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2016 Summer Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates who have completed at least 9 credits (with honor points) with a semester grade-point average of 3.50 or above at the close of the semester.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Name Program
Elizabeth J. Lukas Microbiology
Emilee M. Le Clair Animal Science
Hannah K. Swenson Equine Science
Jie Zhang Food Safety
Joseph F. Neadeau Economics
Justin M. Ruth Agricultural Economics
Kelli J. Evans General Agriculture
Mariom A. Carvajal Morales Microbiology
Renae K. Tokach Agricultural Education
Sarah E. Jilka Equine Science

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Name Program
Ahnah J. Cole Health Communication
Aloysia C. Pfeiffer Music
Andrew T. Bergan Music
Chelsea Speed Emergency Management
Daniel B. Bullinger Political Science
Derek A. Carlsrud Criminal Justice
Devon J. Strohl Sociology
Elizabeth C. Smith Art
Garrett R. Foster Philosophy/Humanities
Grant S. Wehlage Strategic Communication
Jacob A. Hinrichs Architecture
Jacob S. Nelson Management Communication
Jessica L. Mikesh Health Communication
Keri A. Murphy Strategic Communication
Lauren J. Algyer Political Science
Lindsey J. Carpenter Criminal Justice
Lizane Montreuil Social Science Education
Macie J. Wenner Health Communication
Natalie A. Peach Criminal Justice
Nathan M. Anderson Criminal Justice
Rachel J. Christensen Criminal Justice
Rachel L. Hovseth Health Communication
Ruben J. Flores Music
Ryan E. Janke Strategic Communication
Samira A. Dennis Political Science
Tavis A. Bergmann Criminal Justice
Trae D. Turcotte-Creager Music
Yining Fang Architecture

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College of Business

Name Program
Adam Sekelsky Finance
Alex D. Wegner Finance
Alexa K. Andree Accounting
Alexa M. Sanders Accounting
Alexis B. Johnson Management
Amanda L. Paradis Accounting
Anna R. Ehresmann Management Information Systems
Caleb S. Sutton Finance
Daniel J. Williams Finance
Emily M. Bekkerus Accounting
Halsey A. Thompson Finance
Haohan Wang Accounting
John F. Boylan Finance
Kaci K. Levorsen Marketing
Keith A. Ramsett Accounting
Krista K. Foerster Management Information Systems
Lionel G. Clarke Management Information Systems
Mark L. Bialorucki Accounting
Matthew R. Olive Management Information Systems
Nicholas D. Onkka Accounting
Nickolas E. Tucker Finance
Rachel C. Zaun Management
Raynor J. Blum Business Administration
Robyn J. Siewert Business Administration
Sabrina M. Skarsgard Accounting
Troy P. Steele Accounting
Yi Zou Management Information Systems

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College of Engineering

Name Program
Benjamin M. Thurn Electrical Engineering
Braeden C. Cordts Mechanical Engineering
Brandon R. Ferrell Civil Engineering
Jihao Shan Construction Management
John S. Guertin Electrical Engineering
Logan T. Scott Mechanical Engineering
Matthew C. Schaffran Mechanical Engineering

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College of Health Professions

Name Program
Alexis A. Erickson Nursing
Alexis J. Bryngelson Nursing
Alexis M. Hukriede Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anna-Kay M. Ferguson Nursing
Breanna R. Thompson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Carrie A. Giesler Nursing
Chantelle A. Fieber Nursing
Conner D. Muenkel Respiratory Care
Danielle C. Koesterman Respiratory Care
Darian G. Slama Nursing
Erika P. Binde Nursing
Erin Keating Nursing
Hannah M. Peter Respiratory Care
Jennifer A. Kessler Nursing
Jessica D. Taillefer Nursing
Jordan M. Brandt Respiratory Care
Karlie L. Eaton Radiologic Sciences
Katie J. Carr Nursing
Klayton K. Johnson Respiratory Care
Kristie A. Cossette Respiratory Care
Laci L. Binek Nursing
Leah E. Flaskerud Nursing
Louis A. Abongningong Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lucas J. DeGree Respiratory Care
Meghan C. Raedel Nursing
Mellina R. Hovorka Respiratory Care
Mitchell J. Zastrow Respiratory Care
Tessa M. Rector Respiratory Care
Trachelle J. Leach Nursing

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College of Human Development and Education

Name Program
Amanda K. Schulz Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda S. Anseeuw Human Development & Family Sci
Bradley A. Rieth Human Development & Family Sci
Easton M. Stick Sport Management
Erika L. Johnson Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Jacob C. Holien Human Development & Family Sci
Jacob R. Tepp Sport Management
Jennifer M. McLendon Lynn Human Development & Family Sci
Josephine Smude Exercise Science
Kaleigh Steffen Human Development & Family Sci
Kassandra A. Boller Human Development & Family Sci
Katalin Magyar Dietetics
Katelynn M. Kanieski Sport Management
Kori J. Gunlikson Exercise Science
Lauren E. McIntosh Exercise Science
Leanne J. Beechie Dietetics
Luis R. Chavez Exercise Science
Madison M. Guler Human Development & Family Sci
Mikayla L. Hahn App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Morgan B. Weber Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan E. Nellis Human Development & Family Sci
Sara V. Gross Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Tiffany M. Staloch Human Development & Family Sci
Zachary J. Dawson Sport Management

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College of Science and Mathematics

Name Program
Amaniel P. Mrutu Mathematics Education
Brianna K. DeFoe Chemistry
Brianna K. Olson Zoology
Chengyao Tang Computer Science
Kai Yao Computer Science
Karan Saravana Biological Sciences
Kathryn R. Jund Psychology
Kylie M. Jensen Zoology
Luying Min Statistics
Mackenzie L. Ries Biological Sciences
Madeline Hammes Chemistry
Nealul R. Andrew Psychology
Price A. Ketterling Computer Science
Tianyi Liang Computer Science
Tiffany L. Adam Zoology
Xinyi Yang Mathematics

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College of University Studies

Name Program
Connor R. Baker University Studies
Karl O. Benson University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the Degree & Records Analyst for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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