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2017 Summer Semester Dean's List

Undergraduates who have completed at least 9 credits (with honor points) with a semester grade-point average of 3.50 or above at the close of the semester.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Full Name Program
Alexandra S. Van Bogart Equine Science
Cheryl E. Hosie Microbiology
Emilee M. Le Clair Animal Science
Kaitlyn A. Richter Crop and Weed Sciences
Tyra N. Peterson Veterinary Technology

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Full Name Program
Aaron M. Lamb Strategic Communication
Abigail M. Walker Theatre Arts
Alisa Y. Jang Health Communication
Amanda P. Escalona Antunez Political Science
Amy A. Mueller Architecture
Angela M. Spidahl Music
Ariel E. Holbrook Strategic Communication
Christian J. Weber English
Derek A. Carlsrud Criminal Justice
Destiny A. Fitzpatrick Journalism
Ehrin B. McKaig Criminal Justice
Emily D. Fletcher Strategic Communication
Gabrielle F. Hersch Journalism
Jenna L. Backes Management Communication
Jennifer A. Holly English
Jennifer G. Carroll Emergency Management
Jordan L. Lunders Management Communication
Jordan N. Malchose Criminal Justice
Keri A. Murphy Strategic Communication
Lacy E. Perkins New Media and Web Design
Lori K. Boucher Theatre Arts
Macie J. Wenner Health Communication
Maria H. Slette Strategic Communication
Michaela A. Jarvis Management Communication
Rachel M. Paron Political Science
Raechel E. Heuer English
Samantha R. White Management Communication
Sierra R. Romero English
Tamika Gilbert Sociology
Taylor L. Tachovsky Management Communication
Taylor M. Eckleberry Journalism
Tena S. Oakland Sociology

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College of Business

Full Name Program
Abigail L. Fikter Accounting
Adam Sekelsky Accounting
Alex J. Schoenberg-Carton Business Administration
Alexander R. Grivna Accounting
Alexis M. Wallwork Accounting
Alison R. Graham Accounting
Allison A. Dohman Management
Allyson A. Meyer Accounting
Amy E. Frosaker Accounting
Brooke L. Scott Business Administration
Bryce D. Wyandt Management Information Systems
Casondra J. Rutschke Business Administration
Chase M. Danielson Business Administration
Drew T. Wade Business Administration
Garrett R. Foster Management
Hannah J. Foss Finance
Haohan Wang Accounting
Ian D. Provence Management
Joseph E. Nord Finance
Kali A. Wells Management
Katherine M. Wakeman Management
Kathleen N. Martinson Accounting
Kelly A. Davis Management
Kelsey E. Teubner Accounting
Kenady L. Martinson Accounting
Krista K. Foerster Management Information Systems
Lalit Saravana Finance
McKenzie J. Huether Finance
Mitchel S. Donahoe Marketing
Nicholas A. Hackl Management
Nicholas D. Onkka Accounting
Nicholas G. Evin Accounting
Rachel M. Ayers Accounting
Rebecca R. Thwing Accounting
Robert J. Bluestone Finance
Samantha N. Urban Finance
Shawna J. Jenson Accounting
Shayna L. Mertz Accounting
Summer V. Zito Accounting
Zachary J. Arrigoni Business Administration

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College of Engineering

Full Name Program
Adam C. Johnson Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Benedicto J. Campbell Computer Engineering
Cole A. Patten Mechanical Engineering
Eric Lawler Computer Engineering
Hunter J. Winther Mechanical Engineering
Jonathan G. Hwang Industrial Engineering & Mgmt
Marc L. Olberding Electrical Engineering
Miguel A. Jara Llapa Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas D. Horner Construction Management
Robert M. Posch Computer Engineering
Ruikang Yang Civil Engineering

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College of Health Professions

Full Name Program
Amanda J. Leintz Medical Laboratory Science
Ashley D. Oredsen Nursing
Courtney L. Stament Respiratory Care
Darian G. Slama Nursing
Dylan M. Ruff Respiratory Care
Erika P. Loegering Nursing
Gina Valcourt Nursing
Jade Anders Nursing
James P. Ryan Radiologic Sciences
Jenna N. Zwiers Respiratory Care
Jennifer M. Krick Respiratory Care
Jewel E. Fernander Respiratory Care
Kathryn Hoffman Nursing
Kendra K. Zins Nursing
Krishna P. Khatiwada Radiologic Sciences
Laquet Henderson Nursing
Lincoln E. Christenson Respiratory Care
Lynelle L. Halling Nursing
Melissa J. Cresap Respiratory Care
Melissa M. Hammerot Respiratory Care
Michael L. Hammer Nursing
Morghan A. Carew Nursing
Noor Z. Al Mattar Respiratory Care
Rachelle A. Wirtzfeld Nursing
Ryan Barnick Respiratory Care
Samantha Knapp Respiratory Care
Samantha M. Hofmann Nursing
Sara J. Swanson Respiratory Care
Shanell Patterson Nursing
Shelby R. Simon Nursing
Stephanie M. Vanyo Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zaid M. Altamimi Respiratory Care

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College of Human Development and Education

Full Name Program
Alexa N. Thompson Interior Design
Andrew D. Winter Sport Management
Austin M. Truesdell Sport Management
Benjamin J. Sullivan Human Development & Family Sci
Breann L. Olsen Sport Management
Briana L. Cossette Human Development & Family Sci
Brianna L. Fredrick Sport Management
Brooke R. Barthel Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
Chelsea Speed Human Development & Family Sci
Christopher M. Sonnek Sport Management
Cole E. Spilde Sport Management
Colin T. Fleming Sport Management
Collin J. Cunningham Sport Management
Dean R. Schroeder Sport Management
Easton M. Stick Sport Management
Eric A. Chuba Sport Management
Eric D. Bachmeier Sport Management
Garrett L. Styf Sport Management
Greg A. Hartzler Exercise Science
Jaci D. Witty Human Development & Family Sci
Jacob M. Lecy Sport Management
Jacob M. Vossen Sport Management
James R. Kaderlik Exercise Science
Jamie P. Holzer Sport Management
Jill M. Mueller App, Retail Merchandise/Design
Kaitlin C. Dick Human Development & Family Sci
Katelynn M. Kanieski Sport Management
Keegan R. Maruskie Sport Management
Kristen L. Shand Sport Management
Krystal A. Ratzlaff Physical Education
Matthew J. Wurnig Sport Management
Michaela R. Nettum Human Development & Family Sci
Rebecca L. Gerberding Sport Management
Riana L. Cooper Sport Management
Samantha J. Hanten Human Development & Family Sci
Shelby A. Gracik Sport Management
Taylor A. Thunstedt Sport Management
Taylor S. Maroste Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt

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College of Science and Mathematics

Full Name Program
Abdullah I. Almosalami Computer Science
Alexis M. Bergan Psychology
Alyssa B. Nichelson Biological Sciences
Alyssa G. Galster Biological Sciences
Annah B. Scherling Psychology
Ashley M. Schumacher Zoology
Autumn C. Nelson Biological Sciences
Brandon J. Gibson Psychology
Brandon S. Christianson Biological Sciences
Callie L. Grotjohn Psychology
Hanna M. Karevold Zoology
Henry F. Anderson Psychology
Jared T. Terres Psychology
Kayla K. Brown Zoology
Kaylee N. Abfalter Psychology
Mackenzie L. Ries Biological Sciences
Mai Yang Biological Sciences
Monty R. Vanderlinde Computer Science
Nicholas T. Riebel Computer Science
Peyton R. Bush Zoology
Seyedehniloofar Khazrabakht Biological Sciences
Tanner J. Olason Computer Science

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College of University Studies

Full Name Program
Amanda J. Auen Non-Degree
Chelsea M. McCrone Undeclared
Mary C. Trosvig Non-Degree
Miles F. Wing Non-Degree
Sabrina M. Skarsgard Non-Degree
Tyler D. Vanderby Non-Degree

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding an exclusion from the Dean's List, please contact the Office of Registration and Records and have the College Liaison for your major validate your Dean's List status. Dean's List status can also be found by viewing an unofficial transcript in Campus Connection.

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