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2016 Fall Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates with a semester average of 3.50 or above and complete at least 12 credits with honor points.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Name Program
Aaron A. Ripplinger Animal Science
Aaron W. Green Natural Resources Mgmt
Abbey J. Steckler Microbiology
Abbey M. Tucker Equine Science
Abby A. Braaten Agricultural Economics
Abby J. Ganyo Animal Science
Abigail A. Zikmund Microbiology
Abigail J. Flaschenriem Animal Science
Abigail J. Waloch Animal Science
Adam D. Sip Agricultural Economics
Adam Meister Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Addison A. March Animal Science
Adreanna M. Trzpuc Agricultural Economics
Ajdin Ekic Microbiology
Alan L. Prestebak Crop and Weed Sciences
Alec A. Deschene Natural Resources Mgmt
Alec D. Smasal Biotechnology
Aletta Anderson Microbiology
Alex D. Nielsen Agricultural Economics
Alex G. Carlson Crop and Weed Sciences
Alex R. Hardina General Agriculture
Alex S. Wittenberg Crop and Weed Sciences
Alexa L. Lystad Crop and Weed Sciences
Alexander C. Rischette Natural Resources Mgmt
Alexander N. Pacella Economics
Alexandra D. Fenoff Animal Science
Alexandra D. Joersz Veterinary Technology
Alexandra J. Dotzler Economics
Alexandra M. Radermacher Natural Resources Mgmt
Alexandria M. Romantic Veterinary Technology
Alexia K. Koeppe Veterinary Technology
Alexis Hoelmer Animal Science
Alfred D. Schwalbe Agricultural Education
Allison M. Wieler Animal Science
Aloysius J. Gefroh Agricultural Economics
Alyssa J. Sorum Animal Science
Alyssa K. Lueck Agricultural Economics
Alyssa M. Wehri Veterinary Technology
Alyssa N. Bastian Veterinary Technology
Amy E. Greenberg Animal Science
Andreas J. Holm Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Andrew D. Scheldorf Horticulture
Andrew J. Brummond Microbiology
Andrew J. Haugen Crop and Weed Sciences
Andrew J. Weber Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Andrew J. Wherley Natural Resources Mgmt
Andrew L. Martinson Agricultural Economics
Andrianna L. Hayes Animal Science
Andy J. Hendrickx Crop and Weed Sciences
Angela K. Norwig Equine Science
Ann I. Denk Agricultural Economics
Anna E. Erickson Microbiology
Anna R. Tritz Agricultural Education
Anne M. Brien Animal Science
Aren A. Schluessler Veterinary Technology
Ariana M. Rinell Veterinary Technology
Asha A. Jordan Veterinary Technology
Ashleigh K. Vogel Economics
Atarah Crawford Veterinary Technology
Audra B. Montgomery Agricultural Education
Audrey E. Mascal General Agriculture
Austin A. Espe Microbiology
Austin D. Braham Economics
Austin J. Hewitt Microbiology
Austin M. Dale Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Bailey J. Bechtold Microbiology
Bailey K. Hawbaker Agricultural Economics
Bailey M. Erickson Agribusiness
Bailey R. Lee Veterinary Technology
Becka L. Sadlemyer Equine Science
Benedicta A. Amankwah Crop and Weed Sciences
Benjamin J. Williams Animal Science
Benjamin P. Ihland Agricultural Economics
Benjamin R. Witt Crop and Weed Sciences
Benjamin S. Middendorf Crop and Weed Sciences
Bethany A. Erickson Agricultural Economics
Bethany M. Christensen Crop and Weed Sciences
Blaire L. Schnabel Animal Science
Bradley M. Dean Agricultural Economics
Brady J. Schmoll Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Brandi R. Klooster Agribusiness
Brandon A. Mead Economics
Brandon J. Breckheimer Crop and Weed Sciences
Brandon J. Weber Crop and Weed Sciences
Breanna N. Loegering Veterinary Technology
Bree K. Obergfell Agricultural Education
Bree L. Diffely Agribusiness
Brenna Logie Crop and Weed Sciences
Brita M. Enderson Agribusiness
Brock R. Severson Agricultural Education
Brooke L. Johnson Agricultural Economics
Brooke N. Schroeder Agricultural Education
Brooke R. Benz Microbiology
Brooks K. Larson Agribusiness
Bryan C. Hansen Crop and Weed Sciences
Bryce J. Messner Agricultural Economics
Bryn M. Larson Animal Science
Caden C. Tuhy Agricultural Education
Caleb N. Laney Microbiology
Carson S. Keefauver Agribusiness
Casey O. McCollum Horticulture
Catherine J. Nalewaja Animal Science
Cecilia J. Wehde Veterinary Technology
Celena J. Hulst General Agriculture
Chandra D. Lillis Food Science
Charles J. Beske Economics
Chelsea L. Kraemer Animal Science
Chelsey R. Zaharia Animal Science
Chelsie A. Keiper Animal Science
Cheyenne G. Gardi Animal Science
Cheyenne J. Lappen Animal Science
Cheyenne L. Dockter Agricultural Education
Christianna R. Freeh Veterinary Technology
Christina M. Wetzel Veterinary Technology
Christopher L. Fischer Agricultural Education
Claire M. Anderson General Agriculture
Claire M. Endres Agricultural Education
Codi R. Schaper Animal Science
Colby J. Hennessy Agricultural Education
Cole D. Ehrlin Crop and Weed Sciences
Cole L. Goetz Economics
Cole T. Hanson Agricultural Economics
Collin D. Gradin Microbiology
Collin J. Pirner Microbiology
Connor C. Oie Agribusiness
Connor J. Yaggie Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Connor P. Rieniets Crop and Weed Sciences
Connor S. Wendel Agribusiness
Dalton A. Harris General Agriculture
Daniel E. Stibral Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Daniel G. Lengowski Animal Science
Daniel T. Kraemer Crop and Weed Sciences
Danielle N. Duncan Animal Science
Danika D. Quick Animal Science
David A. Kiefer Agricultural Economics
Dawn N. Swartz Microbiology
Derek J. Hatzenbuhler Microbiology
Derrek B. Tuszka Crop and Weed Sciences
Destiny M. Smith Microbiology
Dorothy J. Floren Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Drake E. Meyer Crop and Weed Sciences
Duncan J. McIntyre Economics
Dustin D. Valez Crop and Weed Sciences
Dylan H. Boyer Microbiology
Dylan J. Enger Agricultural Economics
Dylan M. Barry Crop and Weed Sciences
Elisabeth M. Gnitka Animal Science
Elizabeth A. Blessum Agricultural Education
Elizabeth J. Lukas Microbiology
Elizabeth S. Bryan Veterinary Technology
Elli K. Lemm Agricultural Economics
Emerae A. Strege Veterinary Technology
Emily A. McGrath Animal Science
Emily A. Middendorf Animal Science
Emily A. Trzpuc Animal Science
Emily B. Klusman Microbiology
Emily L. Cavett Animal Science
Emily M. Arend Veterinary Technology
Emily R. Giffey Agricultural Economics
Emily R. Hauck Agricultural Education
Emma B. Maddock General Agriculture
Erick J. Leiseth Agricultural Economics
Erika Olson Natural Resources Mgmt
Ethan W. Martell Veterinary Technology
Ethan Zetocha Agribusiness
Evan C. Rector Agricultural Economics
Evan M. Bailey Animal Science
Fernando Silva Crop and Weed Sciences
Garret M. Wegner Food Science
Garrett R. Mitchell Biotechnology
Garrett T. Olson Crop and Weed Sciences
Gavin Hoff Agricultural Economics
Grant A. Manock General Agriculture
Grant S. Kessel Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Gunnar B. Hanson Crop and Weed Sciences
Gwen M. Scheresky Agricultural Economics
Hailey A. DuBord Crop and Weed Sciences
Haley F. Moch Animal Science
Haley L. Visto Crop and Weed Sciences
Haley R. Geiger Animal Science
Hally J. Evenson Crop and Weed Sciences
Hanna L. Gross Food Science
Hanna M. Schulzetenberg Microbiology
Hannah B. Deaton Animal Science
Hannah C. Rehder Agricultural Economics
Hannah Wagner Biotechnology
Haoming Chen Food Safety
Haylee J. Beehler Animal Science
Hayley Sauber Equine Science
Heidi A. Larson Microbiology
Hillary S. Cudmore Veterinary Technology
Hope K. Ebel Animal Science
Hunter P. Aigner General Agriculture
Indra P. Bhattarai Microbiology
Isaac N. Effertz Crop and Weed Sciences
Isaac T. Holman Natural Resources Mgmt
Jace Stallman Natural Resources Mgmt
Jacklynn J. Jordan Animal Science
Jacob J. Eberle Crop and Weed Sciences
Jacob L. Dailey Agricultural Education
Jacob M. Goeden Crop and Weed Sciences
Jacob P. Jacobson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jacob Shreffler Animal Science
Jacob W. Mehlhouse Crop and Weed Sciences
Jaden M. Carlson Microbiology
Jaime L. Lundquist Agricultural Economics
Jake R. Cleys Natural Resources Mgmt
James P. Laplante Crop and Weed Sciences
Jana M. Clark Animal Science
Janessa M. Veach Natural Resources Mgmt
Jared D. Rosaaen General Agriculture
Jarrett M. Lardy Range Science
Jason D. Beck Agribusiness
Jaymie Kirwin Veterinary Technology
Jeffrey P. Palm Economics
Jenelle L. Henry Veterinary Technology
Jennifer A. Mueller Agricultural Education
Jennifer L. Arnold Biotechnology
Jennifer R. Sicheneder Veterinary Technology
Jenny K. Hanson Range Science
Jeremiah M. Rhines General Agriculture
Jeremy R. Wirtz Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jerrod J. MacDonald Agricultural Economics
Jesse D. Klebe Agricultural Economics
Jesse M. Bolei Natural Resources Mgmt
Jessi R. Lagein Animal Science
Jessica A. Fleck Crop and Weed Sciences
Jessica A. Long Agribusiness
Jessica D. Sheets Veterinary Technology
Jessica L. Eliason Veterinary Technology
Jhadzia W. Walton Animal Science
Ji Eun Youn Food Science
Jill-Bette S. Lamp Veterinary Technology
John E. Nienhuis General Agriculture
John M. Baldwin Crop and Weed Sciences
Joline A. Manikowski Equine Science
Jonah C. Sather Agricultural Economics
Jonathan A. Piehl Microbiology
Jonathan C. Vollmer Crop and Weed Sciences
Jordain N. Formaneck Veterinary Technology
Jordan J. Poehls Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Jordan L. Wittrock Animal Science
Jordan M. Nitschke Crop and Weed Sciences
Jordyn R. Ritnour Microbiology
Jorjan L. Mason Animal Science
Joseph R. Vollmer General Agriculture
Joseph Rhoades Range Science
Joshua J. Geinert Agricultural Education
Joshua J. Krank Microbiology
Joshua W. Miller Animal Science
Justin E. Mueller Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Justin J. Leier Crop and Weed Sciences
Justin J. Schmitz Crop and Weed Sciences
Justin L. Kiesow Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Justine M. Haugo Agricultural Education
Kacey R. Koester Animal Science
Kade J. Pengilly Agricultural Economics
Kaden J. Martinson Crop and Weed Sciences
Kady R. Rath Veterinary Technology
Kainoa M. Gathje Food Science
Kaitlyn R. Skalicky Crop and Weed Sciences
Kal A. Handyside Animal Science
Kala A. Schleif Animal Science
Kaleb J. Sell Agricultural Economics
Kari A. Olson Agricultural Economics
Kari V. Schmeling Veterinary Technology
Katelyn M. Long Agribusiness
Kathleen A. Kranda Animal Science
Katie J. Johnson Microbiology
Katie J. Vculek Agricultural Economics
Katie M. Jacobson Agribusiness
Katlin M. Borgen Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kaycee N. Schwind Veterinary Technology
Kayla J. Herkenhoff Animal Science
Kayla M. Woltz Veterinary Technology
Kaylie Carver Animal Science
Kelli B. Foss Veterinary Technology
Kelli J. Evans General Agriculture
Kelly K. Schouviller Crop and Weed Sciences
Kelsey L. Breuer Veterinary Technology
Kendall R. Frahm Agricultural Economics
Kendra R. Pazdernik Veterinary Technology
Keshia S. Flemmer Animal Science
Keyen R. Gardner Crop and Weed Sciences
Keylee R. Odden Agricultural Economics
Klarissa S. Walvatne Agricultural Economics
Kori J. Kapsner Veterinary Technology
Krista Dvorak Animal Science
Kristi H. Peterson Agribusiness
Kristin G. Brown Equine Science
Kritsakorn B. Twist Agribusiness
Krystal Lyter Veterinary Technology
Larissa R. Jennings Veterinary Technology
Laura I. Sauer Animal Science
Leah M. Hawkins Agricultural Economics
Leah M. Withrow Sports & Urban Turfgrass Mgmt
Lindsay J. Whitehead Veterinary Technology
Lindsay L. Dow Veterinary Technology
Logan C. Cunningham Crop and Weed Sciences
Logan L. Waslaski Agricultural Economics
Lucas Y. Shutt Crop and Weed Sciences
Luke A. Ressler Crop and Weed Sciences
Luke A. Unger Microbiology
Lydia A. Nies Veterinary Technology
Madeline C. Schell Veterinary Technology
Madeline J. Arneson Microbiology
Madison Kulas Animal Science
Madison R. Ryckman Equine Science
Maggie L. Smith Veterinary Technology
MaKayla B. Heinz Crop and Weed Sciences
Marcus P. Mack Crop and Weed Sciences
Mariah J. Brooks Veterinary Technology
Mariom A. Carvajal Morales Microbiology
Marissa Evans Animal Science
Marissa M. Olson Veterinary Technology
Mark W. Nyhus Microbiology
Martin C. Ausk Crop and Weed Sciences
Mary E. Skjervheim Horticulture
Matthew A. Elder Crop and Weed Sciences
Matthew D. Kittelson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Matthew J. Baumler Agricultural Economics
Matthew J. Voxland Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Matthew N. Prince Biotechnology
Matthew T. Doll Microbiology
Matthew W. Munsterman Crop and Weed Sciences
Maximillion K. Cossette Agribusiness
Meagan E. Ratzlaff Animal Science
Megan A. Gross Animal Science
Megan A. Larson Equine Science
Megan B. Jones Crop and Weed Sciences
Megan E. Klosterman Agricultural Economics
Megan N. Johnson Animal Science
Megan S. Ostrand Natural Resources Mgmt
Melaree D. Sondrol Agricultural Education
Michael D. Wanlass Economics
Michael J. Lindquist Crop and Weed Sciences
Michele E. Green Animal Science
Michelle L. Poirot Veterinary Technology
Miranda H. Arelt Animal Science
Mishell J. Quiridumbay Verdugo Biotechnology
Monica Fitterer Veterinary Technology
Morgan C. Gallagher Biotechnology
Morgan C. Troutman Veterinary Technology
Morgan L. Kirschenmann Veterinary Technology
Morgan S. Trester Equine Science
Muxin Zhao Food Safety
Nathan A. Vipond General Agriculture
Nathan M. Anderson Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Nathan S. Schmidt Crop and Weed Sciences
Nathaniel P. Greseth Animal Science
Nathaniel P. Rykerd Natural Resources Mgmt
Nicholas J. Schaefer Agricultural Economics
Nicholas K. Johnson Agribusiness
Nicholas N. Scarberry Microbiology
Nickolas B. Kubesh Crop and Weed Sciences
Nickolas N. Rajtar Horticulture
Nicole A. Ellingson Natural Resources Mgmt
Nicole G. Simon Veterinary Technology
Nicole L. Human Animal Science
Nicole T. Van Sloun Veterinary Technology
Nolan M. Miles Microbiology
Paige M. Hauf Veterinary Technology
Patrick D. Schaffer Agricultural Economics
Paul J. Moffet Agribusiness
Paul M. Buchholz Agricultural Education
Peder E. Schmitz Biotechnology
Pheafrisia C. Strachan Veterinary Technology
Phillip W. Wanner Crop and Weed Sciences
Rachel A. Baniecke Animal Science
Rachel H. Ouren Animal Science
Rebecca A. Klose Veterinary Technology
Rebecca A. Schubert Agricultural Economics
Rebecca J. LeClair Microbiology
Rebecca L. Prasch Equine Science
Rebecca N. Juhl Animal Science
Renae K. Tokach Agricultural Education
Rennah J. Al-Kayali Horticulture
Robert J. Richter Agricultural Economics
Ross A. Knoll Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Ryan M. Borgen Agricultural Economics
Ryan P. Callahan Microbiology
Ryan P. Hoffman Agricultural Economics
Ryan S. O'Gara Food Safety
Ryan W. Thompson Agribusiness
Sabrina J. Leier Microbiology
Samantha J. Buie Veterinary Technology
Samantha J. McDonnell Veterinary Technology
Samantha K. Batsch Veterinary Technology
Samantha L. Thompson Veterinary Technology
Samantha M. Hagerman Veterinary Technology
Samantha M. Ruger Equine Science
Samantha S. Torvik Veterinary Technology
Sandra L. Kuntz Agricultural Education
Sara A. Wiederholt Microbiology
Sara E. Bjorlin Natural Resources Mgmt
Sara J. Lien Animal Science
Sara N. Hatlewick Agricultural Education
Sarah B. Freitag Animal Science
Sarah B. Patton Animal Science
Sarah E. Kickert Horticulture
Sarah M. Wendt General Agriculture
Saree C. Shogren Microbiology
Savannah E. Johnston Veterinary Technology
Shaelyn M. Westergard Microbiology
Shane C. Giedd Animal Science
Shania B. Wilson Veterinary Technology
Shannon N. Grawberger Microbiology
Shelby A. Gunnells Natural Resources Mgmt
Shelby J. Grabanski Agricultural Economics
Shelby L. Hanson Animal Science
Shelby R. Hartwig Agricultural Economics
Sheridan O. Heid Animal Science
Shi Kent Ho Biotechnology
Siddhant S. Rana Biotechnology
Sierra M. Heitkamp Agricultural Economics
Sierra M. Johnson Veterinary Technology
Stephanie B. Schaunaman Animal Science
Stephanie K. Salmela Microbiology
Stephen J. Quandt Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Suridh Adhikari Biotechnology
Sydney A. Dale Microbiology
Sydney B. Bork Microbiology
Sydney M. Haman Animal Science
Sydni E. Schmidt Animal Science
Tallen K. Berg Crop and Weed Sciences
Tameka J. Steinwand Veterinary Technology
Tanner E. Sehn Agricultural Economics
Tanner J. Fischer Animal Science
Taylin E. Flom Animal Science
Taylor D. Ketterling Crop and Weed Sciences
Taylor M. Czech Animal Science
Taylor R. Horner Veterinary Technology
Taylor R. Zimprich Equine Science
Thomas D. Friesz Agricultural Economics
Thomas I. Howden Economics
Tiffany A. Larson Microbiology
Tiffany M. Olson Economics
Todd A. Brinkman Crop and Weed Sciences
Tran J. Zerface Horticulture
Travis J. Myers Crop and Weed Sciences
Ty T. Casey Agricultural Education
Tyler J. Grosz Economics
Tyler N. Jacobson Agribusiness
Wade A. Fernelius Animal Science
Whitney L. Koch Veterinary Technology
Will H. Bollum Agricultural Economics
Wyatt V. Nagel Agribusiness
Xandria M. Bacon Veterinary Technology
Xingwang Cai Food Safety
Yiming Zhang Food Safety
Yssi L. Cronquist Animal Science
Zachary A. Pull Natural Resources Mgmt
Zachary B. Sprunk Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Zachary D. Warweg Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary J. Bartsch Agricultural Economics
Zachary L. Mayo Crop and Weed Sciences
Zachary M. Schultz Economics

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Name Program
Aaron J. Codden Architecture
Aaron J. Weber Agricultural Communication
Abbigail L. Duncan Strategic Communication
Abby M. Martin Health Communication
Abby V. Gindorff Strategic Communication
Abigail C. Gilbert Theatre Arts
Abigail J. Furchner Journalism
Abigail K. Nesbit Emergency Management
Abigail M. Mathison Strategic Communication
Abigail M. Molitor Music
Abigail M. Walker Theatre Arts
Abigail R. Jirik Music
Adam J. Dooley Criminal Justice
Adam R. Richardson Criminal Justice
Adam Rochlin Criminal Justice
Addisen R. Long Strategic Communication
Aimee M. Padgett Political Science
Alec P. Bruns Emergency Management
Alena Jacobson Criminal Justice
Alex M. Lien History
Alexa L. Olson Strategic Communication
Alexander B. Bumgarner History
Alexander M. Sommers Music
Alexander P. Barta Music
Alexandra E. Erickson Strategic Communication
Alexandra J. Hansen English Education
Alexandra J. Howatt Anthropology
Alexandra K. Kotte Architecture
Alexandra K. Sander Women and Gender Studies
Alexandra M. Mills Architecture
Alexandra R. Lebahn English Education
Alexandra R. Nilles Criminal Justice
Alexis J. Lohman English Education
Alexis M. Woods Criminal Justice
Alicia L. Yokom Landscape Architecture
Alina A. El Tamimi Landscape Architecture
Alina R. Castro Strategic Communication
Alma E. Le Baron Landscape Architecture
Aloysia C. Pfeiffer Music
Alysa L. Horn Landscape Architecture
Alyssa B. Nelson Music
Alyssa E. Pereira Strategic Communication
Alyssa J. Aune English
Alyssa S. Impullitti Music
Amanda D. Krupich Strategic Communication
Amanda E. Kreidlkamp Art Education - AHSS
Amanda J. Hill Architecture
Amanda M. Krebs Criminal Justice
Amanda M. Wagar English
Amanda N. Hostad Criminal Justice
Amanda P. Nelson Strategic Communication
Amanda Palos Sociology
Amanda V. Dorholt Criminal Justice
Amber V. Hall Art
Amelia J. Everhart History
Amie L. Northagen Strategic Communication
Amy A. Mueller Architecture
Amy T. Luschen Architecture
Andrea J. Qual Art
Andrea R. Erlandson Sociology
Andrew B. Wolf Philosophy/Humanities
Andrew J. Nelson Criminal Justice
Andrew K. Markland History
Andrew T. Bergan Music
Andria A. Hart Music
Anna E. Freidig Music
Anna E. Watson Journalism
Anna M. Ingersoll Political Science
Anna M. Kohnen Art
Anna M. Lemm Agricultural Communication
Anne C. Argenziano Architecture
Anne I. Christofferson Strategic Communication
Annise J. Montplaisir Management Communication
Antonio Ayala Management Communication
Ariel M. Walker Theatre Arts
Arlo T. Baratono Music
Ashley M. Kilzer Architecture
Ashley M. McCoy English
Ashley Quiggle New Media and Web Design
Ashley R. Hegeholz English
Ashley R. Morman Health Communication
Ashlyn A. French Landscape Architecture
Ashlynne R. Jeseritz English Education
Augustin T. McLaughlin Architecture
Austan L. Wellman Criminal Justice
Austin D. Redepenning Criminal Justice
Austin K. Yri Music
Austin L. Jorgensen Criminal Justice
Austin M. Schmidt Landscape Architecture
Axel D. Twenge English
Bailee C. McLachlan Management Communication
Bailey Cochrane Architecture
Bailey M. White Art Education - AHSS
Benjamin A. Gallagher Emergency Management
Benjamin E. Gutowski Architecture
Benjamin J. Gillis Architecture
Benjamin M. Court Music
Benjamin M. Djerf Architecture
Benjamin T. Dalton Architecture
Benton D. Schmidt Music
Bethany P. Evans Criminal Justice
Blake L. Frink Social Science Education
Brady S. Laurin Architecture
Breanne K. Campbell Architecture
Brenna M. Lanhart Architecture
Brett P. Meyers Sociology
Brianna Hogenmiller Strategic Communication
Brielle M. Boeckel Journalism
Britni K. Thiss Management Communication
Bryan A. Keidel Music
Caitlin E. Hanson Political Science
Caitlyn R. Pfaff Anthropology
Cale K. Dunwoody Criminal Justice
Caleb R. Laude English
Caleb W. Mohr Philosophy/Humanities
Callum H. Schneider Emergency Management
Cally D. Roering Criminal Justice
Cari R. Roberts Architecture
Carissa J. Eikom Music
Carissa R. Hillen Architecture
Carley R. Haugen Strategic Communication
Carlie R. Krueger Agricultural Communication
Carlos A. Montoya Landscape Architecture
Carly J. Deal Women and Gender Studies
Carolyn G. Hausladen Art
Carrie E. Hiedeman English Education
Carrie Z. Schweyen Strategic Communication
Casey J. McKenzie Architecture
Casey K. Drege Political Science
Cassandra L. Baasch Art
Cassidy E. Brown Art
Catharine L. Vetter Music
Catherine A. Rouillard Landscape Architecture
Catherine C. Manstrom Theatre Arts
Cedar A. Remmen Theatre Arts
Chance Brochu Architecture
Chandler J. Dick Architecture
Charli A. Joergensen Journalism
Chase J. Davis Criminal Justice
Chelsea Speed Emergency Management
Chelsie R. Bethke Art Education - AHSS
Chesney S. Boor English Education
Chloe J. Smith Strategic Communication
Christian J. Weber Philosophy/Humanities
Christine M. Berge Criminal Justice
Christopher J. Loeffler Music
Christopher J. White Architecture
Christopher L. Brakke Management Communication
Ciara V. Houser Spanish
Cody J. Zikmund Emergency Management
Cody M. Geffre Sociology
Cole M. Alexander Architecture
Colin Cahill Philosophy/Humanities
Conner C. Riley Architecture
Connor D. Grann Architecture
Connor H. Lane Music
Connor J. Hennen Emergency Management
Constance M. Economos Strategic Communication
Cooper D. Johnson Architecture
Courteney M. Dame Women and Gender Studies
Courtney T. Hawkins History
Cyle T. Canete Boller Social Science Education
Dane J. Vonasek Architecture
Danica L. McDonald Music
Daniel H. Badilla Architecture
Daniel J. Marso Architecture
Daniel O. Ajak Theatre Arts
Daniel P. Kelly English Education
Danielle T. Bostrom Sociology
Dave J. Vane Social Science Education
David M. Neff Spanish
David P. Walbolt Architecture
Dean M. Brooks English
Deion D. Heinen Social Science Education
Destiny A. Fitzpatrick Journalism
Devin L. Stelter Political Science
Devin S. Crowe Architecture
Devon J. Strohl Sociology
Dillon O. Fahning Criminal Justice
Dominic J. Blindert Architecture
Dominic J. Davis Criminal Justice
Dustin A. Richard Political Science
Dylan F. Hughes History
Edda B. Anderson Political Science
Elaina B. Bekkum Theatre Arts
Elenore C. Franklund New Media and Web Design
Elizabeth A. Johnson Anthropology
Elizabeth C. Smith Art
Elizabeth M. Foy Political Science
Elizabeth M. Schoenenberger Political Science
Elsa G. Bollinger Management Communication
Emilee M. Hansen Strategic Communication
Emilee R. Lucas Social Science Education
Emilie K. Ford Strategic Communication
Emily A. Dockter Strategic Communication
Emily A. Lange English Education
Emily D. Fletcher Strategic Communication
Emily J. Kulzer Public History
Emily J. Steen New Media and Web Design
Emily L. Mulvaney Art Education - AHSS
Emily R. Nelson Anthropology
Emma C. Jackson Strategic Communication
Emma E. Halvorson English
Emma K. Beatrez Art
Eric A. Moen Emergency Management
Eric C. Harlow Music
Eric J. Dill Music
Eric S. Wonchoba Architecture
Erica A. Skogen Political Science
Erica L. Nitschke Political Science
Erin A. Thostenson English
Erin E. Renner Music
Ethan A. Johnson Strategic Communication
Ethan T. McCullough Architecture
Evan A. Lecy Landscape Architecture
Evan S. Morgenson History
Faith D. Hicks Strategic Communication
Fallon J. Ryan Agricultural Communication
Gabriel R. Zempel Social Science Education
George T. Smith Architecture
Grace L. Rivard English
Grace R. Sundberg Architecture
Grant E. Heiman Emergency Management
Grant M. Willert Architecture
Grant W. Wennerberg Social Science Education
Gregory R. Conlin Criminal Justice
Gregory S. Schlangen Criminal Justice
Griffin B. Birmingham English
Gunnar R. Christian Anthropology
Haley J. Heintzman Architecture
Haley J. Holzwarth Architecture
Haley M. Kupper Sociology
Halima Shittu Architecture
Halle M. Rygg New Media and Web Design
Hamida A. Dakane Emergency Management
Hamza El Azhari Daoudi Architecture
Hana N. Trump Music
Hanna M. Stout English Education
Hannah C. Keogh Strategic Communication
Hannah D. Monsebroten Health Communication
Hannah E. Roach Landscape Architecture
Hannah G. Nyland New Media and Web Design
Hannah Holzhaeuser English Education
Hannah L. Konrad Political Science
Hannah M. Jessen Strategic Communication
Hannah M. Olson Emergency Management
Hannah M. Swanson Music
Hannah N. Schlosser Journalism
Hayley P. Delorme Criminal Justice
Helen M. Johnson Architecture
Hope M. Theisen Political Science
Hunter D. Lanchbury Political Science
HyeongMin Park English
Isaac J. Flynn History Education
Isaac J. Sullivan English
Isaac O. Hicks Music
Isaac R. Pladsen Social Science Education
Jacee B. Engels Music
Jack C. Hastings Journalism
Jackson J. Roeder Architecture
Jacob A. Dybwad Theatre Arts
Jacob J. Scott Architecture
Jacob M. Jennen Strategic Communication
Jacob P. Holle History Education
Jacob R. Moll Emergency Management
Jacob W. Peterson Architecture
Jacoba R. Woodard Music
Jaden C. Braunagel Political Science
James A. Hogness Criminal Justice
James A. Koenig Theatre Arts
James S. Haaland Political Science
Jamie L. Behymer Management Communication
Jared T. Kramer Architecture
Javan H. Arroyo Architecture
Jay D. Lennander Journalism
Jeffery D. Boyer Criminal Justice
Jeffrey R. Geiger Management Communication
Jena N. Sinton Strategic Communication
Jenna L. Backes Management Communication
Jenna Murphy English
Jenna R. Bordwell Architecture
Jenna R. Peterson Management Communication
Jennifer A. Holly English
Jennifer L. Eggen Architecture
Jennifer L. Mickels Music
Jennifer M. Nagel Architecture
Jennifer R. Nannenga Social Science Education
Jeremy E. Wesloh Criminal Justice
Jesse L. Feist Art
Jesse L. Little History Education
Jessica L. Binstock Strategic Communication
Jessica N. Meyer Architecture
Jina Koo Journalism
Johannah P. Hirt English Education
John E. DiGiorno Architecture
Jonah B. Eslinger Theatre Arts
Jonathan D. Carlson Art
Jonathan H. Sidmore Architecture
Jordan L. Lunders Management Communication
Jordan M. Stroh Criminal Justice
Jordyn B. Kelly Sociology
Jordyn M. Woodruff Strategic Communication
Joseph D. Reed Landscape Architecture
Joseph M. Potzmann Landscape Architecture
Joseph R. Heinen Emergency Management
Joseph T. Kearns Social Science Education
Joseph W. Steinmann Architecture
Joshua D. Fenner Anthropology
Joshua R. Trojan Architecture
Joshua S. Zmarzly French Education
Julia M. Sattler English
Julia R. Taylor Political Science
Julianna C. Wolff Music
Julie A. Theis Strategic Communication
Julie J. Haff English
Justin J. Todd Architecture
Justin M. Koch Emergency Management
Justin P. Flynn Landscape Architecture
Kai K. Erickson Architecture
Kaitlin E. Ridl Art
Kaitlin M. Michelson Women and Gender Studies
Kaitlyn J. Ryan Strategic Communication
Kaitlyn K. Aberle Architecture
Kaitlyn N. Leddy Journalism
Kaitlyn R. Grube English
Kali L. Christianson Strategic Communication
Kaori Hayashi Political Science
Kara A. Meslow Strategic Communication
Kara L. Jeffers Journalism
Karlie A. Matejcek Architecture
Karly M. Ritland Music
Katelynne C. Daws Criminal Justice
Katharina F. Paul English Education
Katherine M. Glen Strategic Communication
Kathryn R. Burpo Management Communication
Kayla M. Lindeman Health Communication
Kaylee A. Pierce Landscape Architecture
Keanna E. Berezowski Theatre Arts
Keegan C. Hovel Architecture
Keira J. Rachac Architecture
Kellani Arnold Music
Kelly M. Morris Spanish
Kelsey A. Dirks Management Communication
Kelsey A. Young Management Communication
Kelsey L. Darwin Architecture
Kelsey M. Jarrett Architecture
Kelsey R. Hanson Art
Kendall L. Ericksen Criminal Justice
Kendall L. Kearney English
Kendra M. Neu Art
Kendra T. Woodstead Management Communication
Kennedy M. Stromme Strategic Communication
Keri A. Murphy Strategic Communication
Kerissa K. Plooster Strategic Communication
Kerstin A. Karels Criminal Justice
Kimberly R. Morris Management Communication
Kingsley W. Permenter Art
Kira A. Karels Political Science
Kirbie A. Sondreal Public History
Kristian M. Borud Theatre Arts
Kristina E. Rockstad Music
Kristopher K. Kohlgraf Architecture
Kyle A. Meier Social Science Education
Kyle T. Labernik New Media and Web Design
Lacy E. Perkins New Media and Web Design
Laura A. Caylor Strategic Communication
Laura A. Salmela Architecture
Laura B. Otterness Journalism
Laura J. Jossund Music
Laura R. Wuflestad Art
Lauren A. Sampson Music
Lauren Duncan History
Lauren M. Ireland Criminal Justice
Leah N. Rempfert Management Communication
Lia S. Coyle Social Science Education
Liberty G. Colling English Education
Lillian M. Wiemann English Education
Lillian R. Crume Social Science Education
Linda Boateng Architecture
Lindsay A. Teilborg Strategic Communication
Lindsay J. Campbell Strategic Communication
Lindsey A. Boushee Criminal Justice
Lindsey J. Carpenter Criminal Justice
Lindsey J. Pouliot English Education
Lorenzo Cardona Criminal Justice
Luah Beah Political Science
Lucas A. Brown Journalism
Lucas S. Frank-Holzner Architecture
Luke J. Morman Landscape Architecture
Luke S. Sanders Architecture
Maddie L. Huffman Music
Madelyn M. Soulek Art Education - AHSS
Madison D. Marchus Criminal Justice
Madison E. Miller Public History
Madison J. Schill Women and Gender Studies
Madison M. Dancer Social Science Education
Madison M. Hapka Political Science
Madison M. Singer Theatre Arts
Madison R. Merickel Social Science Education
Madison T. Warner Criminal Justice
Maggie M. Zentner Theatre Arts
Maija I. Peldo Strategic Communication
Makayla J. Westgard Criminal Justice
Makayla L. Lakeman Architecture
Makenzie S. Dukleth Criminal Justice
Malaura A. Flom Strategic Communication
Mandy L. Doerr Criminal Justice
Mara J. Zinda Strategic Communication
Marc P. Michaelson Theatre Arts
Margaret C. Krull English
Margaret M. Madsen Music
Maria V. Contreras Architecture
Mariah A. Genoch Criminal Justice
Marie D. Tucker Architecture
Marissa A. Kunerth Strategic Communication
Marissa F. Koppy Theatre Arts
Mary T. Biegert Architecture
Matthew A. Becker Architecture
Matthew A. Van Voorhis Emergency Management
Matthew F. Leake Architecture
Matthew H. Miller Art
Matthew J. Dryburgh Theatre Arts
Matthew J. Henry Strategic Communication
Matthew J. Keller Landscape Architecture
Matthew J. Neururer Art
Matti B. Mortimore Philosophy/Humanities
McKayla R. Kolb Landscape Architecture
McKenna R. Vetter Architecture
McKenzie K. Timms Women and Gender Studies
Meagan K. Benedict Art Education - AHSS
Meaghan L. Hawley Architecture
Megan M. Gilbertson Political Science
Megan R. Chapman Strategic Communication
Michael J. Fairbairn Music
Michael J. Hilden Music
Michael L. Stottler Landscape Architecture
Michael W. Tollefson Landscape Architecture
Mikayla L. Holm Health Communication
Mikayla R. Coenen English
Miranda M. Robinson Political Science
Mitchel E. Rieth Theatre Arts
Mitchel Schulzetenberg Architecture
Mitchell J. Nagel Architecture
Molly M. Hess Strategic Communication
Molly M. Vines Theatre Arts
Morgan E. Weiler Management Communication
Morgan J. Miller English Education
Morgan K. Stirling Criminal Justice
Morgan L. Davis-Kollman Landscape Architecture
Morgan L. Enderson Social Science Education
Nathan A. Doering Strategic Communication
Nathan J. Wanner Architecture
Nathan R. Currier Strategic Communication
Nathaniel P. Parks Social Science Education
Neal D. Knezovich Emergency Management
Nicholas A. Miller English
Nicholas D. Holzer Architecture
Nicholas D. Valenzuela Music
Nicholas E. Boechler Music
Nicholas E. Nugent Strategic Communication
Nicholas J. Sikorski Strategic Communication
Nicholas P. Saddler Architecture
Nickolas P. Bodin Music
Nicole M. Olson Anthropology
Noah T. Thompson Architecture
Noah W. Kopp Criminal Justice
Noor Abdelhamid Architecture
Olivia C. Reimer Architecture
Olivia L. Whipple Architecture
Olivia M. Vogt Strategic Communication
Paige A. Eidenschink Management Communication
Paige E. Schwartz Health Communication
Paige H. Hill Political Science
Paige J. Mattfeld Architecture
Paige M. Johnson Strategic Communication
Paige R. Falk Architecture
Paul S. Witte Strategic Communication
Philip N. Reim Architecture
Preston G. Hoepfner Political Science
Quinn J. Garrick Political Science
Quinn M. Ahrens Political Science
Rachel C. Hall Social Science Education
Rachel E. Marsh Architecture
Rachel L. Hovseth Health Communication
Rachel M. Borgert Landscape Architecture
Rachel M. Dura Political Science
Rachel N. Thiessen Strategic Communication
Rachel S. Reko English
Rachel V. Murphy Art Education - AHSS
Raeann N. Malmberg Strategic Communication
Raechel E. Heuer English
Razvan Grosu Criminal Justice
Rebecca A. Pruett Landscape Architecture
Rebekah N. Aanerud Agricultural Communication
Rhianne E. Bowman English Education
Richard A. Grossman Journalism
Robert J. Royer Emergency Management
Robert T. Seaman Criminal Justice
Rosemary C. O'Brien Music
Rozalind M. Vanden Bosch Architecture
Ruben J. Flores Music
Russell C. Wicklund Emergency Management
Ryan D. TerSteeg Architecture
Ryan D. Wilson Architecture
Ryan E. Janke Strategic Communication
Ryan M. Hardy Music
Ryan M. Heid Landscape Architecture
Ryan T. Gapp Architecture
Rylee E. Wznick Strategic Communication
Sabrina R. Fogderud Music
Samantha A. Fite English Education
Samantha A. Schrader Architecture
Samantha J. Matzke Criminal Justice
Samantha L. Hamernick English
Samantha M. Blixt Management Communication
Samantha Poferl Emergency Management
Samira A. Dennis Political Science
Samuel A. Mettler Journalism
Samuel H. Caspers Journalism
Samuel I. Larson Art
Samuel J. Olson English Education
Sara C. Achen Women and Gender Studies
Sara Lundy Art
Sara M. Fundingsland Criminal Justice
Sara N. Clark English
Sarah J. Schwalba Landscape Architecture
Sarah L. Watson Architecture
Savanah R. Bettin Sociology
Savanna R. Thielbar Women and Gender Studies
Sean A. Meyer Architecture
Sean M. Meginness Strategic Communication
Seth Schaefer Music
Shawn D. Engstrom Criminal Justice
Shelby C. Krech Management Communication
Shelby M. Biffert Strategic Communication
Shelby P. Stewart Journalism
Sierra M. Rodero Criminal Justice
Sierra R. Romero English
Sijia Li Architecture
Simon P. Eggiman Strategic Communication
Skylar L. Steffan Theatre Arts
Sommer H. Solwold Spanish
Sophia A. Portlas Political Science
Sophia C. LaMere Architecture
Sydney E. Fritz Strategic Communication
Sydney K. Olstad English
Taija R. Turpin Art
Tamika Gilbert Sociology
Tanner J. Langley Political Science
Tanner J. Lind Art
Tanner J. Otterness Criminal Justice
Tara M. Troxel Music
Taylor A. Eichinger Music
Taylor A. Peterson Music
Taylor D. Beck Landscape Architecture
Taylor E. Syvertson Sociology
Taylor J. Flakker Strategic Communication
Taylor J. Ford Architecture
Taylor J. Moran Art Education - AHSS
Taylor J. Waterworth Social Science Education
Taylor M. Best Architecture
Taylor M. Vaughan Health Communication
Tena S. Nelson Sociology
Tessa M. Hartl Music
Theodore R. Boyer History
Theresa L. Schlangen Music
Thomas I. Aspelund Architecture
Thomas J. Hoesley Theatre Arts
Thomas W. Robinson New Media and Web Design
Tony A. Paul Landscape Architecture
Torie D. Jones Public History
Travis G. Johnson Criminal Justice
Tyler A. Fergel Political Science
Tyler B. McNutt Architecture
Tyler C. Berg Music
Tylie M. Olson English Education
Tyrie R. Williams Music
Uuganbayar Buman-Uchral Architecture
Vanessa A. Rickertsen English Education
Victoria G. Noe Architecture
Victoria L. Schindler Strategic Communication
Victoria M. Quast Management Communication
Weris I. Aden Political Science
Whitney A. Lee Architecture
Whitney J. Olson Agricultural Communication
Xandra V. Johnson Theatre Arts
Xantippean R. Lonewolf Landscape Architecture
Yeseul Lee Art
Zachariah W. Moen Architecture
Zachary D. Unruh Landscape Architecture
Zachary G. Liu Journalism
Zachary M. Kuntz Architecture
Zachary S. Sorenson Music
Zachory J. Prekel Sociology
Zane J. Miller Emergency Management
Zoe A. Randazzo Architecture

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College of Business

Name Program
Aarika S. Brezicka Management
Aaron L. Dalluge Finance
Abigail J. Wilson Accounting
Abigail L. Fikter Accounting
Adam B. Hermunslie Accounting
Adam Sekelsky Finance
Alana J. Kiel Management
Alec A. Wosmek Accounting
Alec C. Selnes Finance
Alec M. Teiken Management Information Systems
Alex D. Wegner Finance
Alex G. Jellison Finance
Alex J. Bartholomay Business Administration
Alex J. Schmalenberg Business Administration
Alexa K. Andree Accounting
Alexander J. Girodat Accounting
Alexander P. Buysse Finance
Alexandra R. Gajeski Marketing
Alexis B. Johnson Management
Alison N. Fisher Accounting
Alison R. Graham Accounting
Alison R. Peters Marketing
Allison A. Dohman Business Administration
Allyson A. Meyer Accounting
Alyssa M. Leech Accounting
Alyssa M. Reina Marketing
Alyssa S. Logan Accounting
Amanda J. Hanson Marketing
Amanda K. Young Marketing
Amber J. Kosir Management
Amber R. Spitzer Management Information Systems
Amelia A. Pfarrer Marketing
Amy E. Sawyer Management Information Systems
Amy E. Trisko Management Information Systems
Amy L. Martinsen Business Administration
Ana P. Ray Management
Ander J. Sawchuk Finance
Andrew C. Johnson Management
Andrew J. Israelson Marketing
Andrew T. Steinwand Accounting
Anna J. Wilcox Accounting
Anna R. Ehresmann Management Information Systems
April M. Barker Management
Ashley H. Olson Management
Ashley L. Stoppleworth Marketing
Ashley N. Sather Management
Ashley S. Honl Accounting
Auke B. De Jong Finance
Austin D. Gildemaster Accounting
Austin D. Sandmeyer Marketing
Austin J. Schmidt Business Administration
Austin M. Ressemann Accounting
Bach H. Nguyen Finance
Bailey E. Bitz Management
Benjamin G. Bryant Management
Benjamin P. Hagl Finance
Benjamin R. Kempf Marketing
Benjamin R. Petersen Business Administration
Benjamin S. Ek Finance
Benjamin S. Skiple Accounting
Benjamin S. Walz Management
Benjamin W. Asper Business Administration
Bennett A. Lystad Finance
Bennett Hostetler Business Administration
Blake H. Berning Management
Blake R. Martie Accounting
Bobbi R. Montgomery Marketing
Brady P. Doran Finance
Brandon D. Schaner Accounting
Brent M. Lakosky Business Administration
Brenton V. Haukom Accounting
Breonna A. Keller Management
Brian J. Clark Accounting
Brianna E. Wolf Management
Brittany L. Krone Management Information Systems
Brock J. Strommen Finance
Brody J. Engen Accounting
Brooklyn N. Pringle Business Administration
Bryce A. Nelson Management Information Systems
Brynn A. Fischer Finance
Caleb S. Sutton Finance
Caleb W. Mellstrom Accounting
Calin J. Anderson Finance
Calla E. Harper Marketing
Callie D. Carlson Accounting
Casey J. Osborn Marketing
Casondra J. Rutschke Business Administration
Cassi M. Duran Marketing
Celine M. Francisco Finance
Chanakarn Tangpong Finance
Charles F. Hesse Management
Charles R. Carlson Business Administration
Chase M. Bullock Management
Chase W. Johnson Business Administration
Chelsea L. Bolgren Management
Chelsea N. Duclos Finance
Chelsey S. Gangl Management
Chelsie J. Lankow Accounting
Christian J. Ekren Management Information Systems
Christian J. Ledin Accounting
Christopher J. Blake Accounting
Christopher J. George Management
Christopher J. Marcussen Finance
Claire S. Moltzan Management
Cole A. Jacob Business Administration
Cole J. Siegel Business Administration
Colette M. Bersie Marketing
Colin J. Larrabee Finance
Colton G. Lloyd Finance
Connor D. Cronen Accounting
Connor E. Helseth Management Information Systems
Dane M. Swecker Management
Daniel B. Schuster Finance
Daniel C. Justesen Marketing
Daniel N. Blomberg Management
Daniel R. Neff Finance
Danielle J. Anderson Management Information Systems
David R. Snell Accounting
Delaney L. Johansen Management
Denille S. O'Regan Marketing
Derek A. Paige Finance
Derek M. Schmiesing Finance
Devin J. Engelmann Management Information Systems
Devin M. Rehovsky Finance
Dominic J. Anderson Marketing
Drew J. Grzadzieleski Accounting
Dustin L. Willert Management
Dylan Gronlund Marketing
Dylan M. Langowski Business Administration
Dylan S. Young Management Information Systems
Elise P. McCullough Management
Elizabeth Kolb Marketing
Elizabeth S. Bahr Marketing
Elliot J. Leinen Business Administration
Emily E. Avdem Marketing
Emily M. Smith Marketing
Emily S. Milligan Accounting
Emma C. Stambaugh Marketing
Emma K. Osborne Business Administration
Erika Gelzinyte Marketing
Erin E. McDonald Business Administration
Gabrielle K. Ruddy Management
Garett T. Carlblom Management Information Systems
Gary D. Tharaldson Management
Gina M. Schwanke Marketing
Gregory R. Heilman Accounting
Halsey A. Thompson Finance
Hannah Johnson Accounting
Hannah M. Nelson Accounting
Hannah R. Lange Finance
Haohan Wang Accounting
Harley R. Kepp Business Administration
Heather R. Knutson Finance
Holden J. Youngs Business Administration
Hunter C. Diegel Accounting
Hunter J. Dennison Finance
Hunter R. Blowers Business Administration
Ian R. Schultz Management
Isaac J. Olson Business Administration
Isaac L. Lashua Business Administration
Isaac P. Svebakken Finance
Jack Dietz Accounting
Jack M. Buck Accounting
Jackson P. Darnell Marketing
Jackson R. Peter Finance
Jacob A. Lueders Marketing
Jacob C. Goroski Marketing
Jacob G. Kallis Finance
Jacob Head Finance
Jacob J. Siiro Finance
Jacob R. Franek Finance
Jake W. Hinz Marketing
Jalyn N. Carrico Business Administration
James C. York Business Administration
Jamie D. Kliewer Finance
Jamie N. Motschenbacher Accounting
Janelle M. Amacher Accounting
Jared M. Melville Business Administration
Jarod K. Nelson Marketing
Jasmin Kaempfer Marketing
Jason M. Krogfus Accounting
Jason N. Guo Finance
Javontai D. Patnode Finance
Jenna D. Hochstetler Accounting
Jenna N. Berg Management
Jenna R. Saatoff Business Administration
Jesse A. Davidson Business Administration
Jesse E. Tucker Accounting
Jessica A. Tauer Accounting
Jessica R. Martin Accounting
John R. Frosig Accounting
Johnathan J. Tauer Management Information Systems
Jonah L. Wagenius Finance
Jonathan C. Pacella Management
Jonathan Harlander Accounting
Jonathan R. Skiple Marketing
Jordan I. Schneeberger Management Information Systems
Jordan L. Hulm Finance
Jordan L. Moore Management Information Systems
Jordan McCollum Management
Jose A. Coronado Accounting
Joseph A. Weist Accounting
Joseph E. Nord Finance
Joseph T. Schwab Business Administration
Joshua M. Loomis Finance
Julia N. McKay Finance
Junghee Roh Business Administration
Justin D. Linderholm Finance
Justin M. Montplaisir Accounting
Justin T. Haley Management
Kaci K. Levorsen Marketing
Kahiye Abdi Accounting
Kailyen M. Warner Accounting
Kaitlyn J. Adascheck Business Administration
Kalley M. Suter Accounting
Kara P. Fike Marketing
Kasey E. Hanson Marketing
Katelin K. Teegarden Accounting
Katelynn R. Presser Accounting
Katherine A. Mastel Marketing
Katherine M. Wakeman Management
Kathleen N. Martinson Accounting
Kathryn R. Fredrickson Finance
Kau Ciatta T. Gaypia Marketing
Kayla A. Stelter Business Administration
Kayla J. Koehmstedt Marketing
Kaylee T. Eggen Business Administration
Kelsie L. Zimmerman Accounting
Kenady L. Martinson Accounting
Kendra L. Evans Business Administration
Kevin M. Sturgeon Finance
Khyber Kabellis Business Administration
Kiara A. Kaseman Management Information Systems
Kirsten E. Whaley Accounting
Kirstin R. Krogseng Accounting
Krista K. Foerster Management Information Systems
Kula Jallah Business Administration
Kylah D. Horsley Business Administration
Kyle Byrne Accounting
Kyle G. Keller Finance
Kyle J. Ferderer Marketing
Kyle J. Gliva Accounting
Kyle J. Highberg Marketing
Kyler M. Olson Marketing
Lacey J. Anderson Business Administration
Lalit Saravana Business Administration
Lars T. Erickson Marketing
Leah M. Camery Accounting
Lee T. Vetsch Finance
Levi H. Liebl Finance
Lexi A. Nupdal Management
Lexie M. Weber Management
Lindsey K. Lepper Finance
Lindsey K. Vangsness Accounting
Logan E. Falde Management Information Systems
Lucas J. Sowada Finance
Luke M. Smith Business Administration
Lydia R. Grotberg Business Administration
Madeline R. Braaten Marketing
Maggie Collins Management
Makayla A. Peterson Business Administration
Malley K. O'Brien Business Administration
Maria G. Rutten Business Administration
Maria L. Eckhart Finance
Marijke Myland Management
Marissa K. Lakeman Business Administration
Marit L. Alness Accounting
Markus A. Dahl Accounting
Mary G. Conlin Accounting
Mason J. Coudron Management
Mathew J. Warsocki Finance
Matthew A. Berg Finance
Matthew E. Herrud Business Administration
Matthew G. Rickers Finance
Matthew Johnson Finance
Matthew M. Reinisch Accounting
Matthew W. Henning Management
Matthew W. Yoerg Marketing
Mattie N. Olson Business Administration
Maxwell L. Willard Finance
McKenzie R. Kenyon Accounting
Megan C. Schumacher Management Information Systems
Megan J. Skjonsby Business Administration
Megan Lenling Marketing
Melanie M. Stensland Marketing
Melissa J. Nelson Management
Menah Khodair Management Information Systems
Michael D. Wulff Finance
Michael J. Millan Accounting
Michael J. Schmidt Finance
Michael M. Woodard Accounting
Michael P. Bale Finance
Miranda J. Larson Management Information Systems
Miranda K. Letzring Business Administration
Mitchell W. Rothstein Accounting
Mohamed A. Ibrahim Accounting
Monica K. Murray Marketing
Morgan C. Sagehorn Business Administration
Morgan L. Grinsteiner Finance
Morgan M. Samuelson Accounting
Nancy Ngo Business Administration
Nathan D. Glass Marketing
Nathan D. Parry Business Administration
Nathan G. Nigg Accounting
Nathan Gunderson Business Administration
Nathaniel J. Thoreson Business Administration
Ned B. O'Sullivan Finance
Nicholas A. Hackl Management
Nicholas E. Evans Finance
Nicholas G. Evin Accounting
Nicholas J. Hall Marketing
Nicholas J. Oczak Accounting
Nicholas J. Solberg Accounting
Nicolas S. Soltis Finance
Nicole A. Hustad Accounting
Paige E. Heiden Accounting
Paige M. Dahl Business Administration
Patrick J. McQueen Business Administration
Prestin Drexler Finance
Qinyan Guo Accounting
Rachel R. Flint Finance
Raynor J. Blum Business Administration
Regan R. Biss Marketing
Riley R. Knudson Finance
Rose M. Niemer Business Administration
Ross V. Effertz Business Administration
Ryan A. Herickhoff Management
Ryan C. DeConcini Accounting
Ryan D. Amiot Business Administration
Ryan J. Hoogenakker Finance
Ryan J. Rybinski Finance
Ryan L. Morff Marketing
Saint-John A. Dedeke Accounting
Sam Wang Accounting
Samantha E. Wojcik Finance
Samantha J. Johnson Accounting
Samantha J. Leingang Management
Samantha J. Verbeke Finance
Samantha N. Urban Finance
Samantha Olson Finance
Samantha Reynolds Accounting
Samara J. Strack Management Information Systems
Samuel C. Borowicz Finance
Samuel G. Schroeder Business Administration
Samuel L. Fisher Business Administration
Samuel M. Hinz Marketing
Samuel P. Capistrant Business Administration
Sara J. Cramer Management Information Systems
Sarah K. Bartelt Accounting
Schyler L. Abuhl Finance
Scott A. Hogfoss Accounting
Scott A. Ketterling Management Information Systems
Sean N. Terres Marketing
SeoHyeon Jeon Business Administration
Shailaja Radhakrishnan Management Information Systems
Shawn A. Benz Marketing
Shawna J. Jenson Accounting
Shayna L. Mertz Accounting
Shehan P. Navarathne Mudiyanselage Finance
Shiting Xu Accounting
Shiyu Kang Accounting
Simon R. Hatlen Finance
Simon T. Unger Finance
Soo Yeon Kim Business Administration
Spencer H. Jacobson Finance
Stephanie E. Soriano Finance
Summer V. Zito Accounting
Sydney A. Thielbar Accounting
Sydney R. Dale Business Administration
Talia K. Lucken Marketing
Tanner N. Bjorlie Marketing
Tara L. Peters Marketing
Taylor A. Isgrig Management Information Systems
Taylor A. Stein Accounting
Taylor K. Veire Business Administration
Thomas G. Pankonin Accounting
Tiffany N. Kasheimer Business Administration
Tori J. Geston Management
Travis J. Vatnsdal Finance
Trenton C. Schwehr Management
Treyton P. Hoogland Management Information Systems
Troy P. Steele Accounting
Tucker J. Rohde Finance
Tyler D. Hartman Finance
Tyler J. Bussmann Management
Tyler J. Richter Accounting
Tyler R. Shanley Marketing
Tyler S. Gangl Management
Virginia J. Dinges Management
William C. Schaefer Accounting
Willow R. Werlein Marketing
Xiang Li Finance
Yiwen Jiang Accounting
Yuhan Ai Accounting
Zachary C. Frank Accounting
Zachary D. Vollan Finance
Zachary E. Thole Business Administration
Zachary J. Arrigoni Business Administration
Zachary K. Sorensen Marketing
Zachary T. Feltman Management
Zakary J. Brown Accounting

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College of Engineering

Name Program
Aaron J. Forsberg Electrical Engineering
Aaron J. Hingst Mechanical Engineering
Aaron M. Bradford Electrical Engineering
Aaron V. Knudtson Mechanical Engineering
Abigail K. Hinrichs Civil Engineering
Abigail K. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Adam C. Bell Manufacturing Engineering
Adam J. Allmer Mechanical Engineering
Adam J. Gietzen Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Adam L. Reistad Mechanical Engineering
Adam M. Toth Construction Management
Adam R. Gunderson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Adam T. Meuchel Mechanical Engineering
Adrian V. Tirado Construction Engineering
Alec D. Bateman Civil Engineering
Alec R. Halvorson Mechanical Engineering
Alec T. Staiger Mechanical Engineering
Alex D. Krebs Mechanical Engineering
Alex G. Wagner Mechanical Engineering
Alex J. Milender Electrical Engineering
Alex M. Sperlich Mechanical Engineering
Alex T. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Alex W. Jenniges Mechanical Engineering
Alex Wiitamaki Electrical Engineering
Alexandar J. Strouth Mechanical Engineering
Alexander B. Maki Civil Engineering
Alexander C. Tostenson Mechanical Engineering
Alexander D. Talley Civil Engineering
Alexander J. Odenthal Electrical Engineering
Alexander J. Zeller Mechanical Engineering
Alexander R. Volk Electrical Engineering
Alexandra M. Pauly Electrical Engineering
Ali Ghamlouch Civil Engineering
Alicia R. Lorig Civil Engineering
Almir Ekic Electrical Engineering
Alyssa M. Stedman Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Amanda E. Mears Electrical Engineering
Amanda K. Christianson Mechanical Engineering
Amanda N. Bodensteiner Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Amber L. Pliscott Mechanical Engineering
Anders W. Tolkkinen Civil Engineering
Andrew C. Ensz Construction Engineering
Andrew C. Smisek Mechanical Engineering
Andrew D. Mason Computer Engineering
Andrew D. Regnier Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Haberman Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Haugen Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Krecklau Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Leinen Electrical Engineering
Andrew J. Lindmeier Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Miller Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Andrew J. Vetter Computer Engineering
Andrew J. Zachman Mechanical Engineering
Andrew L. Arnold Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Andrew L. Mahoney Mechanical Engineering
Andrew S. Kroll Mechanical Engineering
Andrew T. Weist Mechanical Engineering
Andy D. Vail Mechanical Engineering
Anna J. Greatens Mechanical Engineering
Anthony J. Boehm Construction Management
Anthony J. Kramer Mechanical Engineering
Ariel R. Matejcek Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Ashley R. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
August S. Rockeman Mechanical Engineering
Austin G. Mueller Mechanical Engineering
Austin J. Gapinski Construction Management
Austin R. Bosse Mechanical Engineering
Austin R. Sutherland Mechanical Engineering
Austin T. Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Bailey L. Brown Civil Engineering
Bailey R. Pawlicki Mechanical Engineering
Bao Li Mechanical Engineering
Benedicto J. Campbell Computer Engineering
Benjamin A. Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin D. Book Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin F. Coffel Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Pederson Construction Management
Benjamin J. Quaas Civil Engineering
Benjamin J. Schanilec Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin J. Wolbaum Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin K. Eichholz Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin M. Thurn Electrical Engineering
Benjamin R. Ziemer Construction Management
Bethany R. Limke Electrical Engineering
Bikram Bhandari Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Blake A. Herdina Construction Management
Blake A. Meyer Construction Engineering
Blake D. Olhausen Mechanical Engineering
Blake H. Becker Civil Engineering
Blake N. Burger Mechanical Engineering
Blake S. Toso Electrical Engineering
Blake Struthers Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Blake Thiesse Mechanical Engineering
Braden J. Lach Mechanical Engineering
Brady D. Bernhardson Mechanical Engineering
Brady J. Lane Civil Engineering
Brady J. Schmitz Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brady L. Goenner Mechanical Engineering
Brandon D. Stoick Mechanical Engineering
Brandon J. DeSautel Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brandon J. Grabrick Mechanical Engineering
Brandon J. Krabbenhoft Electrical Engineering
Brandon J. Kuyava Electrical Engineering
Brandon J. Loch Computer Engineering
Brandon L. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Brandon L. Thoennes Electrical Engineering
Brandon M. Duenow Computer Engineering
Brandon M. Eppelsheimer Manufacturing Engineering
Brandon M. Smith Civil Engineering
Brandon S. Christianson Electrical Engineering
Brant A. Kilber Mechanical Engineering
Braydon W. Love Mechanical Engineering
Breah Z. Nelson Civil Engineering
Brendan G. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Brenden L. Melvie Mechanical Engineering
Brennan J. Biegler Mechanical Engineering
Brennan L. Goldade Civil Engineering
Brett D. Tamminga Civil Engineering
Brett H. Butler Electrical Engineering
Brett M. Hultgren Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brett M. Powers Mechanical Engineering
Brian J. Ferry Mechanical Engineering
Brian R. Clark Civil Engineering
Brian T. VanderWoude Mechanical Engineering
Brianna E. Faul Electrical Engineering
Brianna L. Connor Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Britta K. Manning Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Brittney M. Humphrey Electrical Engineering
Brookston J. Mathern Construction Management
Cadyn P. Hunter Mechanical Engineering
Caleb L. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Calvin J. Aichele Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Carli C. Carrier Mechanical Engineering
Carlos E. Flores Mejia Electrical Engineering
Carson N. Disse Construction Engineering
Carter Reber Construction Engineering
Casey J. Weber Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Casey R. Duppong Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Casey R. Neameyer Mechanical Engineering
Chad A. Rehovsky Mechanical Engineering
Chadrin D. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Chandler C. Rivinius Mechanical Engineering
Charles A. Frost Mechanical Engineering
Charles Olson Mechanical Engineering
Charles T. Christensen Mechanical Engineering
Chase S. Walen Mechanical Engineering
Chiranthana Anudaththa Dissanayake Mechanical Engineering
Christian C. Danielson Civil Engineering
Christian G. Tunheim Civil Engineering
Christian J. Opheim Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Christien M. Frank Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Christine A. Johnson Civil Engineering
Christopher D. Wingard Computer Engineering
Christopher J. Feigal Electrical Engineering
Christopher J. Geray Mechanical Engineering
Christopher J. Reller Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Christopher J. Senger Construction Management
Christopher L. Johanson Mechanical Engineering
Christopher R. Weberg Mechanical Engineering
Christopher W. Miller Construction Engineering
Claire K. DeJong Mechanical Engineering
Clay R. Thompson Mechanical Engineering
Clayton R. Cathey Construction Management
Clayton Webb Mechanical Engineering
Cody A. Oltz Civil Engineering
Cody A. Wiese Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Cody J. Ferris Mechanical Engineering
Cole B. Spear Computer Engineering
Cole D. Cameron Mechanical Engineering
Cole D. Jones Civil Engineering
Cole J. Maxwell Mechanical Engineering
Cole L. Mehring Electrical Engineering
Cole M. Praus Mechanical Engineering
Cole R. Honeyman Mechanical Engineering
Cole S. Beck Electrical Engineering
Cole S. Ternes Civil Engineering
Cole T. Harmer Mechanical Engineering
Coleton R. Nelson Civil Engineering
Colin D. Lea Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Colson A. Barton Civil Engineering
Colton D. Olson Mechanical Engineering
Colton J. Smith Civil Engineering
Colton L. Gates Mechanical Engineering
Colton R. Meyer Construction Engineering
Colton T. Mosser Mechanical Engineering
Colton T. Parks Electrical Engineering
Conner S. Willert Construction Management
Connor Bye Electrical Engineering
Connor J. Candrian Civil Engineering
Connor R. Mann Construction Engineering
Connor R. Schlotfeldt Construction Management
Connor T. Johnson Civil Engineering
Cooper W. Dillon Construction Management
Corey J. Berge Civil Engineering
Cory R. Otto Mechanical Engineering
Coy H. Bata Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Dakota A. Tjaden Civil Engineering
Dallas D. Krech Mechanical Engineering
Dalton S. Wacha Construction Management
Daniel E. Polansky Electrical Engineering
Daniel J. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Daniel M. Linders Mechanical Engineering
Daniel W. Schoborg Mechanical Engineering
Darby A. Beyer Electrical Engineering
David B. Ugelstad Mechanical Engineering
David E. Jedynak Electrical Engineering
David J. Smith Mechanical Engineering
David L. Lacher Civil Engineering
David R. Arstein Mechanical Engineering
David S. Hurteau Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
David T. Nigon Mechanical Engineering
Dawson G. Hughes Mechanical Engineering
Dawson M. Hayden Mechanical Engineering
Dennis D. Kemmetmueller Mechanical Engineering
Derek A. Klein Mechanical Engineering
Derek J. Fahy Mechanical Engineering
Derek M. Heinis Mechanical Engineering
Devin J. Steiner Electrical Engineering
Devin K. Moerke Civil Engineering
Devin N. Lund Mechanical Engineering
Devin R. Bykonen Mechanical Engineering
Dillon P. Ekholm Civil Engineering
Dominic L. Neameyer Civil Engineering
Donovan C. Stewart Mechanical Engineering
Drake G. Schiffner Mechanical Engineering
Drew D. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Drew G. Hafften Mechanical Engineering
Drew K. Anderson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Drew R. Fearing Mechanical Engineering
Dustin B. Stedman Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dylan C. Musgjerd Civil Engineering
Dylan C. Visto Electrical Engineering
Dylan J. Cummings Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Dylan J. Wald Civil Engineering
Dylan L. Christopherson Mechanical Engineering
Dylan P. Weber Civil Engineering
Dylan R. Thompson Mechanical Engineering
Eathan R. Gumke Mechanical Engineering
Egan J. Pappin Electrical Engineering
Elena A. Pearce Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Elijah S. Kracht Construction Management
Elisabeth A. Thorson Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth A. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Ellen M. Swartz Electrical Engineering
Elliott G. Lau Computer Engineering
Elliott L. Stone Mechanical Engineering
Emily A. Fassbender Civil Engineering
Emily C. Kautzman Civil Engineering
Emma Hawley Electrical Engineering
Emma J. Keller Civil Engineering
Eric B. Blaha Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Eric D. Palan Mechanical Engineering
Eric F. Van Gulijk Mechanical Engineering
Eric J. Silvers Mechanical Engineering
Eric Kubischta Electrical Engineering
Eric Lawler Computer Engineering
Eric R. Olson Electrical Engineering
Eric V. Huus Electrical Engineering
Eric W. Thoreson Civil Engineering
Erica R. Corcoran Civil Engineering
Erik D. Milender Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Erik G. Weber Mechanical Engineering
Erik R. Fitzgerald Civil Engineering
Erika K. Krieger Civil Engineering
Ethan J. Herzog Mechanical Engineering
Ethan T. Wileman Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Evan J. Gjesvold Electrical Engineering
Evan J. Groff Mechanical Engineering
Evan N. Olson Electrical Engineering
Evan N. Schraut Mechanical Engineering
Evan P. Urschel Electrical Engineering
Felicia M. Marquez Mechanical Engineering
Frankie L. Halter Construction Engineering
Garrett A. Iverson Mechanical Engineering
Garrett D. Naughton Mechanical Engineering
Gina M. Blazanin Civil Engineering
Grant D. Quandt Electrical Engineering
Grant Engeman Mechanical Engineering
Grant H. Lind Electrical Engineering
Grant J. Goldader Civil Engineering
Grant T. Gloe Civil Engineering
Gregory F. Menard Civil Engineering
Halley R. Score Mechanical Engineering
Hannah R. Quade Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Hayden C. Botz Electrical Engineering
Heather R. Cunningham Civil Engineering
Holton C. Miller Mechanical Engineering
Hunter J. Winther Mechanical Engineering
Hunter S. Stevens Construction Management
Hussam Shehab Computer Engineering
Ian D. Blair Mechanical Engineering
Ian Gilley Mechanical Engineering
Ian J. Bullis Construction Management
Isaac A. Hollermann Electrical Engineering
Isaiah S. Marschner Civil Engineering
Ivan D. Vazquez Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jace W. Paryzek Mechanical Engineering
Jack O. Harris Mechanical Engineering
Jackson A. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Jackson T. Gleason Mechanical Engineering
Jacob A. Block Electrical Engineering
Jacob B. Kervin Mechanical Engineering
Jacob C. Simcik Mechanical Engineering
Jacob D. Enochson Electrical Engineering
Jacob D. Gunderson Civil Engineering
Jacob D. Schneeman Mechanical Engineering
Jacob D. Shirk Computer Engineering
Jacob J. Byron Mechanical Engineering
Jacob J. Huesman Electrical Engineering
Jacob J. Reller Civil Engineering
Jacob L. Blais Mechanical Engineering
Jacob L. Goff Electrical Engineering
Jacob M. Fietek Mechanical Engineering
Jacob M. LeClair Mechanical Engineering
Jacob N. Lennick Mechanical Engineering
Jacob R. Doege Electrical Engineering
Jacob R. John Mechanical Engineering
Jacob R. Weizenegger Mechanical Engineering
Jacob S. Tretsven Construction Management
Jake R. Sanders Mechanical Engineering
Jalen C. Johnson Electrical Engineering
James Kehren Mechanical Engineering
James L. Baxter Civil Engineering
James Tibbles Mechanical Engineering
James W. Sharp Civil Engineering
Jamie J. Keller Electrical Engineering
Jamison A. Kath Civil Engineering
Jared B. Nelson Computer Engineering
Jared L. Swanberg Civil Engineering
Jared M. Brandner Computer Engineering
Jared S. Kugler Mechanical Engineering
Jarrett L. Meester Electrical Engineering
Jason T. Schirck Mechanical Engineering
Jasper Granger Construction Management
Jayme R. McGillis Mechanical Engineering
Jayse C. McLean Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey R. Barstow Mechanical Engineering
Jenna R. Lee Civil Engineering
Jennifer J. Vanderheiden Civil Engineering
Jennifer L. Scheer Civil Engineering
Jeremiah C. Williams Mechanical Engineering
Jeremy Farrell Mechanical Engineering
Jerika D. Cleveland Electrical Engineering
Jerry R. Bolin Civil Engineering
Jesse A. Klatt Mechanical Engineering
Jesse L. Vetsch Manufacturing Engineering
Jesse R. Hoffart Civil Engineering
Jessica L. Stevenson Mechanical Engineering
Jessie M. Lee Mechanical Engineering
Jesstin J. Krech Mechanical Engineering
Joanna B. Larson Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Joel G. Hedlof Mechanical Engineering
Joel J. Kern Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Joel W. Ende Mechanical Engineering
John B. Deaton Computer Engineering
John C. Budde Electrical Engineering
John C. Mayer Mechanical Engineering
John D. Olhoft Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
John Luke B. Singh Mechanical Engineering
John M. Reibert Mechanical Engineering
John P. Otte Mechanical Engineering
John S. Guertin Computer Engineering
John T. Naas Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
John T. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Johnathan R. Celander Mechanical Engineering
Jonah E. Zimmerman Mechanical Engineering
Jonah J. Halterman Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jonathan D. Roberts Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan G. Hwang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Jonathan L. Widmer Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan P. Hickman Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan T. Materi Computer Engineering
Jonathon J. Chelmo Mechanical Engineering
Jonathon O. Fishbeck Construction Management
Jordan A. Holleman Computer Engineering
Jordan L. Twete Civil Engineering
Jordyn T. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Joren D. Falcon Civil Engineering
Joseph A. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Joseph D. Alfonso Construction Management
Joseph D. Curtiss Civil Engineering
Joseph Fincel Mechanical Engineering
Joseph H. Lyons Mechanical Engineering
Joseph I. Keranen Civil Engineering
Joseph M. Janes Mechanical Engineering
Joseph P. Baneck Civil Engineering
Joseph P. Smith Civil Engineering
Joseph V. Eicher Electrical Engineering
Josh R. Laxen Manufacturing Engineering
Joshua C. Yurek Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Joshua D. Liaw Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Joshua J. Brose Mechanical Engineering
Joshua J. Frelich Civil Engineering
Joshua J. Huesman Mechanical Engineering
Joshua J. Mickelson Mechanical Engineering
Joshua J. Nohner Civil Engineering
Joshua J. Sullivan Computer Engineering
Joshua M. Howieson Civil Engineering
Joshua R. Headman Mechanical Engineering
Joshua R. Warren Computer Engineering
Josiah D. Erickson Civil Engineering
Josiah L. Taves Electrical Engineering
Juan C. Benavides Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Julian E. Thrash Electrical Engineering
Julie A. Melbye Mechanical Engineering
Junlong Xiang Construction Management
Justin E. Hawk Construction Engineering
Justin L. Fleck Construction Management
Justin L. Neisius Mechanical Engineering
Justin R. Pritchett Civil Engineering
Justin S. Feist Mechanical Engineering
Justin T. Roberson Mechanical Engineering
Kara M. Smith Electrical Engineering
Karl A. Johnson Civil Engineering
Karlie J. Matejcek Mechanical Engineering
Karly J. Sokness Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kasey S. Burns Civil Engineering
Katelyn L. Shasky Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Katherine C. Raab Civil Engineering
Kathryn L. DeGeest Manufacturing Engineering
Kathryn L. DeWitt Civil Engineering
Katie M. Gisi Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Kelby S. Jacobson Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth L. Dieter Mechanical Engineering
Kenneth W. Armstrong III Computer Engineering
Kevin J. King Mechanical Engineering
Kiersten M. Meester Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kirk J. Staiger Electrical Engineering
Kjerstin I. Narvesen Computer Engineering
Kollin A. Kragnes Mechanical Engineering
Kolton J. Larson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kyle A. Hoefs Civil Engineering
Kyle C. Hanson Civil Engineering
Kyle C. Kwakenat Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Kyle D. Blank Civil Engineering
Kyle D. Hagler Mechanical Engineering
Kyle D. Nietfeld Electrical Engineering
Kyle Hoyt Mechanical Engineering
Kyle J. Billman Construction Management
Kyle J. Gapinski Civil Engineering
Kyle R. Lundeen Mechanical Engineering
Kyle R. Muncy Civil Engineering
Kyle R. Strandberg Civil Engineering
Kyle T. Huffman Civil Engineering
Kyle W. Olson Electrical Engineering
Kyle W. Rieth Civil Engineering
Kyle Ziemer Electrical Engineering
Lance J. Nelson Mechanical Engineering
Lane E. Jeffers Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Lane R. Stadther Mechanical Engineering
Laura K. Surver Mechanical Engineering
Lauren N. Singelmann Electrical Engineering
Leo J. Hoedl Computer Engineering
Lexi B. Goergen Civil Engineering
Lincoln J. Regula Civil Engineering
Lisa A. Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Logan A. Trachsel Mechanical Engineering
Logan C. Quinn Mechanical Engineering
Logan C. VanWatermulen Civil Engineering
Logan F. Moir Civil Engineering
Loren A. Farkas Mechanical Engineering
Louis J. Miller Mechanical Engineering
Lowell W. Dick Mechanical Engineering
Lucas B. Borgerson Civil Engineering
Lucas L. Andring Mechanical Engineering
Lucas M. Jundt Electrical Engineering
Luis M. Blanco Seguerit Civil Engineering
Lukas J. Hartman Civil Engineering
Luke A. Stevens Mechanical Engineering
Luke M. Stang Mechanical Engineering
Luke R. Nietfeld Mechanical Engineering
Luling Jiang Construction Management
Luning Chen Construction Management
Mackenzie M. Jenson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Macy R. Merkel Civil Engineering
Marah A. Arndt Mechanical Engineering
Marc L. Olberding Electrical Engineering
Marcus R. Beedle Construction Management
Marcus R. Livingston Construction Management
Mariah N. Rose Mechanical Engineering
Marisa Larson Civil Engineering
Marisa P. Furry Mechanical Engineering
Marisha Khunger Civil Engineering
Mark J. Elgaard Civil Engineering
Mark J. Samson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Martin J. Schneider Mechanical Engineering
Mason S. Maus Computer Engineering
Mathew S. Cherucheril Electrical Engineering
Matthew C. Miller Civil Engineering
Matthew Chosa Mechanical Engineering
Matthew D. Biegler Electrical Engineering
Matthew J. Mohagen Civil Engineering
Matthew J. Neises Mechanical Engineering
Matthew J. Pavlicek Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Matthew J. Zurn Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew L. Mounsdon Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Steenerson Mechanical Engineering
Matthew T. Dubbels Computer Engineering
Matthew W. Dawson Computer Engineering
Matthew W. Pearson Civil Engineering
Maxwell J. Baker Civil Engineering
Maxwell L. Schumacher Civil Engineering
Maxwell R. Wilhelmy Electrical Engineering
Maxwell S. Vergeldt Construction Management
McKade C. Kleinknecht Electrical Engineering
Megan M. Frensko Computer Engineering
Megan M. Mathias Construction Engineering
Mengfan Xu Construction Management
Micah E. Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Michael A. Chvojicek Mechanical Engineering
Michael A. Helmers Computer Engineering
Michael A. Stoddard Mechanical Engineering
Michael J. Hildreth Civil Engineering
Michael R. Kelly Construction Management
Michael R. Straus Mechanical Engineering
Michael S. McCabe Mechanical Engineering
Michael T. Murphy Mechanical Engineering
Michelle L. Pasko Civil Engineering
Miranda L. Etienne Civil Engineering
Miranda L. Simon Civil Engineering
Mitchell J. Wachtel Mechanical Engineering
Molly J. Berdan Civil Engineering
Morgan E. Schlichtmann Electrical Engineering
Myles J. Stevenson Mechanical Engineering
Nate R. Turbeville Computer Engineering
Nathan A. Reberg Mechanical Engineering
Nathan A. Renner Civil Engineering
Nathan C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Nathan C. Roe Mechanical Engineering
Nathan H. Walton Civil Engineering
Nathan W. Pierskalla Mechanical Engineering
Nathan W. Seefeldt Computer Engineering
Nathaniel L. Ingebretson Computer Engineering
Nathen P. Christensen Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nels E. Wicklund Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas A. Carignan Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas C. Rivinius Computer Engineering
Nicholas D. Horner Construction Management
Nicholas J. Jensen Construction Management
Nicholas J. Randklev Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas M. Carlin Construction Management
Nicholas M. Carlson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas M. DeNomme Computer Engineering
Nicholas M. Tollerud Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas S. Dee Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Nicholas W. Chous Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas W. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas W. Kjera Civil Engineering
Nick L. Thomas Mechanical Engineering
Nickoli G. Nelson Construction Management
Nicolas N. Almen Mechanical Engineering
Nimish V. Mathure Electrical Engineering
Noa R. Brezinka Mechanical Engineering
Noah M. Brehmer Civil Engineering
Noah M. Curfman Mechanical Engineering
Noah M. Stocker Mechanical Engineering
Noah P. Gruber Mechanical Engineering
Nolan G. Schwarz Electrical Engineering
Nolan J. Johnson Electrical Engineering
Olivia Cali Civil Engineering
Olivia M. Norman Mechanical Engineering
Palmer Obembe Civil Engineering
Parker L. Pavlicek Computer Engineering
Parker T. Gunderson Electrical Engineering
Patrick A. Bergh Mechanical Engineering
Patrick A. Glynn Civil Engineering
Patrick C. Mack Construction Management
Patrick C. Pochant Electrical Engineering
Patrick G. Simpson Mechanical Engineering
Patrick P. Maassel Mechanical Engineering
Paul A. Howell Electrical Engineering
Paul F. Sayler Mechanical Engineering
Peter S. Crowley Electrical Engineering
Philip A. Lonneman Mechanical Engineering
Phillip T. Pham Mechanical Engineering
Pranjal R. Misal Computer Engineering
Preston J. Schmidt Mechanical Engineering
Rachel A. Vogl Civil Engineering
Rachel E. Lee Civil Engineering
Rachel F. Krulc Civil Engineering
Rachel J. Middlestead Civil Engineering
Rachel M. Airhart Civil Engineering
Ramey L. Schatz Mechanical Engineering
Randall C. Hall Mechanical Engineering
Reid D. Larson Mechanical Engineering
Reid W. Groninger Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Renae M. Bakker Electrical Engineering
Richelin O. Metellus Computer Engineering
Riley J. Fisher Civil Engineering
Riley R. Fritz Mechanical Engineering
Riley T. Worm Mechanical Engineering
Robert J. Schneider Construction Management
Robert J. Senkyr Mechanical Engineering
Robert S. Wanous Mechanical Engineering
Rui Miao Mechanical Engineering
Russell J. Newman Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Hanson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan C. Mullennex Mechanical Engineering
Ryan D. Keith Mechanical Engineering
Ryan J. Bruggeman Mechanical Engineering
Ryan J. Carda Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Ryan L. Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Ryan M. Bares Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Matejcek Civil Engineering
Ryan T. Dumont Mechanical Engineering
Ryan W. Alstad Mechanical Engineering
Ryan W. Holte Construction Engineering
Samantha K. Killmer Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Samantha L. Byer Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Samantha V. Hoch Mechanical Engineering
Samson T. Dollerschell Civil Engineering
Samuel A. Skarphol Computer Engineering
Samuel A. Solberg Civil Engineering
Samuel Andrusick Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Samuel C. Willenbring Mechanical Engineering
Samuel G. Fehringer Electrical Engineering
Samuel G. Jochum Civil Engineering
Samuel J. Sandoz Mechanical Engineering
Samuel P. Hanson Civil Engineering
Samuel Quanbeck Computer Engineering
Samuel R. Ewald Mechanical Engineering
Sanders N. Ellingson Mechanical Engineering
Sawyer Z. Burchill Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Sean D. Bartz Mechanical Engineering
Seth K. Obritsch Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Seth T. Koneczny Electrical Engineering
Sethu P. Monick Computer Engineering
Shawn L. Eidem Electrical Engineering
Sheldon L. Cory Mechanical Engineering
Sidney L. Stone Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Siwakorn Tangpong Mechanical Engineering
Spencer G. Moir Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Stephen T. Bush Construction Engineering
Steven L. Zettel Mechanical Engineering
Sunju Jung Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Sydney J. Schuck Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Sydney Lubeley Civil Engineering
Sydney M. Manke Construction Engineering
Talon C. Mack Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tanner J. Moerke Computer Engineering
Tanner J. Seeberg Electrical Engineering
Tannor A. Witt Mechanical Engineering
Tate J. Miller Construction Management
Tate J. Petry Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Taylor A. Olson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Taylor B. Carlson Construction Management
Taylor Georgeson Electrical Engineering
Taylor L. Heinz Mechanical Engineering
Taylor T. Smith Mechanical Engineering
Thomas A. Zaviska Computer Engineering
Thomas B. Clausnitzer Electrical Engineering
Thomas L. Ryan Mechanical Engineering
Thomas M. Whalen Mechanical Engineering
Thomas R. Buboltz Civil Engineering
Thomas R. Runnels Construction Management
Thomas V. Bruns Electrical Engineering
Thor J. Hanson Electrical Engineering
Tiahna L. Burian Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Timothy D. Straus Manufacturing Engineering
Timothy J. Wegner Mechanical Engineering
Timothy M. Gleason Civil Engineering
Todd R. Scheuring Mechanical Engineering
Tracer J. Bowar Construction Engineering
Travis A. Hayward Electrical Engineering
Travis J. Olson Civil Engineering
Travis W. Keller Electrical Engineering
Trent C. Reierson Mechanical Engineering
Trenton B. Korba Manufacturing Engineering
Trevor D. Walderon Mechanical Engineering
Trevor J. Brown Civil Engineering
Trevor M. Grindland Mechanical Engineering
Trevor M. Verkuehlen Construction Management
Trevor S. Sorensen Civil Engineering
Trey Allis Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tristan A. Weber Construction Management
Tyler B. Boltz Mechanical Engineering
Tyler D. Vanderby Mechanical Engineering
Tyler E. Danielson Mechanical Engineering
Tyler G. Toepke-Floyd Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Blegen Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Boelter Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Christianson Mechanical Engineering
Tyler J. Fairchild Civil Engineering
Tyler J. Heil Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Tyler J. Larson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Tyler W. Krienke Manufacturing Engineering
Tyson W. Pederson Construction Management
Uzoigwe O. Obi Civil Engineering
Victor P. Gronvold Civil Engineering
Weston T. Bovitz Mechanical Engineering
Whitney M. Stramer Civil Engineering
Willard H. Forrette Mechanical Engineering
William D. Moritz Construction Management
William J. Jahner Electrical Engineering
Wyatt J. Sieber Mechanical Engineering
Wyatt M. Aberle Construction Management
Yirong Ma Construction Management
Zachary A. Kallmeyer Mechanical Engineering
Zachary C. McKenzie Mechanical Engineering
Zachary D. Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Zachary J. Lauinger Electrical Engineering
Zachary L. Burkart Electrical Engineering
Zachary M. O'Brien Computer Engineering
Zachary P. Eddy Mechanical Engineering
Zachary R. Boelter Mechanical Engineering
Zachary R. Solheim Electrical Engineering
Zachary Tschida Agricultural & Biosystems Eng
Zachery Hettwer Mechanical Engineering
Zahia R. Farhat Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Zhibin Ma Construction Management
Ziheng Li Construction Management

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College of Health Professions

Name Program
Abbey E. Wohlers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abby L. Senger Nursing
Abby M. Wanzek Nursing
Abigail A. Astrup Nursing
Abigail E. Benz Medical Laboratory Science
Abigail H. Schoeneck Nursing
Abigail M. Gustafson Nursing
Abigail M. Krebs Nursing
Abriele S. Harrington Nursing
Adam J. Closmore Pharmaceutical Sciences
Adam M. Forness Pharmacy
Airika L. Brinkman Nursing
Alex J. Hilley Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexander D. Dalsin Pharmacy
Alexander D. Kramlich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alexander G. Cole Pharmacy
Alexander J. Sorby Pharmacy
Alexandra J. Mages Nursing
Alexandra L. Bakken Pharmacy
Alexandra L. Nissen Nursing
Alexandra N. Dub Nursing
Alexia Roehrich Medical Laboratory Science
Alexis A. Erickson Nursing
Alexis A. Van Houtte Nursing
Alexis B. Hoffman Nursing
Alexis M. Kokett Pharmacy
Alexis M. McMahan Radiologic Sciences
Alexis Marshalek Nursing
Alexis N. Peichel Nursing
Alexis R. Rankka Nursing
Alicia K. Iverson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alissa M. Erickson Nursing
Alissa N. Gill Radiologic Sciences
Allie J. Hoernemann Nursing
Allison J. Aberle Nursing
Allison J. Scherr Nursing
Allison L. Krause Pharmaceutical Sciences
Allyson M. Mueller Nursing
Alyssa A. Dollinger Nursing
Alyssa A. Wyffels Pharmacy
Alyssa D. Selinger Pharmacy
Alyssa E. Schultz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Alyssa M. Scharpen Radiologic Sciences
Alyssa M. Vosburg Nursing
Amanda A. Hilscher Nursing
Amanda Drees Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda K. Nies Pharmaceutical Sciences
Amanda K. Schmiesing Nursing
Amanda L. Fechtner Nursing
Amanda M. Kuhn Pharmacy
Amanda P. Erickson Nursing
Amanda R. Schubert Pharmacy
Amber J. Purrington Nursing
Amber M. Schmidt Nursing
Amira M. Osman-Mohamed Nursing
Amy J. Andrushko Nursing
Amy L. Smith Nursing
Ana A. Braaten Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrea J. Caron Nursing
Andrea L. Fuller Pharmacy
Andrea T. Buzakovic Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andrew A. Sauser Nursing
Andrew O. Hoebbel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Andy Ho Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anna C. McCusker Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anna K. Labitzky Pharmacy
Anna K. Lundstrom Nursing
Anna L. Aberle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Anna L. Benke Nursing
Anna M. Koch Nursing
Anna M. Triller Nursing
Anna-Kay M. Ferguson Nursing
Anne K. Nash Nursing
Anne R. Hefta Nursing
Annika M. Arnold Nursing
Anya S. Jones Nursing
Arianna J. Johnson Nursing
Arianna J. Vidger Pharmacy
Ashlee K. Rudolf Nursing
Ashlee Koehl Nursing
Ashlee R. Sigman Nursing
Ashley Donley Nursing
Ashley K. Bergman Radiologic Sciences
Ashley M. Laine Nursing
Ashley M. Osbjornson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley M. Rude Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ashley N. Freeman Pharmacy
Ashley Ryckman Nursing
Ashton M. Whitmore Nursing
Audri A. Emerson Nursing
Austin A. Anderson Nursing
Austin A. Halvorson Pharmacy
Austin D. Moon Nursing
Austin O. Klapperich Pharmacy
Aut Mu Radiologic Sciences
Avery L. Lillemoe Nursing
Awna M. Kovash Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bailey L. Buchholz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bailey M. Ducommun Nursing
Baley L. Pederson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ballav Siwakoti Pharmaceutical Sciences
Baylie J. Lane Nursing
Benjamin J. Holland Pharmaceutical Sciences
Benjamin J. Varoga Pharmacy
Benton B. Blank Pharmacy
Benuka Rai Nursing
Beth E. Dahlquist Nursing
Brad W. Kelly Pharmaceutical Sciences
Braden J. Wermager Nursing
Brady A. Miller Radiologic Sciences
Brandon A. Wehri Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brandon D. Martin Pharmacy
Brandon S. Botner Pharmacy
Brayden P. Trontvet Pharmacy
Breanna L. Burgad Pharmacy
Brenna G. Ketterling Nursing
Brent D. Derhaag Nursing
Bret D. Carlson Pharmacy
Brett A. Bertelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brian Beniak Nursing
Briana L. Breemeersch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna M. O'Gary Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brianna M. Shockman Radiologic Sciences
Brianna S. Gunderson Pharmacy
Brianne M. Carlson Pharmacy
Brice D. Sondrol Pharmacy
Bridget E. Nelson Nursing
Briena M. Jarvi Medical Laboratory Science
Britta J. Hanson Nursing
Britta N. Rynning Nursing
Brittany A. Berndt Nursing
Brittany A. Perleberg Nursing
Brittany J. Belohlavek Nursing
Brittany M. Peterson Nursing
Brittin S. Zimmerman Nursing
Brittney D. Andreas Nursing
Brittney J. Dorn Nursing
Brittney L. Henry Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brooke A. Yaggie Nursing
Brooke E. Feltman Nursing
Brooke N. MacLeod Nursing
Bryce J. Anderson Nursing
Brylee D. Hocking Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bryon J. Schuldt Nursing
Cailey A. Sauvageau Radiologic Sciences
Caitlyn J. Hanson Nursing
Cal J. Roosdett Nursing
Carla J. Binde Nursing
Carlee H. Fleck Nursing
Carly J. Nelson Nursing
Carolyn G. Marg Pharmacy
Carson E. Reinhardt Pharmacy
Cassandra E. Rokusek Nursing
Cassandra L. Moen Pharmacy
Cassie R. Holt Nursing
Catherine L. Kallander Nursing
Cayla M. Enderson Radiologic Sciences
Chandra L. Selinger Nursing
Chase Gerer Radiologic Sciences
Chase R. Hinderks Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chelsey T. Niemeyer Nursing
Chloe L. Schiermeister Nursing
Chloe L. Young Nursing
Chloe M. Peterson Nursing
Christian J. Sorensen Pharmacy
Christian M. May Nursing
Christine A. Aubol Nursing
Christy M. Schilling Nursing
Ciara J. Dillon Nursing
Ciera L. Jacklitch Nursing
Ciera M. Clyde Pharmacy
Claire E. Ravn Nursing
Cody C. Springer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Collin T. Harris Pharmacy
Colton D. Bruhn Nursing
Colton J. Stiefel Nursing
Conner D. Muenkel Respiratory Care
Courtney A. Meder Pharmacy
Courtney B. Lock Nursing
Courtney J. Clemetson Nursing
Courtney J. Trolliey Radiologic Sciences
Courtney L. Ackerman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Courtney L. Lauinger Radiologic Sciences
Courtney L. Stament Respiratory Care
Courtney M. Gefre Radiologic Sciences
Courtney N. Dubbels Medical Laboratory Science
Daniel J. Gunderson Pharmacy
Danielle C. Koesterman Respiratory Care
Danielle E. Dallmann Nursing
Danielle E. Dube Nursing
Darby L. Schmidt Nursing
Deanna L. Platt Nursing
Deeanna M. Ziegler Pharmacy
Deidre M. Hahn Pharmacy
Derek W. Pladson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Desiree L. Haggerty Nursing
Desiree L. Johnson Nursing
Devyn G. Schmidt Nursing
Douglas P. Strand Medical Laboratory Science
Dylan B. Maii Nursing
Dylan M. Ruff Respiratory Care
Dylan S. Austin Nursing
Edith B. Chakua Pharmacy
Elaine C. Mauricio Nursing
Elisabeth M. Swanson Nursing
Elisha A. Engelmeyer Nursing
Elizabeth A. Krueger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth A. Russell Medical Laboratory Science
Elizabeth A. Wirth Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth E. Nganje Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth E. Schlitter Nursing
Elizabeth G. Ratchenski Nursing
Elizabeth L. Reckow Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth T. Erickson Nursing
Elle T. Grewe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emilee A. Gourde Pharmacy
Emily A. Hanford Nursing
Emily E. Pulford Nursing
Emily K. Lothspeich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily L. Wassenaar Nursing
Emily M. Rada Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emily P. Shakal Nursing
Emily R. Mangas Nursing
Emily R. Zikmund Nursing
Emily S. Tschida Nursing
Emily V. Hagen Nursing
Emma E. Seifert Nursing
Emma L. Quistorff Nursing
Emma L. Steffens Nursing
Eric J. Cann Pharmaceutical Sciences
Erica E. Hanson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Erica R. Bordak Nursing
Erika N. Kaiser Respiratory Care
Erin J. Kovarik Nursing
Erin R. Reiner Nursing
Ethan L. Meide Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ethan L. Schatz Medical Laboratory Science
Ethan S. Candreva Nursing
Eva M. Byerley Pharmaceutical Sciences
Evan T. Wyum Nursing
Faith K. Tomczyk Nursing
Faith M. Morman Nursing
Gabrielle Coudron Pharmaceutical Sciences
Gail K. Ronsberg Pharmacy
Gina M. Turner Medical Laboratory Science
Grace C. Zobel Nursing
Grace E. Thill Nursing
Grace M. Schmitz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Grace N. Ihry Nursing
Gunnar S. Payne Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hailey M. Kotts Nursing
Hailey N. Hamilton Nursing
Hailie J. Doll Nursing
Hajaj D. Alharbi Respiratory Care
Haley M. Groth Nursing
Hannah J. Cook Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah L. Veillette Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Moe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah M. Peter Respiratory Care
Hannah M. Rocholl Pharmacy
Hannah T. Bailey Nursing
Hasan A. Abshir Nursing
Hashim M. Sharif Hobib Medical Laboratory Science
Hayli J. Bauer Nursing
Heather A. Tollefson Nursing
Heather C. Spidahl Nursing
Heather N. Coleman Pharmaceutical Sciences
Helena White Nursing
Holly A. Wennerberg Nursing
Hunter C. Ward Nursing
Isabella J. Schroeder Nursing
Isaiah M. Smith Nursing
Ivan H. Lo Pharmacy
Jacie L. Boe Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jacob A. Sylvester Pharmacy
Jacob N. Andre Radiologic Sciences
Jacob W. Deile Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jacy L. Peterson Nursing
Jade K. Kelley Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jadey G. Kappes Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jake T. Bloms Pharmaceutical Sciences
James W. Nowacki Nursing
Jamie D. Vander Vorste Pharmacy
Jamie L. Kaasa Nursing
Jamie L. Tollefson Nursing
Jared M. Thunshelle Pharmacy
Jarod D. Burnside Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jaryn E. Olson Nursing
Jasper C. Poehler Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jayden E. Struble Nursing
Jena A. Sattler Nursing
Jena M. Plagens Nursing
Jenna A. Beste Pharmacy
Jenna A. Winter Nursing
Jenna D. VanRay Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna N. Zwiers Respiratory Care
Jenna R. Field Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jenna S. Boelter Medical Laboratory Science
Jenna S. Karsky Medical Laboratory Science
Jennifer A. Kessler Nursing
Jennifer L. Stifter Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jennifer M. Krick Respiratory Care
Jenny J. Guibert Nursing
Jeremiah P. Maier Nursing
Jessica D. Taillefer Nursing
Jessica J. Erickson Pharmacy
Jessica K. Kindseth Nursing
Jessica L. Fetzer Pharmacy
Jessica R. Roesler Nursing
Jessie D. O'Hern Nursing
Jewel E. Fernander Respiratory Care
Joanna E. Josephson Nursing
Jocilynn M. Gradin Nursing
John J. Peabody Pharmacy
John M. Brands Pharmacy
Jolyn N. Jacobsma Nursing
Jonah M. Schwartzenberger Pharmacy
Jonathon D. Dullea Nursing
Jordan E. Afdahl Nursing
Jordan H. Ebel Nursing
Jordan I. Pris Nursing
Jordan W. Beck Nursing
Jordyn R. Seyer Radiologic Sciences
Jose U. Blanco Medical Laboratory Science
Joseph K. Rutherford Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joseph P. Martin Nursing
Joseph P. Nelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joseph T. Mauer Pharmacy
Joshua J. Nelson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joshua K. Maliske Nursing
Joshua M. Udy Pharmaceutical Sciences
Josie D. Stebner Medical Laboratory Science
Josie F. Erickson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Josie M. Lilja Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jozette M. Henry Nursing
Judah B. Belile Nursing
Julian Azzouzi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Julianne M. January Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kacy L. Smith Nursing
Kaia M. Frank Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kaitlyn A. Palubicki Nursing
Kaitlyn J. Sem Nursing
Kaitlyn K. Bergh Nursing
Kale J. Knutson Nursing
Kalley A. Pederson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kalli N. Kaiser Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kallie M. Espeland Nursing
Kara L. Long Medical Laboratory Science
Kara S. Kreft Nursing
Kara S. Tienter Nursing
Kari A. Hoffmann Nursing
Kari M. Solfest Nursing
Kari P. Ust Nursing
Karin J. Mortenson Nursing
Karlee A. Kouba Pharmaceutical Sciences
Karlie L. Eaton Radiologic Sciences
Karlie L. Manton Pharmacy
Karly A. Westra Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kasey K. Bertram Nursing
Kassandra L. Vettleson Pharmacy
Kassi D. Jorgenson Nursing
Kassidi L. Steffes Nursing
Kassidy L. Skuza Nursing
Katarina B. Schmidt Nursing
Katelyn M. Johnson Nursing
Katherine A. Esboldt Nursing
Katherine A. Taylor Pharmacy
Katherine B. Schultz Nursing
Katherine E. Wilke Nursing
Katherine M. Kessel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kathleen E. Stenger Nursing
Katie J. Schulte Radiologic Sciences
Katie M. McCorquodale Nursing
Katlyn M. Mastel Pharmacy
Katrina M. Hoff Nursing
Katya H. Ahrendt Nursing
Kayla A. Karels Nursing
Kayla A. Wald Nursing
Kayla J. Rose Pharmacy
Kayla M. Briggs Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kayla M. Huhnerkoch Nursing
Kayla M. Schlangen Nursing
Kayla N. Casteel Nursing
Kaylee A. Barker Nursing
Kaylee C. Erickson Pharmacy
Kaylee M. Davidson Pharmacy
Kaytlenn M. Glass Nursing
Kaytlin J. Werth Nursing
Keana M. Kudrna Radiologic Sciences
Keegan T. Ilenda Pharmacy
Keila Phillips Pharmaceutical Sciences
Keisha M. Lehde Nursing
Keith J. Sieling Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelli A. Pavlicek Pharmacy
Kelly E. Lehrke Nursing
Kelly H. Tran Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kelly L. Posthumus Pharmacy
Kellyn N. Barney Nursing
Kelsey A. Blommer Pharmacy
Kelsey A. Schlieman Pharmacy
Kelsey J. Weigel Nursing
Kelsey M. Franca Nursing
Kelsy A. Martinson Pharmacy
Kendra R. Beedy Nursing
Kendrick L. Rummel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kennedie A. Boehm Nursing
Kennedy L. Tracey Nursing
Kennedy R. Hunke Nursing
Kenneth L. Haugen Pharmacy
Kevin A. Reedstrom Pharmacy
Keyanna R. MacDonald Nursing
Kimberly A. Schaible Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kimberly J. Spallinger Nursing
Kirby C. Knutson Pharmacy
Kirsten A. Miller Pharmacy
Kirsten M. Holtz Nursing
Kirstin A. Volk Nursing
Klayton K. Johnson Respiratory Care
Kortney L. Schroeder Pharmacy
Krista A. Dewald Nursing
Kristie A. Mark Respiratory Care
Kristin M. Saehr Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kristina J. Galbrecht Radiologic Sciences
Kristy M. Peterson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyle J. Stegman Nursing
Kyle R. Larges Pharmacy
Kylee J. Walsvik Nursing
Kylie Den Ouden Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lachelle N. Bumgarner Nursing
Laila A. Shire Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lakken T. Boeder Nursing
Laramie R. Johnson Radiologic Sciences
Larissa M. Leonard Pharmacy
Laura A. Kesler Nursing
Laura L. McCroskey Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lauren A. Gydesen Nursing
Lauren A. Lauermann Nursing
Lauren A. Nelson Radiologic Sciences
Lauren A. Schaubert Nursing
Lauren E. Berglund Nursing
Lauren E. Nordberg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lauren E. Sneddon Nursing
Lauren G. Rickers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lauren H. Zachariason Nursing
Lauren M. Trumm Pharmacy
Lauren N. Gietzen Nursing
Leah M. Hermanson Nursing
Leah R. Weber Nursing
LeAnn E. Norton Nursing
Leanne M. Adrian Nursing
Levi S. Barbao Nursing
Lincoln E. Christenson Respiratory Care
Lindsay M. McGrath Radiologic Sciences
Lindsey E. Beisner Pharmacy
Lindsey E. Kirschenheiter Nursing
Lindsey L. Robinson Nursing
Lindsey S. Husnick Pharmacy
Lucas J. DeGree Respiratory Care
Lukas B. Tollefson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lydia R. Butkowski Nursing
Macey R. Llewellyn Pharmacy
Mackenzie L. Husted Nursing
MacKenzie L. Meyer Radiologic Sciences
Mackenzie L. Staloch Nursing
Mackenzie P. Swangler Nursing
Macy J. Denzer Nursing
Macy K. Sundahl Nursing
Madalyne N. Beavers Nursing
Maddeline R. Wilhelmy Nursing
Madeleine M. Keefe Radiologic Sciences
Madeline E. Anderson Nursing
Madeline G. Foss Nursing
Madeline K. Iversen Nursing
Madeline M. Breiland Nursing
Madeline T. Ek Nursing
Madelyn A. Provost Pharmacy
Madisen N. Kuppich Nursing
Madison Brenamen Nursing
Madison H. Deibert Nursing
Madison L. Bies Nursing
Madison M. Quandt Radiologic Sciences
Madison R. Baumler Nursing
Maggie J. Pearson Nursing
Mai Hoang Pharmacy
Makayla A. Marty Radiologic Sciences
Maranda R. Schettle Nursing
Mariah A. Jacobson Nursing
Mariah J. Poss Nursing
Mariah L. Hoff Nursing
Mariana Zlatevski Radiologic Sciences
Marisa M. Enderson Nursing
Mark J. Stage Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mary B. Dingmann Nursing
Mary B. Jenkins Nursing
Matlyn R. Schmit Nursing
Matthew J. Frost Nursing
Matthew J. Nuebel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matthew J. Pekarek Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matthew J. Sash Pharmaceutical Sciences
Matthew J. Schaffner Nursing
McKensy R. Friedt Nursing
McKenzie A. Speidel Nursing
McKenzie J. Haverkamp Nursing
McKenzie N. Regula Nursing
McKenzy K. Davis Nursing
Megan A. Claassen Pharmacy
Megan A. Kunz Radiologic Sciences
Megan G. Aasness Nursing
Megan K. Rott Nursing
Megan M. Schleske Nursing
Megan S. Frederick Nursing
Meghan L. Franus Nursing
Mel C. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
MeLinda L. Duenow Nursing
Melissa J. Cresap Respiratory Care
Melissa M. Hammerot Respiratory Care
Mellina R. Hovorka Respiratory Care
Michael A. Haas Pharmacy
Michael R. Petrich Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michaela M. Lilleberg Nursing
Michaela R. Powers Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mikaela C. Lien Nursing
Minsun Kim Nursing
Mitchell D. Johannes Pharmacy
Mitchell J. Blaha Nursing
Mitchell J. Zastrow Respiratory Care
Mollie E. Kanten Nursing
Molly A. Olson Nursing
Molly G. McDowell Nursing
Molly L. Estenson Nursing
Monica J. Flackey Nursing
Morgan E. Windhurst Pharmaceutical Sciences
Morgan Griffin Nursing
Morgan J. Mach Nursing
Morgan J. Reiten Nursing
Morgan J. Severson Nursing
Morgan K. Turner Radiologic Sciences
Morgan M. Longtin Nursing
Naomi E. Meier Nursing
Nasruden H. Mohamed Nursing
Natalie A. Wilson Radiologic Sciences
Natalie M. Raknerud Pharmacy
Nathan Chin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nathan L. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ngoc Dang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicholas C. Meyer Pharmacy
Nicholas D. Huseby Pharmacy
Nicole B. LaValle Nursing
Nicole C. McDonald Nursing
Nicole E. Spanier Pharmacy
Nicole J. Schwartz Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole J. Ugelstad Nursing
Nicole L. Angst Nursing
Nicole M. Grinsteinner Pharmacy
Nicole M. Meyer Nursing
Nicole M. Miller Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nicole R. Nelson Nursing
Nicolle J. Trenda Nursing
Noah G. Wondimu Nursing
Nolan M. Love Nursing
Noor Z. Al Mattar Respiratory Care
Nyobi B. Sherer Nursing
Oanh T. Hoang Nursing
Olivia F. Bachmeier Pharmaceutical Sciences
Olivia L. Fisher Nursing
Olivia R. Schriver Nursing
Onyinyechi C. Onyemachi Nursing
Oxana I. Flemmer Nursing
Paige A. Bickett Medical Laboratory Science
Paige A. Holman Nursing
Paige A. Kramer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paige J. Palmer Nursing
Paige L. Berge Nursing
Paige N. Bettenhausen Radiologic Sciences
Paige R. Arntson Nursing
Paige S. Sinner Nursing
Paige S. Weigel Nursing
Pamela Joyce Nursing
Patrick J. Hanel Pharmacy
Paula J. Nagel Pharmacy
Payton T. Grandgenett Radiologic Sciences
Peyton M. Manecke Pharmaceutical Sciences
Quinn T. Vculek Respiratory Care
Rachael N. Hendricks Pharmacy
Rachel A. Schlangen Nursing
Rachel C. Kunkel Nursing
Rachel E. Herman Nursing
Rachel J. Johnson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rachele J. Arnoldussen Pharmacy
Randi L. Guimont Radiologic Sciences
Raquel A. Sayler Nursing
Rebecca D. Thelen Nursing
Rebecca L. Sande Respiratory Care
Rebecca M. Brinkley Nursing
Rebecca S. Bruns Nursing
Riley A. Maanum Nursing
Riley R. Freehauf Nursing
Riley S. Vareberg Nursing
Rochelle M. Fabian Pharmaceutical Sciences
Rose B. Hoechst Pharmacy
Roxanne L. Rindy Nursing
Rozlynn M. Lund Respiratory Care
Rusul K. Mohammed Respiratory Care
Ruxuan Xiong Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ryan Barnick Respiratory Care
Ryan J. Bernhardt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sabrina M. Brunelle Nursing
Saidee R. Oberlander Pharmacy
Sam N. Markle Pharmaceutical Sciences
Samantha A. Sorenson Pharmacy
Samantha B. Maciej Nursing
Samantha I. Moe Pharmacy
Samantha J. Brentrup Pharmacy
Samantha J. Hansen Nursing
Samantha J. Lura Pharmacy
Samantha Keifer Radiologic Sciences
Samantha Knapp Respiratory Care
Samantha L. Clausen Nursing
Samantha L. Veldman Nursing
Samantha R. Meyers Pharmacy
Samuel J. Benson Nursing
Samuel J. Leonard Nursing
Samuel L. Dwyer Pharmacy
Samuel T. Scattarella Radiologic Sciences
Sara A. Eaton Nursing
Sara M. Purfeerst Nursing
Sarah A. Chase Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah C. Michal Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah E. Engelhart Radiologic Sciences
Sarah E. Wentz Nursing
Sarah G. Ormson Nursing
Sarah L. Abbott Nursing
Sarah Nygaard Nursing
Sasha M. Hopfauf Respiratory Care
Savanna J. Beck Nursing
Sayuri S. Yang Pharmacy
Sean Dahlberg Nursing
Selena Souriya Pharmaceutical Sciences
Seth A. Carlin Pharmacy
Seth C. Amundson Respiratory Care
Seth D. Hanson Pharmacy
Seth W. Peltier Nursing
Seyedehniloofar Khazrabakht Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shae A. Mehring Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shauna R. Siech Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shaye K. Ronningen Nursing
Shelby L. Jacobson Nursing
Shelby L. Malmanger Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shelby L. McRae Nursing
Shelby M. Gillett Pharmacy
Shelby M. Musland Nursing
Shelby M. Tschakert Nursing
Shukri I. Ahmed Nursing
Sierra N. Joldersma Nursing
Sierra V. Swenson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Siri E. Burck Pharmacy
Skylar L. Wehri Nursing
Sohaila K. Dadelahi Nursing
Sonja F. Adelgren Nursing
Sophie L. Johnson Nursing
Spencer W. Landsteiner Nursing
Srijana Lamitare Nursing
Stephanie E. Esserwein Lipson Nursing
Stephanie E. Youngs Nursing
Stephanie G. Wall Nursing
Stephanie K. Carter Nursing
Stephanie Liang Medical Laboratory Science
Stephanie N. Hall Nursing
Sterling Sproles Nursing
Steven L. Condon Nursing
Su Yamin Myat Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sunshine Thao Pharmaceutical Sciences
Susan M. Harles Nursing
Susan M. Lyons Pharmacy
Sydney A. Fosness Nursing
Sydney B. Drennan Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sydney J. Larson Nursing
Sydney K. Mosher Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sydney M. Aberle Respiratory Care
Tanner J. Iverson Nursing
Taryn L. Neubauer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tayler M. Mau Nursing
Taylor A. Thiets Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor B. Trenda Nursing
Taylor D. Traufler Nursing
Taylor E. Olson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor J. Reinhardt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor J. Roseen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor J. Stute Nursing
Taylor L. Bengtson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor P. Hove Nursing
Taylor T. Fern Pharmaceutical Sciences
Teasha M. Voegele Nursing
Tegan M. Meidinger Nursing
Tess N. Prochazka Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tessa M. Rector Respiratory Care
Thad M. Bergh Pharmacy
Therese R. Turner Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tiara N. Hopkins Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tifany K. Steenstra Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tiffany C. Stone Medical Laboratory Science
Tiffany E. Kim Radiologic Sciences
Titiana M. Ngongang Pharmacy
Todd J. Selzler Pharmacy
Toni L. Wright Nursing
Toria M. Johnson Nursing
Trevor M. Arrowsmith Nursing
Trey T. Vilhauer Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tricia D. Schoch Pharmaceutical Sciences
Trisha L. Balstad Nursing
Ty C. Schaper Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tyler A. Maanum Pharmacy
Tyler J. Walsvik Radiologic Sciences
Tyler S. Jorgenson Nursing
Tyrah J. Spencer Nursing
Tyson J. Velde Nursing
Valerie A. Cross Nursing
Vanessa M. Vig Nursing
Vesela Y. Ugrinova Nursing
Vincent M. Chicaderis Nursing
Whitney A. Hermanson Pharmacy
William K. Larson Pharmaceutical Sciences
Winfield N. Brand Pharmacy
Zachary D. Jones Pharmacy
Zachary M. Fossum Nursing
Zachary R. Carlson Nursing
Zaid M. Altamimi Respiratory Care
Zoe E. Richard Pharmacy

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College of Human Development and Education

Name Program
Aaron M. Suchy Physical Education
Aaron P. Dschaak Exercise Science
Abby E. Wendel Exercise Science
Abby M. Pooler Human Development & Family Sci
Abby M. Rogish Human Development & Family Sci
Abigail L. Ford Exercise Science
Aisha R. Schafer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Alex K. Fontaine Exercise Science
Alexa M. Spotts Human Development & Family Sci
Alexa N. Thompson Interior Design
Alexander C. Trowbridge Exercise Science
Alexander H. Neumann Interior Design
Alexandra C. Sherrard Dietetics
Alexandra K. Boschee Interior Design
Alexandra M. Molumby Human Development & Family Sci
Alexandria M. Thompson Dietetics
Alexis A. Allen Dietetics
Alexis E. Carney Exercise Science
Alexis M. Munson Human Development & Family Sci
Alexis N. Schmidt Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Alison N. Welle Interior Design
Alison VandenBerghe Dietetics
Allison A. Roemmich Human Development & Family Sci
Allison L. Eide Human Development & Family Sci
Allison M. Simser Human Development & Family Sci
Allison P. Voigt Interior Design
Allison R. Schneidermann Dietetics
Alyssa G. Schroeder Dietetics
Alyza P. Edevold Health Education
Amanda B. Kraft Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Amanda C. Bierman App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Amanda M. Peterson Human Development & Family Sci
Amanda R. Laducer Human Development & Family Sci
Amber A. Winter Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Amy N. Scheidecker Exercise Science
Anastasia M. Cole Sport Management
Andrea A. Richard Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Andrea M. Jirele Human Development & Family Sci
Andrew D. Winter Sport Management
Andrew J. Kopp Social Science Education
Andrew J. Miska Sport Management
Andrew M. McCarthy Exercise Science
Andrew P. Nolz Exercise Science
Andrew W. Ortloff Sport Management
Anita D. Caldwell App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Ann C. Endres Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Ann M. Govig Exercise Science
Anna G. Miller Human Development & Family Sci
Annika J. Rotvold Dietetics
Arianna J. Berg Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Arianna L. Karsky Sport Management
Arthur H. Turner Dietetics
Ashley A. Johnson Sport Management
Ashley E. Punton Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Ashley L. Carlson Interior Design
Ashley M. Smith Human Development & Family Sci
Ashly E. Bourgois Exercise Science
Ashlyn M. Boehm App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Ashton R. Wiltgen Dietetics
Aubriana N. Selness Human Development & Family Sci
Austin D. Audette Exercise Science
Austin J. Kalla Dietetics
Austin L. Lantz Exercise Science
Autumn L. Gossett Human Development & Family Sci
Aylish Hilkert App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Bailee A. Bulman Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Bailey J. DeMar Dietetics
Bailey O'Connell Human Development & Family Sci
Bailey R. Plutowski Dietetics
Baily B. Chell Exercise Science
Barbara E. Reuss Physical Education
Benjamin C. Ellefson Physical Education
Benjamin J. Norman English Education
Benjamin J. Sullivan Human Development & Family Sci
Beth C. Milbrandt Human Development & Family Sci
Bethany E. Tompkins Human Development & Family Sci
Blaine G. Cook Sport Management
Bradley A. Rieth Human Development & Family Sci
Bradley T. Ambrosius Social Science Education
Brady S. Osksa Mathematics Education
Brandie M. Block Human Development & Family Sci
Brandon C. Henn Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Brandon L. Cox Exercise Science
Brandon S. Bauman Physical Education
Breanna M. Bregel Agricultural Education
Brenna K. Stein Dietetics
Brenna M. Greenwood App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Brian A. Anderson History Education
Briana L. Cossette Human Development & Family Sci
Briana N. Humphrey Interior Design
Brianna L. Fredrick Sport Management
Brianna M. Rasmusson Exercise Science
Britt N. Cahlander Human Development & Family Sci
Brock E. Nagel Social Science Education
Brooke Beske Human Development & Family Sci
Brooke M. Graff Physical Education
Brynn Murphy Human Development & Family Sci
Caitlin A. Harp Interior Design
Caitlin H. Ash Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Callie L. Gibbons Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Callie M. Manthe Human Development & Family Sci
Caren N. Blaschke Human Development & Family Sci
Carly M. Vesledahl Human Development & Family Sci
Casey N. Taylor Sport Management
Cassandra E. Pedersen Dietetics
Cassandra G. Althoff Exercise Science
Channing L. Larson Exercise Science
Chase E. Morlock Exercise Science
Chelsea E. Rintala Physical Education
Christian J. Novak English Education
Christina M. Steckler Dietetics
Christopher M. Sonnek Sport Management
Cierra K. Brinkman Human Development & Family Sci
Claire J. DeBenedetto Human Development & Family Sci
Clare A. Reinhardt Dietetics
Cody A. Kruize Exercise Science
Cody J. Hickel Sport Management
Cole C. Scherbenske Exercise Science
Cole E. Spilde Sport Management
Collin J. Cunningham Sport Management
Connor R. Salisbury Exercise Science
Connor W. Teske Exercise Science
Cordel T. Finton English Education
Courtney R. Starry Interior Design
Courtney S. Johnson Social Science Education
Daeshaundra M. Wadsworth Dietetics
Dalton J. Folkema Sport Management
Danielle Nordling App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Darian L. Winslow Human Development & Family Sci
Darrius A. Shepherd Physical Education
David A. Dirks Physical Education
David D. Lewis Sport Management
David R. Tompkins Exercise Science
Destinee C. Thorstensen Human Development & Family Sci
Devin S. Lambert Human Development & Family Sci
Dustin R. Dahl Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Easton M. Stick Sport Management
Elhana Selimovic Exercise Science
Elizabeth M. Grimshaw Human Development & Family Sci
Ellen E. Potter Human Development & Family Sci
Ellie M. Hagen Exercise Science
Ellie R. Winter Exercise Science
Ellington A. Norwood Interior Design
Emily A. Berge Physical Education
Emily A. Busch Dietetics
Emily A. Skelly Human Development & Family Sci
Emily H. Odland Human Development & Family Sci
Emily M. Boyer Exercise Science
Emily M. Haugen Exercise Science
Emily R. Knudson Human Development & Family Sci
Emily R. Pillar Human Development & Family Sci
Emily R. Wotzka App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Emma C. Weber Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Emma G. Schalow Dietetics
Emma R. Wilder Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Eric D. Bachmeier Sport Management
Erica R. Martin Human Development & Family Sci
Erika L. Genoch Interior Design
Erin L. Weiser Human Development & Family Sci
Erin N. Grieger Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Erin N. Winters English Education
Eugenia M. Cegla Earth Science Education
Evan T. Perala Exercise Science
Everett M. Hale Sport Management
Gabriel M. Branco Sport Management
Gabrielle K. Hartze Dietetics
Grace C. Dietz Interior Design
Greg A. Hartzler Exercise Science
Halea C. Picha Social Science Education
Haley E. Heinen Human Development & Family Sci
Haley Hann Exercise Science
Hannah D. Paulson Health Education
Hannah E. Frisco Human Development & Family Sci
Hannah L. Breske Exercise Science
Hannah M. Feland Human Development & Family Sci
Hannah M. Fussy Human Development & Family Sci
Hannah P. Brigger Exercise Science
Hayley A. Fingarson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Holly M. Johnson Human Development & Family Sci
Hope A. Munsterman Human Development & Family Sci
Hope E. Tompkins Human Development & Family Sci
Hunter A. Sayler Exercise Science
Hunter A. Schow Biological Sciences Education
Irosha P. Banagala Liyanage Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Isaiah J. Seefried Comprehensive Science Ed
Izaach R. Pederson Human Development & Family Sci
Jack R. Geraets Exercise Science
Jacklyn R. Kraft Exercise Science
Jaclyn K. Stifter Social Science Education
Jade E. Arntson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Jade M. Storley Exercise Science
James R. Kaderlik Exercise Science
Jamie M. Kulla Human Development & Family Sci
Janell K. Burkart Exercise Science
Jason T. Dockter History Education
Jeannette A. Johnsrud-Evavold Human Development & Family Sci
Jenaya J. Wentz Human Development & Family Sci
Jenna A. Specht Exercise Science
Jenna M. Radtke Agricultural Education
Jenna M. Reed Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Jennifer S. Thorson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Jeremy B. Maanum Dietetics
Jerrica R. Rosenlund Human Development & Family Sci
Jessica C. Jorgensen Sport Management
Jessica J. Johnson Dietetics
Jessica L. Corcoran Dietetics
Jessica Thiel Human Development & Family Sci
Jill M. Mueller App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Jocelyn D. Fisher Human Development & Family Sci
Jocelyn J. Dinius Dietetics
Jocelyn M. McCormack Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Johanna G. Weber Dietetics
Jordan E. Martinson Exercise Science
Jordyn L. Hetland Human Development & Family Sci
Jordyn N. Trangsrud Human Development & Family Sci
Jordyn Thornton Social Science Education
Joren J. Hoffman Physical Education
Joseph A. Louiselle Exercise Science
Joshua P. Wibbels Physical Education
Josiah N. Cole Human Development & Family Sci
Julia Edelstein Exercise Science
Julia H. Dehne Health Education
Julianna M. Howells Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kacey L. Morgan Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kailyn L. Ohm Health Education
Kailyn R. Straub Human Development & Family Sci
Kaitlin A. Kelly Biological Sciences Education
Kaitlin C. Dick Human Development & Family Sci
Kaitlyn J. Dorsher Exercise Science
Kaleb H. Thalmann Exercise Science
Kaley M. Stotz Exercise Science
Kali R. Carlson Exercise Science
Karen E. Collin Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kari Wheeler Human Development & Family Sci
Karlea A. Thorson Human Development & Family Sci
Karlee M. Feist Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Karlie L. Toy Human Development & Family Sci
Karly A. Maier App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Karyssa M. Hovelson Exercise Science
Kassandra J. Scherping Human Development & Family Sci
Katalin Magyar Dietetics
Katherine A. Cleary Sport Management
Katherine A. Well Human Development & Family Sci
Katherine E. Braaten Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Katherine M. Fischer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kathryn R. Olson Human Development & Family Sci
Katie G. Running Exercise Science
Katie J. Zueger App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Katie M. Thun App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Katie N. Pavlicek Dietetics
Katie Satalino Human Development & Family Sci
Kayla J. Melgaard Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Kaylee J. Larsen Interior Design
Kaylie O. Pedersen App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kaylyn C. Herold Exercise Science
Keaton R. Smith Physical Education
Keelie J. Kleffman Health Education
Keely R. Spiess Interior Design
Keith D. Stueve Exercise Science
Keith M. Lehman Mathematics Education
Kelli M. Tobin Dietetics
Kelly M. Kading Dietetics
Kelly N. Smith Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsey A. Sorensen Dietetics
Kelsey E. Altendorf Human Development & Family Sci
Kelsi L. Holwagner Interior Design
Kelsie J. Silvernagel Dietetics
Kendra E. Plaschko Sport Management
Kendrick A. Sheehan Exercise Science
Keyona M. Elkins App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kiara R. Bassingthwaite Physical Education
Kimberly E. Zimmerman Human Development & Family Sci
Kjersten A. Lemke Dietetics
Klara A. Lyon Exercise Science
Kori J. Gunlikson Exercise Science
Kourtney M. Giese Dietetics
Kristen E. Zattera Human Development & Family Sci
Kristen L. Hanson Exercise Science
Kristin M. Carew Human Development & Family Sci
Kristin M. Harrington App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kristy K. Bruner Dietetics
Kyden S. Krause Human Development & Family Sci
Kyla M. Schmidt Exercise Science
Kylee Q. Hanson Exercise Science
Kylie B. Primus Human Development & Family Sci
Kylie J. Christianson Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lacie J. Johnson Dietetics
Lateasha A. Lechler Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lateef O. Olarinde Sport Management
Laura J. Orpen Human Development & Family Sci
Laura R. Manstrom Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Lauren E. McIntosh Exercise Science
Lauren M. Berglof Interior Design
Lauren P. Hawkinson Exercise Science
Lauren Wander Human Development & Family Sci
Leanne J. Beechie Dietetics
Leanne K. Oakes Exercise Science
Levi N. Churchill Human Development & Family Sci
Lexie R. Reinhardt Exercise Science
Lindsay M. Wangerin Physical Education
Lindsey A. Schneider Human Development & Family Sci
Lindsey J. McMillan Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Lindsey M. Carr Exercise Science
Lindsey N. Johnson Dietetics
Lindsey R. Janke Human Development & Family Sci
Linh M. Tran Dietetics
Logan A. Kritzeck Sport Management
Logan W. Bergquist Physical Education
Lucas J. Dick Exercise Science
MacKenzie M. Hanson Dietetics
Mackenzie N. Koenig App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Madeline R. Bajczyk App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Madelyn V. Jablonski Exercise Science
Madison A. Mashek Dietetics
Madison B. Novacek English Education
Madison K. Hemming Human Development & Family Sci
Madison M. Guler Human Development & Family Sci
Madison R. Berg Human Development & Family Sci
Maggie J. Schwarzkopf Exercise Science
Maiah E. Maki Interior Design
Maiya E. Bengtson Human Development & Family Sci
Makenzie G. Forward Dietetics
Makenzie K. Westgard Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Mallory C. Hoch English Education
Marc S. Bluestone Human Development & Family Sci
Marcus R. Thune Exercise Science
Mariah J. Kratt Dietetics
Marisa K. Pacella Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Marissa J. Kowalski Human Development & Family Sci
Mark D. Steichen Exercise Science
Mary A. Haman Exercise Science
Mason T. Haley Biological Sciences Education
Matthew C. Skorick Sport Management
Matthew D. Beehler Physical Education
Matthew D. Plank Social Science Education
Matthew J. DeBoer Social Science Education
Matthew J. Perrault Exercise Science
Maxime Beaudier Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Megan B. Olson Human Development & Family Sci
Megan D. Boe Dietetics
Megan M. LaFramboise Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Megan R. Roder Human Development & Family Sci
Meghan M. Ekre Exercise Science
Michael B. Pegors Physical Education
Michael P. Miller Dietetics
Michaela C. Lee Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Michaela R. Nettum Human Development & Family Sci
Michelle J. Stepan Dietetics
Michelle N. Kuhlman Comprehensive Science Ed
Mikayla L. Hahn App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Mikia M. Ferguson Human Development & Family Sci
Miranda F. Wilcox Dietetics
Miranda J. Abrahamson Human Development & Family Sci
Miranda L. Burton App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Miranda L. Ripplinger Exercise Science
Miranda M. Jellison Interior Design
Molly L. Manning Exercise Science
Montana J. DeCamp Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan A. Milbrath Physical Education
Morgan A. Woodley Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan E. Nellis Human Development & Family Sci
Morgan K. Gietzen Exercise Science
Morgan L. Cote Dietetics
Morgan L. Ostendorf App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Nadin Gowan Human Development & Family Sci
Natalie A. Shimpa Dietetics
Natalie J. Steblay Exercise Science
Natalie K. Gedrose Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Nathan Duncan Health Education
Nicholas E. Meagher Exercise Science
Nicholas K. Carlson Sport Management
Nicholas R. Feige Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole A. Dietrich Exercise Science
Nicole A. Pawek Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole D. Arends Exercise Science
Nicole E. Light Human Development & Family Sci
Nicole L. Winsor App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Nicole R. Hanson Human Development & Family Sci
Noah J. Berg Exercise Science
Nolan D. Alber English Education
Nolan R. Russell Sport Management
Olivia A. Hammerschmidt Human Development & Family Sci
Patricia R. Zikmund Mathematics Education
Paul J. Bianchi Sport Management
Payton A. Carlson Exercise Science
Payton M. Mark Human Development & Family Sci
Payton T. Otterdahl Health Education
Phaden G. Marcellais Exercise Science
Philip A. Nelson Exercise Science
Philip S. Shermoen Dietetics
Preston D. Weber Exercise Science
Rachel D. Kranda Human Development & Family Sci
Rachel M. Hoheisel Human Development & Family Sci
Rainey C. Selvig Sport Management
Rane T. Nelson Human Development & Family Sci
Reanna Peterson Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca A. Meier Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca E. Claridge App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Rebecca M. Tripp Human Development & Family Sci
Rebekka M. Wanner Human Development & Family Sci
Regina L. Schimek Dietetics
Robert W. Klettke Social Science Education
Rose E. Johnson Dietetics
Rosealyn S. Carlson Human Development & Family Sci
Ross M. Swartz Exercise Science
Ryan A. Blotsky Exercise Science
Rylee J. Nudell Human Development & Family Sci
Sabrina R. Kremer App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Sallie J. Yakowicz Dietetics
Sally R. Frandrup App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Samantha D. Gartner Human Development & Family Sci
Samantha J. Janda App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Samantha L. LeBlanc App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Samantha M. Steckler English Education
Samantha S. Sjulestad Exercise Science
Sara L. Supplee Dietetics
Sarah A. Hanson Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah C. Oleksik Human Development & Family Sci
Sarah J. Traczyk Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Sasha Johnson Exercise Science
Seena L. Hagen Agricultural Education
Shania M. Murphy Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Shania W. Sievert Dietetics
Shaylee G. Andel Exercise Science
Shayley J. Espeseth App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Shayne P. Peltier Human Development & Family Sci
Shelby K. Wittenberg Exercise Science
Shelby M. Treider Human Development & Family Sci
Shelby N. Bollmann Human Development & Family Sci
Sheyanne R. Wendt Human Development & Family Sci
Sheyenne M. Weber Interior Design
Sierra M. Peterson Human Development & Family Sci
Sommer L. Forkenbrock English Education
Stefan C. Webber Physical Education
Stephanie N. Hansana Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
Stephon N. Schaller Human Development & Family Sci
Steven T. Otterson Physical Education
Sydney J. Lund Human Development & Family Sci
Sydney M. Haugdahl Dietetics
Sydney M. Schultz Exercise Science
Symone S. Jacobs Dietetics
Tammy V. Joe Exercise Science
Taylor A. Hintgen Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor J. Marquart Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor K. Kuechenmeister Dietetics
Taylor L. Peck Human Development & Family Sci
Taylor N. Anderson Dietetics
Taylor R. Kungel Human Development & Family Sci
Thomas R. Walton Physical Education
Tiffany M. Staloch Human Development & Family Sci
Tony D. Larson Exercise Science
Toree A. Schulte Interior Design
Torehn C. Windt Exercise Science
Trayton A. Penrose Exercise Science
Trisa L. Hutchinson Human Development & Family Sci
Trista E. Francis Biological Sciences Education
Tristan H. Hardt Sport Management
Tsai-Jung Yang Interior Design
Tucker C. Skoblik Physical Education
Tyler L. Johnson Exercise Science
Tyler R. Fish Physical Education
Tylor L. Hebel Physical Education
Tylor W. Bennett Exercise Science
Vanessa A. Anderson Exercise Science
Veronica M. Weisel Human Development & Family Sci
Victoria A. Krabbenhoft Human Development & Family Sci
Walker O. Lee Dietetics
Warren F. Mack Physical Education
William P. Weikle Human Development & Family Sci
Wyatt M. Brandt Exercise Science
Zachary M. Bowe Social Science Education

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College of Science and Mathematics

Name Program
Aaron B. Mennis Chemistry
Aaron J. Beyer Computer Science
Aaron J. Sletten Computer Science
Abbey Straley Biological Sciences
Abigail M. Laubenstein Biological Sciences
Abygail E. Gilles Psychology
Adam M. Dirks Computer Science
Adam P. Hart Computer Science
Aditya S. Bhasin Computer Science
Aditya Sinha Computer Science
Alaina M. Furcht Biological Sciences
Alec Heesch Biological Sciences
Alec J. Terwilliger Mathematics
Alecsis M. Jezeski Psychology
Alex E. Hecker Zoology
Alexa D. Olschlager Psychology
Alexa L. Braaten Biological Sciences
Alexander J. Mickelson Biological Sciences
Alexander J. Stuhl Behavioral Statistics
Alexander T. Hart Chemistry
Alexis D. Charles Psychology
Alexis S. Cavalier Biological Sciences
Alissa M. Gordon Psychology
Allie J. Lahren Zoology
Allison J. Hoy Zoology
Allison N. Christensen Zoology
Allison R. Byars Mathematics
Alyssa A. Burley Psychology
Alyssa B. Nelson Biological Sciences
Alyssa G. Galster Biological Sciences
Alyssa J. Anderson Psychology
Alyssa M. Olin Zoology
Alyssa P. Schlosser Mathematics Education
Alyssa R. Wroblewski Psychology
Amanda J. Leintz Zoology
Amanda M. Kringlie Zoology
Amelia E. Kraft Biological Sciences
Amy N. Tobias Biological Sciences
Andrew B. Brown Zoology
Andrew J. Gabler Computer Science
Andrew J. Lantz Psychology
Andrew M. Mogga Biological Sciences
Andrew S. Manning Psychology
Andrew W. Fugleberg Biological Sciences
Angela R. Ronalds Zoology
Angela Y. Schmitz Psychology
Anika L. Mundal Psychology
Anna C. Renner Chemistry
Anna D. Montgomery Psychology
Anna K. Reinholz Zoology
Anna M. Smith Biological Sciences
Annah B. Scherling Psychology
Anne R. Neisen Psychology
Anthony J. Jacobson Zoology
Anthony V. Banack Biological Sciences
Arin Tamimi Psychology
Ashlee A. Leech Mathematics
Ashley E. Miller Psychology
Ashley K. Schmaltz Biological Sciences
Aubrey N. Wagar Zoology
Aubri N. Renfrew Biological Sciences
Aurora F. Obembe Geology
Austin B. Holmgren Zoology
Austin J. Breuer Chemistry
Austin J. Tadman Computer Science
Austin S. McCullough Biological Sciences
Autumn N. Marmon Biological Sciences
Ayushi Saxena Computer Science
Bailey E. Gillis Biological Sciences
Barbara L. Senger Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Baustin M. Welch Biotechnology
Beata J. Weber Psychology
Benjamin G. Hapip Computer Science
Benjamin G. Verkuilen Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Benjamin M. Weller Computer Science
Benjamin P. Huber Zoology
Benjamin R. Mohan Computer Science
Benjamin T. Hintz Biological Sciences
Beth A. Honeyman Biological Sciences
Beth C. Podoll Chemistry Education
Blake E. Stroia Zoology
Bonnie J. Stalberger Zoology
Braden M. Weight Physics
Brady D. Whitney Computer Science
Brady J. Klock Zoology
Brady Jochim Biological Sciences
Brady R. Skytland Zoology
Branden J. Smith Psychology
Brandon B. Verkinderen Zoology
Brandon G. Haugrud Biological Sciences
Brandon J. Gibson Psychology
Breanna F. Deaver Biological Sciences
Breanna L. Weber Biological Sciences
Brendan P. Winkler Physics
Brenna C. Mueller Biological Sciences
Brett D. Turbeville Psychology
Brett M. Yaniero Computer Science
Brett R. Chastain Computer Science
Brett S. Kvam Zoology
Bria L. Davis Psychology
Brian C. Mullen Statistics
Brian D. Engelbrecht Computer Science
Brooke A. Hoff Psychology
Brooke E. Dippon Mathematics Education
Bryan L. Finneseth Biological Sciences
Bryant T. Feist Computer Science
Brynia M. Westra Zoology
Buster D. Schrader Computer Science
Byrne B. Curl Biological Sciences
Caleb J. Larsen Computer Science
Caleb M. Stubstad Psychology
Cameron S. Ethier Computer Science
Camryn Y. Roadley Computer Science
Carl P. Molnar Computer Science
Carlee P. Gebeke Psychology
Carly A. Thompson Mathematics
Carly B. Snell Physics
Carly M. Hansen Psychology
Carrie E. Mannila Computer Science
Casey A. Ricker Biological Sciences
Casey T. Christianson Statistics
Cassidy N. Wendler Zoology
Chandler S. Ramsdell Computer Science
Chase E. Anderson Computer Science
Chengyao Tang Computer Science
Cherie L. Dowell Zoology
Christian I. Ames Computer Science
Christian K. Bowlinger Computer Science
Christian L. Bernard Computer Science
Christian L. Roise Biological Sciences
Christina L. Krieger Biological Sciences
Christopher A. Bigelow Computer Science
Christopher A. Sorensen Physics
Christopher J. Kasper Zoology
Christopher T. Spagnolia Zoology
Christy A. Anderson Biological Sciences
Claire Campion Biological Sciences
Claire E. Wiseman Zoology
Clayton L. Ream Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Cody J. Riggle Zoology
Cody Lineburg Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Cody Magnuson Zoology
Cody W. DeWitt Zoology
Colby J. Honzay Biological Sciences
Cole R. Kainz Computer Science
Cole T. Amundson Zoology
Cole V. Rehovsky Zoology
Cole Witzig Mathematics Education
Colin M. Bales Biological Sciences
Colton R. Keller Computer Science
Connor J. Dunn Mathematics Education
Connor P. Fradenburgh Computer Science
Connor P. O'Fallon Statistics
Connor S. Liudahl Biological Sciences
Cooper A. Wolf Computer Science
Courtney M. Karnopp Biological Sciences
Courtney M. O'Hotto Psychology
Covey L. Wong Biological Sciences
Cristian A. Hernandez Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Crystal M. Towers Psychology
Curtis J. Zachmeier Biological Sciences
Cydney L. Coffey Psychology
Dallas J. Petroff Biological Sciences
Damon B. Hage Computer Science
Dane C. Johnston Mathematics
Danie L. Thomssen Biological Sciences
Daniel A. Shira Mathematics
Daniel R. Watkins Mathematics
Danielle R. Freitag Psychology
Daria B. Schuett Computer Science
David C. Cox Statistics
David W. Arnold Zoology
David W. Loegering Computer Science
Deovandski Skibinski Computer Science
Derek M. Weninger Zoology
Derek Sauer Zoology
Dev J. Patel Zoology
Diana Nguyen Computer Science
Dillon C. Perryman Psychology
Dominic R. Fettig Psychology
Donovan D. Dobler Computer Science
Drew G. Thompson Zoology
Dylan S. Church Psychology
Dylan Vukelich Mathematics
Elizabeth A. Burnstein Mathematics
Elizabeth A. Driscoll Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Ellee K. Traurig Psychology
Ellen O. Farrell Biological Sciences
Emaline M. Strehlow Mathematics
Emilee J. Andersen Psychology
Emileigh M. Ward Psychology
Emily A. Berchem Zoology
Emily F. Leonard Mathematics
Emily L. Minnick Psychology
Emma B. Schreifels Computer Science
Emma C. Twedt Biological Sciences Education
Eric A. Braun Computer Science
Eric J. Van Asperen Computer Science
Erica A. Odegard Zoology
Erica E. Lee Mathematics Education
Erica L. Sevigny Zoology
Erica N. Kelly Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Erik R. LaVanier Computer Science
Erika L. Losik Psychology
Erin L. Anderson Psychology
Erin M. Richards Chemistry
Erin Mollberg Zoology
Ethan A. Laney Psychology
Eugenia E. Cuadra Psychology
Evan H. Eggers Computer Science
Evan J. Walter Chemistry
Evan T. Amundson Computer Science
Everett C. Kuntz Computer Science
Everett S. Schauer Psychology
Fidan Aliyeva Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Franklin J. Berg Psychology
Gabriel C. Ferragut Geology
Gage S. Askegard Computer Science
Garrett B. Leatherman Computer Science
Gerald C. Mbanu Computer Science
Gina C. Holdvogt Mathematics Education
Gloria A. Albert Psychology
Gracynn R. Young Psychology
Grant A. Skrove Zoology
Grant R. Gunderson Zoology
Grant T. Christianson Computer Science
Gregor A. Horvath Psychology
Greta K. Herschlip Psychology
Hailey S. Silvers Psychology
Hali E. Haugen Psychology
Halley A. Fritze Mathematics
Halli J. Helgeson Psychology
Hallie B. Anderson Psychology
Hannah I. Pearson Psychology
Hannah K. Christenson Psychology
Hannah K. Staska Psychology
Hannah L. DeKrey Psychology
Hassan Sabieddine Zoology
Hayley M. Viner Zoology
Heather A. Evin Biological Sciences
Holly M. Enderle Zoology
Hunter A. Bring Computer Science
Hunter J. Scherr Biological Sciences
Ian J. Bergh Chemistry Education
Irina Kravchuk Mathematics
Isaac Cenescar Biological Sciences
Isaac J. Nelson Zoology
Isabella M. Goehring Psychology
Isaiah C. Nicolai Computer Science
Jack G. Madsen Zoology
Jack W. Olson Computer Science
Jackson R. Benda Chemistry
Jaclynn R. Turcotte Psychology
Jacob A. Wolf Zoology
Jacob C. Reimers Physics
Jacob J. Gable Psychology
Jacob T. Schulze Physics
Jacquelyn V. Sertic Zoology
Jaden D. Wirrenga Computer Science
Jae Hyun Park Chemistry
Jaelin A. Beachy Psychology
Jakub K. Bodziachowski Computer Science
James A. Corcoran Computer Science
James A. Henderson Computer Science
Jared E. Rudolph Mathematics
Jared T. Terres Psychology
Jaxon B. Helland Mathematics
Jenika L. Rufer Psychology
Jenna C. Wiersma Zoology
Jenna M. Zaeske Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Jennifer T. Vangorder-Braid Biological Sciences
Jens A. Johnson Physics
Jestin L. Jacobs Computer Science
Jianfeng Zhang Statistics
Joanne C. Ramos Psychology
John A. Morgan Computer Science
Jonah M. Warwick Zoology
Jonathan M. Albers Zoology
Jonathan M. Walker Computer Science
Jonathan S. Bell-Clement Zoology
Jordan C. Andrud Zoology
Jordan D. Rothstein Computer Science
Jordan M. Harworth Psychology
Jordan P. Nepstad Biological Sciences Education
Jordan P. Pansch Computer Science
Jordan R. Falcon Computer Science
Jordan S. Dockter Zoology
Jordan T. Brainard Physics
Jordyn K. Thompson Psychology
Jory M. White Zoology
Josefine S. Cottrell Biological Sciences
Joseph A. Willert Computer Science
Joseph G. Fritz Computer Science
Joseph K. Moses Computer Science
Joseph M. Osborne Computer Science
Joseph R. Borowicz Computer Science
Joseph R. Mitchell Computer Science
Josephine M. Sindorf Chemistry
Josephine Osei Biological Sciences
Joshua S. Thompson Statistics
Juldie Bohmer Psychology
Julia I. Duncan Psychology
Julia J. Kocon Psychology
Justin M. Spanier Mathematics
Kade B. Thornton Psychology
Kai Yao Computer Science
Kailee N. Myxter Biological Sciences
Kaitlyn H. Stenberg Biological Sciences
Kaitlyn M. Johnson Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Kaleb D. Burnham Computer Science
Kally M. Kvidera Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Kambri C. Schaner Biological Sciences
Karan Saravana Biological Sciences
Karlee J. Jorgenson Zoology
Katelyn A. Johnson Biological Sciences
Katherine A. Hills Psychology
Kathryn A. Bartholomay Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Kathryn R. Jund Psychology
Katie E. Boe Psychology
Katie M. Anderson Psychology
Kayleigh C. Alme Geology
Keaton A. Rummel Psychology
Kelly L. Kvaal Mathematics
Kelsea M. Chapin Psychology
Kelsey P. Bedard Computer Science
Kelsey R. Kowalski Zoology
Kettie Tesfa Psychology
Kim D. Ngo Chemistry
Kimberly C. Kaspar Biological Sciences
Kinzie S. Koch Zoology
Kori A. Hennebry Biological Sciences
Kristen K. Almen Biological Sciences
Kristen L. Carroll Psychology
Kristina L. Dahl Biological Sciences
Kristy L. Brandt Psychology
Kyle R. Knutson Zoology
Kylie L. Olson Psychology
Laina J. Nelson Psychology
Lance M. Willet Computer Science
Landen Paige Statistics
Landon A. Dallmann Biological Sciences
Lauren A. Reimers Biological Sciences
Lauren A. Rutten Biological Sciences
Lauren J. Marciniak Biological Sciences
Lauren L. Cappelen Psychology
Lauren M. Grant Psychology
Lauren R. Tupa Statistics
Leighton G. Covington Computer Science
Levi W. Lucy Mathematics
Lexie L. Unhjem Psychology
Lindsey N. Budahn Biological Sciences
Lindsey R. Schmidt Biological Sciences
Logan R. Thorson Zoology
Loren B. Stueven Mathematics
Lucas E. Stein Computer Science
Lucas M. Weber Mathematics Education
Mackenzie K. Kruta Psychology
Mackenzie M. Bucklin Psychology
Madeline Hammes Chemistry
Madeline M. Stark Psychology
Madisen L. Rick Zoology
Madison A. Snyder Biological Sciences
Madison B. Jensen Biological Sciences
Madison J. Skadberg Biological Sciences
Madison R. Milbrath Biological Sciences
Mai Yang Biological Sciences
Makayla A. Schneider Psychology
Marcus M. Stewart Computer Science
Margaret E. Crippen Statistics
Mariah L. Sorby Psychology
Mariah R. Kresky Psychology
Marie C. Freije Psychology
Marissa E. Geyer Biological Sciences
Marissa L. Bridgeman Psychology
Marissa M. Spear Biological Sciences
Mark D. Swam Computer Science
Mary J. Dustin Zoology
Mason D. Nelson Statistics
Matthew A. Rose Mathematics
Matthew C. St Martin Computer Science
Matthew D. Hofer Psychology
Matthew F. Walters Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Matthew H. Gray Biological Sciences Education
Matthew K. Hansen Mathematics
Matthew K. Laden Psychology
Matthew M. Hilgers Statistics
Matthew T. Olson Computer Science
Max W. Kittock Geology
McKena J. Geiger Psychology
McKenna C. O'Brien Computer Science
McKenzie K. Kemmet Zoology
Megan E. Malecha Psychology
Megan J. Biegler Zoology
Megan J. Lorenz Chemistry
Melina C. Kuerschner Biological Sciences
Mengkun Yang Biological Sciences
Mi T. Huynh Computer Science
Micayla O. Brown Psychology
Michael C. Holland Psychology
Michael D. Odegaard Chemistry
Michael H. Hodny Chemistry
Michael T. Heim Statistics
Michael T. Sullivan Biological Sciences
Michaela B. Rocheleau Psychology
Mikayla L. Rekken Zoology
Miranda K. Jensen Biological Sciences
Mitchell J. Gerard Computer Science
Mitchell J. Olson Computer Science
Mitchell W. Kollodge Computer Science
Monica M. Timmerman Computer Science
Morgan A. Hausauer Psychology
Morgan A. Jones Psychology
Morgan B. Seminary Psychology
Morgan D. Somerville Physics
Morgan L. Olson Psychology
Nana B. Nyamekye Computer Science
Nasar A. Roble Computer Science
Natalie A. Roth Psychology
Natalie M. Schumacher Biological Sciences
Nathan E. Hegstad Physics
Nathan G. Backowski Zoology
Nathan G. Loomis Mathematics
Nathan L. Kringstad Psychology
Nathan M. Zuidema Psychology
Nathan R. Welch Computer Science
Nathan W. Diemer Computer Science
Neil J. Lelm Zoology
Nicholas A. Mergen Psychology
Nicholas D. Bahls Biological Sciences
Nicholas J. Laschkewitsch Psychology
Nicholas L. Feenstra Biological Sciences Education
Nicholas M. Zwiefelhofer Statistics
Nicollette J. Bitz Psychology
Noah E. Strom Biological Sciences
Noah J. Hanson Biological Sciences
Noelle P. Torrance Zoology
Noha M. Abdelrahman Biological Sciences
Nolan R. Johnson Biological Sciences
Oliver M. Sime Computer Science
Olivia A. LaMontagne Psychology
Olivia L. Abuhl Biological Sciences
Olivia M. Johnson Biological Sciences
Oluwatomilola O. Fatoba Biological Sciences
Paige A. Harris Biological Sciences
Paige D. Hall Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Peter A. Wells Computer Science
Peter Z. Chen Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Peyton D. Kerzmann Psychology
Peyton R. Bush Zoology
Phuong U. Tran Psychology
Prajakta Warang Biotechnology
Quinn S. Las Computer Science
Quynh N. Le Biological Sciences
Rachel C. Bany Zoology
Rachel G. Ford Biological Sciences
Rachel J. Simon Zoology
Rachel L. Westphal Psychology
Rachel N. Werner Biological Sciences
Randi W. Johnson Biological Sciences
Rebecca F. Erickson Biological Sciences
Reed I. Jacobson Biological Sciences
Reed J. Petersen Physics
Reed M. Junco Biological Sciences
Reid B. Hessman Chemistry
Reid M. Segal Psychology
Rhannon T. Thorton Chemistry
Rilee M. Burnside Biological Sciences Education
Riley G. Moore Computer Science
Rio M. Bergh Psychology
Robert C. Juul Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Rose A. Jackson Mathematics
Ruben Arutyunov Computer Science
Ryan J. Pufall Computer Science
Ryan L. Gray Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Ryan Q. Nelson Computer Science
Ryan W. Enerson Biological Sciences
Sadie E. Sholl Biological Sciences
Samantha A. Fitzer Psychology
Samantha J. Meyer Psychology
Samantha L. Jorgenson Zoology
Samuel A. Mastel Biological Sciences
Samuel C. Pirrotta Zoology
Samuel D. Marolt Geology
Samuel L. Nelson Chemistry
Samuel R. Wyatt Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Sara M. Hanson Psychology
Sarah A. Todd Chemistry
Sarah E. Behles Biological Sciences
Sarah J. Felde Zoology
Sarah J. Grindberg Biological Sciences
Sarah L. Jacobson Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Sarah M. Overton Biological Sciences
Savanna J. Fonkert Zoology
Sean A. Nash Zoology
Sean A. Warne Computer Science
Sean J. Gunderson Mathematics
Seira D. Goddard Psychology
Selina M. Condon Zoology
Serena J. Curran Psychology
Seth A. Jones Zoology
Seunghyun Choi Biotechnology
Shane D. Hager Zoology
Shawn D. Helmers Mathematics
Shayla J. Smith Psychology
Shayli A. Toelle Biological Sciences
Shayna M. Niess Biological Sciences
Shelby E. Lewis Zoology
Shyla J. Furcht Psychology
Sidney J. Kaufman Zoology
Sierra A. Walker Chemistry
Skylar L. Anderson-Buckingham Biological Sciences
Skyler J. Benson Biological Sciences Education
Sofia Abdullah Biological Sciences
Somer B. Bucholz Biological Sciences
Sondos Abdelrahman Biological Sciences
Spencer J. Eliason Zoology
Spencer K. Marchus Computer Science
Spencer M. Cook Computer Science
Stephanie C. Leach Psychology
Stephen G. Johnson Botany
Storm J. Kettelhut Zoology
Sydney Yingling Biological Sciences
Talin J. Scherping Biological Sciences Education
Tania M. Kibble Zoology
Tanner J. Anderson Biological Sciences
Tanner J. Templin Biological Sciences
Tanner K. Gustafson Zoology
Tanner L. Carlson Zoology
Taylor M. Benske Biochemistry & Molecular Bio
Taylor M. Willis Biological Sciences
Taylor N. Ensrude Zoology
Thomas J. Blommel Mathematics
Thomas J. Krueger Psychology
Thomas P. Ames Computer Science
Tianyi Liang Computer Science
Timothy M. Hepokoski Computer Science
Tony P. Ukkelberg Psychology
Travis Christensen Computer Science
Trent R. Olson Geology
Trevor K. Reno Psychology
Tricia M. Berggren Psychology
Tristan W. Anderson Geology
Tucker M. Lehr Physics
Turner J. Gunderson Statistics
Tyler J. Follman Biological Sciences
Tyler J. Weyer Physics
Tyler M. Johnson Computer Science
Valery H. Benson Psychology
Victor Rauta Computer Science
Victoria O. Kyereme Computer Science
Wade W. DeAustin Biological Sciences
Weston S. McKenney Computer Science
Whitney S. Ong Chemistry
William E. Howlett Chemistry
William G. Fleck Computer Science
William O. Deeken Mathematics
Wyatt E. Whiteaker Chemistry Education
Xi Ke Statistics
Xinyi Yang Mathematics
Zacharie D. Finneman Zoology
Zachary R. Lofgren Computer Science
Zachary T. Dukleth Biological Sciences
Zhalya L. Ghafour Biological Sciences
Zhuoran He Computer Science
Zoe I. Citrowske Lee Psychology
Zoe M. Leuthner Biochemistry & Molecular Bio

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College of University Studies

Name Program
Abdirizak M. Abdikadir University Studies
Alex P. Mason University Studies
Alexander J. Becker University Studies
Alexander J. Neuhauser University Studies
Alexandra K. O'Reilly University Studies
Alexis B. Rheault University Studies
Alicia I. Shamdas University Studies
Alyssa M. Amundson University Studies
Amanda J. Levin University Studies
Amanda K. Belinskey University Studies
Amanda L. Nelson University Studies
Augustina Teuber University Studies
Brian E. Lee University Studies
Broderick D. Nelson University Studies
Bryan P. Thompson Non-Degree
Callie E. Wurst University Studies
Carly L. Weld University Studies
Chase D. Anderson University Studies
Christina L. Grundmeier University Studies
Christopher W. Olson University Studies
Cleone M. Weigle University Studies
Danielle L. Lindner University Studies
Donovan M. Wood University Studies
Douglas J. Brown University Studies
Emily A. Hopfauf University Studies
Eric D. Perkins Non-Degree
Esperance A. Mulonda Non-Degree
Evan M. Wiemken University Studies
Fnu Ahadujjaman Non-Degree
Gavin W. Mindt University Studies
Isabela B. Simonson University Studies
Jack R. Cullinan Non-Degree
Jacob W. Rossbach University Studies
Jared E. Samuelson University Studies
Jaxine Carlson University Studies
Jessica J. Vasek University Studies
John T. Butler University Studies
Joshua K. Buerkley Non-Degree
Kamron J. Luick University Studies
Kayla M. Brademeyer University Studies
Korey J. Mickelson Non-Degree
Kylee McLean University Studies
Laura E. Limesand University Studies
Leah J. Fischer University Studies
Leah P. Emerson University Studies
Levi J. Larson University Studies
Logyn M. Cone University Studies
Maggie M. Kvaale Non-Degree
Mason A. Gourde University Studies
Matagi Q. Alo University Studies
Matthew C. Jennings Non-Degree
Matthew J. Meagher University Studies
Melanie A. Bailey University Studies
Micah E. Holmgren University Studies
Mitchell C. Ellingson University Studies
Monica R. Polgar University Studies
Natalie S. Fenske Non-Degree
Nathan Stracke University Studies
Nicholas B. Emanuel University Studies
Nicholas M. Findley University Studies
Nouf Alhomoud Non-Degree
Paige L. Whipple University Studies
Reed M. Rufer University Studies
Riley A. Johnson University Studies
Rosemary E. Dotzler University Studies
Ross P. Kennelly University Studies
Ryan N. Bjurstrom University Studies
Samantha K. Jenson-Turner University Studies
Samuel D. Clausen University Studies
Sarah A. Modrak University Studies
Sarah R. Schell University Studies
Sierra N. Jones University Studies
Stephanie H. Zimmerman Non-Degree
Sydney F. Balstad University Studies
Sydney T. Ulrich Non-Degree
Tate Russell University Studies
Thomas W. Davy University Studies
Trystin R. Nilson University Studies
Zachary J. Kubas University Studies

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the College Liaison for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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