. Peterson Architecture
Taylor A. Peterson Music
Michael J. Pfau Strategic Communication
Aloysia C. Pfeiffer Music
Adam M. Pflipsen Criminal Justice
Allison K. Pillar New Media and Web Design
Noah J. Poss Criminal Justice
Joseph M. Potzmann Landscape Architecture
Lindsey J. Pouliot Strategic Communication
Trai Pratt Art
Alyssa M. Prindiville Political Science
Rebecca A. Pruett Landscape Architecture
Andrea J. Qual Art
Keira J. Rachac Architecture
Kyle R. Ramsey Strategic Communication
Zoe A. Randazzo Architecture
Austin D. Redepenning Criminal Justice
Joseph D. Reed Landscape Architecture
Laura E. Reinbold Anthropology
Kayla R. Remer Journalism
Ryan J. Remke New Media and Web Design
Colten D. Rgnonti Criminal Justice
Dustin A. Richard Political Science
Kaitlin E. Ridl Art
Karly M. Ritland Music
Hannah E. Roach Landscape Architecture
John E. Roach English
Cari R. Roberts Architecture
Thomas W. Robinson New Media and Web Design
Zachary B. Robinson Criminal Justice
Annie Rodriguez Cardona New Media and Web Design
Taylor E. Ruhoff Spanish
Nicholas P. Saddler Architecture
Laura A. Salmela Architecture
Cristielyn C. Sanchez Sociology
Chelsea N. Sandwick Strategic Communication
Zachary I. Sauvageau Sociology
Typhanie K. Schafer Public History
Madison J. Schill English Education
Victoria L. Schindler Strategic Communication
Gregory S. Schlangen Criminal Justice
Theresa L. Schlangen Music
Hannah N. Schlosser Journalism
Benton D. Schmidt Music
Makenzie L. Schmidt Strategic Communication
Thomas R. Schmidt Architecture
Landon J. Schoeneck Architecture
Alexander T. Schroeder Emergency Management
Aaron L. Schuldt Architecture
Toree A. Schulte Architecture
Megan C. Schumacher New Media and Web Design
Paige E. Schwartz Health Communication
Carrie Z. Schweyen Strategic Communication
Jacob J. Scott Architecture
Olivia M. Scott Management Communication
Robert T. Seaman Criminal Justice
Steven J. Segelstrom Strategic Communication
Madeline T. Sharpe Theatre Arts
Travis K. Shaw History
Samantha K. Sherman Political Science
Ian N. Sherwood Music
Evlyne S. Shorma Music
Ulysses C. Sibo Architecture
Annika K. Sidhu Health Communication
Kami J. Sim Theatre Arts
Jena N. Sinton Strategic Communication
Melissa E. Sipma Strategic Communication
Sarah M. Sisser Strategic Communication
Kathryn A. Sitzmann Health Communication
Maria H. Slette Strategic Communication
Chloe J. Smith Strategic Communication
Connor M. Smith Criminal Justice
Elizabeth C. Smith Art
Emily M. Smith Political Science
Kirbie A. Sondreal Public History
Zachary S. Sorenson Music
Austin H. Soupir Music
Timothy W. Starman French
Mackenzie M. Ste. Marie Strategic Communication
Samantha M. Steckler English Education
Taryn M. Steckler Political Science
Shelby L. Steidl Art
Joseph W. Steinmann Architecture
Kenneth T. Stephenson Architecture
Thomas B. Stiller Criminal Justice
Leah B. Stokes Architecture
Amanda N. Stopera Health Communication
Michael L. Stottler Landscape Architecture
Hannah F. Straw Management Communication
Jordan M. Stroh Criminal Justice
Kennedy M. Stromme Strategic Communication
Maria R. Sunderman Theatre Arts
Conner D. Swanson Political Science
Taylor E. Syvertson Sociology
Helen R. Tauscher Emergency Management
Ryan D. TerSteeg Architecture
Anna I. Tescher Music
Matthew P. Theisen Architecture
McKinley Theobald Emergency Management
Eric J. Thibert Anthropology
Savanna R. Thielbar Women and Gender Studies
Erin L. Thompson Criminal Justice
Noah T. Thompson Architecture
Elizabeth M. Thordson Architecture
Jordyn Thornton Social Science Education
Kade B. Thornton Criminal Justice
Allison E. Thorson Strategic Communication
David R. Todd Criminal Justice
Michael W. Tollefson Landscape Architecture
Christopher D. Tomkinson Landscape Architecture
Erik J. Trelstad Political Science
Tara M. Troxel Music
Alexis L. Tschosik Political Science
Taija R. Turpin Art
Morgan D. Tuscherer English
Trisha Twite Health Communication
Nicholas D. Valenzuela Music
Matthew A. Van Voorhis Emergency Management
Shelley Vang Architecture
Ashley M. Vangerud Strategic Communication
Thomasen L. Varholdt Criminal Justice
Taylor M. Vaughan Health Communication
Christan S. Veith Criminal Justice
Eric T. Veralrud Agricultural Communication
Catharine L. Vetter Music
Molly M. Vines Theatre Arts
Olivia M. Vogt Strategic Communication
Tyler M. Voigt Architecture
Amanda M. Wagar English
Matthew A. Wagenius Strategic Communication
Lindsey E. Wagner Journalism
David P. Walbolt Architecture
Bailey C. Waldal Political Science
Jordan J. Wallace Journalism
Kevin M. Warnke Theatre Arts
Ian S. Warpula Criminal Justice
Taylor J. Waterworth Social Science Education
Sarah L. Watson Architecture
Aaron J. Weber Agricultural Communication
Alexis Wedll Theatre Arts
Nicole J. Welch Emergency Management
Carly L. Weld Criminal Justice
Christopher W. Well Strategic Communication
Austan L. Wellman Criminal Justice
John R. Wells Public History
Kristine K. Wentworth Architecture
Makayla J. Westgard Criminal Justice
Russell C. Wicklund Emergency Management
Stephanie J. Wieler Criminal Justice
Lillian M. Wiemann English Education
Molly C. Wilkinson Journalism
Griffin J. Williams Music
Ryan D. Wilson Architecture
Derek J. Wodnick Criminal Justice
Andrew B. Wolf Philosophy/Humanities
Jacoba R. Woodard Music
Emma N. Woods Theatre Arts
Kendra T. Woodstead Management Communication
Griffith W. Woodyard Criminal Justice
Rylee E. Wznick Strategic Communication
Katie M. Youmans Criminal Justice
Sadia S. Yusuf English
Maggie M. Zentner Theatre Arts
Cody J. Zikmund Emergency Management
Amanda M. Zimmer Journalism
Mara J. Zinda Strategic Communication
Nathan M. Zuidema Criminal Justice

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College of Business

Yuhan Ai Accounting
Amanda R. Albertson Marketing
Renelle N. Allmaras Accounting
Derek Allred Business Administration
Ryan D. Amiot Business Administration
Christopher M. Anderson Accounting
Daniel R. Anderson Management
Dominic J. Anderson Marketing
Lacey J. Anderson Business Administration
Matthew H. Anderson Business Administration
Alexa K. Andree Accounting
Jean L. Arel Accounting
Thomas R. Askew Accounting
Jasper D. Asplin Accounting
Summer R. Aune Accounting
Dillon S. Bachand Accounting
Brynn R. Bachmeier Accounting
William P. Bader Accounting
April M. Barker Management
Sarah K. Bartelt Accounting
Colin M. Baumgard Finance
Emily M. Bekkerus Accounting
Shawn A. Benz Marketing
Jenna N. Berg Management
Taylor K. Bergum Business Administration
Michael A. Bigwood Accounting
Regan R. Biss Marketing
Bailey E. Bitz Management
Christopher J. Blake Accounting
Joshua R. Blevins Accounting
Daniel N. Blomberg Management
Hunter R. Blowers Business Administration
Robert J. Bluestone Finance
Raynor J. Blum Business Administration
Joseph W. Bonden Management
Joseph M. Boulger Accounting
Justin J. Brendel Business Administration
Chelsey M. Brenna Management
Katelyn J. Brockhaus Marketing
Zakary J. Brown Accounting
Emalee J. Bryant Marketing
Jack M. Buck Accounting
Tyler J. Bussmann Business Administration
Kyle Byrne Accounting
Colin Cahill Management Information Systems
Garett T. Carlblom Accounting
Charles R. Carlson Business Administration
Hoa N. Che Accounting
Zachary J. Checkal Accounting
Robert B. Colace Accounting
Mary G. Conlin Accounting
Aaron J. Connor Business Administration
Markus A. Dahl Accounting
Aaron L. Dalluge Finance
Jackson P. Darnell Marketing
Ryan C. DeConcini Accounting
Samantha J. Dehne Marketing
Austin J. Deichert Finance
Brett M. Detzler Business Administration
Ashley D. Dew Marketing
Brittany J. Diederich Business Administration
Hunter C. Diegel Accounting
Brandon S. Doering Marketing
Allison A. Dohman Business Administration
Erin K. Donner Marketing
Brady P. Doran Finance
Prestin Drexler Finance
Mitchell J. Droogsma Marketing
Philip M. Duckworth Accounting
Maria L. Eckhart Finance
Kaylee T. Eggen Business Administration
Paul D. Eikom Management Information Systems
Christian J. Ekren Management Information Systems
Rachel A. Eliason Business Administration
Kimberly A. Ellwein Marketing
Abigail M. Erickstad Marketing
Nicholas E. Evans Finance
Alexandra N. Evenson Accounting
Kinza Faiyaz Finance
Emanueli Feron Management Information Systems
Kara P. Fike Marketing
Brynn A. Fischer Finance
Nicole A. Fisher Management
Erik M. Fitterer Accounting
Rachel R. Flint Finance
Celine M. Francisco Finance
Kathryn R. Fredrickson Finance
Nicole M. Freeberg Management
John R. Frosig Accounting
Alexandra R. Gajeski Marketing
Jenna E. Galegher Management
John M. Gellert Management Information Systems
Geoffrey E. Gengel Finance
Tori J. Geston Management
Jason L. Gilbraith Marketing
Austin D. Gildemaster Accounting
Preston J. GilderhusFinance
Amber L. Gillespie Finance
Adam D. Girtz Management
Jonah D. Glendenning Accounting
Jacob C. Goroski Marketing
Michael T. Graff Finance
Alison R. Graham Accounting
Carly L. Graves Management Information Systems
Emma K. Groom Marketing
Jessica L. Grosfield Marketing
Drew J. Grzadzieleski Accounting
Kelsey J. Gunter Finance
Jason N. Guo Finance
Qinyan Guo Accounting
Adam M. Gustafson Business Administration
Erika M. Guthmiller Finance
Cody L. Haala Finance
John M. Hagen Finance
Benjamin P. Hagl Finance
Calla E. Harper Marketing
Isaac N. Hart Finance
Tyler D. Hartman Finance
Anna V. Haugen Accounting
Dale D. Haugen Business Administration
Brenton V. Haukom Accounting
Jacob Head Finance
Jonathan M. Hechtner Finance
Matthew J. Hejna Marketing
Connor E. Helseth Management Information Systems
Jade S. Hemiller Finance
Ryan A. Herickhoff Management
Colin B. Hertz Finance
Bryce C. Heustis Finance
Kyle J. Highberg Marketing
Cole R. Hill Finance
Samuel M. Hinz Marketing
Jenna D. Hochstetler Accounting
Ashley S. Honl Accounting
Treyton P. Hoogland Management Information Systems
John Horton Business Administration
Taylor A. Houn Management Information Systems
Ciara V. Houser Management
Sheng-Fen Huang Accounting
Lukas J. Human Accounting
Andrew J. Hurt Accounting
Adam D. Idso Finance
Cory J. Iskierka Business Administration
Jennifer T. Jacobson Accounting
Ryan W. Jacques Finance
Shawna J. Jenson Accounting
Yiwen Jiang Accounting
Andrew C. Johnson Management
Brendan P. Johnson Finance
Chase W. Johnson Business Administration
Hannah Johnson Accounting
Matthew D. Johnson Finance
Samantha J. Johnson Accounting
Shantel E. Johnson Finance
Jordan M. Jonassen Finance
Kayla D. Jones Management Information Systems
Vanessa L. Jordre Management
Khyber Kabellis Business Administration
Jacob G. Kallis Accounting
Kyle G. Keller Finance
Ben R. Ketterling Management Information Systems
Jonathan M. Ketterling Accounting
Mikail Kibar Business Administration
Jamie D. Kliewer Finance
Jacob H. Knoll Accounting
Riley R. Knudson Business Administration
Kayla J. Koehmstedt Marketing
Cayne Kopperud Business Administration
Owen P. Korcuska Accounting
Amber J. Kosir Management
Rachel M. Kram Accounting
Jason M. Krogfus Accounting
Allyson M. Krogh Marketing
Kirstin R. Krogseng Accounting
Blake M. Kunza Management
Courtney Kurtz Marketing
Alexander J. Lacey Finance
Johann F. Landman Accounting
Taylor N. Lant Finance
Colin J. Larrabee Finance
Miranda J. Larson Management Information Systems
Reed E. Larson Finance
Thor D. Larson Accounting
Isaac L. Lashua Business Administration
Samantha J. Leingang Management
Lindsey K. Lepper Finance
Kaci K. Levorsen Management
Alyssa K. Lewis Management
Leilin Li Finance
Xiang Li Finance
Levi H. Liebl Business Administration
Jon J. Lipp Business Administration
Colton G. Lloyd Business Administration
Maddy R. Lodoen Marketing
Thomas J. Longfellow Management Information Systems
Joshua M. Loomis Finance
Talia K. Lucken Marketing
Jacob A. Lueders Marketing
Brandon D. Lunde Management
Matthew J. Lundstrom Business Administration
Bennett A. Lystad Finance
Katelyn I. Mack Marketing
Marissa M. Magnuson Finance
Garrett L. Malstrom Business Administration
Samantha A. Marketon Marketing
Amanda E. Markus Marketing
Daniel E. Marlette Accounting
Blake R. Martie Accounting
Amy L. Martinsen Business Administration
Kathleen N. Martinson Accounting
Kenady L. Martinson Accounting
Nolan J. Meidinger Finance
Ryan C. Meis Accounting
Jared M. Melville Business Administration
Shayna L. Mertz Accounting
Elizabeth A. Meyer Accounting
Cassidy T. Meyers Accounting
Korey J. Mickelson Accounting
Bradley J. Mies Accounting
Michael J. Millan Accounting
Abby R. Miller Marketing
Carson R. Miller Finance
Nicole G. Miller Marketing
Paul R. Miller Accounting
Emily S. Milligan Accounting
Cole A. MitchellFinance
Jacob R. Monson Accounting
Justin M. Montplaisir Accounting
Nathaniel D. Moody Finance
Ryan L. Morff Marketing
Austin R. Mueller Accounting
Jill M. Mueller Marketing
Monica K. Murray Marketing
Theodore J. Nameniuk Finance
Taylor J. Neaton Business Administration
Amanda L. Nelson Business Administration
Lam T. Nguyen Accounting
Wyatt J. Nichols Accounting
Nathan G. Nigg Accounting
Gerel Nyamdorj Finance
Mark W. Nyhus Business Administration
Blake M. Ohren Accounting
Beth M. Oldakowski Management
Jacob A. Olson Accounting
Nicholas D. Onkka Accounting
Ned B. O'Sullivan Finance
Jonathan C. Pacella Management
Derek A. Paige Finance
Wooyeol Park Business Administration
Carter T. Pedersen Management
Lea J. Pelkey Management
Tara L. Peters Marketing
Ashley M. Peterson Finance
Makayla A. Peterson Business Administration
Arica E. Petrich Management
Roman P. Petyo Accounting
Mason P. Pierzchalski Accounting
Katelynn R. Presser Accounting
Kali A. Preston Business Administration
Victoria M. Quast Management
Sarah H. Quenette Accounting
Brendon M. Ranagan Marketing
Brady M. Regimbal Finance
Alyssa M. Reina Marketing
Aaron A. Rekken Finance
Hailee A. Rice Accounting
Tyler J. Richter Finance
Sierra S. Robinson Accounting
Nicholas J. Roepke Business Administration
Ryan M. Rogness Business Administration
Tyler K. Rothstein Accounting
Gabrielle K. Ruddy Management
Casondra J. Rutschke Business Administration
Ryan J. Rybinski Finance
Paul J. Rydell Management Information Systems
Michael L. Samuel Marketing
Austin D. Sandmeyer Marketing
Lalit Saravana Finance
Brandon D. Schaner Accounting
Alex J. Schmalenberg Business Administration
Austin J. Schmidt Business Administration
Samuel G. Schroeder Business Administration
Daniel B. Schuster Finance
Ryder A. Schwagler Management Information Systems
Gina M. Schwanke Marketing
Jason K. Schwartz Accounting
Steven S. Schwartz Finance
Trenton C. Schwehr Business Administration
Dustin J. Schwingler Finance
Brooke L. Scott Business Administration
Kayla A. Seidler Accounting
Alec C. Selnes Finance
Rainey C. Selvig Accounting
Robyn J. Siewert Business Administration
Karli J. Simon Business Administration
Kimberly A. Sisk Finance
Sabrina M. Skarsgard Accounting
Alexander J. Smith Finance
Michael W. Smith Accounting
David R. Snell Accounting
Daniel P. Solberg Marketing
Emma C. StambaughBusiness Administration
Troy P. Steele Business Administration
Andrew T. Steinwand Accounting
Ashley L. Stoppleworth Marketing
Gage Stromme Business Administration
Benjamin E. Subah Business Administration
Zhen Sun Finance
Amanda N. Sundby Accounting
Kalley M. Suter Accounting
Caleb S. Sutton Finance
Hunter J. Swanke Accounting
Zachary L. Swanson Marketing
Vincent B. Sweeney Marketing
Johnathan J. Tauer Management Information Systems
Alec M. Teiken Management Information Systems
Sydney A. Thielbar Accounting
Karly J. ThompsonAccounting
Kayla S. Thompson Management
Tyler D. Toy Finance
Ashley F. Trevis Management
Amy E. Trisko Management Information Systems
Jesse E. Tucker Business Administration
Dawson F. Tusow Business Administration
Matthew D. Valenti Business Administration
Logan K. Veire Marketing
Samantha J. Verbeke Finance
Marley M. Virnig Marketing
Matthew Vogl Business Administration
Danielle L. Volk Accounting
Dylan R. Vos Finance
Katherine M. Wakeman Management
Lexie M. Weber Management
Alex D. Wegner Finance
Abby L. Weisbeck Business Administration
Andrew H. Welle Management Information Systems
Mason C. Wenzel Finance
Andrew J. Wicklund Marketing
Austin D. Wicklund Finance
Maxwell L. Willard Finance
Lance M. Willet Management Information Systems
Abigail J. Wilson Accounting
Grace G. Wilson Finance
Joseph D. Winter Marketing
River S. Winter Accounting
Mitchell L. Wolbert Management
Brianna E. Wolf Management
Dakota D. Wood Finance
Michael M. Woodard Accounting
Cassandra M. Wurm Finance
Amy P. Yang Accounting
Sanitha A. Yang Management
Amanda K. Young Marketing
Gina M. Zastoupil Business Administration
Rachel C. Zaun Business Administration
Manlin Zhang Finance
Tianxin Zhu Finance
Kelsie L. Zimmerman Accounting

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College of Engineering

Sarah F. Aarthun Civil Engineering
Kelvin W. Abambora Electrical Engineering
Wyatt M. Aberle Construction Management
Calvin J. Aichele Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Rachel M. Airhart Civil Engineering
Jack R. Albrecht Electrical Engineering
Trey Allis Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Nicolas N. Almen Mechanical Engineering
Andrew T. Amundson Mechanical Engineering
Bjorn G. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
John C. Anderson Mechanical Engineering
Brian T. Andresen Mechanical Engineering
Bryce Armknecht Civil Engineering
Jess L. Asheim Mechanical Engineering
Chase M. Baker Construction Management
Logan S. Barber Mechanical Engineering
Ryan M. Bares Mechanical Engineering
Sean D. Bartz Mechanical Engineering
Coy H. Bata Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Alec D. Bateman Civil Engineering
Russell R. Bayerl Mechanical Engineering
Zachary J. Beaton Construction Management
Hunter C. Beauclair Electrical Engineering
Cole S. Beck Electrical Engineering
Scott M. Becker Mechanical Engineering
Ericka L. Beito Civil Engineering
Zachary D. Benedict Mechanical Engineering
Christopher C. Benson Mechanical Engineering
Daniel P. Benson Construction Engineering
Lukas J. Berndt Construction Engineering
Brady D. Bernhardson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ryan M. Beyer Construction Management
Hayden D. Beyers Mechanical Engineering
Brennan J. Biegler Mechanical Engineering
Cooper G. Bierscheid Manufacturing Engineering
Benjamin D. Bitter Civil Engineering
Rachel R. Bitzan Electrical Engineering
Daniel J. Bjertness Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Keenan J. Black Electrical Engineering
Eric B. Blaha Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Luis M. Blanco Seguerit Civil Engineering
Kyle D. Blank Civil Engineering
Jacob A. Block Electrical Engineering
Tyler J. Boelter Mechanical Engineering
Zachary R. Boelter Mechanical Engineering
Matthew D. Boese Electrical Engineering
Kyle A. Bogart Mechanical Engineering
Kevin G. Bohrman Civil Engineering
Benjamin D. Book Mechanical Engineering
Alexander K. Boone Construction Management
Megan C. Boraas Electrical Engineering
Austin R. Bosse Mechanical Engineering
Connor F. Bourgault Mechanical Engineering
Weston T. Bovitz Mechanical Engineering
Charles D. Bowen Civil Engineering
Ryan J. Boyd Mechanical Engineering
Allison J. Brady Civil Engineering
Jared M. Brandner Computer Engineering
Trevor G. Bresin Electrical Engineering
Gabriel T. Brien Civil Engineering
Dale R. Bromenshenkel Electrical Engineering
Tristan E. Brossart Mechanical Engineering
Cole H. Brosseau Mechanical Engineering
Ryley A. Brown Construction Engineering
Ryan J. Bruggeman Mechanical Engineering
Thomas V. Bruns Electrical Engineering
Thomas R. Buboltz Civil Engineering
Kyle C. Bunkelman Mechanical Engineering
Blake N. Burger Mechanical Engineering
Zachary L. Burkart Electrical Engineering
Alexandra E. Burress Computer Engineering
Stephen T. Bush Construction Engineering
Brett H. Butler Electrical Engineering
Devin R. Bykonen Mechanical Engineering
Brandon I. Byrne Computer Engineering
Jacob J. Byron Mechanical Engineering
Benedicto J. Campbell Computer Engineering
Ryan J. Carda Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Nicholas M. Carlin Construction Management
Nicholas M. Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Taylor B. Carlson Construction Management
Alexander D. Carlsrud Computer Engineering
Zachary J. Carter Mechanical Engineering
Johnathan R. Celander Mechanical Engineering
Marcos Paulo Cezar AzevedoElectrical Engineering
Luning Chen Construction Management
Yuyang Chen Civil Engineering
Mathew S. Cherucheril Electrical Engineering
Matthew Chosa Mechanical Engineering
Arianna R. ChristianCivil Engineering
Tyler J. Christianson Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Christoffels Mechanical Engineering
Dylan L. Christopherson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew D. Chumley Civil Engineering
Jesse Q. Cickavage Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Laura E. Clarens Civil Engineering
Thomas B. Clausnitzer Computer Engineering
Jaci J. Conroy Mechanical Engineering
Rupert S. Cooper Mechanical Engineering
Sheldon L. Cory Mechanical Engineering
Ashley E. Coykendall Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Mitchell D. Cramer Mechanical Engineering
Jacob A. Crosby Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Peter S. Crowley Electrical Engineering
Eric D. Curtiss Mechanical Engineering
Fabio da Costa Freitas Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ana Luiza da Costa Lima Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Christian C. Danielson Civil Engineering
Greta M. Danielson Mechanical Engineering
Zachary A. Dathe Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Davis Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Zack M. Day Electrical Engineering
Adriano de Donato Paez Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Rafael De Lucas Dias Civil Engineering
John B. Deaton Computer Engineering
Kathryn L. DeGeest Manufacturing Engineering
Claire K. DeJong Mechanical Engineering
Brandon J. DeSautel Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kathryn L. DeWitt Civil Engineering
Lowell W. Dick Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth L. Dieter Mechanical Engineering
Eric J. Dill Electrical Engineering
Jacob D. Dingman Civil Engineering
Lucas Diniz Mendes Civil Engineering
Nicholas L. Dirnberger Mechanical Engineering
Ryan M. Doblar Construction Management
Jacob R. DoegeElectrical Engineering
Derek J. Dolan Mechanical Engineering
Samson T. Dollerschell Civil Engineering
Tyler T. Donner Mechanical Engineering
Kevin I. Doran Civil Engineering
Brandon M. DuenowComputer Engineering
Kevin P. Duffy Mechanical Engineering
Ryan T. Dumont Mechanical Engineering
Dylan J. Dunn Civil Engineering
Cordell W. Eaton Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Evan L. Eberle Electrical Engineering
Jonathan M. Eckhardt Mechanical Engineering
Grant R. Eggan Civil Engineering
Daniel J. Ehlert Mechanical Engineering
Dillon P. Ekholm Civil Engineering
Almir Ekic Electrical Engineering
Sanders N. Ellingson Mechanical Engineering
Andrew C. Ensz Construction Management
Carl A. Entzie Civil Engineering
Drew B. Erickson Civil Engineering
Jordan D. Erickson Civil Engineering
Josiah D. Erickson Civil Engineering
Levi A. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
Neil L. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
Nora J. Erickson Electrical Engineering
Reed M. Erickson Mechanical Engineering
McKinzie K. Ernst Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Miranda L. Etienne Civil Engineering
Alexander S. Evanson Civil Engineering
Emma E. Ewen Mechanical Engineering
Derek J. Fahy Mechanical Engineering
Loren A. Farkas Mechanical Engineering
Drew R. Fearing Mechanical Engineering
Samuel G. Fehringer Electrical Engineering
Christopher J. Feigal Electrical Engineering
Alexander M. Feil Construction Engineering
Justin S. Feist Mechanical Engineering
Mathew E. Feist Computer Engineering
Spencer E. Fenske Construction Management
Jace C. Ferderer Mechanical Engineering
Cody J. Ferris Mechanical Engineering
Riley J. Fisher Civil Engineering
Justin L. Fleck Construction Engineering
Trevor G. Fleischhacker Mechanical Engineering
Carlos E. Flores Mejia Electrical Engineering
Zachary S. Foley Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Matthew J. Franklin Electrical Engineering
Cody M. French Mechanical Engineering
Anthony W. Frenzel Mechanical Engineering
Riley Fritz Mechanical Engineering
Tyler C. Froelich Mechanical Engineering
Isaac R. Froemming Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas F. Fruci Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin P. Gantt Mechanical Engineering
Austin C. Gapinski Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Gapinski Civil Engineering
Jason P. Gapp Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Andrew M. Gass Electrical Engineering
Colton L. Gates Mechanical Engineering
Stephen R. Gaydos Construction Management
Cody R. Geiser Mechanical Engineering
Christopher J. Geray Mechanical Engineering
Michael S. Gerlach Mechanical Engineering
Steven J. Giesler Civil Engineering
Adam J. Gietzen Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Samuel S. Gilseth Mechanical Engineering
Matthew E. Gingrey Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Gist Mechanical Engineering
Evan J. Gjesvold Electrical Engineering
Jackson T. Gleason Mechanical Engineering
Timothy M. Gleason Civil Engineering
John T. Glesne Civil Engineering
Grant T. Gloe Civil Engineering
Patrick A. Glynn Civil Engineering
Jacob L. Goff Electrical Engineering
Grant J. Goldader Civil Engineering
Lucas G. Gossen Mechanical Engineering
Brandon J. Grabrick Mechanical Engineering
Lacey M. Grann Civil Engineering
Trevor N. Gray Mechanical Engineering
Jared I. Green Computer Engineering
Connor D. Griffin Civil Engineering
Trevor M. Grindland Mechanical Engineering
Brendan J. Groeneweg Mechanical Engineering
Alex J. Groff Civil Engineering
Reid W. Groninger Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Noah P. Gruber Mechanical Engineering
Eathan R. GumkeMechanical Engineering
Parker T. Gunderson Electrical Engineering
Drew G. Hafften Mechanical Engineering
Kyle D. Hagler Mechanical Engineering
Frankie L. Halter Construction Engineering
Alec R. Halvorson Mechanical Engineering
Austin A. Haman Mechanical Engineering
Fangxin Han Construction Management
Douglas A. Hansen Civil Engineering
Justin G. Hanson Electrical Engineering
Kyle C. Hanson Civil Engineering
Nathan C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas W. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Haugen Mechanical Engineering
Luke A. Heil Mechanical Engineering
Meranda J. Hennen Mechanical Engineering
Blake A. Herdina Construction Management
Joshua T. Hewett Computer Engineering
Matthew S. Hewitt Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Hildreth Civil Engineering
Alec B. Hills Civil Engineering
Alexandra R. Hines Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kelle'Mon K. Hinton Mechanical Engineering
Alexa N. Hoffarth Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Daniel S. Hoffman Electrical Engineering
Georgianna M. Hoss Electrical Engineering
Siyu Hou Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Christopher T. Howell Mechanical Engineering
Jacob T. Hoy Civil Engineering
Kyle Hoyt Mechanical Engineering
Robert A. Huepfel Mechanical Engineering
Jacob J. Huesman Electrical Engineering
Joshua J. Huesman Mechanical Engineering
Kyle T. Huffman Civil Engineering
Brett M. Hultgren Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brittney M. Humphrey Electrical Engineering
Ryan M. Hupert Electrical Engineering
David S. Hurteau Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jonathan G. Hwang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Brian J. Ihringer Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ognjen Ivanic Construction Management
Alex T. Iverson Computer Engineering
Eric Jackels Mechanical Engineering
Brandon L. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Kelby S. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Tyler D. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Scott M. Jaeger Mechanical Engineering
Joseph M. Janes Mechanical Engineering
Aaron D. Janz Construction Management
Miguel A. Jara Llapa Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
David E. Jedynak Electrical Engineering
Derek T. Jennen Mechanical Engineering
Alex W. Jenniges Mechanical Engineering
Mackenzie M. Jenson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Mario Jimenez Civil Engineering
Samuel G. Jochum Mechanical Engineering
Christopher L. Johanson Mechanical Engineering
Alex T. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Christopher P. Johnson Civil Engineering
Connor T. Johnson Civil Engineering
Daniel J. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Daniel P. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jacob T. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Jalen C. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Jennifer M. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell L. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Cole D. Jones Civil Engineering
Christopher S. Jordan-Denny Computer Engineering
Mathew Justin Mechanical Engineering
Zachary A. Kallmeyer Mechanical Engineering
Alexander W. Kaluza Electrical Engineering
Drew M. Kamrath Mechanical Engineering
Samuel J. Karschnia Mechanical Engineering
Kade D. Karsky Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Austin J. Karst Mechanical Engineering
Beau D. Kashmark Mechanical Engineering
Joseph D. Kasper Construction Management
David J. Kasperski Computer Engineering
Emily C. Kautzman Civil Engineering
Adam M. Kaye Civil Engineering
Carissa A. Keller Civil Engineering
Emma J. Keller Civil Engineering
Travis W. Keller Electrical Engineering
Logan J. Kemmer Construction Management
Dennis D. Kemmetmueller Mechanical Engineering
Deven J. Kempenich Mechanical Engineering
Blake J. Kerfeld Construction Management
Joel J. Kern Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Patrick J. Kester Electrical Engineering
Brant A. Kilber Mechanical Engineering
Kevin J. King Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas W. Kjera Civil Engineering
Abbi M. Klos Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Noah D. Knudson Mechanical Engineering
Aaron V. Knudtson Mechanical Engineering
Derek M. Knutson Mechanical Engineering
Dean P. Kolles Construction Management
Abraham D. Kolstad Mechanical Engineering
Seth T. Koneczny Electrical Engineering
Brett D. Koppinger Computer Engineering
Patrick R. Kossila Mechanical Engineering
Elijah S. Kracht Construction Management
Andrew J. Kraft Mechanical Engineering
Kollin A. Kragnes Mechanical Engineering
Anthony J. Kramer Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Krecklau Electrical Engineering
Tyler W. Krienke Manufacturing Engineering
Jordan A. Krill Computer Engineering
Kjell A. Kroh Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jared J. Kroke Electrical Engineering
Andrew S. Kroll Mechanical Engineering
Rachel F. Krulc Civil Engineering
Libby A. Kruse Civil Engineering
Eric M. Kubischta Electrical Engineering
Benjamin P. Kugler Civil Engineering
Jared S. Kugler Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin M. Kuhnley Electrical Engineering
Matthew R. Kukson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan B. Kukson Mechanical Engineering
Melissa A. Kuznia Civil Engineering
Braden J. Lach Mechanical Engineering
William R. Lagodinski Mechanical Engineering
Macensie R. Lange Mechanical Engineering
Ryan A. LaPlante Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Alec S. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Jacob S. Larson Manufacturing Engineering
Joanna B. Larson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kolton J. Larson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Reid D. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Larson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Samuel R. Larson Construction Management
Elliott G. Lau Computer Engineering
Zachary J. Lauinger Electrical Engineering
Son N. Le Computer Engineering
Rachel E. Lee Civil Engineering
Phillip E. Levine Mechanical Engineering
Bao Li Mechanical Engineering
Ziheng Li Construction Management
Joshua D. Liaw Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Bethany R. Limke Electrical Engineering
Grant H. Lind Electrical Engineering
Daniel M. Linders Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Lindmeier Mechanical Engineering
Noah C. Link Civil Engineering
Tyler J. Loll Mechanical Engineering
Philip A. Lonneman Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Louwagie Gordon Mechanical Engineering
Brent C. Louwagie Civil Engineering
Braydon W. Love Mechanical Engineering
Sydney Lubeley Civil Engineering
Julia M. Luciano Mechanical Engineering
Haley F. Ludwig Mechanical Engineering
Devin N. Lund Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa M. Luttschwager Electrical Engineering
Zhibin Ma Construction Management
Patrick C. Mack Construction Management
Talon C. Mack Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Matthew T. Madsen Mechanical Engineering
Andrew S. Madson Mechanical Engineering
Alexander B. Maki Civil Engineering
Anthony R. Mangio Electrical Engineering
Connor R. Mann Construction Engineering
Britta K. Manning Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Simon C. Mark Construction Management
Jacob D. Markson Manufacturing Engineering
Felicia M. Marquez Mechanical Engineering
Augusto Marra De Sousa Moreira Mechanical Engineering
Isaiah S. Marschner Civil Engineering
Thomas W. Martin Mechanical Engineering
James A. Massey Computer Engineering
Karlie J. Matejcek Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Matejcek Civil Engineering
Jonathan T. Materi Computer Engineering
Dillon P. Matthies Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Cole J. Maxwell Mechanical Engineering
Michael S. McCabe Mechanical Engineering
Zachary C. McKenzie Mechanical Engineering
Jayse C. McLean Mechanical Engineering
Kiersten M. Meester Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Cole L. Mehring Electrical Engineering
Caleb G. Meide Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Menezes Farias Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jordyn A. Meskan Civil Engineering
Adam T. Meuchel Mechanical Engineering
Calvin C. Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Joshua J. Mickelson Mechanical Engineering
Mari A. Milender Electrical Engineering
Christopher W. Miller Construction Engineering
Eric J. Miller Civil Engineering
Louis J. Miller Mechanical Engineering
Matthew C. Miller Civil Engineering
Devin K. Moerke Civil Engineering
Spencer G. Moir Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Caio Vinicius Molina Ferreira Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
William D. MoritzConstruction Engineering
Matthew J. Mortenson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tate D. Motschenbacher Civil Engineering
Matthew L. Mounsdon Mechanical Engineering
Austin G. Mueller Mechanical Engineering
Brett T. MulQueeny Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Murphy Construction Management
John T. Naas Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kjerstin I. Narvesen Computer Engineering
Garrett D. Naughton Mechanical Engineering
Coleton R. Nelson Civil Engineering
Jared B. Nelson Computer Engineering
Zachary J. Nelson Civil Engineering
Zachary I. Ness Civil Engineering
Brent J. Neuhardt Electrical Engineering
David T. Nigon Mechanical Engineering
Austin J. Nodland Computer Engineering
Jordan R. Nodland Computer Engineering
Olivia M. Norman Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan O. Nypan Mechanical Engineering
Palmer Obembe Civil Engineering
Zachary M. O'Brien Computer Engineering
Seth K. Obritsch Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Charles Olson Mechanical Engineering
Devon L. Olson Electrical Engineering
Dylan J. Olson Construction Engineering
Elizabeth F. Olson Electrical Engineering
Evan N. Olson Electrical Engineering
Kyle W. Olson Electrical Engineering
Taylor A. Olson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Travis J. Olson Civil Engineering
Cody A. Oltz Civil Engineering
Elliot A. Omerza Mechanical Engineering
Robert G. Opgrand Computer Engineering
Mathew G. Orner Mechanical Engineering
John P. Otte Mechanical Engineering
Cory R. Otto Mechanical Engineering
Chase F. Ouse Grindberg Civil Engineering
Colin P. Paarmann Civil Engineering
Leaf T. Palmer Construction Management
Colton T. Parks Electrical Engineering
Samuel J. Pasco Mechanical Engineering
Cole A. Patten Mechanical Engineering
Jacob M. Patton Electrical Engineering
Alexandra M. Pauly Electrical Engineering
Matthew J. Pavlicek Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Parker L. Pavlicek Computer Engineering
Matthew W. Pearson Civil Engineering
Benjamin J. Pederson Construction Management
Hunter G. Pederson Mechanical Engineering
Mark T. Pederson Civil Engineering
Tyson W. Pederson Construction Management
Alan J. Perrault Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas R. Perrin Mechanical Engineering
Aaron M. Perry Mechanical Engineering
Christopher D. Peske Mechanical Engineering
Matthew A. Peske Mechanical Engineering
Ashley R. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Caleb L. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Glen J. Peterson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
John P. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Moshe H. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan L. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Thomas S. Peterson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Aaron M. Pfarrer Computer Engineering
Nathan W. Pierskalla Mechanical Engineering
Amber L. Pliscott Mechanical Engineering
Patrick C. Pochant Electrical Engineering
Daniel E. Polansky Electrical Engineering
John J. Pollock Electrical Engineering
Nicholas L. Powers Civil Engineering
Liam M. Prior Construction Management
Matthew J. Prochniak Civil Engineering
Benjamin J. Quaas Civil Engineering
Timothy A. Quaas Mechanical Engineering
Hannah R. Quade Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Katherine C. Raab Civil Engineering
Vomsheendhur Raju Mechanical Engineering
Rachelle L. Rambur Mechanical Engineering
Ethan T. Rasmuson Mechanical Engineering
Kelley L. Rasmussen Construction Management
Emily M. Raymond Mechanical Engineering
Lincoln J. Regula Civil Engineering
Chad A. Rehovsky Mechanical Engineering
Michael A. Richards Computer Engineering
Cody J. Riggle Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Erik W. Ringsak Civil Engineering
Cody L. Ritt Civil Engineering
Chandler C. Rivinius Mechanical Engineering
Justin T. Roberson Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan D. Roberts Mechanical Engineering
August S. Rockeman Mechanical Engineering
Micah A. Rodahl Construction Management
Ana Clara Rodrigues Alves Civil Engineering
Joshua L. Roesler Mechanical Engineering
Mitch K. Rosendahl Civil Engineering
Mitchell Rotzien Mechanical Engineering
Zachary L. Rummel Mechanical Engineering
Alex D. Rushing Mechanical Engineering
Sarah A. Russell Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Thomas L. Ryan Mechanical Engineering
Justis A. Rydeen Mechanical Engineering
Luana Sabatini Goncalves Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Mark J. Samson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jake R. Sanders Mechanical Engineering
Samuel J. Sandoz Mechanical Engineering
Zachary T. Sanger Electrical Engineering
Joao P. Santana Moreira Braz Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Brett T. Sasse Civil Engineering
Jesse D. Saxberg Mechanical Engineering
Matthew C. Schaffran Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Schanilec Mechanical Engineering
Ramey L. Schatz Mechanical Engineering
Drake G. Schiffner Mechanical Engineering
Jason T. Schirck Mechanical Engineering
Wyatt A. Schirrick Civil Engineering
Morgan E. Schlichtmann Electrical Engineering
Connor R. Schlotfeldt Construction Management
Ian P. Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Noah T. Schmidt Civil Engineering
Preston J. Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Zachary T. Schmidt Electrical Engineering
Brady J. Schmitz Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Jacob D. Schneeman Mechanical Engineering
Martin J. Schneider Mechanical Engineering
Hannah M. Schnepf Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ryan T. Schoenwald Mechanical Engineering
Evan N. Schraut Mechanical Engineering
Derek R. Schreiner Mechanical Engineering
Michael D. Schuh Mechanical Engineering
Austin J. Schultz Mechanical Engineering
Maxwell L. Schumacher Civil Engineering
Nolan G. Schwarz Electrical Engineering
Halley R. Score Mechanical Engineering
Mitchell L. Scott Mechanical Engineering
Tanner J. Seeberg Electrical Engineering
Robert J. Senkyr Mechanical Engineering
James W. Sharp Civil Engineering
Jinxin Shen Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Natalie Shimpa Civil Engineering
Eric J. Silvers Mechanical Engineering
Igor A. Simanovich Computer Engineering
Makala L. Simon Civil Engineering
Miranda L. SimonCivil Engineering
Alexander C. Sinclair Mechanical Engineering
John Luke B. Singh Mechanical Engineering
Jacob A. Skarphol Computer Engineering
Samuel A. Skarphol Computer Engineering
Jacob J. Smedsrud Mechanical Engineering
Andrew C. Smisek Mechanical Engineering
Brandon M. Smith Civil Engineering
Colton J. Smith Civil Engineering
Jaclyn Smith Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joseph P. Smith Civil Engineering
Kara M. Smith Electrical Engineering
Taylor T. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Samuel A. Solberg Civil Engineering
Zachary R. Solheim Electrical Engineering
Kyle A. Sonnenberg Mechanical Engineering
Cole B. Spear Computer Engineering
Alex M. Sperlich Mechanical Engineering
Lane R. Stadther Mechanical Engineering
Alec T. Staiger Mechanical Engineering
Luke M. Stang Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa M. Stedman Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew Steenerson Mechanical Engineering
Tylor J. Steffens Civil Engineering
Richard L. Stenger Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Daniel E. Stibral Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Noah M. Stocker Mechanical Engineering
Adam J. Stolt Mechanical Engineering
Elliott L. Stone Mechanical Engineering
Michael R. Straus Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Timothy D. Straus Manufacturing Engineering
Bennett J. Strombeck Electrical Engineering
Alexandar J. Strouth Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas J. Struve Mechanical Engineering
Taylor S. Stulen Mechanical Engineering
Matthew M. Suek Civil Engineering
Joshua J. Sullivan Computer Engineering
Laura K. Surver Mechanical Engineering
Jared L. Swanberg Civil Engineering
Claire A. Swenson Mechanical Engineering
Amanda K. Sys Mechanical Engineering
Siwakorn Tangpong Mechanical Engineering
Kellen Teles Santos Civil Engineering
Cole S. Ternes Civil Engineering
Terra B. Thiel Mechanical Engineering
Brandon L. Thoennes Electrical Engineering
Brent J. Thoennes Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Nick L. Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Clay R. Thompson Mechanical Engineering
Dylan R. Thompson Mechanical Engineering
Eric W. Thoreson Civil Engineering
Julian E. Thrash Electrical Engineering
Benjamin M. Thurn Electrical Engineering
James Tibbles Mechanical Engineering
Peter C. Timpe Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tyler G. Toepke-Floyd Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Tolbert Mechanical Engineering
Markus L. Tolkkinen Civil Engineering
Ronald A. Tollefson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas M. Tollerud Mechanical Engineering
Kristopher L. Tomek Mechanical Engineering
Alexander C. Tostenson Mechanical Engineering
Chase N. Tozer Mechanical Engineering
Logan A. Trachsel Mechanical Engineering
Andrew V. Tran Electrical Engineering
Matthew S. Trana Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kurtis G. Trautmann Construction Engineering
Jared S. Travis Construction Management
Kari L. Trembath Computer Engineering
Spencer P. Turck Construction Management
Jordan L. Twete Civil Engineering
Timothy S. Twist Construction Management
David B. Ugelstad Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin A. Ulrich Civil Engineering
Patrick G. Uphoff Mechanical Engineering
Gabriel G. Urdaneta Herrera Electrical Engineering
Evan P. Urschel Electrical Engineering
Jennifer J. Vanderheiden Civil Engineering
Brian T. VanderWoude Mechanical Engineering
Zachary C. Vashaw Mechanical Engineering
Trevor M. Verkuehlen Construction Management
John M. Vinje Civil Engineering
Alex J. Volk Computer Engineering
Alexander R. Volk Electrical Engineering
Mitchell J. Wachtel Mechanical Engineering
Anne E. Walberg Electrical Engineering
Sarah L. Walker Civil Engineering
Ryan J. Wangsnes Mechanical Engineering
Austin P. Wanner Computer Engineering
Christian J. Wanner Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joshua R. Warren Computer Engineering
Clayton Webb Mechanical Engineering
Casey J. Weber Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Dylan P. Weber Civil Engineering
Erik G. Weber Mechanical Engineering
Preston D. Weber Civil Engineering
Christopher R. Weberg Mechanical Engineering
Timothy J. Wegner Mechanical Engineering
Jacob R. Weizenegger Mechanical Engineering
Lucas L. Wendt Electrical Engineering
Stephen J. Westerback Mechanical Engineering
Scott A. Wheeler Mechanical Engineering
Maxwell R. Wilhelmy Electrical Engineering
Claire Willenbring Electrical Engineering
Samuel C. Willenbring Mechanical Engineering
Conner S. Willert Construction Management
Jeremiah C. Williams Mechanical Engineering
Cooper J. Willis Electrical Engineering
Matthew J. Wilmot Civil Engineering
Brandon J. Witt Electrical Engineering
Tannor A. Witt Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Wolbaum Mechanical Engineering
Seth A. Wolf Electrical Engineering
Riley T. Worm Mechanical Engineering
John G. Yale Civil Engineering
Aaron J. Young Civil Engineering
Boston A. Zachmann Computer Engineering
Thomas A. Zaviska Computer Engineering
Alexander J. Zeller Mechanical Engineering
Steven L. Zettel Mechanical Engineering
Jiaming Zhao Mechanical Engineering

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College of Health Professions

Anna L. Aberle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige C. Adams Nursing
Sonja F. Adelgren Nursing
Jordan E. Afdahl Nursing
Noor Z. Al Mattar Respiratory Care
Salam M. Alanazi Respiratory Care
Zaid M. Altamimi Respiratory Care
Ryan G. Altendorf Pharmacy
Sarah C. Altringer Nursing
Amanda J. Amberg Pharmacy
Austin A. Anderson Nursing
Danielle J. Anderson Nursing
Gabrielle L. Anderson Pharmacy
John D. Anderson Respiratory Care
Mollie Anderson Nursing
Nicole L. Anderson Nursing
Paige Anderson Nursing
Brittney D. Andreas Nursing
Amy Andrushko Nursing
Nicole L. Angst Nursing
Chesney A. Arneson Nursing
Rachele J. Arnoldussen Pharmacy
Paige R. Arntson Nursing
Trevor M. Arrowsmith Nursing
Abigail A. Astrup Nursing
Kathryn E. Astrup Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christine A. Aubol Nursing
Gabrielle K. Avestini Nursing
Rachel R. Bachmeier Nursing
Brittany M. Backer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Wyatt M. Bader Pharmaceutical Sciences
Krista Bail Nursing
Hannah T. Bailey Nursing
Alexandra L. Bakken Pharmaceutical Sciences
Trisha L. Balstad Nursing
Jake A. Bangen Radiologic Sciences
Kaylee A. Barker Nursing
Kellyn N. Barney Nursing
Allison C. Barta Nursing
Zachary T. Bauck Nursing
Hayli J. Bauer Nursing
Madison R. Baumler Nursing
Jordan W. Beck Nursing
Savanna J. Beck Nursing
Wyatt Z. Becker Nursing
Layni K. Bednarz Nursing
Kendra R. Beedy Nursing
Lindsey E. Beisner Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amer Bektas Pharmaceutical Sciences
Judah B. Belile Nursing
Brittany J. Belohlavek Nursing
Brian Beniak Nursing
Alexa P. Benjamin Nursing
Anna L. Benke Nursing
Brianna J. Benson Pharmacy
Jennifer L. Benz Radiologic Sciences
Nicole L. Berend Pharmacy
Jace J. Berg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor E. Berg Nursing
Thad M. Bergh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrea K. Berglund Nursing
Lauren E. Berglund Nursing
Ryan J. Bernhardt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matthew E. Bernu Respiratory Care
Brianna M. Bertsch Nursing
Jenna A. Beste Pharmacy
Megan J. Biegler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Racheal J. Biffert Nursing
Laci L. Binek Nursing
Colin T. Birch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carly J. Black Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michelle I. Blake Nursing
Benton B. Blank Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amity M. Blohm Nursing
Kelsey A. Blommer Pharmacy
Jake T. Bloms Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karlee L. Bluth Radiologic Sciences
Dillon J. Boe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lakken T. Boeder Nursing
Madison M. Bonn Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mariah G. Book Nursing
Miles W. Book Pharmacy
Sarah N. Borchard Nursing
Kristen K. Bortke Nursing
Brandon S. Botner Pharmacy
Lauren E. Bratberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mackenzie E. Breedon Radiologic Sciences
Sadi A. Bren Pharmacy
Madison Brenamen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Katie R. Brendemuhl Nursing
Samantha J. Brentrup Pharmacy
Kayla M. Briggs Pharmaceutical Sciences
Colton D. Bruhn Nursing
Rebecca J. Buchholz Nursing
Kayleigh M. Buescher Medical Laboratory Science
Ashton E. Buller Nursing
Siri E. Burck Pharmacy
Matthew D. Burd Nursing
Amanda D. Burge Nursing
Rilee M. Burnside Radiologic Sciences
Lydia R. Butkowski Nursing
Andrea T. Buzakovic Pharmaceutical Sciences
Seth A. Carlin Pharmacy
Bret D. Carlson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianne M. Carlson Pharmacy
Zachary R. Carlson Nursing
Kristin M. Carman Nursing
Kayla N. Casteel Nursing
Sarah A. Chase Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lincoln E. Christenson Respiratory Care
Siennah A. Christianson Nursing
Allison N. Cieslak Radiologic Sciences
Megan A. Claassen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrea R. Clarens Pharmacy
Samantha L. Clausen Nursing
Thomas A. Clawson Nursing
Courtney J. Clemetson Nursing
Adam J. Closmore Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ciera M. Clyde Pharmacy
Heather N. Coleman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Steven L. Condon Nursing
Matthew I. Confeld Pharmacy
Shawntai M. Cook Nursing
Jessica C. Corley Nursing
Kristie A. Cossette Respiratory Care
Valerie A. Cross Nursing
John P. Curley Pharmacy
Jaret M. Cyr Nursing
Jenae A. Dabill Respiratory Care
Sohaila K. Dadelahi Nursing
Alexa J. Dahlquist Nursing
Alison A. Dahring Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth R. Dauk Nursing
Brandi S. Davidson Nursing
Kaylee M. Davidson Pharmacy
McKenzy K. Davis Nursing
Wade W. DeAustin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Toni L. DeBerg Respiratory Care
Lucas J. DeGree Respiratory Care
Hannah L. DeKrey Nursing
Molly R. DeSpiegler Nursing
Jared J. Dewald Radiologic Sciences
Shawna R. Dietz Nursing
Alyssa A. Dollinger Nursing
Amy J. Donner Nursing
Brittney J. Dorn Nursing
Sydney B. Drennan Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley R. Drewlow Radiologic Sciences
Courtney N. Dubbels Medical Laboratory Science
Danielle E. Dube Nursing
MeLinda L. Duenow Nursing
Adam E. Dullea Medical Laboratory Science
Jonathon D. Dullea Nursing
Scott D. Duranceau Nursing
Samuel L. Dwyer Pharmacy
Taylor G. Dwyer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karlie L. Eaton Radiologic Sciences
Sara A. Eaton Nursing
Jordan H. Ebel Nursing
Benjamen B. Ehrichs Pharmacy
Madeline T. Ek Nursing
Meghan E. Ellingboe Medical Laboratory Science
Sabrina M. Elmi Nursing
Heather J. Ely Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah J. Emery Pharmaceutical Sciences
Holly Enderle Nursing
Cayla M. Enderson Radiologic Sciences
Danielle N. Engel Respiratory Care
Kendall Ericksen Radiologic Sciences
Alissa M. Erickson Nursing
Jessica J. Erickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kristi J. Erickson Nursing
Riley E. Erickson Nursing
Gabriel E. Eronmosele Nursing
Kallie M. Espeland Nursing
Molly L. Estenson Nursing
Samuel J. Evans Nursing
Zachary J. Eystad Nursing
Rochelle M. Fabian Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jarren K. Fallgatter Nursing
Katelyn J. Fastnacht Medical Laboratory Science
Mary J. Faure Pharmacy
Katie M. Felch Nursing
Brooke E. Feltman Nursing
Jewel E. Fernander Respiratory Care
Kathryn R. Ferry Nursing
Jessica L. Fetzer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna R. Field Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nichole A. Fields Nursing
Tiffany C. Finke Medical Laboratory Science
Taylor L. Fiske Pharmacy
Hannah K. Flach Pharmacy
Monica J. Flackey Nursing
Carlee H. Fleck Nursing
Joel H. Folkers Nursing
Adam M. Forness Pharmacy
Cassie J. Forst Nursing
Sydney A. Fosness Nursing
Madeline G. Foss Nursing
Stephanie A. Fourniea Nursing
Kaylea A. Fox Radiologic Sciences
Alyssa A. Frank Nursing
Megan S. Frederick Nursing
Ashley N. Freeman Pharmacy
Ashley M. Fridgen Nursing
Lindsay N. Frie Nursing
John W. Frye Nursing
Andrea L. Fuller Pharmacy
Brittany L. Fulsebakke Nursing
Erica L. Gapinski Nursing
Lane W. Gaugler Radiologic Sciences
Chase Gerer Radiologic Sciences
Cole D. Gertken Pharmacy
Marissa C. Gieszler Nursing
Lauren N. Gietzen Nursing
Shelby M. Gillett Pharmacy
Kayla L. Gilliland Nursing
Kaytlenn M. Glass Nursing
Colin D. Gorath Radiologic Sciences
Bailey E. Goroski Nursing
Emilee A. Gourde Pharmacy
Benjamin H. Graf Respiratory Care
Kirstin M. Gramith Pharmacy
Payton T. Grandgenett Radiologic Sciences
Morgan Griffin Nursing
Jenna M. Grinsteinner Nursing
Katelyn A. Grinsteinner Radiologic Sciences
Nicole M. Grinsteinner Pharmacy
Sara R. Groth Nursing
Luke A. Grzeskowiak Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenny J. Guibert Nursing
Brianna S. Gunderson Pharmacy
Derrick A. Gustafson Radiologic Sciences
Hariwan A. Habib Pharmacy
Sarah M. Haeder Nursing
Desiree L. Haggerty Nursing
Ashton L. Haider Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelsey A. Halbur Radiologic Sciences
Austin A. Halvorson Pharmacy
Chloe E. Halvorson Nursing
Hailey N. Hamilton Nursing
Travis D. Hand Nursing
Patrick J. Hanel Pharmacy
Jenna Hansen Nursing
Samantha J. Hansen Nursing
Alexa N. Hanson Nursing
Erica E. Hanson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rachel M. Hanson Nursing
Seth D. Hanson Pharmacy
Collin T. Harris Pharmacy
Fawzia A. Hassan Nursing
Kallie J. Haugen Nursing
Kenneth L. Haugen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Holli Hauger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rachel A. Haugrud Nursing
Shelby L. Hauswedell Radiologic Sciences
Carly B. Hayes Nursing
Anne R. Hefta Nursing
Kayla J. Heier Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shawn D. Helmers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ethan J. Hendricks Pharmaceutical Sciences
Clancy Hennessy Nursing
Brittney L. Henry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kimberly A. Herdering Nursing
Rachel E. Herman Nursing
Leah M. Hermanson Nursing
Whitney A. Hermanson Pharmacy
MiKayla M. Heupel Nursing
Preston R. Hewitt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda A. Hilscher Nursing
Megan J. Hilzendeger Nursing
Gwendolyn L. Hines Nursing
Linh T. Hoang Pharmacy
Oanh T. Hoang Nursing
Tina N. Hoang Nursing
Steven E. Hodny Radiologic Sciences
Allie J. Hoernemann Nursing
Jeremiah J. Hoff Pharmacy
Mariah L. Hoff Nursing
Alexis B. Hoffman Nursing
Kari A. Hoffmann Nursing
Hannah N. Hofstad Nursing
Benjamin J. Holland Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cassie R. Holt Nursing
Nicole M. Holte Radiologic Sciences
Zachary J. Holweger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sasha M. Hopfauf Respiratory Care
Tiara N. Hopkins Pharmaceutical Sciences
Molly J. Horner Nursing
Mellina R. Hovorka Respiratory Care
Levi M. How Pharmaceutical Sciences
Thu Y. Htun Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla M. Huhnerkoch Nursing
Alexis M. Hukriede Pharmaceutical Sciences
Thomas J. Hulm Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda M. Humann Nursing
Kennedy R. Hunke Nursing
Nicholas D. Huseby Pharmacy
Lindsey S. Husnick Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mackenzie L. Husted Nursing
Kelsey N. Ihry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Keegan T. Ilenda Pharmacy
Colton J. Iverson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rebecca M. Jacobs Nursing
Spencer H. Jacobson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alex G. Jellison Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zachary E. Jensen Nursing
Mitchell D. Johannes Pharmacy
Malibu M. Johns Nursing
Bailey K. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily D. Johnson Nursing
Heather E. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Klayton K. Johnson Respiratory Care
Rachel J. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha A. Johnson Nursing
Anya S. Jones Nursing
Christina L. Jones Nursing
Zachary D. Jones Pharmacy
Kassi D. Jorgenson Nursing
Tyler S. Jorgenson Nursing
Pamela Joyce Nursing
Patrick J. Joyce Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jamie L. Kaasa Nursing
Catherine L. Kallander Nursing
Mollie E. Kanten Nursing
Jadey G. Kappes Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna S. Karsky Medical Laboratory Science
Brandi L. Kastner Nursing
Samantha Keifer Radiologic Sciences
Kassidy M. Keller Nursing
Jade K. Kelley Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brad W. Kelly Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna R. Kempema Pharmaceutical Sciences
Laura A. Kesler Nursing
Amanda Ketterling Nursing
Brenna G. Ketterling Nursing
Lea M. Kiemele Nursing
Sarah I. Kiesow Nursing
Tiffany E. Kim Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica K. Kindseth Nursing
Madison L. Kirschenmann Nursing
Laken N. Kittelson Nursing
Mari L. Kjos Nursing
Austin O. Klapperich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Justine E. Klein Nursing
Karalyn R. Klipfel Nursing
Emily M. Kluck Nursing
Samantha Knapp Respiratory Care
Danielle C. Koesterman Respiratory Care
Alexis M. Kokett Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hailey M. Kotts Nursing
Awna M. Kovash Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abigail L. Kramer Nursing
Bobbi L. Kramer Respiratory Care
Mariah J. Kratt Nursing
Abigail M. Krebs Nursing
Sierra B. Kreft Pharmacy
Madison L. Kreuser Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michael J. Kuch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda M. Kuhn Pharmacy
Madisen N. Kuppich Nursing
Elle K. Kvam Pharmacy
Kezia R. Kvernum Nursing
Sarmed A. Lafta Respiratory Care
Srijana Lamitare Nursing
Baylie J. Lane Nursing
Ellen T. Lanman Nursing
Kyle R. Larges Pharmaceutical Sciences
William K. Larson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelly L. LaSalle Nursing
Nicole B. LaValle Nursing
Paige F. Leclerc Pharmacy
Kelly E. Lehrke Nursing
Taylor J. Lemke Nursing
Shanna Leno Nursing
Jordan M. Lentsch Pharmacy
Larissa M. Leonard Pharmacy
Shelby L. Leverson Nursing
Alyssa E. Lewis Nursing
Josie M. Lilja Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michaela M. Lilleberg Nursing
Sierra R. Link Nursing
Macey R. Llewellyn Pharmacy
London M. Lloyd Nursing
Ivan H. Lo Pharmacy
Madison P. Lobsinger Radiologic Sciences
Kelsey A. Loew Pharmacy
Kara L. Long Medical Laboratory Science
Morgan M. Longtin Nursing
Emily K. Lothspeich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kourtney D. Lothspeich Nursing
Lydia J. Lowe Pharmacy
Charles H. Lucas Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cory R. Lundgren Medical Laboratory Science
Kaitlyn M. Lundstrom Nursing
Samantha J. Lura Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica E. Lybeck Nursing
Susan M. Lyons Pharmacy
Tyler A. Maanum Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha B. Maciej Nursing
Marisa D. Mack-Booth Nursing
Christina R. Mackley Nursing
Jack G. Madsen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cody Magnuson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Magrum Respiratory Care
Joshua K. Maliske Nursing
Shelby L. Malmanger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor R. Mann Nursing
Andrew S. Manning Nursing
Karlie L. Manton Pharmacy
Taylor J. Mareck Nursing
Carolyn G. Marg Pharmacy
Sam N. Markle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amber R. Martens Nursing
Lauren R. Martens Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brandon D. Martin Pharmacy
Joseph P. Martin Nursing
Kelsy A. Martinson Pharmacy
Katlyn M. Mastel Pharmacy
Joseph T. Mauer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Christian M. May Nursing
Kourtney S. Maynard Radiologic Sciences
Megan J. McCleary Nursing
Katie M. McCorquodale Nursing
Laura L. McCroskey Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole C. McDonald Nursing
Molly G. McDowell Nursing
Mattie L. McGee Nursing
Courtney L. McGrath Nursing
Lindsay M. McGrath Radiologic Sciences
Cole A. McLean Pharmaceutical Sciences
Martin M. McNichols Pharmaceutical Sciences
Courtney A. Meder Pharmacy
Carlee E. Meehan Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bridget A. Mehrer Nursing
Naomi E. Meier Nursing
Nicholas A. Mergen Nursing
Erika K. Meyer Nursing
Jasmine N. Meyer Nursing
Nicholas C. Meyer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Caroline R. Meyers Nursing
Sarah C. Michal Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kirsten A. Miller Pharmacy
Garrett L. Mindt Nursing
Erin G. Misialek Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ciara A. Mitzel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole A. Mlsna Nursing
Cassandra L. Moen Pharmacy
Stephanie L. Montgomery Nursing
Karin J. Mortenson Nursing
Sydney K. Mosher Pharmaceutical Sciences
Conner D. Muenkel Respiratory Care
Hannah T. Muhonen Nursing
Alexis P. Mund Radiologic Sciences
Su Yamin Myat Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lauren K. Nagel Nursing
Paula J. Nagel Pharmacy
Brandon L. Nelson Respiratory Care
Bridget E. Nelson Nursing
Cayla R. Nelson Nursing
Joseph P. Nelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Laina J. Nelson Nursing
Nicole R. Nelson Nursing
Taryn L. Neubauer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lauren E. Neuschwander Nursing
Elizabeth E. Nganje Pharmaceutical Sciences
Titiana M. Ngongang Pharmacy
Christopher J. Nguyen Pharmacy
Alyssa B. Nichelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jori J. Nies Nursing
Shayna M. Niess Nursing
Carly R. Nordstrom Nursing
LeAnn E. Norton Nursing
Saidee R. Oberlander Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan J. O'Connell Pharmacy
Jessie D. O'Hern Nursing
Selah G. Olgard Nursing
Amanda R. Olsen-Epstein Nursing
Libby M. Olson Nursing
Molly A. Olson Nursing
Rachel J. Olson Nursing
Kaitlyn M. Omvig Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole M. Oncken Pharmaceutical Sciences
Edith B. Onsongo Pharmacy
Onyinyechi C. Onyemachi Nursing
Sarah G. Ormson Nursing
Lisa M. Orth Nursing
Paige J. Palmer Nursing
Kylie M. Parsons Nursing
Katrina M. Pavek Nursing
Kelli A. Pavlicek Pharmaceutical Sciences
John J. Peabody Pharmacy
Maggie J. Pearson Nursing
Aaron M. Peckskamp Nursing
Baley L. Pederson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kalley A. Pederson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexis N. Peichel Nursing
Alexa F. Pennick Nursing
Nicole A. Peper Nursing
Melissa M. Perkins Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brittany A. Perleberg Nursing
Emily A. Perrin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dillon C. Perryman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Peter Respiratory Care
Cole D. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla D. Peterson Pharmacy
Kristy M. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shelby E. Peterson Nursing
Sierra M. Peterson Nursing
Nicole E. Pfingsten Nursing
Ashley C. Phillips Nursing
Derek W. Pladson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shawn Pletz Nursing
Kayla M. Porter Pharmacy
Abigail M. Praska Nursing
Tess N. Prochazka Pharmaceutical Sciences
Madelyn A. Provost Pharmacy
Krista J. Puhl Radiologic Sciences
Emily E. Pulford Nursing
Dustynn M. Quiggle Nursing
Emily M. Rada Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benuka Rai Nursing
Natalie M. Raknerud Pharmacy
Alexis R. Rankka Nursing
Kevin R. Rauwerdink Pharmacy
Claire E. Ravn Nursing
Elizabeth L. Reckow Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tessa M. Rector Respiratory Care
Kevin A. Reedstrom Pharmacy
James V. Reineke Pharmacy
Kaitlyn R. Reiner Nursing
Carson E. Reinhardt Pharmacy
Kathleen G. Rice Nursing
Zoe E. Richard Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cali A. Richtsmeier Nursing
Ashlyn B. Riedesel Pharmacy
Roxanne L. Rindy Nursing
Brandon J. Ringsaker Radiologic Sciences
Lauren L. Ritter Nursing
Lindsey L. Robinson Nursing
Jessica R. Roesler Nursing
Paige B. Roesler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Marina D. Rokke Nursing
Gail K. Ronsberg Pharmacy
Taylor J. Roseen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Megan K. Rott Nursing
Macy RoystonPharmacy
Ashley M. Rude Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kendrick L. Rummel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley Ryckman Nursing
Madison SagerMedical Laboratory Science
Payton J. Salquist Nursing
Rebecca L. Sande Respiratory Care
Haylee J. Sandry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jena A. Sattler Nursing
Jaclynn K. Saunders Nursing
Cailey A. Sauvageau Nursing
Griffin T. Sauvageau Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige M. Sauvageau Nursing
Leanne J. Saville Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kaila C. Schaaf Radiologic Sciences
McKenzie F. Schafer Nursing
Elizabeth A. Schaner Nursing
Ethan L. Schatz Medical Laboratory Science
Lauren A. Schaubert Nursing
Kayla M. Schlangen Nursing
Megan M. Schleske Nursing
Elizabeth E. Schlitter Nursing
Alexandra C. Schmid Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amber M. Schmidt Nursing
Darby L. Schmidt Nursing
Amanda K. Schmiesing Nursing
Matlyn R. Schmit Nursing
Ashley Schmitz Nursing
Lenae M. Schneider Nursing
Lindsey Schneider Nursing
Tricia D. Schoch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Greta K. Schoenberg Radiologic Sciences
Amanda R. Schubert Pharmacy
Bryon J. Schuldt Nursing
Benjamin L. Schuler Nursing
Cody C. Schumacher Nursing
Lauren M. Schumacher Nursing
Adam M. Schwartz Nursing
Jonah M. Schwartzenberger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Maggie R. Seefeld Nursing
Emma E. Seifert Nursing
Alyssa D. Selinger Pharmacy
Chandra L. Selinger Nursing
Todd J. Selzler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abby L. Senger Nursing
Erik J. Sheehan Nursing
Taylor L. Shereck Nursing
Keith J. Sieling Pharmaceutical Sciences
Renee S. Sina Respiratory Care
Paige S. Sinner Nursing
Patrisha P. Skadberg Nursing
Amy L. Smith Nursing
Isaiah M. Smith Nursing
Kacy L. Smith Nursing
Glenda G. Snyder Nursing
Brice D. Sondrol Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexander J. Sorby Pharmacy
Christian J. Sorensen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla J. Sorenson Nursing
Samantha A. Sorenson Pharmacy
Nicole E. Spanier Pharmacy
McKenzie A. Speidel Nursing
Mark J. Stage Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mackenzie L. Staloch Nursing
Riley J. Steenhoek Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tifany K. Steenstra Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tiffany R. Steingrueber Nursing
Kathleen E. Stenger Nursing
Amanda K. Stewart Pharmaceutical Sciences
Colton J. Stiefel Nursing
Faith M. Stoltenow Nursing
Zachariah T. Storey Pharmacy
Douglas P. Strand Medical Laboratory Science
Keith D. Stueve Radiologic Sciences
Taylor J. Stute Nursing
Deq A. Sufi Radiologic Sciences
Stephanie E. Sullivan Nursing
Macy K. Sundahl Nursing
Morgan M. Sundquist Nursing
Elisabeth M. Swanson Nursing
Cassandra J. Swift Nursing
Jenna Sypnieski Nursing
Jordan M. Taghon Nursing
Katherine A. Taylor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Milena Thao Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyle L. Thielke Pharmacy
Grace E. Thill Nursing
Jayson C. Thompson Pharmacy
Taylor A. Thoreson Nursing
Jared M. Thunshelle Pharmacy
Jamie L. Tollefson Nursing
Faith K. Tomczyk Nursing
Kallie A. Tornquist Nursing
Kennedy L. Tracey Nursing
Kelly H. Tran Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jatia L. Traulich Nursing
Nicolle J. Trenda Nursing
Taylor B. Trenda Nursing
Lauren M. Trumm Pharmacy
Samantha E. Trumm Pharmacy
Emily S. Tschida Nursing
Elizabeth R. Tupper Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor S. Turner Nursing
Nicole J. Ugelstad Nursing
Vesela Y. Ugrinova Nursing
Bryan T. Ulrich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kari P. Ust Nursing
Alexis A. Van Houtte Nursing
Allison M. Van Zuilen Respiratory Care
Jamie D. Vander Vorste Pharmacy
Jenna D. VanRay Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benjamin J. Varoga Pharmacy
Tyson J. Velde Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joseph L. Vetter Nursing
Kaylin A. Vettleson Nursing
Arianna J. Vidger Pharmacy
Trey T. Vilhauer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica A. Voeller Pharmacy
Sage W. Voglewede Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jessica C. Vos Nursing
Hannah P. Walbruch Pharmacy
Kayla A. Wald Nursing
Kara M. Waletich Radiologic Sciences
Ellen M. Wall Nursing
Hunter C. Ward Radiologic Sciences
Zachary D. Warweg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily L. Wassenaar Nursing
Raquel M. Wehri Nursing
Skylar L. Wehri Nursing
Kelsey J. Weigel Nursing
Paige S. Weigel Nursing
Luz M. Weltikol Nursing
Danae J. Wennerberg Medical Laboratory Science
Kayla R. Wentz Radiologic Sciences
Anna T. Wenzel Pharmacy
Mariah L. Wesbur Nursing
Hope J. Westland Nursing
Ashley M. Whitney Nursing
Elizabeth N. Wickenheiser Nursing
Abby J. Wilder Pharmacy
Maddeline R. Wilhelmy Nursing
Lyndsey E. Willgohs Pharmacy
Taylor M. Willis Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michael T. Winegar Nursing
Carson S. Winkels Nursing
Jenna A. Winter Nursing
Abbey E. Wohlers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sabrina M. Wolfe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alyssa A. Wyffels Pharmacy
Evan T. Wyum Nursing
Brooke A. Yaggie Nursing
Ya-Chiao Yang Nursing
Chloe L. Young Nursing
Paula J. Youngerman Nursing
Mitchell J. Zastrow Respiratory Care
Deeanna M. Ziegler Pharmacy
Brittin S. Zimmerman Nursing
Grace C. Zobel Nursing
Emily M. Zurn Nursing
Jenna N. Zwiers Respiratory Care

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College of Human Development and Education

Noor Abdelhamid Interior Design
Miranda J. Abrahamson Human Development & Family Sci
Brett C. Adam Exercise Science
Nolan D. Alber English Education
Paige M. Alexander Sport Management
Edda B. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Holly A. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Kendyl L. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Paige M. Anderson Human Development & Family Sci
Shawn L. Anderson Sport Management
Vanessa A. Anderson Exercise Science
Benjamin L. Andre Exercise Science
Jerrica S. Anheluk Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Mason J. Ankenbauer Exercise Science
Jennifer L. Arnold Human Development & Family Sci
Jade E. Arntson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Elijah W. Arras Exercise Science
Caitlin H. Ash Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Amy E. Backus Human Development & Family Sci
Samantha L. Baglivio App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Irosha P. Banagala Liyanage Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Catheryn B. Barth Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kirsten N. Barth Human Development & Family Sci
Meghan B. Battest Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Heather D. Bean Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jerome P. Begin Exercise Science
Ashley R. Bekkerus App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Tylor W. Bennett Exercise Science
Arianna J. Berg Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brenna G. Berg Exercise Science
Emily A. Berge Physical Education
Lauren M. Berglof Interior Design
Emily G. Berry Interior Design
John R. Bessette Exercise Science
Austin J. Bettenhausen Exercise Science
Alyssa K. Bloomquist Exercise Science
Megan D. Boe Dietetics
Jovanna C. Boeve Human Development & Family Sci
Megan E. Bohner Human Development & Family Sci
Sierra K. Bonham Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna R. Bordwell Human Development & Family Sci
Ashly E. Bourgois Exercise Science
Zachary M. Bowe Social Science Education
Alexa L. Braaten Exercise Science
Gabriel M. Branco Sport Management
Wyatt M. Brandt Exercise Science
Katie L. Braun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Breanna M. Bregel Agricultural Education
Breana L. Buehler Human Development & Family Sci
Zachary J. Buffington Physical Education
Dylan R. Burger Exercise Science
Chaz R. Burgess Social Science Education
Lindsey M. Carr Exercise Science
Emily E. Champa Human Development & Family Sci
Luis R. Chavez Exercise Science
Regan E. Christenson English Education
Eric A. Chuba Sport Management
Levi N. Churchill Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel A. Clapp Human Development & Family Sci
Lexie J. Coalwell Exercise Science
Anastasia M. Cole Sport Management
Bradley J. Conant Exercise Science
Charis Condon Human Development & Family Sci
Briana L. Cossette Human Development & Family Sci
Nathaniel B. Croaker Physical Education
Hannah C. Dahlvang Human Development & Family Sci
Madison M. Dancer Human Development & Family Sci
Bailey J. DeMar Dietetics
Kaitlin C. Dick Human Development & Family Sci
Lucas J. Dick Exercise Science
Alanna J. Dietz Mathematics Education
Tracey L. Dillon Dietetics
David A. Dirks Physical Education
Isaiah J. DorendorfExercise Science
Emery A. Dorow Physical Education
Kaitlyn J. Dorsher Exercise Science
Madison M. Doughty Human Development & Family Sci
Denise J. Dziengel Human Development & Family Sci
Julia Edelstein Exercise Science
Allison L. Eide Human Development & Family Sci
Meghan M. Ekre Exercise Science
Keyona M. Elkins App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Benjamin C. Ellefson Physical Education
Heidi M. Erickson Social Science Education
Thomas M. Evanella Sport Management
Tyler L. Evans Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole M. Fedie Human Development & Family Sci
Karlee M. Feist Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Hannah M. Feland Human Development & Family Sci
Natalie S. Fenske Exercise Science
Kelsey M. Fiedler Dietetics
Hayley A. Fingarson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Derek H. Finneseth Spanish Education
Cordel T. Finton English Education
Katherine M. Fischer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sally T. Fischer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Megan C. FitzSimmons Human Development & Family Sci
Alex K. Fontaine Exercise Science
Libby A. Fontenot Human Development & Family Sci
Abigail L. Ford Exercise Science
Makenzie G. Forward Dietetics
Hannah J. Foss Exercise Science
Brianna L. Fredrick Sport Management
Austin L. Fridrich Exercise Science
Mitchell W. Friedman Sport Management
Hannah E. Frisco Human Development & Family Sci
Tylor J. Garding Human Development & Family Sci
Natalie K. Gedrose Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Tyler R. Gefroh Interior Design
Ashley M. Gehl Dietetics
Rebecca L. Gerberding Sport Management
Callie L. Gibbons Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kourtney M. Giese Dietetics
Alyssa L. Giesen Exercise Science
Emily R. Giffey Interior Design
Caitlin B. Good Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Ann M. Govig Exercise Science
Nadin Gowan Human Development & Family Sci
Kayla A. Granberg Interior Design
Ingrid E. Grande Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brenna M. Greenwood App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kylie J. Gregor Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Gabrielle R. Grommesh Human Development & Family Sci
Sara V. Gross Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kori J. Gunlikson Exercise Science
Melora R. Haagenson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Daniel J. Haberman Human Development & Family Sci
KaLee J. Hack Human Development & Family Sci
Ellie M. Hagen Exercise Science
Nigel V. Hageness Exercise Science
Stephanie K. Halvorson Exercise Science
Mary A. Haman Exercise Science
Kristen L. Hanson Exercise Science
MacKenzie M. Hanson Dietetics
Emily M. Haugen Exercise Science
Kristin M. Haugen Human Development & Family Sci
Lexis B. Haux Health Education
Olivia C. Haws Exercise Science
Tylor L. Hebel Physical Education
Brooke M. Hein Human Development & Family Sci
Allison M. Heinen Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Brandon C. Henn Human Development & Family Sci
Kaylyn C. Herold Exercise Science
Carissa P. Herron Biological Sciences Education
McKenzie J. Herz Human Development & Family Sci
Hunter A. Heyerman Biological Sciences Education
Mallory C. Hoch English Education
Zachary J. Hochhalter Social Science Education
Haley A. Hodenfield Exercise Science
Amy J. Hoepfner Interior Design
Kayla M. Hoff Human Development & Family Sci
Breann C. Hogie Dietetics
Shelby M. Hohloch Dietetics
Tyrza M. Hoines Human Development & Family Sci
Sierra L. Hokanson Human Development & Family Sci
Maria K. Holdvogt Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca A. Holly Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsi L. Holwagner Interior Design
Karyssa M. Hovelson Interior Design
Julianna M. Howells Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Addison G. Huck Exercise Science
Caitlyn N. Hunter Human Development & Family Sci
Trisa L. Hutchinson Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel L. Indihar Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Rachel M. Iverson Dietetics
Samantha J. Janda App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Madeline M. Jarrett Human Development & Family Sci
Betsy M. Jeanotte Social Science Education
Scott E. Jezusko Mathematics Education
Andrea M. Jirele Human Development & Family Sci
Tammy V. Joe Exercise Science
Hanna S. Johnsen Dietetics
Anna R. Johnson Dietetics
Courtney S. Johnson Social Science Education
Erika L. Johnson Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Heather A. Johnson Agricultural Education
Holly M. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Jessi L. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Tareena D. Johnson Dietetics
Tyler L. Johnson Exercise Science
Meghan D. Johnston Exercise Science
Lauren E. Joki Physical Education
Nicholas J. Kaczmarczyk Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
James R. Kaderlik Exercise Science
Christopher D. Kading Exercise Science
Kelly M. Kading Dietetics
Cassandra J. Kahl Exercise Science
Arianna L. Karsky Sport Management
Trent A. Keefer Sport Management
MacKenzie E. Keidel Exercise Science
Melissa J. Kemp Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda R. Kensok Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Jeongju Kim Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Anisha D. Kinnarath Exercise Science
Melissa M. Kitching Physical Education
Emily A. Klinkner Human Development & Family Sci
Brett D. Knudsen Mathematics Education
Mackenzie N. Koenig App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Alex M. Koppy Mathematics Education
Evan T. Kottsick Dietetics
Rachel D. Kranda Human Development & Family Sci
Kyden S. Krause Human Development & Family Sci
Sabrina R. Kremer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cody M. Kreps Social Science Education
Abby D. Krusemark App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Michelle N. Kuhlman Comprehensive Science Ed
Noelle Kurowski Physical Education
Nathan W. Kurtti English Education
Samantha A. Landeis Human Development & Family Sci
Austin L. Lantz Exercise Science
Channing L. Larson Exercise Science
Emily D. Larson Exercise Science
Jodi A. Larson Human Development & Family Sci
Samantha L. LeBlanc App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Hannah R. Lecander Human Development & Family Sci
Lateasha A. Lechler Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Benjamin B. LeCompte Sport Management
Justin C. Ledger Physical Education
Michaela C. Lee Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Janell K. Legreid Exercise Science
Keith M. Lehman Mathematics Education
Allison M. Lehr Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Carley J. Lehrke Human Development & Family Sci
David J. Leier Agricultural Education
Michelle R. LeMier Human Development & Family Sci
Kjersten A. Lemke Dietetics
Moriah M. Leysring Dietetics
Hua Li Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Whitney L. Lick Human Development & Family Sci
Luke A. Lind Physical Education
Marisha L. Lindquist Human Development & Family Sci
Lane R. Lipetzky Dietetics
Mackenzie M. Lockwood-Meier Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Joseph A. Louiselle Exercise Science
Klara A. Lyon Exercise Science
Patricia E. Mack Human Development & Family Sci
Haley G. Madsen Human Development & Family Sci
Scott C. Maher Sport Management
Sean J. Mahoney Physical Education
Maiah E. Maki Interior Design
Alyssa L. Manning Health Education
Molly L. Manning Exercise Science
Callie M. Manthe Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor K. Markel App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Makenzie K. Marso Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan C. Martin Human Development & Family Sci
Tashina M. Maruska Human Development & Family Sci
Megan J. Matejcek Social Science Education
Daniel R. Mattson Sport Management
Jamison L. McCleery Human Development & Family Sci
Michael R. McConnell Dietetics
Jocelyn M. McCormick Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lauren E. McIntosh Exercise Science
Taylor C. McMillan Human Development & Family Sci
Logan M. McShane Exercise Science
Brittany A. Meier Human Development & Family Sci
Kayla J. Melgaard Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Haley J. Mertes Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca K. Meyer Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan A. Milbrath Physical Education
Leah Miller Dietetics
Madison S. Millner Dietetics
Emily A. Miron Exercise Science
BreAnna C. Misialek Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Grant T. Morgan Sport Management
Kacey L. Morgan Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Chase E. Morlock Exercise Science
Autumn L. Muckenhirn Human Development & Family Sci
Cameron J. Mulcahy Sport Management
Ashley M. Munnell Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis M. Munson Human Development & Family Sci
Hope A. Munsterman Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna Murphy English Education
Kaitlyn M. Murphy Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica A. Murray Human Development & Family Sci
Brandon L. Naeseth Sport Management
Brock E. Nagel Social Science Education
Ashlyn H. Nelson Exercise Science
Rane T. Nelson Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca M. Nelson Human Development & Family Sci
Zachary C. Nersten Biological Sciences Education
Alexander H. Neumann Interior Design
Jerrad M. Nieland Exercise Science
Madeline A. Nilles Exercise Science
Courtney J. Nilson Human Development & Family Sci
Andrew P. Nolz Exercise Science
Benjamin J. Norman English Education
Ellington A. Norwood Interior Design
Leanne K. Oakes Exercise Science
Brady J. Och Exercise Science
Kailyn L. Ohm Health Education
Mattie N. Olson Interior Design
Rebecca A. Opp English Education
Annelise M. Orfei Interior Design
Nicole L. Osmundson Human Development & Family Sci
Jayme M. Ostern Interior Design
Steven T. Otterson Physical Education
Thaddaeus C. Owen Physical Education
Holly S. Papineau Human Development & Family Sci
Tyler D. Parker Exercise Science
Tanner K. Paulson Exercise Science
Katie N. Pavlicek Dietetics
Cassandra E. Pedersen Dietetics
Izaach R. Pederson Human Development & Family Sci
Amy E. Peick Dietetics
Holly A. Pelzer Exercise Science
Evan T. Perala Exercise Science
Eric D. PerkinsExercise Science
Myranda C. Persons Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda M. Peterson Human Development & Family Sci
Sandra C. PiferFamily & Consumer Sciences Ed
Emily R. Pillar Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor K. Preston App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Katie M. Puetz Spanish Education
Stephanie M. Raguse Human Development & Family Sci
Brianna M. Rasmusson Exercise Science
Ashley D. Ratajczak Dietetics
Amber M. Rebel Dietetics
Jeana M. Reed Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna M. Reed Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Ashley J. Reinertson Human Development & Family Sci
Clare A. Reinhardt Dietetics
Lexie R. Reinhardt Human Development & Family Sci
Jazmyne N. Reinke English Education
Alex J. Renner Physical Education
Brayden Resch Human Development & Family Sci
Cheyenne T. Richards Human Development & Family Sci
Jennifer N. Rieck Dietetics
Aaron A. Ripplinger Exercise Science
Shiyel R. Rittenbach English Education
Nichole C. Roedel Exercise Science
Scott T. Rorvig Sport Management
Deborah J. Rosen English Education
Taylor N. Rosenkranz Human Development & Family Sci
Jordan R. Rossi Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel A. Rude Human Development & Family Sci
Ilse S. RueExercise Science
Mitchell A. Ruegemer Exercise Science
Abby L. Runck Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan M. Samec Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Hope K. Sapp Human Development & Family Sci
Trista R. Saulter Exercise Science
Jaclyn R. Scanlan Exercise Science
Isaac M. Schaller Sport Management
Emma G. Schalow Dietetics
Samantha L. Schell Dietetics
Sarah R. Schell Interior Design
Cole C. Scherbenske Exercise Science
Kassandra J. Scherping Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis D. Schiermeister Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Regina L. Schimek Dietetics
Haley M. Schmaltz Interior Design
Kyla M. Schmidt Exercise Science
Kylee R. Schmidt Interior Design
Rachel M. Schmidt Human Development & Family Sci
Trevor A. Schmitt Sport Management
Angela Y. Schmitz Dietetics
Kelsey J. Schmitz Interior Design
Samantha J. Schneider Social Science Education
Alyssa G. Schroeder Dietetics
Tiffany J. Schultz Human Development & Family Sci
Rylie E. Schumacher Human Development & Family Sci
Maggie J. Schwarzkopf Physical Education
Elhana Selimovic Exercise Science
Austin D. Selvey Physical Education
Kristen L. Shand Sport Management
Kendrick A. Sheehan Exercise Science
Darrius A. Shepherd Physical Education
Philip S. Shermoen Dietetics
Kelsie J. Silvernagel Dietetics
Lindsey J. Simenson History Education
Samantha S. Sjulestad Exercise Science
Brendan T. Skime Sport Management
Rebecca L. Smoyer Interior Design
Josephine F. Smude Exercise Science
Nicole J. Snapp Human Development & Family Sci
Christopher M. Sonnek Sport Management
Kelsey A. Sorensen Dietetics
Jenna A. Specht Exercise Science
Cole E. Spilde Sport Management
Brittany M. Stangl Human Development & Family Sci
Courtney R. Starry Interior Design
Carl D. Steele Exercise Science
Hadley J. Steffen Human Development & Family Sci
Kaleigh Steffen Human Development & Family Sci
Madison A. Steier Human Development & Family Sci
Anna M. Stein Exercise Science
Brenna K. Stein Dietetics
Mercedes J. Stein Exercise Science
Alexa N. Stelzer Dietetics
Michelle J. Stepan Dietetics
Morgan L. Stewart Dietetics
Easton M. Stick Sport Management
Jaclyn K. Stifter Social Science Education
Christian R. Stockert Physical Education
Jade M. Storley Exercise Science
Kaley M. Stotz Exercise Science
Breanna M. Stout App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kailyn R. Straub Human Development & Family Sci
Aaron M. Suchy Physical Education
Benjamin J. Sullivan Human Development & Family Sci
Sara L. Supplee Dietetics
Lucas M. Swanson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Ross M. Swartz Exercise Science
Bridget M. Taylor Human Development & Family Sci
Jacob R. Tepp Sport Management
Amy L. Terfehr Dietetics
Connor W. Teske Exercise Science
Kaleb H. Thalmann Exercise Science
Sarah E. Thelen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kara A. Thomas Human Development & Family Sci
Shaylee J. Thomas English Education
Alexa N. Thompson Interior Design
Alexandria M. Thompson Dietetics
Jennifer S. Thorson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Katie M. Thun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Marcus R. Thune Exercise Science
Kelli M. Tobin Dietetics
Bethany E. Tompkins Human Development & Family Sci
David R. Tompkins Exercise Science
Hope E. Tompkins Human Development & Family Sci
Laura L. Tonneson App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kristi M. Tonnessen Agricultural Education
Jordyn N. Trangsrud Human Development & Family Sci
Shelby M. Treider Human Development & Family Sci
Alexander C. Trowbridge Exercise Science
Janet Tumaini App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Cory A. Tumberg Exercise Science
Tyler N. Tweet Sport Management
Sydney T. Ulrich Interior Design
Joseph N. Umlauf Physical Education
Alison J. Vandenberghe Dietetics
Carly M. Vesledahl Human Development & Family Sci
Renae M. Vetter Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Samuel C. Vogel Social Science Education
Daeshaundra M. Wadsworth Dietetics
Kyle Walton Social Science Education
Lindsay M. Wangerin Physical Education
Elizabeth K. Ward Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jacob B. Wasem Exercise Science
Emma C. Weber Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Morgan B. Weber Human Development & Family Sci
Sheyenne M. Weber Interior Design
Katelyn R. Weimerskirch Exercise Science
Emily K. Weis Human Development & Family Sci
Veronica M. Weisel Human Development & Family Sci
Dalton T. Weisz Exercise Science
Katherine A. Well Human Development & Family Sci
Raquel M. Wellentin Physical Education
Sheyanne R. Wendt Human Development & Family Sci
Carson J. Wentz Physical Education
Jenaya J. Wentz Human Development & Family Sci
Julie L. Whittaker Exercise Science
Brittany A. Wiebe Exercise Science
Rachelle D. Wigtil Dietetics
Miranda F. Wilcox Dietetics
Grant M. Willert Sport Management
Ashton R. Wiltgen Dietetics
Amber A. Winter Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Erin N. Winters English Education
Caitlin A. Wock Interior Design
Matthew S. Wolbaum Exercise Science
Morgan A. Woodley Human Development & Family Sci
Sallie J. Yakowicz Dietetics
Jesse Yang Physical Education
Jaehyo Yun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kristen E. Zattera Human Development & Family Sci
Cassidy L. Ziesch Agricultural Education
Hannah G. Zimmerman Human Development & Family Sci
Stephanie H. Zimmerman Dietetics
Amy J. Zimmermann Agricultural Education

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College of Science and Mathematics

Sofia Abdullah Biological Sciences
Dhana Acharya Zoology
Tiffany L. Adam Zoology
Jonathan M. Albers Zoology
Gloria A. Albert Psychology
Angela S. Alean Computer Science
Kayleigh C. Alme Geology
Kristen K. Almen Zoology
Cole T. Amundson Zoology
Alyssa J. Anderson Psychology
Christy A. Anderson Biological Sciences
Hallie B. Anderson Psychology
Jena L. Anderson Psychology
Katie M. Anderson Psychology
Tanner J. Anderson Biological Sciences
Skylar L. Anderson-Buckingham Zoology
Jordan C. Andrud Zoology
NaTya R. Arndt Zoology
Ruben Arutyunov Computer Science
Gage S. Askegard Computer Science
Nathan G. Backowski Zoology
Nicholas D. Bahls Biological Sciences
Jack J. Baker Computer Science
Renae M. BakkerStatistics
Kathryn A. Bartholomay Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Zachary J. Bartsch Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jacob J. Baumann Computer Science
Alex S. Baumgarten Mathematics
Jaelin A. Beachy Biological Sciences
Kerri L. Beauchamp Biological Sciences
Kelsey P. BedardComputer Science
Jonathan S. Bell-Clement Zoology
Jackson R. Benda Chemistry
Matthew J. Benjamin Psychology
Skyler J. Benson Biological Sciences Education
Valery H. Benson Psychology
Kylie N. Bentz Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Emily A. Berchem Zoology
Tricia M. Berggren Psychology
Vianna Berhow Zoology
Aaron J. Beyer Computer Science
Mark L. Bialorucki Physics
Christopher A. Bigelow Computer Science
Joseph M. Billstrom Computer Science
Emi L. Binstock Biological Sciences
Nicole C. Birkholz Computer Science
Cole W. Bishop Statistics
Tiffanie L. BjorklundPsychology
Thomas J. Blommel Mathematics
Katie E. Boe Psychology
Juldie Bohmer Psychology
Courtney J. Bolstad Psychology
Hailee M. Bonds Chemistry
Sarah L. Bourassa Psychology
Andrew J. Breidenbach Computer Science
Austin J. Breuer Chemistry
Hunter A. Bring Computer Science
Alex C. Brown Computer Science
Andrew B. Brown Zoology
Colton J. Brunette Computer Science
Jade Brunsvold Zoology
Aaron L. Buchholz Computer Science
Alex J. Buchholz Computer Science
Grace E. Buchholz Zoology
Somer B. Bucholz Biological Sciences
Emily K. BudkeMathematics
Alexander B. Bumgarner Biological Sciences
John E. Bumgarner Statistics
Peyton R. Bush Biological Sciences
Caitlin M. Bussard Biological Sciences
Mary S. Bylin Zoology
Zachary A. Campbell Zoology
Erik E. Canton Computer Science
Lauren L. Cappelen Psychology
Candice B. Carlson Psychology
Kristen L. Carroll Psychology
Renato Carvalho Alvarenga Computer Science
Eugenia M. Cegla Earth Science Education
Brett R. Chastain Computer Science
Allison N. Christensen Zoology
Hannah K. Christenson Psychology
Jordan A. Christiansen Computer Science
Grant Christianson Computer Science
Zoe I. Citrowske Lee Psychology
Hannah U. Claesson Maansson Psychology
Chad A. Close Computer Science
Riley M. Conlin Computer Science
James A. Corcoran Computer Science
Josefine S. Cottrell Biological Sciences
Leighton G. Covington Computer Science
Katelynn E. Cox Psychology
Aaron M. Crenshaw Mathematics
Margaret E. Crippen Statistics
Evan W. Culver Chemistry
Byrne B. Curl Biological Sciences
Christopher S. Dahl Computer Science
Kristina L. Dahl Biological Sciences
Tianqi Dai Statistics
Daniel P. Daly Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Brett B. Danielson Mathematics
Hung N. Dao Computer Science
Tien N. Dao Zoology
Marlin M. Dart Zoology
Anne E. Davis Zoology
Dillon P. Dee Computer Science
Trevor L. Deere Zoology
Trey L. DeJong Psychology
Hayden H. Devorak Mathematics
Cody W. DeWitt Zoology
Sagar Dhakal Computer Science
Adam M. Dirks Computer Science
Jordan S. Dockter Zoology
Patrick K. Doll Mathematics
Matthew R. Donahue Mathematics
Jace S. Duffield Mathematics Education
Nathan S. Duncan Statistics
Connor J. Dunn Mathematics Education
Kadie J. Eaton Psychology
Grant R. Edland Zoology
Benjamin K. Eichholz Zoology
Benjamin S. Ek Mathematics
Spencer J. Eliason Biological Sciences
Faith A. Elliott Computer Science
Ryan W. Enerson Biological Sciences
Alyse A. Engen Zoology
Taylor N. Ensrude Zoology
Nicholas J. Erlandson Chemistry
Heather A. Evin Biological Sciences
Kevin D. Fagan Computer Science
Bryant T. Feist Computer Science
Gabriel C. Ferragut Geology
Dominic R. Fettig Botany
Zacharie D. Finneman Zoology
Logan M. Fischer Psychology
Theodore J. Folkerts Psychology
Kevin P. Folman Mathematics Education
Savanna J. Fonkert Zoology
Trista E. Francis Biological Sciences Education
Danielle R. Freitag Psychology
Heather C. Freyberger Biological Sciences
Joseph G. Fritz Computer Science
Halley A. Fritze Mathematics
Paul E. Funk Biological Sciences
Alaina M. Furcht Biological Sciences
Shyla J. Furcht Psychology
Hannah M. Ganskop Psychology
Justin T. Gardner Psychology
McKena J. Geiger Psychology
Mitchell J. Gerard Computer Science
Alyssa K. Goodpaster Psychology
Madeline M. Gordon Computer Science
Sarah J. Grindberg Biological Sciences
Grant R. Gunderson Zoology
Sean J. Gunderson Mathematics
Tanner K. Gustafson Zoology
Damon B. Hage Computer Science
Shane D. Hager Zoology
Allison M. Haider Biological Sciences
Colton C. Hansen Computer Science
Heidi B. Hansen Geology
Noah J. Hanson Biological Sciences
Sara M. Hanson Biological Sciences
Benjamin G. Hapip Computer Science
Austin W. Harles Psychology
Adam P. Hart Computer Science
Natalie J. Hastings Zoology
Emily J. HathawayPsychology
Trevor P. Haugdahl Psychology
Britni E. Haugen Psychology
Hali E. Haugen Psychology
Morgan A. Hausauer Psychology
Lauren P. Hawkinson Psychology
Zhuoran He Computer Science
Alex E. Hecker Zoology
Nick R. Heilman Computer Science
Bryan V. Henderson Chemistry
Brent A. Hepokoski Mathematics
Timothy M. Hepokoski Computer Science
Alexandra A. Hett Zoology
Katie J. Hieserich Mathematics Education
Benjamin T. Hintz Biological Sciences
Andy Ho Computer Science
Leon Ho Computer Science
Michael H. Hodny Chemistry
Brooke A. Hoff Psychology
Brandi E. Hoffart Psychology
Cassandra D. Hoffman Psychology
Michael C. Holland Psychology
Zachary E. Holman Mathematics Education
Megan M. Holme Biological Sciences
Samantha J. Holweger Zoology
Brooke L. Honek Psychology
Daeun Hong Psychology
Ellen L. Honsa Psychology
Hannah L. Hood Psychology
Megan K. Horter Zoology
Alexandra J. Howatt Psychology
Allison J. Hoy Zoology
Benjamin P. Huber Zoology
Tanner F. Huebner Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Whitney F. Huesers Zoology
Briana N. Humphrey Zoology
Tim M. Hunter Computer Science
Elizabeth A. Husted Zoology
Mi T. Huynh Computer Science
Alicia T. Ickstadt Biological Sciences
Dakota T. Ihli Mathematics
Alicia K. Iverson Biological Sciences
Rose A. Jackson Mathematics
Jestin L. Jacobs Computer Science
Anthony J. Jacobson Zoology
Morgan Jacoby Psychology
Wendy M. Jardon Behavioral Statistics
Madison B. Jensen Biological Sciences
Miranda K. Jensen Biological Sciences
Leah E. Jesser Psychology
Alex M. Job Computer Science
Brady Jochim Biological Sciences
Alexis R. Johanson Zoology
Kaitlyn M. Johnson Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Katie J. Johnson Zoology
Laramie R. Johnson Psychology
Monty L. Johnson Geology
Nicholas E. Johnson Zoology
Noah J. Johnson Computer Science
Stephen G. Johnson Botany
Tyler M. Johnson Computer Science
Russell J. Joldersma Biological Sciences
Morgan A. Jones Psychology
Levi J. Joraanstad Computer Science
Karlee J. Jorgenson Zoology
Samantha L. Jorgenson Zoology
Aaron J. Kaip Biological Sciences
Courtney M. Karnopp Biological Sciences
Kimberly C. Kaspar Biological Sciences
Clint J. Kautz Computer Science
Peter J. Keefe Zoology
Colton R. Keller Computer Science
Kaitlin A. Kelly Biological Sciences Education
McKenzie K. Kemmet Zoology
Storm J. Kettelhut Zoology
Menah Khodair Computer Science
Tania M. Kibble Zoology
Rachel M. Kirby Zoology
Madison A. Klebe Psychology
Michael J. Kleinsasser Mathematics
Kelli J. Kleppe Zoology
Kyle R. Knutson Zoology
Kinzie S. Koch Zoology
Mitchell W. Kollodge Computer Science
Candace D. Kornelsen Psychology
Marc J. Kostelecky Computer Science
Kelsey R. Kowalski Zoology
Mariah R. Kresky Psychology
Christina L. Krieger Biological Sciences
Stephanie G. Krogen Biological Sciences
Thomas J. Krueger Psychology
Christian A. Kulish Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Everett C. Kuntz Computer Science
Brett S. Kvam Zoology
Kally M. Kvidera Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Victoria O. Kyereme Computer Science
Maren E. Lack Psychology
Allie J. Lahren Zoology
Austin W. Lambert Computer Science
Ethan A. Laney Psychology
Andrew J. Lantz Psychology
Kimberly M. Lantz Zoology
Nicholas J. Laschkewitsch Psychology
Abigail M. Laubenstein Biological Sciences
Erik R. LaVanier Computer Science
Stephanie C. Leach Psychology
Tara G. LeBrasseur Psychology
Jusung Lee Chemistry
Ashlee A. Leech Mathematics
Amanda J. Leintz Zoology
Neil J. Lelm Zoology
Timothy R. Lenzmeier Zoology
Emily F. Leonard Mathematics
Shelby E. Lewis Zoology
Yuqian Li Computer Science
Kaitlin E. Lindsey Zoology
Levi W. Lucy Mathematics
Adrienne P. MacDonald Psychology
Jared P. Magnuson Biological Sciences
Sage A. Malingen Mathematics
Justin Malz Computer Science
Lauren J. Marciniak Biological Sciences
Amanda T. Marinucci Psychology
Autumn N. Marmon Biological Sciences
Samuel D. Marolt Geology
Austin R. Marquardt Psychology
Logan R. Martin Psychology
Samuel A. Mastel Biological Sciences
Tracey L. Matheny Zoology
Andre M. Maund Psychology
Samuel A. Mayer Computer Science
Gerald C. Mbanu Computer Science
Caitlyn A. McConnell Psychology
Austin S. McCullough Biological Sciences
Kayleen R. McGrath Zoology
Isabelle V. McKay Psychology
Weston S. McKenney Computer Science
FNU Mecheri Sneha Subash Computer Science
Anna M. Melicher Zoology
Aaron B. Mennis Chemistry
Brittany M. Michels Psychology
Ross G. Mickelson Psychology
Madison R. Milbrath Biological Sciences
Ashley E. Miller Psychology
Vanessa M. Miller Zoology
Luying Min Statistics
Emily L. Minnick Psychology
Shivani Mohabir Psychology
Benjamin R. Mohan Computer Science
Brandon J. Molina Mathematics
Erin Mollberg Zoology
Lane E. Morrison Mathematics
Theresa R. Moser Psychology
Joseph K. Moses Computer Science
Sean A. Nash Zoology
Emily M. Naylor Mathematics
Anna B. Nelson Zoology
Autumn C. Nelson Biological Sciences
Benjamin W. Nelson Zoology
Christina L. Nelson Zoology
Isaac J. Nelson Zoology
Mason D. Nelson Statistics
Kaylee C. Neubauer Zoology
Victoria L. Neustel Biological Sciences
Sydney A. Neva Biological Sciences
Zachariah L. Neville Mathematics
Destiny M. Nguyen Zoology
Spencer W. Nice Botany
Aurora F. Obembe Geology
Erica A. Odegard Zoology
Courtney M. O'Hotto Psychology
Alyssa M. Olin Zoology
Christopher W. Olson Biological Sciences
Matthew T. Olson Computer Science
Mitchell J. Olson Computer Science
Trent R. Olson Geology
Whitney S. Ong Chemistry
Daniel K. Onstad Zoology
Joseph M. Osborne Computer Science
Josephine Osei Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Sarah M. Overton Biological Sciences
Sierra N. Owen Psychology
Kyle L. Palmer Computer Science
Jordan P. Pansch Computer Science
Amelia A. Parker Psychology
Hannah I. Pearson Psychology
Dallas J. Petroff Biological Sciences
Rachel L. Pfenning-Wendt Psychology
Michelle J. Pierce Biological Sciences
Samuel C. Pirrotta Zoology
Beth C. Podoll Chemistry Education
Jaron R. Pollman Computer Science
Adam L. Presler Physics
Trevor D. Priestley Computer Science
Samuel A. Prissel Biological Sciences
Mishell J. Quiridumbay Verdugo Biotechnology
Aleashia L. Rathcke Zoology
Ericka C. Readel Mathematics
Clayton L. Ream Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Cole V. Rehovsky Zoology
Zachary J. Reich Zoology
Lauren A. Reimers Biological Sciences
Anna K. Reinholz Zoology
Mikayla L. Rekken Zoology
Anna C. Renner Chemistry
Alan Repak Zoology
Erick V. Rhen Computer Science
Erin M. Richards Chemistry
Madisen L. Rick Zoology
Casey A. Ricker Biological Sciences
Sean D. Rider Computer Science
Madison A. Riebe Psychology
Kelan P. Riley Computer Science
Justin M. Roberts Zoology
Nasar Roble Computer Science
Michaela B. Rocheleau Psychology
Megan R. Roder Zoology
Roxanne N. Roemer Psychology
Joseph D. Roth Physics
Justin D. Rothstein Computer Science
Brandon A. Rudisel Computer Science
Jared E. Rudolph Mathematics
Heidi A. Rued Psychology
Annette Ruiz Psychology
Keaton A. Rummel Psychology
Margaret P. Russell Psychology
Hassan Sabieddine Zoology
Jordan L. Salwei Psychology
Brian D. Samuelson Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Karan Saravana Biological Sciences
Derek Sauer Zoology
Samuel L. Savidge Computer Science
Ayushi Saxena Computer Science
Aaron O. ScherlingComputer Science
Brooke P. ScherpingPsychology
Hunter J. Scherr Biological Sciences Education
Alexis K. Schirado Psychology
Nicholas M. Schmit Zoology
Darren Schneibel Zoology
Amber L. Schneider Zoology
Emma B. Schreifels Mathematics Education
Jimena D. Schroeder Psychology
Jacob T. Schulze Physics
Haylee M. Schumacher Psychology
Michael M. Schumacher Computer Science
Natalie M. Schumacher Biological Sciences
Barbara L. Senger Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jacquelyn V. Sertic Zoology
William K. Sharkey Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Carl M. Sheldon Computer Science
Tongxin Shi Computer Science
Daniel A. Shira Mathematics
Sadie E. Sholl Biological Sciences
Hailey S. Silvers Psychology
Rachel J. Simon Zoology
Aditya Sinha Computer Science
Simona D. Sjoblom Psychology
Deovandski Skibinski Computer Science
Brady R. Skytland Zoology
Aaron J. Sletten Computer Science
Branden J. Smith Psychology
Kiley A. Smith Psychology
Carly B. Snell Physics
Mariah L. Sorby Psychology
Justin M. Spanier Physics
Marissa M. Spear Biological Sciences
Steven Steinbrueck Psychology
Kaitlyn H. Stenberg Biological Sciences
Luke A. Stevens Mathematics
Marcus M. Stewart Computer Science
Danielle R. Storlie Zoology
Caleb M. Stubstad Psychology
Reilly A. Swanson Computer Science
Katelyn H. Swearingen Psychology
Logan P. Swendsrud Psychology
Alex W. Syverson Computer Science
Austin J. Tadman Computer Science
Chengyao Tang Computer Science
Alec J. Terwilliger Computer Science
Erin E. Teschuk Psychology
Logan T. Thiel Psychology
Michael J. Thomas Computer Science
Drew G. Thompson Zoology
Shelby M. Thorvilson Zoology
McKenzie K. Timms Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Austin L. Todd Statistics
Sarah A. Todd Chemistry
Noelle P. Torrance Zoology
Crystal M. Towers Psychology
Phuong U. Tran Psychology
Alexandra N. Tulinsteff Biological Sciences
Lauren R. Tupa Statistics
Brett D. Turbeville Psychology
Emma C. Twedt Biological Sciences Education
Lexie L. Unhjem Psychology
Matthew J. Urich Physics
Anna L. VanderLaan Geology
Jenna K. Vergeldt Zoology
Brandon Verkinderen Zoology
Emily C. Vinych Psychology
Joseph R. Von Wahlde Zoology
Dylan Vukelich Mathematics
Sierra A. Walker Chemistry
Joshua T. Wallgren-Mindermann Computer Science
Matthew F. Walters Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Matthew J. Wangler Biological Sciences
Morgan E. Wangler Psychology
Prajakta Warang Biotechnology
Sean A. Warne Computer Science
Jonah M. Warwick Zoology
Lucas M. Weber Mathematics Education
Hannah M. Wegner Mathematics
Brandon A. Wehri Chemistry
Braden M. Weight Chemistry
Baustin M. Welch Biotechnology
Anna K. Well Zoology
Benjamin M. Weller Computer Science
Peter A. Wells Computer Science
Derek M. Weninger Zoology
Scott D. Weninger Computer Science
Hunter J. Werkman Computer Science
Brynia M. Westra Zoology
Savanna E. Westrom Psychology
Tyler J. Weyer Physics
Jory M. White Zoology
Wyatt E. Whiteaker Chemistry Education
Jacob S. Wieber Physics
Jenna C. Wiersma Zoology
Raymond J. Wiles Biological Sciences
Amber R. Willenburg Computer Science
Joseph A. Willert Computer Science
Brian R. Willett Zoology
Jayden A. Williams Mathematics Education
Jaden D. Wirrenga Computer Science
Kelly D. Witucki Psychology
Jacob A. Wolf Zoology
Katherine K. Wong Psychology
Jackie M. Wrage Geology
Alyssa R. Wroblewski Psychology
Samuel R. Wyatt Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Qianwen Yan Computer Science
Kai YaoComputer Science
Samantha J. Yineman Psychology
Jenna M. Zaeske Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jianfeng Zhang Statistics
Joshua S. Zickermann Computer Science
Mitchell D. Zubich Physics

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College of University Studies

Skylar T. Adkins University Studies
Manal M. AlanaziNon-Degree
Haley M. Albert University Studies
Elizabeth J. Arnold University Studies
Luke R. Bacon University Studies
Connor R. Baker University Studies
Bruna Barbosa De FigueiredoNon-Degree
Sarah E. Behles University Studies
Devante D. Bell University Studies
Karl O. Benson University Studies
Tanner N. Bjorlie University Studies
Ryan N. Bjurstrom University Studies
Ryan A. Blotsky University Studies
Kennedy A. Childers University Studies
Cydney L. Coffey University Studies
Maria V. Contreras University Studies
James T. Core University Studies
Claire J. DeBenedetto University Studies
Tali E. Dorow University Studies
Megan J. Endreson University Studies
Alexandra E. Erickson University Studies
Mariah H. Eriksen University Studies
Eric D. Gerst University Studies
Dengeu J. Geu University Studies
Anna C. Gilbery University Studies
Kyle J. Gliva University Studies
Matthew H. Gray University Studies
Shelby A. Gunnells University Studies
Stacy A. Guthmiller University Studies
Shawn C. HeinenNon-Degree
Leesha M. HeitkampNon-Degree
Sydney M. Honek University Studies
Brooke L. Hubert University Studies
Stephanie HuynhNon-Degree
Bryton W. Jorgensen University Studies
Alexis M. Jorgenson University Studies
Madeline N. Kelly University Studies
Hyun Ji KimNon-Degree
Amanda M. Kringlie University Studies
Maggie M. KvaaleNon-Degree
Quinn S. Las University Studies
Taylor L. Leapaldt University Studies
Cody Lineburg University Studies
Nathan D. Maciej University Studies
Logan D. Macrae University Studies
Jacob L. Meschke University Studies
Caleb W. Mohr University Studies
Grant D. Nehring University Studies
Kyler M. Olsen University Studies
Sydney N. Owens University Studies
Matthew R. Parks University Studies
Kodel Pilch University Studies
Laura A. Pliscott University Studies
Samantha L. Poepping University Studies
Sydney L. Quinlan University Studies
Daniel J. Regan University Studies
Bailey M. Richardson University Studies
Michael T. Richardson University Studies
Ismail Salad University Studies
Nicholas F. Salentine University Studies
Ian R. Schultz University Studies
Jennifer M. Sherren University Studies
Thomas M. Shulstad University Studies
Noah T. Smith University Studies
Nicolas S. Soltis University Studies
Jason Spano University Studies
Elizabeth A. Sparks University Studies
Madeline M. Stark University Studies
Hannah K. Staska University Studies
Meghan M. Stein University Studies
Kevin M. Sturgeon University Studies
Jared M. Swanson University Studies
Emily M. Thedens University Studies
Bryan P. ThompsonNon-Degree
Erin A. Thostenson University Studies
Taylor A. Thunstedt University Studies
Robert P. Trewin University Studies
Jarrod R. Tuszka University Studies
Allison R. VandenBosch University Studies
Travis J. Vatnsdal University Studies
Kirstin A. Volk University Studies
Zachary R. VraaNon-Degree
Brecca R. WahlundNon-Degree
Andrew J. Wherley University Studies
Hayden N. Zillmer University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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